Serial 1068-1


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/1/78

On November 29, 1978, Alvaray Satterwhite, was interviewed by Special Agents (SAs) [name deleted] of the Bureau of Investigation (FBI), [name deleted] of the United States (US) Secret Service, and SA [name deleted] of the US Customs, concerning her knowledge of the activities at Jonestown, Guyana during the visit of Congressman Leo Ryan.

Satterwhite advised that she is a citizen of the US, having lived for a number of years in the Los Angeles area, and departed the US for Jonestown, Guyana, in August 1977, exact date not recalled.

Satterwhite further advised that during her years of membership in the Peoples Temple (PT), she had never signed any oaths or statements indicating that she would participate in any activities against any government officials past or present, should any disgrace be brought upon the PT. Satterwhite also advised that she had no knowledge of anyone signing any such oaths or statements and did not know of the existence of any such oaths or statements.

Mrs. Satterwhite further advised that she was not aware of any “contingency plan”, nor was she familiar with any planning commission, nor she aware of an inner core of the planning commission known as “The Angels.”

Satterwhite stated that during her one year and three months in the Jonestown Commune, she never observed any firearms or weapons or any drugs.

Satterwhite also stated that she was not aware of any foreign bank accounts or any cash flow between the Reverend Jones’ temple and any foreign banks of [or] any US commercial banks.

Satterwhite further stated that to the best of her knowledge, she did not know if there were any commercial drugs given on a regular basis to any of the Jonestown inhabitant[s]

BQ 89A-495

nor was she aware of any large quantities of drugs on the Commune.

Satterwhite stated that she knew Doctor Lawrence [Laurence] Eugene Schacht, who was the Commune’s Doctor and was often assisted by Phyliss Bloom [Phyllis Chaikin], and George [Dale] Parks. Satterwhite stated that Doctor Schacht was a personable individual, and to the best of her knowledge, she never observed any cyanide poison or any drugs being administered by Doctor Schacht.

Satterwhite stated that although by profession she had been a nurse attendant for most of her adult life, because of a stroke, she suffered approximately two years ago, she never worked with or assisted Doctor Schacht.

Satterwhite stated that on the Thursday before the killing of Congressman Ryan, she departed the Jonestown Commune and went to Georgetown, Guyana with four or five other members of the Commune for medical purposes. Satterwhite advised that she had gone to Georgetown, Guyana to get dentures made and to obtain new eyeglasses.

Satterwhite further stated that prior to leaving the Jonestown area, the Reverend Jim Jones had stated to the followers of the PT that some, “company was going to be dropping in”, however, Jones did not mention any names of the individuals who would be visiting the Jonestown Commune. Satterwhite advised that based upon this information, she was not aware that the person visiting the Commune was a Congressman.

Satterwhite further advised that at no time prior to her departing Jonestown, Guyana, was there any mention of trouble due to the visiting people, nor did she hear of anyone conspiring to injure or assassinate any present or past government officials.

BQ 89A-495

Satterwhite additionally advised that she was aware that there was a “basketball team” in Jonestown, Guyana, however, it was Satterwhite’s opinion that the purpose of this team was to play basketball. Satterwhite stated that sometime in mid August, 1978, an unknown individual arrived at Jonestown, Guyana from Georgetown, Guyana, who stated that he had a great deal of knowledge concerning the game of basketball, and wanted to organize the young men of the Jonestown Commune. This unknown individual wanted to organize the young men of Jonestown, Guyana into a basketball team. Satterwhite advised that the following individuals were members of this basketball team:

Tim Jones (white male)
Jim Jones, Jr.
Johnny Cobb Jones
Johnny Jones, Jr.
Calvin Douglas
Doug Sanders
Don Sly

Satterwhite stated that most of the members of the basketball team were in Georgetown, Guyana at the time of the assassination of Congressman Ryan and the subsequent suicide.

Satterwhite stated that she did not know the exact whereabouts of Don Sly at the time of the assassination of Congressman Ryan.

BQ 89A-495

Satterwhite stated that she was not in any current fear of retaliation by members of the PT for having been interviewed by US authorities, nor does she feel that she was held against her will in Jonestown, Guyana and felt that she could have left Jonestown and the PT at any time that she desired. Satterwhite also advised that any money she received as a result of her pension, she would turn over on a monthly basis to the Reverend Jones during collections at religious services.

Satterwhite stated that she was en route from Jonestown, Guyana to the residence of her sister, [name deleted], in Los Angeles, California.

Satterwhite furnished the following background information concerning herself:

Sex Female
Race Black
Date of Birth September 17, 1917
Place of Birth Waco, Texas
Age 62
Height 5’4”
Weight 130
Hair Black, graying
Eyes Brown
Social Security Account Number 466-34-9503
US Passport Number G 181-8813
Date of Issue July 12, 1976
Occupation Nurse Attendant
Former Employment Kaiser Hospital, West Los Angeles, California
Former Residence 420 West 54th Street, Los Angeles, California
Current Residence [address deleted], Los Angeles, California