Serial 1068-3


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/3/78

Carol Young was interviewed aboard Pan-American Airlines aircraft Number N433 PA in the presence of United States (US) Secret Service Agent [name deleted] and US Customs Agent [name deleted].

Young stated she would have been exactly one year at the People’s Temple in Jonestown on December 7, 1978. She stated that she has been a member of the Temple for over seven years.

Miss Young said that approximately one week before the suicide at the People’s Temple, Doctor Schacht sent her to the hospital in Georgetown because she was having trouble with the pacemaker in her heart.

Miss Young stated that because of her age she was not an active member of the Temple and, therefore, not involved in making plans or working on any projects.

Miss Young said that she did not know of Congressman Ryan’s visit until after all the events occurred at the People’s Temple. She said she was unaware of any plans to kill or injure any US officials.

Miss Young said she was unaware of any Planning Commission, “Angels”, on the Temple staff or any plans to commit mass suicide.

She stated that she never saw any guns at the People’s Temple and knew nothing of any drugs being kept there. She added that because of her age they would not have told her about things like that anyway.

Miss Young said that she knew Doctor Schacht only to talk to on a casual basis and knew nothing of his friends or background.

She said she was unaware of any “hit” squad and she presumed the only thing the Basketball Team did was to play basketball.

NY 89A-495

Miss Young stated that she thought she knew who Don Sly  was but did not know if he was at the Temple when the suicides took place.

She said that she was not going back to the Temple and did not feel that anyone would attempt to harm her.

The following is a description taken from observation and interview:

Name Carol Young
Date of Birth September 1, 1900
Place of Birth Camden, Mississippi
Sex Female
Race Negro
Height Five feet, four inches
Weight 121 pounds
Hair grey
Eyes Brown
Marital Status Single
Residence [address deleted], Los Angeles, California
Telephone [deleted]