Serial 1068-6


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 11/30/78

Marion Campbell, a black female, Date of Birth (DOB): April 23, 1917, at Big Sandy, Texas, was contacted aboard Pan-American Airlines Flight 228, John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFKIA) and advised the identity of [name deleted] as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Campbell was interviewed in the presence of SAS [name deleted], United States Secret Service, and [name deleted], United States Customs.

Campbell was advised by SA [name deleted] that she was being interviewed concerning the assassination of Congressman Leo J. Ryan on November 18, 1978, near Jonestown, Guyana.

Campbell advised that she was a retired domestic worker who joined the Peoples Temple in Los Angeles, California in 1971. She advised she had no formal education and was introduced to the Peoples Temple Movement led by the Reverend Jim Jones by an associate of hers named [name deleted]. She advised that [name deleted] is a Peoples Temple member who still resides in Los Angeles, California, but she could not furnish the address of [name deleted].

Campbell stated that she did manual and domestic type work for the Peoples Temple Movement from the period, 1971 to August, 1977, in California. She advised that in August 1977, she left the United States for the Peoples Temple Commune in Jonestown, Guyana. She advised that the trip to Jonestown was financed by the Peoples Temple and she stayed in Jonestown from the period, August, 1977, through October, 1978. In October, 1978, she left the Jonestown Commune, to work in the Peoples Temple Headquarters in the Republic of Guyana in Georgetown. She returned to Jonestown during the latter part of October, 1978, for medical treatment for a period of one week. She stayed in Jonestown during the last week of October, 1978, for dental treatment and medical treatment administered to her by the Jonestown Physician, whose name she did not know. She returned to the Peoples Temple Headquarters in Georgetown on approximately November 1, 1978, and remained there until November 29, 1978, when she

BQ 89-495

boarded a Pan American Flight that brought her to her present location.

Campbell advised that she, during her entire stay in Jonestown, performed menial labor and did not have any contact with the Reverend Jones or any of the leaders of the Peoples Temple Movement. Campbell stated that the elderly members of the commune were kept isolated in their own section of the camp, while the younger members remained together with their group and there was not much communication between the two groups. Campbell stated that her last duties for the Peoples Temple Movement both at the Jonestown Commune and in the Headquarters for the Commune in Georgetown consisted of opening letters addressed to the Peoples [Temple] Movement. She advised that all she did was to open the letters and give the contents to other people, whose names she did not know. She described the contents of the letters as consisting mainly of correspondence and donations made to the Peoples Movement in the form of cash and checks. She stated that she was also utilized during this period as a kitchen helper in both the Jonestown and Headquarters facilities.

Campbell advised that she turned over monthly to the Peoples Temple Movement, her Social Security check, which she endorsed and then furnished over to a representative from the Peoples Temple Commune, whose names she does not recall. She advised that other members of the Peoples Commune did the same thing with respect to monthly Social Security checks received.

Campbell advised that she learned of the shootings in Jonestown via other members of the Peoples Movement at Headquarters in Guyana, when the news became known over the radio. Campbell denied any knowledge of any conspiracy to kill any government officials or the inner workings of the Peoples Temple Movement hierarchy. She stated that she joined the Peoples Temple Movement to “serve the Lord.” Campbell advised that the name, Don Sly is known to her and that she believed he was a Peoples Temple follower, but did not know his current whereabouts.

BQ 89-495

With respect to the Peoples Temple basketball team, Campbell stated that she knew of the existence of such a team and that some of the members consisted of Calvin Douglas, Jim Jones, Jr., and Tim Jones, a black male. She advised that she last saw the members of the basketball team on the morning of November 29, 1978, at the Peoples Temple Headquarters in Georgetown just prior to her departure for the United States.

The following physical description was obtained through observation and interview:

Name Marion Campbell
Sex Female
Race Black
Date of Birth April 23, 1917
Place of Birth Big Sandy, Texas
Height 5’1”
Weight 100 pounds
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Tone Brown
Marital Status Single
Relatives None
Occupation Retired
Prior Occupation Domestic
Passport Number G2579231, issued December 15, 1976
Residence Peoples Temple, Los Angeles, California