Serial 1068-7


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/1/78

Madeline [Madeleine] Josephine Brooks was interviewed in the presence of Special Agent (SA) [name deleted], United States (US) Secret Service, and SA [name deleted], US Customs Service, on board Pan American Airline flight 228 at John F. Kennedy International Airport on November 29, 1978. Mrs. Brooks provided the following information:

Mrs. Brooks advised that she has been a member of the Peoples Temple (PT) Church since 1971 and has resided in Guyana since late September, 1977. Mrs. Brooks advised that she was not present in Jonestown during the murder of Congressman Ryan or during the suicide. Mrs. Brooks stated that she had been at Georgetown for emergency dental work. Mrs. Brooks stated that she had no active involvement in the operation of the church and had no knowledge of any conspiracy in connection with the murder of Congressman Ryan or any threats against public officials. Mrs. Brooks stated she had no knowledge of any cache of weapons at the camp or any type of weapons training.

Mrs. Brooks stated that she was never forced to take or sign any oaths of any type while at Jonestown, Guyana. Mrs. Brooks advised that she was not forced to give her money to the church, but freely contributed $60 monthly to the church. Mrs. Brooks advised that Eva Pugh handled the money situation in Jonestown. Mrs. Brooks advised that at one time last year, the members took part in a suicide practice.

Mrs. Brooks advised that Reverend Jones always had a security unit around him for protection, but that she never saw any type of weapon visible. Mrs. Brooks

BQ 89-495

stated that to her knowledge, the basketball team did in fact play basketball, but that games and practices were always held in Georgetown. Mrs. Brooks stated that to her knowledge, the basketball team was in Georgetown, Guyana, at the time of the murder of Congressman Ryan and the mass suicide. Mrs. Brooks advised the following people are members of the basketball team:

Tim Jones
Adopted son of Rev. Jones.
White male, 18 years old, 5 feet 7 inches, 145 pounds, short black hair.

Jim Jones, Jr.
Black male, 16 years old, 5 feet 6 inches, 130 pounds, dark medium hair.

Steven [Stephan] Jones
Natural son of Reverend Jones.
White male, 19 years old, 6 feet, 145 pounds, long black hair, dark eyes.

Lou [Lew] Jones
Adopted son of Reverend Jones.
Korean nationality.
Believed killed.

Herbert Newel (phonetic) [Newell]
Black male.
Believed dead.

Chris Newel (phonetic) [Newell]
Black male.
Whereabouts unknown.

Calvin Douglas
Black male, 19 years old, 5 feet 6 inches, 135 pounds, kinky hair.

BQ 89-495

Johnny Cobb Jones
Black male
17 years old
Five feet, seven inches
135 pounds

Loen [Leon] Perry
No information

Joe Wilson
No information, believed dead.

Stanley Greg (phonetic) [Gieg]
White male.
Believed dead.

First name unknown (FNU) Greg (phonetic)
White male.
Believed dead.

Don Sly
Believed dead.

Doug Sanders
Black male
No information

Mrs. Brooks stated that Dr. Lawrence Schact [Laurence Schacht] was the camp physician and to her knowledge, was educated in Mexico. She described him as friendly and considerate. Mrs. Brooks advised that she had no knowledge of drug activity in Jonestown and if necessary to take medicine, the people would have to go to the camp dispensary for the dosage. Brooks stated Don Harris [Don Fields] was the pharmacist and to her knowledge was dead.

Mrs. Brooks stated that, to her knowledge, former

BQ 89-495

members of the church who now reside in the US are  Tim Stoen, lawyer, resides in San Francisco, Susan Cartnel [Cartmell], adopted Korean daughter of Reverend Jones, in her mid 30’s, and (FNU) Myrtles [Elmer and Deanna Mertle]. Mrs. Brooks stated that other residences of the PT were 998 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, California and 1029 Gary Street [1859 Geary Boulevard], San Francisco, California.

The following physical description of Brooks was obtained by interview and observation:

Name Madeline Josephine Brooks
Race Black
Sex Female
Date of Birth December 15, 1904
Place of Birth Trinidad, Colorado
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 137 pounds
Build Small
Hair Black/gray
Eyes Brown
Scars or Marks Scar on bridge of nose
Residence Will reside at 29 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, California
Occupation Unemployed
Education One and one half years of high school
Marital Status Divorced
Family Members [name and address deleted], Los Angeles, California
Social Security Account Number 565-24-6915A
Passport Number F 1707261, issued August 22, 1975

BQ 89-495

Mrs. Brooks was unable to provide any further information at the time.