Serial 1132

FBI Airtel

Date 12/8/78

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
(00: SF)

Re Bureau telephone call to Alexandria, 11/28/78.

Per referenced telephone call, Alexandria was requested to interview [name and address deleted], Leesburg, Virginia, in connection with a telephone call she had made to a Legislative Assistant to a Congressman in connection with the assassination of U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan, 11/18/78.

On 11/28/78, [name and address deleted], Leesburg, Virginia, was contacted and she advised that for whatever benefit it might be, her neighbor [name deleted], telephone number [deleted], a Real Estate Saleswoman for Glasscock Realty, Leesburg, Virginia, related to her the Congressman Ryan had an appointment with Glasscock Realty in Middleburg, Virginia, for 10:00 AM on 11/18/78, in connection with some land which Ryan was considering purchasing. Ms. [name deleted] was not aware as to whether Ryan might have cancelled this apartment prior to his departing for Guyana.


AX 89-102

Mrs. [name deleted] could attach no significance to this information other than she felt compelled to report this to the proper authorities.

Because of the insignificant nature of the information developed through the above interview, no additional leads are being considered regarding this aspect of the investigation.

Armed and dangerous; suicidal tendencies