Serial 1200 – Tape 1

Persons involved: Male M
Female F
NKCM #1527
Unintelligible – UN

F: I thought I was taken to see a movie about (UN) over.

M: Un, that’s too bad (UN) all right uh, well uh, I’m telling you uh, that the (UN) people that have been very busy doing their own thing and we’re gonna meet tonight at (UN) neighbor uh, and decide on (UN) so uh, that’s the whole situation, over.

F: Uh, okay, okay, uh, okay, ‘cause I talked to uh, I talked to grandfather and I talked to Jack and they said to say hello and uh, uh, that it’ll be uh, (sigh) okay then uh, uh, you probably may not then be there uh, the fourth, over.

M: Uh, that’s right, uh, but uh, yes that’s right uh, I won’t be at that time, over.

F: Okay, okay, would you like to make it uh, anytime after that, over.

M: it will be a little bit difficult because we uh, I would have to be there at nine and there’s going to be some (UN) I’ll be back here and maybe one or two o’clock in the morning, over.

F: Uh, okay, okay, well then only then that uh, a lot more time than was expected so uh, uh, I’ll be here but uh, uh, I’ll just have to uh, talk to you the other time, over.

M: Uh, yeah, that’s why I wanted to talk to you here, uh, could you with me at 2:05 then I like to make a phone call, over.

F: Uh, okay, okay, over.

M: So tell me what else do you have Tulla (phonetic) (PH)?

F: Uh, Tulla (PH) to Pete (PH) over.

M: Do you have something else you wanted to tell me right now, over.

F: No, no, not at all. I’ll be right here, I’m uh, moved over to do a few things I have to do here, so no it’s no problem, over.

M: Okay, okay, I’d say (UN), over.

F: Okay, okay, over.

M: Okay.

Originally posted on August 22nd, 2019.

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