Serial 1200 – Tape 2

Persons involved: Unknown Female F
Unknown Male M
NKCM # 1527
(UN) – Unintelligible

M: (UN)

F: Uh, I was just explaining something uh, uh, to my kids, we still have to take a bunch of things over uh, to uh, the place where we throw out all kinds of things. I went crazy with throwing things away, over.

M: Yes, uh, that’s very good once in a while, uh, uh, well, I’m sure you’ll throw my things, over.

F: Uh, never uhuh-huh, uh, never uh, these are old things and that uh, outside room that, you know, gets so cluttered up with things, I talked to uh, uh, that friend that comes over to see Jessica (PH) [phonetic] sometimes about uh, really uh, doing something that they can about all these things around here, it’s too difficult to handle and uh, I have to be able to uh, feel a little freer about that, uh, so I took– you know, it’s just not necessary to have them right here all the time so, and sometimes it takes a lot of work to uh, keep up uh, all these things here and the (UN) on the outside, I wanted to go to those things and not be worried about uh, what it’s like right here all the time. So uh, when I decide to start uh, throwing things away, think it’s good sanity, I, I, get rid of everything, over.

M: Huh, that’s very hygienic, over.

F: Tulla (PH) to Pete (PH), over.

M: Very hygienic, over.

F: Well, it’s very difficult to be sometimes, huh-huh, but uh, anyway it was good we, we did well at working together so uh, they deserve to uh, you know, go through something that they’ve wanted to see for a long time, over, so I can’t go back on a promise, over.

M: Uh, okay, T, okay, uh, well, uh, uh, first (UN) have to uh, in the morning, over.

F: Uh, okay, okay uh, then uh, I hope you will have uh, a very good evening, over.

M: Huh, won’t be so sure, driving for four hours or more, and uh, parking and uh, and really getting to a point of nothing, I don’t know, uh, it looks like (UN) and I don’t know. Okay, uh, I’m tired really tired you know, so tired, goes so much in my mind, but I’m so tired too. (UN) so the weather is so bad here, too, uh. (UN) it’s very nice to leave, I have nothing else to say, over.

F: I know uh, there’s nothing that can be done about that, uh, I’ll be uh, uh, probably I’m going to wait to talk to grandfather until tomorrow and uh, you know that’s probably the best thing and uh, you know really, uh, I don’t know– There– there is no problem uh, well, I can’t say, I can’t say because I know it’s a problem for you, it’s obviously really a big problem for you uh, we just uh, I, I know everyobody is really concerned about all the– all the work and the time and the efforts and the aggravation that uh, you and David have uh, put into trying out those lawyers uh, cited papers from the Corporation to start that uh, store but uh, they’re really concerned about all your efforts being uh, mistreated by the other company and uh, uh, I think uh, maybe after uh, our big conference or something like that uh, in the end everybody will probably feel better uh, you don’t feel like you’re beating your head– your head against the wall but it won’t move, over.

M: Yes, uh, very aggravated, very, very, very aggravated, and I, uh, uh, too much responsibility, no consid– consideration, and uh, uh, well, when I’m sure about that I’m talking about really get– getting word to uh– I don’t want to, you know, I want to get that out of my mind uh, just wait until the moment to reach my best decision and uh, in that situation is really bad uh, I, I really don’t want to talk about that and (UN) even (UN) proud and uh, (UN), over.

F: Uh, I’m having a little bit of trouble reading you but uh, can’t understand uh, no more no more to word with that, anyway uh, I wish– I really wish we could have a bit nice quiet uh, family dinner here and uh, with no telephone calls and no problems and no worries on that I guess I’m being too idealistic, over.

M: Huh, yes a little bit. Huh, okay, uh, uh, I– I really hope David’s planning to uh, if this happens to uh, if you know nothing gets accomplished to, uh, pick up all the instructions from different departments and talk to (UN) personally, over.

F: Uh, I’m sorry, please repeat, over.

M: I talked to David and uh, I think uh, what he told me, from what he told me he’s planning if uh, nothing uh, gets accomplished, he will pick up all the instructions from the different departments and talk to grandfather personally, over.

F: Uh, okay, okay, uh, I think that uh, Jack might be uh, really uh, looking to find uh, some good samples himself at that time maybe you know that will be that will be very helpful to uh, uh, to you and David, I know you, you know, so, I don’t know, uh, I’ll be talking to him later, over.

M: Uh, okay, okay, yes, uh, we’re really uh, making a decision uh, tonight so uh, I can promise you I would talk to you because it would be very late and no offense I would talk to you first, over.

F: Well I’ll be here late, let’s say uh, if you happen to be going by uh, four after uh, before, I’ll be here. It’s not it’s no– it’s no big worry, it’s no problem, uh, I’ll be there uh, the first, over.

M: Yes, I’m not sure– I’m not of sure what’s gonna happen and how long it would take me so uh, it would– it would be better for– to do it tomorrow, over.

F: Okay, okay, I just wanted you to know if you wanted me to be here, I’d be here, over.

M: No, uh, really it’s okay, uh, well I haven’t had (UN) with me I will uh, ask someone to take care of that tomorrow if possible uh, you know, they haven’t sent it to the old lady uh, she is really an argument about that. Unh, okay, uh, anyway, uh, I’ll go down right now and take a bath and relax a little bit for one hour then start driving uh, for that meeting, over.

F: Okay, okay, uh, huh-huh, yes, I know that it’s very relaxing uh, uh, I know why David sometimes likes to– likes to stand under that water a long time, huh-huh, it makes him feel very good so you’ll, that might uh, maybe give a little bit of help to your feelings, over.

M: Yes, has Tommy visited you again, over.

F: Tulla (PH) to Pete (PH) over.

M: Has Tommy visited you again, over?

F: Uh, did you say Tommy, over.

M: Yeah, over.

F: No, not at all, not at all, uh, huh-huh, I think uh, with all the confusion uh, he just gave up, over.

M: You really think he was uh, interested in helping you, over.

F: Uh, I don’t think so particularly, I think it was more uh, the young man, over.

M: What Tulla (PH)?

F: I don’t think it was him particularly, I think he was more uh, the young man, but I– I don’t really know, you never know why, uh, you never know why that is, so uh, uh, like I said, I’m not concerned about that, over.

M: Okay, okay, okay, okay, say hello to him at any time. Okay, uh, well, thank you very much for being here this evening uh, it was really nice after that uh, you know, not being par– able to do it uh, before, over.

F: Well, usually if I know pretty sure uh, that there might have been a problem there before, uh, I’m always there at the minute, over.

M: Yes, I know, I know, okay, uh, when else, over.

F: O, nothing else, I’m going to do the same thing and take a nice big bath and uh, go uh, talk with uh, my kids and uh, go to the office probably talk to Jack, see how he’s feeling, and uh, just uh, little things like that. I’m also trying to do uh, a few paperworks that I have to do, uh, I’ve been putting the law for a long time and uh, because I was uh, you know, having a little uh, bit of a worry about that, but David uh, as always– I don’t know how he sticks by doing that but uh, anyway uh, because of him I want to uh, send out a few of my paperworks today, over.

M: I tell you, which you uh, please uh, repeat, over.

F: I said I was going to take a big bath, talk to the kids for a little while this evening. I also wanted to work on some of my paperworks then I have been putting off because of uh, uh, instructions and uh, thank God for David uh, I want to uh, take care of those things tonight and uh, send them away, over.

M: Okay, okay, okay, oh, all right, uh, uh, well, listen, if you could pass by at uh, you know, (UN) sometime I would like to know of him–

F: Well, uh, okay, uh, uh, okay, the only uh, uh– I will file the contract with uh, the office and uh, see what he says about that. Do you uh– I don’t know maybe I’m making a bigger thing about that than what I said, but uh, I was a little concerned about that car, uh, so uh, being there and uh, I just uh, had to (UN). All do that because I know that’s very important, over.

M: Gee, uh, right, you’re right, you always should know in advance, I know (UN) see if he’ll take care of that uh, but kinda you know if it’s possible I’m– I’m not so– I don’t think it’s, you know, uh, important really, over.

F: Well, I’ll know, I’ll know uh, when I talked to him at the office and if that’s the case I will always find a way around that, you know, uh, uh, always, it’s just that before I hadn’t uh, been able to even talk to him at the office, over.

M: Yeah, I know that, I know that, okay, uh, so then I really wish you good evening uh, you enjoy that (UN), over.

F: Well, to tell you the truth, I missing a little bit of that uh, close relationship you only get with uh, the people that love you the most and uh, I kinda want to uh, have a nice evening uh, feeling that kind of caring and loving, over.

M: Yes, that’s– that’s very nice and okay, uh, okay, uh, listen, uh, I have to go get ready, and get ready, you know, and it’s a long drive and I want to be on time so uh, if you’ll excuse me I’m not turning your way but I really have to go. Uh, so uh, I’ll let you know before (UN).

F: Okay, okay, I know you have to go that’s no problem– I– That’s very good so I’ll be talking to you later. Please read carefully and uh, uh, uh, I’ll talk to another time uh, also I want to know uh, the kids also said if you would ask David– to give him the same message uh, then I gave earlier that we love him and uh, they’ve really been missing him. So uh, I’ll talk you tomorrow and be a good boy, over and out.

M: Okay, I will give him the message uh, thank you very much, and I love you, over and out.

F: I love you, over and out.

M: Yes (UN).

F: Uh, the waiting’s getting a little uh,, ha, it may not work, but it’s waiting, over.

M: (UN) I’m not afraid of that, Huh.

F: Oh no, I know that, ha ha, I know that uh, you’re too strong, you would have to know that so uh, uh, okay, okay, uh, uh, you make a smile go from ear to ear. Okay, I’ll talk to you later, over and out.

M: Okay, bye, over and out.