Serial 1200 – Tape 3

Reel #1
Subjects: Unfemale
Transcribed by: [Name withheld]
NK/CM 1523

(Sound of Morse Code)

Unfemale: (UN) Hard labor, but uh, anyway, I uh, of course (UN) had said that he was very interested in uh, of the brochures he got in on uh, uh, I don’t know when we got at the office uh, got a lot of good close out sales uh, I think we got it in on the 26th of last month, and uh, he was very interest– uh, if uh, he was concerned about the uh, all the framing work there and the finishing they had uh, for those samples uh, he said that he would need at least 15 to 16 finishing nails for every frame but uh, it would be okay, anyway, there may be instructions to go with those , you know, ‘cause we walked that way, I don’t know. That’s up to David, you’ll have to ask him, I’m sure you all, you all are the ones that uh, know that. And uh, uh, I thought I’d ask, I thought I’d ask what would happen, uh, you think it would make a big difference to those¬ the people in that company if you told them that you wanted all that back, over.

Unmale: That’s what, over.

Unfemale: If you wanted all those instructions, over.

Unmale: No, (UN)

Unfemale: I didn’t say there was a problem, I know you told me that. I’m saying, grandfather asked do you think it might take a difference to them, they might pay more attention.

Unmale: No, we’ve already done that to the company. But we need to make sure that we can get all the frames around the fire and that’s what so (UN) but they’ve had troubles, labor problems, paperwork problems and (UN)–

Unfemale: Okay, okay. I didn’t know that. I was just telling you what he asked me, so uh, he’s just grasping at straws too, you know uh, nobody knows what to say or to do, I– you know, in their heads, you know, it’s not meant to be an insult or uh, any kind of trying to run things that aren’t his business, that’s what he said to, his not trying to do that, it was just something that he thought of.

Unmale: Okay, (UN) they will never have troubles with (UN). They came down to do all the woodwork.

Unfemale: Yes, I know, but listen to this (UN) told me that uh, on some of those samples that only takes about eight or nine finishing nails to put it together, but on the other ones it takes 15 or 16, and that’s the ones he loves, because he says they’re stronger, and uh, they work better for him, over.

Unmale: Okay, that sounds fine (UN). I know that you’re working on that so, uh, you know, they’ll be the time of the day that a (UN)

Unfemale: Well, I’m sure that your friend would know, over.

Unmale: My friend. My best friend. I know (UN)

Unfemale: Yes, it just has to check their production manual to see uh, which type of frames it is that they have.

Unmale: (UN) By the way, ask grandpa if he would prefer because probably I could (UN) the posters and all the things to uh, deliver him all the hinges for all the doors and all his work, uh, probably he would like that and (UN) if he would prefer the (UN) over.

Unfemale: Oh, up until now, that’s what he said, but he says, uh, they have found so many hinges that uh, now there’s too many uh, they have too many for that, so he says the thing they don’t have is the poster, for putting on a display in the store. Uh, it’s really, it’s such a shame, it’s such a shame, you can’t imagine, especially when you say to them, that those posters were very, you know, there are large, they were well rolled, and in good condition. So uh, they are really looking forward to, and it wouldn’t take any time, over.

Unmale: Okay, they wanted posters, over.

Unfemale: Yes, I’m speaking about posters, over.

Unmale: Okay, all right, all right, okay. So I’ll be talking to you later on, over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, listen, well of course, they haven’t always uh, talked about uh, the posters that– he has really gotten into his photography work and he was interested in film. Uh, but that’s, you know, uh, you know, uh, good color film so that he could, he was thinking of starting his own manufacturing (UN) instead of buying the ones that everybody has, you know, he would check his own photographs and blow them up and all like that. But anyway, uh, I don’t know, I’ll be talking to them later, I’ll see what they say. Over.

Unmale: Okay, (UN). Right now it would be really uh, right now it will be afterwards, you know, that we get dedications and go on taking pictures and uh, all you know, (UN). But there is no problem after it’s over, over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, did you hear me a little while ago when I said that I’m supposed to go to talk to uh, Joe’s friend, over.

Unmale: Uh, (UN)

Unfemale: I said, did you understand me a while ago when I said I was going to talk to Joe’s friend? Over.

Unmale: Oh yes, yes, uh, you uh, better look what you doing.

Unfemale: Well, all I wanted to know from him really is uh, is he still a partner with Joe. If that’s the case, I don’t think I want to– uh, I’ll wait for David on that, over.

Unmale: Yeah, that’s very wise. Anyway, you know (UN) and I don’t like that, well, you can (UN).

Unfemale: Uh, okay, uh, I’ll try that. I’m trying to explain to you that’s difficult uh, it’s a lot of problems was that, over.

Unmale: Oh yes, I know. Okay, okay, uh, so I’ll talk to my friend and (UN) or if not it will be out a while.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, well, I have uh, someone that wanted to talk with me, uh, but, uh, sometimes comes over to play with (UN) and uh, uh, I think they have a little store uh, their friend uh, came to see and uh, I think they have a little store, so I’ll be here to later uh, I won’t be talking to Joe’s friends until this evening, so, uh, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be late, I know I wouldn’t be uh, for this evening. I’ll be here at both times, over.

Unmale: Okay, well, that’s have a (UN) over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, but I’ll be here at– at the one before that, over.

Unmale: (UN)

Unfemale: Yes, I will because uh, Jessica’s friend is going to my office.

Unmale: Okay, okay. That’s all right, okay. So uh, talk to you some other time, over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, well, then I’m going to tell (UN) that his son is still studying very hard. Uh, I hope that uh, I hope that he’s all right, over.

Unmale: I’ll have something for him. Say hello, I have something for you and him tonight, over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay. How are you feeling? Over.

Unmale: Okay, okay (UN), over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay. I’m sorry, sometimes I don’t know, mean to have to uh, say those things but uh, I can see it coming, over.

Unmale: You can see what, over.

Unfemale: I can see uh, I can see it coming (UN), over.

Unmale: (UN)

Unfemale: Well, anyway we’ll just (UN) okay, then you go this afternoon and have a good day, over.

Unmale: Okay. Same to you, over and out.

Unfemale: Okay, okay. Over and out.