Serial 1200 – Tape 5

Reel #1
NK/CM 1524

Unfemale: Now, I know better than that, but uh, uh, I want that, I want my camera fixed and uh, after that uh, uh, all the cameras that are necessary is okay but uh, I want uh, that first camera fixed. Over.

Unmale: Okay. (UN) it will be fixed then.

Unfemale: Ha ha, I know that, uh, I know that very much. Over.

Unmale: Also I’m good.

Unfemale: Please repeat, over.

Unmale: Also I’m good, over.

Unfemale: You said awful, I’m good, over.

Unmale: Also. Also. Over.

Unfemale: Oh no, not awful, over.

Unmale: Ha ha, I’m talking about that camera, over.

Unfemale: That camera is not awful, over.

Unmale: All of them, over.

Unfemale: I don’t think I’m reading you right. Uh, you say that all those cameras are– are awful and terrible, over.

Unmale: Yes, cameras, to me are awful but good, over.

Unfemale: Oh, uh, you’re being very good salesman, over.

Unmale: Ha ha ha ha ha (UN), over.

Unfemale: Uh, well maybe you’re not so good. So, uh, I’m not so stupid as to uh, not realize all that situation, over.

Unmale: What situation, over.

Unfemale: Uh, now don’t– don’t misunderstand. Don’t start getting mad, I don’t want that, uh, I was just joking with you, over.

Unmale: Well yes, but uh, with situations, over.

Unfemale: I don’t– saying cameras are awful, over.

Unmale: Okay uh, ha ha ha, ha ha ha, lenses are awful, over.

Unfemale: Please repeat, over.

Unmale: Lenses are awful, over.

Unfemale: Oh, could never, never, in a million years be so uh, not at David is uh– Not if David is the one in charge of that, over.

Unmale: Please uh, repeat, I can’t read you, over.

Unfemale: I said, that could never be so if David is in charge of that, over.

Unmale: I’m talking about different lenses, over.

Unfemale: Oh yes, for sure, they’re awful, over.

Unmale: Oh my God uh, I’m in a very strange phase, over.

Unfemale: Uh, you said you’re in a very strange phase? Over.

Unmale: I’m on a very strange team, over.

Unfemale: You’re on a very strange what? Over.

Unmale: Team. (UN)

Unfemale: You said pace, p-a-c-e, over.

Unmale: Tame, t-a-m-e, over.

Unfemale: Oh, you said t-a-m-e, is that correct, over.

Unmale: Yes, over.

Unfemale: Why? Over.

Unmale: Uh, I don’t know, three is special, over.

Unfemale: Well uh, those lenses will know that. Uh, it’s a strange place, but uh, a really good one, over.

Unmale: Ah, ha ha, okay, can you imagine if uh, those lenses are lost. What would you say happened to them, over.

Unfemale: Uh, what I– what I have already said uh, they are irreplaceable, over.

Unmale: What will you do with them? Over.

Unfemale: Uh, taken with me everywhere I can, over.

Unmale: That’s impossible, you know that, now what would you do? Over.

Unfemale: I’ll be uh– I would have to say, really I would be always busy with my work, over.

Unmale: Ha ha ha, okay, uh, uh, (UN), over.

Unfemale: Please repeat, over.

Unmale: (UN), over.

I Unfemale: can’t read that, over.

Unmale: Uh huh, conditions are bad, over.

Unfemale: Yes, uh, a little bit for me. Uh, I don’t– I don’t want, I really don’t want anything but that. Uh, I will forget all about that photography work. Uh, I don’t want to be interested in that again. Uh, that uh, means that the personality is uh, submerged, as I’ve ever seen, and uh, I can’t, I can’t be interested in another uh, type of character, over.

Unmale: Okay now, okay then, okay, uh, well, (UN) would really like to know about you. Later on and uh, it will be uh, the same time (UN), over.

Unfemale: Uh, you’re talking about a little later, over.

Unmale: Yes, at the same time, over.

Unfemale: Uh, yes, I’ll be talking to you later at the same time, over.

Unmale: At the same time, over.

Unfemale: Yes, over.

Unmale: Uh, okay, okay, okay, then I’ll wish you uh, the rest of the day uh, good luck (UN), over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, uh, uh, I hate to say goodbye when I want to say so many things, uh, sometimes uh, sometimes I really feel bad about that, over.

Unmale: Okay, that’s all right (UN), over.

Unfemale: Well, uh, okay, I’ll make another call to talk about that and uh, I’ll be talking to you later about it uh, uh, then I can tell you more about that. Uh, remember uh, that uh, they have (UN) on that very well, but uh, talk again, over.

Unmale: Okay. I hope so, and that uh, you get permission uh, talk to Jack (UN) uh, uh, (UN) and uh, uh, don’t forget about that microphone and uh, the (UN) the manner for that (UN), over.

Unfemale: No, I have those uh, I have those uh, numbers I was just concerned uh, if uh, Jack’s son is going to uh, be uh, visiting his father on uh, the morning uh, four days after or three days after I go to school, over.

Unmale: You’re talking about whom? Over.

Unfemale: Jack’s son, over.

Unmale: Yes, that’s right, over.

Unfemale: Yes, but is he going to visit his father in the morning uh, three days after or is he going to be visiting his father on uh, the morning four days after, over.

Unmale: Uh, well, see in the morning, uh, he said he would have time in the morning, over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, well that (UN) about the school uh, he might miss one of his classes, and uh, uh, he’s pretty intelligent, I’m sure that uh, he can write an excuse (UN) professor, over.

Unmale: Uh, please repeat, over.

Unfemale: No, that’s– that’s all right, that’s all right, I– No problem, over.

Unmale: Okay, okay, okay, uh, uh, be good, over.

Unfemale: I always am, over.

Unmale: Are you honest? Over.

Unfemale: Yes uh, I have a note on a little piece of paper saying what I have to do and uh, no one really can make me say what I have to do only where my mind is most concerned, over.

Unmale: Uh, that’s uh, that’s very nice, that’s very important, over.

Unfemale: It’s very important to me, that’s a commitment and a decision I have made myself, that may not be so important other people, but to me that’s a very important decision, over.

Unmale: Well, for me too, over.

Unfemale: Well, uh, I’m sure that uh, uh, she will know that when I see her, over.

Unmale: Oh, come on. Ha ha yeah. Has it been difficult for you? Over.

Unfemale: No, not– not I’m worrying about that, not I’m worrying about that, only that I might have said some things that made David upset, and he would think I was not really always doing things to be uh, so concerned of what he said and his– and his welfare, over.

Unmale: Oh, no, no, that’s all right uh, no, (UN) not (UN) at all. It– it– it’s uh, no, that was not the least of mine, never, get upset with uh, could be something different but uh, the whole thing I did not like in that petition, that’s all. Over.

Unfemale: Well, that’s no problem. I don’t worry about that. I have a lot of things to do here at the office and also with my family and all those other things, so uh, uh, I know for sure that uh, David will uh, you really will know, he will really understand that when I talk to him. Over.

Unmale: Okay, okay, you know it’s okay, it’s all right, and okay, uh, so I will probably see you later and uh, I hope uh, you can get things accomplished, uh, (UN) and tell hello to all the family, especially him, and uh, (UN). Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, uh, then uh, make sure he gives uh, if he talks to you, I know he’s on the road and he’s very busy, but uh, but then if he talks to you and he sees you, tell him uh, how much I love him and I miss him really very much and uh, I’ll be talking to you later, uh, you also have to take very good care of yourself, and uh, don’t let those lenses get lost. Over.

Unmale: Yeah they won’t, they won’t get lost. They’ll be all right. They’ll be all (UN). Over.

Unfemale: Well uh, I was waiting to, to uh, try them on uh, that camera uh, but I have to insure, I have to really understand that. Over.

Unmale: Okay, okay, okay, uh, so thank you very much and uh, some of the time I’ll be talking to you and uh, uh, over and out.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, uh, take care of uh, all your friends, say hello to the family and uh, take care of (UN) and I’ll talk to you later, over and out.

Unmale: Okay, thank you, over and out.

Originally posted on August 22nd, 2019.

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