Serial 1200 – Tape 6

Reel #1
NK/CM 1525

Unmale: Uh, Jack’s kid, uh, uh, I think uh, he was there, but uh, and really was not a problem, over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, okay, uh, first you said there was a little problem then you said there’s no problem uh, uh, Jack’s kid is okay? Over.

Unmale: Uh, some people that have a little sample they have some kind of an emergency, over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, then uh, uh, how is Jack’s kid on being able to visit his father, over.

Unmale: Yes uh, yes uh, for the moment, ha ha, uh, you have to wait until the last minute, over.

Unfemale: Well, uh, Jack is going to be– contact me uh, uh, in just a little bit, so you know, uh, okay, okay, over.

Unmale: Okay, no– no problem, over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay. Did those real estate agents ever sign those contracts? Over.

Unmale: Yes, uh, they have uh, please tell Jack not to worry about it, to take good care of his heal– his health, but not to really make plans uh, he has to wait for the doctors to say the final word, over.

Unfemale: Well, I told you this morning that I talked to him about Jack and uh, they said his condition would be okay, over.

Unmale: Oh yes, yes I know. I uh, hope so really. Uh, but you know– you know when uh, right away something’s gonna (UN) uh, you know how human beings do that. So anyway I don’t want them really to uh, be spending so much uh, on that, so uh, just leave it more time to uh, turn it back. Uh, Right now it’s– that would be impossible to keep on if that does– doesn’t work. As I have– we have talked uh, even yesterday. So uh, you know uh, nobody can uh, afford uh, to keep on our backs. You know, ha ha, I said I had to uh, you know (UN) and uh, uh, (UN) you stay there if I ask you to stay there, well ha, trying to tell me not to uh, so he said okay, Theo.

Unfemale: Could uh, uh– Can uh– I have to say this, uh, this is a very difficult time right now with the holiday and uh, Grandfather is really pestering me about him being able to go and visit Jack for the holiday. Uh, it’s not an easy thing to do right now. So uh, they really uh, are wanting uh, to know something more definite on that. Now please don’t get upset, but you know, things are not always uh, you know so easy for holidays. So uh, however.

Unmale: I can’t read you very well uh, please don’t talk to your words too much, don’t be afraid of saying what you have to say. Okay, since uh, it’s uh, uh, okay, now I’m not getting upset uh, please explain it to me, to what Grandfather wants and uh, uh, uh, please say it again, over.

Unfemale: Oh okay, I just don’t want to get upset and hang up on me because I want to talk to you about Joe’s friends, so please, just don’t, I don’t know, sometimes I think things about stuff and I don’t like to do that. Uh, they– it is a holiday, it is Thanksgiving, and Grandfather has to make very uh, forward arrangements to see Jack at this time. It’s not easy at all. So uh, they’re really pushing me to know uh, about Jack’s kid and of course Jack’s kid is not going to be so happy not, to be away from the family on the

[missing text]

Unfemale: Yes but, I– I– Yes that’s true, but things are crowded for the whole time uh, following that, over.

Unmale: You mean he wants to go and look at Jack, over.

Unfemale: Yes, over.

Unmale: Uh, what is his problem uh, being about to go to see Jack or some other thing, over.

Unfemale: Being able to go, it’s ha– well it’s not, is just going to have to take care of that himself, that’s all, over.

Unmale: Yes, I understand, that’s all right, I understand. Well, uh, listen to his– uh, my brother-in-law and two friends have been waiting uh, this morning for a telephone call. I just spoke to him and he doesn’t know about uh, uh, you know, right now at this moment uh, I was supposed to uh, (UN) about that, supposed to uh, have a call from the uh, uh, agency to uh, get those tickets. Uh, uh, uh, now I don’t care, what I don’t see is how (UN) to see Jack, over.

Unfemale: (Inaudible) Well uh, what can I say about that. Uh, that’s you, that’s you, but that may not be everybody else, so what– Over.

Unmale: (Inaudible) for years and years. Uh, Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday, my loved ones birthdays, uh, my love to all things, my life uh, but I’ll blow it if the uh– if the energy to, to work it anyway. I don’t care, any moment, if he thinks that he should go, understand, and talk to him at this time. If he could make a reservation and leave to our state uh, a day after Thanksgiving, or two days after Thanksgiving, uh, very early, I know he could do it. Uh, uh, right now I would like to say something, but uh, I was, as I told you, there were three persons waiting for that call and I– I would like to be talking to you uh, a little bit later, after number three, and to uh, and to let you know (inaudible)

Unfemale: Could you please wait a moment? Over.

Unmale: Okay.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, do you read me? Over.

Unmale: Yes, I read you. Over.

Unmale 2: Branniff calling (UN) Flight 110 (UN)

Unfemale: Uh, I’m gonna have to do something about that. There’s somebody else talking here now. Over.

Unmale: I know I’m reading him (UN)

Unmale 2: (UN)

Unmale: Please repeat. Over.

Unmale 2: (UN)

Unfemale: Please repeat. Over.

Unmale: 1-2-3-4-5-6. How do you read me? Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, I read you fine now, over.

Unmale: Okay, I’m waking, over.

Unfemale: Uh, I was asking you to repeat what you were saying because while you were talking uh, there was an interference, over.

Unmale: Okay. I’m sorry uh, I said uh, I would hope you would obtain the uh, for Grandpa on the third. Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, uh, then I’ll just uh– okay, I– I understand. Over.

Unmale: You know what, you know something and please pay attention to me. Don’t pay too much attention to Grandpa. Over.

Unfemale: Oh okay, okay, I– I understand, I’ve– I’ve done that I’m really uh, not close type of person uh, uh, over.

Unmale: Yeah (UN), uh, he says that (UN) has to be right for him, just right for him, and he can’t expect that from us uh, at all, uh. Sure I’d like that, I would like to change my (UN) with his, over.

Unfemale: It’s not a problem. He was just trying to make sure that because of the situation, uh, at this time that he could do his uh, proper work, that’s all. Over.

Unmale: Well, he first talked to me about the kid. What is the problem with the kid with him? I– forget about the kid. He has to forget about the kid. Jack is the only one he would have to be concerned about. I would be the one who has to be concerned. He’s got– he does not have to be concerned about the kid. He’s always uh, had, you know, uh, be concerned he’ll think that– you shouldn’t be concerned, that– that’s my problem. I will manage that, over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, over.

Unmale: You know it’s– you know it’s nonsense, it’s useless to be thinking of¬– uh, to be looking for problems that would just set look half to be our uh, situation, over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, over.

Unmale: Okay, goodbye, over and out.

Unfemale: Oh please, I’m not trying to say anything, I can’t believe– Why do you run away from me? I’m trying my very best. Over.

Unmale: (UN)

Unfemale: I need to talk to you, over.

Unmale: Okay, okay, I will do the same for you, okay, okay, over.

Unfemale: I don’t want to argue about that, you are right. I’m– I don’t want to relay any more messages from them, I understand. I don’t want to tell them I’m going to say anything else again, because it’s misunderstood. I have been working and talking all morning and I don’t want to talk about Grandfather anymore. I don’t care if he falls down and dies. Over.

Unmale: I already told you, don’t say anything (inaudible). Over.

Unfemale: I understand you, I have a big noise here but I understand what you said, but Jack was concerned about how his kid was feeling also and uh, he wanted to make sure that he would not be uh, too lonely on this holiday, but it’s not such a big thing. I did, I won’t ask again because it’s being taken wrong, but he just wants to make sure that he felt good on his holiday. Over.

Unmale: It’s not their problem right now, it’s my problem. If I can take care of that, that would be my problem. I would let them know immediately. There is no problem with him. He is behaving very well. Why are you thinking about my problems and not theirs? Over.

Unfemale: Well, they haven’t got any problems, uh, they are always uh, concerned with uh– wanted to know that uh, his kid and you and David are doing fine, over.

Unmale: That is not exactly what he told me. They were already making plans for the holiday because the kid could have (UN).

Unfemale: Please wait a minute, I have a call, over.

Unmale: Okay.

Unfemale: 5421730. stand by (UN). Over.

Unmale: Yeah. What? Over.

Unfemale: I said uh, there would be no way with that uh, that guy, I didn’t mean to bring it up. Over.

Unmale: No, you don’t have to worry about it. Uh, If they should be concerned about their problem, but right now I said is in my hands and it is my problem. But I really have a problem, I will let them know and then at that time (UN) to begin. But still I don’t have a problem. The kid is behaving very well. If Grandpa wants to know so he can go and visit, just uh– because if all the things are crowded, I don’t know what he is going to do. He has to be prepared for that in advance. So I will try, I’ll refer it to let you know about that if it’s really possible, I’ll let you know. If not tonight, probably because I’m– I have always– we all have those things right there, it will be uh– it will have to be done very soon, so uh, that’s what I’m thinking about it. Over.

Unfemale: Okay, I understand what you’re saying and then uh, uh, I’m sorry, I– I– I don’t want to uh, talking more about those things, over.

Unmale: Listen, if I would meet Grandpa, I would be (inaudible) CNF himself, and that, really uh, ha, so uh, no, but as I said, you know, why, do not pay too much attention. If they are concerned about (UN) the kid is in the most beautiful condition, but not what will happen if you can does not want to be here and then he was to go back home to be on his uh, a holiday. Damn it, you’re just looking for problems, that’s looking, finding something that you don’t have to look for. If the problem was there, I would have already known it. So it is not there. They don’t have anything else to do. Over.

Unfemale: Okay uh, please, there is a question. It was a very uh, honest kind of a question. It was not meant as anything else. It doesn’t need to be taken so seriously. I don’t know how to explain that uh, it’s not– it wasn’t such a big question. It was just a very low minor insignificant question. Uh, I won’t ask the question again. I’m sorry. You’re– You’re being upset over something that I wasn’t even finding to be important. I was just talking to you. It’s not– it’s not anything, nobody is saying anything bad at all. Over.

Unmale: No, it isn’t anything bad, but you– you’re asking me to let the kid go, if uh– if I did not have right now something uh, definite, was that right or not? Over.

Unfemale: No, never, not at all, not even in the slightest thought. Over.

Okay, please repeat to me your first words about Grandpa and the holiday. Older.

Unfemale: Grandpa was concerned, he has to make very special arrangements for him to be able to help Jack, and at this time it could be a little bit difficult. So if it was at all possible to know anything more definite about that, he was just asking for that favor, because at this time it’s very difficult uh, to make arrangements for that. They know very well, uh, they’re not– That’s all. Over.

Unmale: Okay, I understood that, that was all right, and I asked because if he can’t uh, fix that in advance he would have to drive and I would do that. Okay, what was the idea about the kid? Over.

Unfemale: Uh, nothing so imparticular. I– Maybe you misunderstood me, but I– it wasn’t anything so imparticular. Listen, it– he can’t make two different reservations for that. So, if you don’t make them in advance, it will be impossible on that and also the uh– now please understand me, I can’t explain it to you, uh, it– it– it will be too much to explain that. Uh, don’t worry about it, it’s not a problem, uh, it’s impossible to really explain what it is, Jack’s friend tried to make uh, uh, their own, it– it– don’t worry about it, I– I– it– they– it– it will be taken care of. I– I was just asking for the favor if he– he asked if it was possible for him to know ahead of time because he cannot make two reservations. Over.

Unmale: About the kid, I don’t understand them about the kid. Over.

Unfemale: No, it has nothing to do with the kid at all. They wanted to know just how he was doing for the holiday. They didn’t expect anything uh, bad about that. He was just asking a very small question. I uh, uh– I’m not– it’s not– I don’t want to ask– talk about it again, it’s not– It’s not important. Over.

Unmale: I’d expect that question from (UN) but not from them, over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, uh, it’s nothing uh, to be concerned about that, over.

Unmale: Ha, okay, uh– ha, ha. How are you doing for the holiday? Over.

Unfemale: I don’t know, I haven’t talk to anybody about that so I don’t know, parents uh,One be there for that but uh, uh– I’m sorry I– I don’t want– I– I don’t like uh, the misunderstanding of what I say. Over.

Unmale: Oh no, come on, don’t uh, worried about that. I’m not upset with you at all, I tried to have to give you a right question, so I think sometimes those are uh– Okay, uh, forget all about it, uh, uh, anyway uh, don’t worry, it’s uh–

Unfemale: Please repeat, over.

Unmale: Uh, that’s what I don’t like, see, I don’t believe on all those days, holidays, birthdays and all that I think all it is of my world on my birthday, my Christmas days, my New Year’s days, my Thanksgiving day, those are the ones uh, I really don’t believe in that. Over.

Unfemale: I know, uh, I have– I feel much the same thing. Uh, Even today, I didn’t even go to see my little one in that play because I was talking to Joe’s friend, and I know he was very hurt by that so uh, I– I understand what you’re talking about, but not all people are the same, but they’re not really so concerned about that. It was a very small question. It wasn’t– it was really just a matter of conversation. It wasn’t meant to be such as (UN). Over.

Unmale: (Inaudible) uh, about uh, (inaudible)

Unfemale: Okay, okay, uh, uh, uh, there’s uh, (UN) uh– it seems there’s a brochure for uh, (UN) office uh, uh, (UN) uh, wants uh– is very interested in uh, opening the store. Uh, he has been uh, talking and thinking about that and is very interested and he is doing that right away. And uh, he wanted to know uh, if there was enough uh, in uh, the company uh– enough of those posters for that. Over.

Unmale: Uh, I understand he is opening a store. All that is very good, he has all of the samples? Over.

Unfemale: No, I said he received the brochure on the third, three, and uh, yes he– he has the samples for that. Over.

Unmale: Oh really, well, that’s very nice, he must be doing well. Uh, so uh, anything I can help them? Over.

Unfemale: Yes, he wants to know uh, but you know the uh, instructions on uh, the posters for that uh, ever since we got on I had to, you know, make sure, that’s all. He wants nothing more to do with that plan and uh, he said he’s really (inaudible) uh, and uh, (inaudible) but uh, (inaudible) there’s a lot of uh– a lot of (inaudible) on top and uh, you know, good things that, so uh, he wanted to know uh, about the instructions on those posters. Over.

Unmale: Uh, he wanted to know what? Over.

Unfemale: About uh, the amount of instructions on those posters. Over.

Unmale: Oh uh, okay, it’s no problem. Uh, (inaudible) uh, and uh, you’re talking about the amount, appraisals?

Unfemale: Yes, I already explained to him about the salesman, and uh, perhaps to go see Mary and uh, I already uh, called him about that uh, and uh, I understand all about that, that’s not a problem. But he is going to be contacting me uh, very soon about the uh, price uh, of those posters. Over.

Unmale: To what? Over.

Unfemale: The price of the posters. Over.

Unmale: Okay, meanwhile too, you have to ask him what is uh– that he wants, you know. Are you going by the store to pick them up or uh, you know, uh, that we have to be taught personally. Over.

Unfemale: Oh well, like I said, uh, he uh– that sample, pick out somebody that close down the store who has that uh, sample. And uh, uh, they will be looking for uh, that uh, (UN). Over.

[Missing line of text?]

Unfemale: Okay then, do you read me? Over.

Unmale: Okay, yes. Over.

Unfemale: Yes uh, uh, he will be looking for about uh, 50 of those cases of posters. Over.

Unmale: Uh, he– Okay, that’s a lot. Not one of a kind uh, not the ones, uh, you know, uh, over.

Unfemale: Uh, I think you’re misunderstanding me. Over.

Unmale: Uh, yes, uh, that’s right, uh, that’s fine, over.

Unfemale: Yes, over.

Unmale: Yes, that’s all right, uh, no problem uh, at all, no problem at all, uh, all he wants. The thing is uh, to talk (UN) into uh– you know, agree on uh, the price and uh, the family and all that. Over.

Unfemale: Well, uh, he just wanted to uh, send a salesman if he could. That was the way he was trying to do that. He is very– uh, he has a very good uh, uh, (UN) that he’s working with now and uh, he thought uh, anything uh, it might not have to be that he would have to take off time for his business uh, he’s uh, a very nice person and uh, uh, very uh, special in his community and uh, you know, especially with his business, so uh, he asked if it would be possible to uh, uh, send a salesman uh, to uh, go and talk to Mary and uh– and to uh– on that– and uh, but they would send their uh, samples so the (UN) what kind of uh, sample they have and see if uh, that would be possible. Over.

Unmale: (inaudible) Uh, I would like to ask him uh, what is his offer. Uh, I already told you before, so uh, if you want the name of (UN) or what is his offer? Over.

Unfemale: Well, uh, I had told him maybe uh, three or four dollars and he said that was uh, a little bit too much for him. Over.

Unmale: I don’t know what you really said, but uh, if it’s uh, what I’m thinking, it’s possible. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, please repeat, over.

Unmale: I don’t want to say it. Over.

Unfemale: I told him it would be uh, three or four dollars a case. Over.

Unmale: Uh, (inaudible)

Unfemale: Well, please wait a moment. I have a very big noise here. Over.

Unmale: Okay.

Unfemale: Okay, it just went away. Uh, I had told him three or four dollars a case. He said that uh, that was uh, a little too much. Over.

Unmale: Yes, but I still don’t really understand him. Uh, I don’t misunderstand how but when, I’m sorry but I can’t (UN). Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, uh, his salesman is uh, ready to uh, enroll in that course uh, immediately and uh, he wanted to bring his samples, but I told him he had to uh, have the salesman uh, go and meet Sally and uh, talk to David and come home, but I’m sure that he doesn’t want uh, uh, David to talk prices with the salesman. He, himself, doesn’t particularly want to uh, take uh, time away from his uh, uh, business uh, to will that. So uh, I would say that uh, uh, there’s a point, (UN). Over.

Unmale: (Inaudible)

Unfemale: I understand. That big noise is here. I– I know you said you have to understand me. Over.

Unmale: (Inaudible)

Unfemale: Please repeat quickly. Over.

Unmale: I can’t make my mind, I can’t build up my– the ideas of you saying that or I can’t understand you, over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, okay then uh, I’ll just wait until uh, uh, your David uh, uh, wants to say something about that. Over.

Unmale: Yes, you’re giving me that price, but that’s not (UN) in my mind, my head is turned around. I– I just can’t uh, get off the idea. Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, uh, then I’ll– uh, you know, it has nothing to really do with money uh. He was uh, just uh, you know, joking around. I– I don’t really want anything to do with that. The– I really didn’t say that too much, you know. I– it’s just uh, uh, nothing important. Over.

Unmale: Uh, wait a minute, you have to (UN). Now he’s given a down payment, he wants more credit, uh, remember he– he– he knows very well what I tried to go, what I tried to go, and from that he has to thoroughly give you an idea, an offer. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, uh, well you know it’s– uh, I’ll probably decide to tell him to go talk to David because I don’t know what was said to Jerry. Sometimes uh, I know you get upset with me, but I don’t know for all those things, and uh, I– I uh, I think I’m a failure in helping David. Over.

Unmale: You said what? Over.

Unfemale: I said I don’t know what those things are and uh, I’m beginning to feel like a failure in helping David. Over.

Unmale: I know, I know, but you had to find a way to explain me. Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, well it’s the same story as everybody, they always want a lot of credit, always, always, always. I explained that is– uh, that they’ll cause a big problem about that, and I’m sure that uh, there will be uh, some sort of a deposit. I also explained that uh, uh, it would always be owed. But uh, it’s probably not– uh, I’ll probably just have, I’ll tell him just to go to talk to David. I don’t know, uh, sometimes I feel bad that I didn’t always understand all those uh, arrangements that uh, uh, I will talk to him again and see what he has to say. Over.

Unmale: Yes, talk to him again. Uh, you must remember what I talked to (UN). Do you remember that? Over.

Unfemale: No uh, that was– what information I knew about that, there was a little bit set here and there, it wasn’t uh, so plain to me.

Unmale: Okay, please wait. Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, over.

Unmale: Do you read me? Over.

Unfemale: Yes I do. Over.

Unmale: Okay, I thought I forgot where I was, so please wait. Over.

Unfemale: You thought you forgot what? Over.

Unmale: Where I was talking to you. Over.

Unfemale: Ha. Okay, okay, over.

Unmale: Okay.

Long period of nothing on tape then picks up again. (Indicating 20 minutes of silence)

Unmale: Okay, uh, 3 Number 190, over.

Unfemale: Uh, on the fourth or the fifth, over.

Unmale: No, on, (UN), over.

Unfemale: Oh, uh, uh, yes, but uh, okay, over.

Unmale: Okay, that was still. I mean, uh, going to work and giving it to him– uh, to the secretary uh, uh, on that. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, well, uh, uh, okay, over.

Unmale: Yes, that’s okay. Don’t say anything else, even if you have an idea (UN), we were very far away from him uh, ha ha. I understand that he (UN). I’ll try to use some other kind of (UN). Okay, over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, I understand, over.

Unmale: Now, well, uh, so uh, I’ll talk to you later on, over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, uh, I feel really bad. I think that you are not at all happy with me. Over. Do you read me? Over.

Unmale: Yes, I read you very well. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, uh, I don’t know uh, that was uh, I guess uh, I’m really uh– I need to uh, I– I– I don’t want to do anything more with that. Uh, I’ll have uh, (UN) talk to David and uh, uh, I understand why that is uh, really– uh, excuse me. Over. Do you read me? Over.

Unmale: Yes, I do read you.

Unfemale: Well, please say something to me. Over.

Unmale: Well, I have nothing to answer about that at all. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, uh, then uh, how is everything else with you? Over.

Unmale: Good. Over.

Unfemale: How is everything else with you? Over.

Unmale: Okay, (UN). Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, uh, I understand what you’re saying, uh, (UN). Over.

Unmale: Can’t read you. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, don’t misunderstand, uh, I already said, the best thing to do is talk to David. Over.

Unmale: Okay, okay, uh, I don’t know.

Unfemale: Okay, uh, uh, I said that’s what he wants is uh, a franchise and a partnership. Over.

Unmale: I can’t read you. Over.

Unfemale: I said, I’m sure, already I know that what he wants is a franchise and partnership. Over.

Unmale: Franchise of what? Over.

Unfemale: Oh, you know, a branch office and a partnership. Over.

Unmale: What about that? Over.

Unfemale: I said, (UN) that’s what he wants. Over.

Unmale: That’s what I want? Over.

Unfemale: No, I– uh, that’s what he wants. Over.

Unmale: Yes, he is telling me that that’s what I want? Over.

Unfemale: Uh, well, I– No, uh, I’m saying what he wants, that’s up to you, David, what you want. I have nothing to do with that. Over.

Unmale: Well, that could be your impression, but uh, I don’t know, you want me to say something about that, and uh, right now uh, I have nothing to say because uh, I think uh, I haven’t said nothing uh, I would really say something that uh, would make you think about that, that way I would say. So uh, it might be your impression, but you have to understand that uh, sometimes these things are really very hard and they are not for women, for men. Over.

Unfemale: Yes, I know, I know, okay, uh, I’m trying to just say what was said to me and uh, uh, trying to uh, see what he had to say. So, uh, you know, I– I– I don’t want– I don’t want that either, not involved. Uh, uh, okay uh, he’ll have to make sure and go and talk to David. Over.

Unmale: Whatever. Over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, okay, uh, uh, uh, I wish you would please understand, I don’t ever uh, uh, I don’t know what to say. I know you are upset with me. I– I– I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. Over.

Unmale: You are not, you are not. You must understand that things are a little bit difficult sometimes. I told you I did not (UN) understood it, but I would talk to you some other time about that. Over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, okay, uh, okay, uh, so does he uh, uh, find out about those uh, (UN)? Over.

Unmale: They are nowhere. Over.

Unfemale: You said they are nowhere? Over.

Unmale: Yes, over.

Unfemale: Okay, now I’ll uh, uh, call them and uh, see what they have to say about that. Over.

Unmale: Okay, don’t worry about that, they will, they will uh, pass sometime and somewhere, uh, don’t worry anymore about that. If they are not there– You have always done your work, that’s all right. Over.

Unfemale: Well, they can always uh, check again about it and uh, maybe clear up some (UN) you know, they could understand, so uh, it might be helpful. Over.

Unmale: Uh, okay, okay, whatever you want to, really. Uh, I don’t know, it’s– I’ll have to think about it. I’ll still ask him that so uh, uh– As I said, they will appear somewhere else. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, sometimes it seems to take them a little while, uh, I often wonder if they uh, take those things to faraway places before they deliver them. Over.

Unmale: Yes, that’s right. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, I guess there’s nothing I can say to still make you happy with me, uh, uh, I’m really very sorry about that uh, uh, and uh, today uh, (UN) I’m talking to you (UN). Older.

Unmale: Yes, uh, that’s what I asked you before. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, uh, please forgive me. Over.

Unmale: You haven’t done anything wrong, uh, you must understand, again as I tell you, sometimes those things are very wrong and nobody uh, can (UN)– In fact, I’m not (UN) so, you have to understand (UN). I would say that they’ll pay too much attention to anybody, anybody that don’t pay too much attention. If they can do what is right to do, do it. It’s not what (UN) that’s all. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, uh, uh, okay then uh, how is– how is (UN)? Over.

Unmale: Well, we are doing pretty good. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, uh, uh, I would imagine so, uh, uh, well, always uh, uh, (UN) always waiting. Over.

Unmale: Okay, uh, yes, uh, thank you very much, uh, for waiting. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, but uh, that’s not even so uh, uh, uh, important I guess uh, now, okay, uh, uh– Is it all right if Joe’s friend uh, goes to talk to (UN) uh, maybe uh, (UN) David staying there? Over.

Unmale: Uh, yes uh, I think so, uh, yes, that could be. Over.

Unfemale: Did you say that that to me? Over.

Unmale: What? Over.

Unfemale: Did you say that’s up to me? Over.

Unmale: No, that could be. Over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, uh, I was gonna say, that’s not up to me uh, I have nothing to say about that. I was only trying to do what my– I was only trying to find out what uh, would be the best thing for you and David. Does uh, (UN)? Over.

Unmale: I’m sorry, I can’t read you. Over.

Unfemale: I said that uh, I was only trying to ask uh, so that I’d do the best thing for you and David. Over.

Unmale: Yes, yes, uh, that will be all right. (UN) Really, uh, that will be all right. So uh, I will immediately report that to the salesman. Over.

Unfemale: Okay, uh, uh, I’ll tell him that and uh, uh, (UN). Over.

Unmale: Yes, I– I (UN) the same thing. Over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, okay, uh, I’ll uh– When I talked to Jack’s (UN), they said that his condition is doing very well, so they are very enthusiastic about that. Over.

Unmale: Okay, okay, that’s very good. Uh, Say hello to mom, and I’ll try to get something accomplished around here. Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, uh, uh, I hope you are going to feel well today. Over.

Unmale: Uh, okay, thank you very much, uh, I’ll try my best. Over.

Unfemale: Ha, uh, I know. Uh, How is the house today? Over.

Unmale: The house, you say? Over.

Unfemale: How is the house doing? Over.

Unmale: The house, you say? Over.

Unfemale: Uh, your home? Over.

Unmale: Oh, oh, oh, (UN) uh, prettier and beautiful. Uh, uh, I am very happy with that. Over.

Unfemale: You’ll be glad for having that. Over.

Unmale: For having what? Over.

Unfemale: You’ll be glad when uh, that could be uh, all the way accomplished. Over.

Unmale: Oh, uh, there’s no way, because uh, uh, the way I wanted uh, you know, it’s– I want to change all the furniture, uh, I own furniture for a new uh– I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it, but uh, yes, I would be uh, very glad. Over.

Unfemale: Well, maybe uh, you could use the old for the time being and uh, have all the new– new ones done uh, even if you’re living there. Over.

Unmale: Uh, yes, probably, yes. We still have– That’s not what I wanted but uh, that’s got to be done. I really had them (UN). Over.

Unfemale: Uh, that’s why I was asking you about those things, because uh, you know, he had planned on uh, uh, doing this work before too long. Over.

Unmale: Yes, well, anyway, he could come, uh, you could come. He has some work to do uh, on the (UN), so– But meanwhile I can get that– I have to find somewhere that– I’m really upset with that company. Uh, I’m holding my uh, temper right now because of that. I don’t even want to think about that anyway. Over.

Unfemale: Yes, he uh, told me he had a few other things he had to do, you know, and would take him a little while to do that, so that gave a little bit of extra time. Over.

Unmale: Yes, that’s why on the eighth, the eighth we have uh, uh, the inauguration of the place for the new year, for the new uh, period. Uh, four friends uh, for those little animals uh, you know, that he liked, I’ll get them next month. We have the uh, beginning of uh, uh, you know, the new uh, uh, period and uh, anyway, they are already fighting for that, and uh– I don’t know, I might say to that person what happened, that person has to go back and that person bought uh, all that stuff there that had– they had already sent, they had sent it. It was there. That’s what happened with that company. Over.

Unfemale: Oh my God, that– They have to be crazy. Over.

Unmale: Oh, well, that is what’s– what’s happening. It’s a whole– they are a whole bunch of irresponsible (UN), they don’t know, really, it’s so bad. So what can I do? I wish I could have that, the (UN) we want him to do that work because all the doors and windows are open. We have to put that (UN) we can’t finish up. So (UN) uh, and I called to old lady’s neighbor. (UN) they have sent a message, nobody has answered. (UN) what else can you do? They are very–

Unfemale: Yes, I know, uh, they really are a problem uh–

Unmale: There’s nothing to be done–

Unfemale: You’d be surprised how many stories that gave everybody. I called–

(Indicating unidentified male speaking over unidentified female, which is inaudible)

Unmale: (UN) you know (UN)–

Unfemale: Sullivan called, the other company called and they gave everyone a different answer about all the different things. I can’t believe a company can be that stupid. Over.

Unmale: Well, they can’t know where that is, and that’s a bad thing. Uh, I’ve wanted something would happen to. They say no, but uh, anyway– Probably I could know something today from the old lady’s neighbor. Uh, if not, I would just ask to forget about it. It– it’s impossible. I’ve been asking that, day after day about that. Over.

Unfemale: Well, I believe the uh, number on that clock was 785. Over.

Unmale: What? Over.

Unfemale: I said I believe the number on that clock that they were on was 785. Over.

Unmale: I don’t know, but they can’t even say, where is it? It’s– That’s not the problem. Listen, how many packages were there, one, two, or three? Over.

Unfemale: Two, two of them. Over.

Unmale: Uh, okay, okay, well, I did not know that. Okay, uh, I will try again this afternoon. But really, uh, I’m really upset about that, I’m starting to get upset about. I don’t (UN) spread them out with uh, little (UN). So uh, what else can I do with– But I really want uh, what are these days– Uh, well, we should wait for the moment to have them in (UN) hands, so he can then decide to come. Over.

Unfemale: Well, I can say this, the parts to go between the doors, uh, Mobile Man has got with them, he’s going to take those. And uh, I’m still going to go and uh, talk to the company and have them start doing uh, uh, you know, and checking on that because sometimes maybe that helps in uh, you know, uh, realizing that people are very, very concerned about where that is. Over.

Unmale: Yes, that’s right. Would you please wait a couple of minutes? Over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, okay, over.

Unmale: Okay. (UN) talking with the old lady’s neighbor and they are sending it to her today or tomorrow. Over.

Unfemale: Oh, dear God, uh, thank goodness, uh, I have to take good care of those uh, uh, they are so fragile. Over.

Unmale: Okay, okay, uh, uh, he was waiting, they have decided to (UN) or they haven’t been able to talk to the right person. They’re still waiting uh, I’m going to talk to (UN) at five. If you want to be there, that will be okay. If not, it would have to be on the fourth. Over.

Unfemale: No, I’ll be there. Uh, I talked to Jack and uh, you know, told him I hope he’s uh, feeling good, and uh, his condition is doing okay. Over.

Unmale: Oh, okay, okay, that’s all right. Okay, about the other thing uh, uh, I would tell– We’ll just have to explain to you better. Over.

Unfemale: Please repeat. Over.

Unmale: About Joe’s friend. Uh, I need a better time to explain to you better. Over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, okay. I’m sorry uh, I’m really very sorry about that. I just talked to him and uh, I told him uh, and uh, you know, he was going to have to be, I would have to talk to him again and uh, explain better uh– I just have– he wants to uh, uh, discuss his uh, opening of his store. Uh, tomorrow I’ll have to uh, put off a little bit, I think, of my uh, holiday plans for that. It’s not– it’s nothing important uh, don’t get me wrong, please. I don’t mean to (UN) by that. (UN) That’s very good, I have to say this, he had also– he has a very good friend of his that uh, uh, he was saying that they make very good (UN) that could take care of those artworks very well. Uh, but again, I explained to him, I said, well, that will have to be something to talk to David about because he could tell him exactly how to uh, uh, you know, those (UN) to put that artwork in so that it doesn’t uh, have any damage to it. Over.

Unmale: Yes, that’s right uh, you can tell them that there’s no problem with nothing. There’s no problem. But he has to talk to David. Over.

Unfemale: Yes. Oh, okay, okay. I understand. So uh, uh, I think– I’m sorry if I made a mistake, I really am. Uh, I didn’t mean to uh, make any kind of a mistake. I– I know that I really didn’t, but uh, sometimes I think I say my thoughts in my head, only to you they don’t come out, to other people, and uh, I think, you know, too (UN) to you, uh, and I– I know uh– Sometimes I’m not saying it correctly and it’s misunderstood. So uh, please don’t misunderstand me. Over.

Unmale: Okay, okay. Well uh, I will explain to you a little bit, you can talk to him up to one point, but after that it would have to be with David. I’m sure that there’s many things uh, many situations, conditions that have to be really uh, put off over the table. By the way, the little man came today, and I agreed to uh, give him the uh, last car that you have (UN) a lot of parts for him, so if you will (UN)–

Unfemale: Uh, there was a big noise going by, probably he will what? Over.

Unmale: You won’t have to buy any more parts for that, that car I have. Over.

Unfemale: Oh, no, I– Don’t say it like that uh, I¬– That’s uh¬– You know, I explained to uh, Joe’s friend that would really cause a big problem. That was the start of a lot of really big problems. It’s funny how uh, uh, you know like, you and Grandfather, and everybody complaining about their expenses. It’s, I don’t know, I’ve gotten to the point now when they say that, I think, you don’t even know uh, about expenses until you talk to David. Over.

Unmale: You don’t know what? Over.

Unfemale: I said, you don’t even know about expenses until you talk to David. Over.

Unmale: Okay, uh, what did they say about Joe? Over.

Unfemale: Oh, he’s a mess, he’s a really big mess. Do you know– Listen to this, Joe told uh, his friend that he went to see David uh, uh, with his uh, car that he had gotten from the brochure on the fourth, and that he had a big accident was that, he had a big bruise all over his chest and he said that that happened when he went to see David and had an accident with that vehicle. Over.

Unmale: Ha ha, uh, funny (UN). Okay, listen to this uh, listen to this uh– Anyway, well, that’s okay, that’s– I– I had to go ahead and offer to the little man my (UN), my car, and some other things I have uh– Good, he’s a really good man, he can’t wait anymore (UN) really, he’s just having a big trouble. So uh, that’s it. One of these days I will be in a really bad situation, even worse than yours. I’ll have to ride a bicycle probably. Over.

Unfemale: Oh, I know what that feels like, I know what that feels like. Something uh– I– Something has to change about that. Uh, It’s so exasperating. Uh, I understood uh, before, I have never really forgotten about the little man and uh, I always knew that uh, you uh, would be honest and uh, faithful with him about that and responsible, and it sits in the back of my head all the time. It’s really uh– Just the same, I think maybe that’s why I was trying to avoid you or David having to make any extra expenses or efforts, and in doing that I have to admit I have talked to David I know about understanding that, and of course, it is not my position. And I’ve always explained that to everyone, so please understand, I’ve always explained that to everyone. But in warning about uh, David uh, having to do so many things, and you, and running that the office uh, maybe I was just too optimistic and hoping that something could be easy. Ha. That is a laugh, that’s really a laugh. So uh, please excuse my failures, really, I uh– Maybe uh, I’m a little too upset. Over.

Unmale: Listen, it’s all right, forget about it. Uh, we’d always get along finally. Over.

Ha ha, uh, that’s because a certain person has enough personality in the world. Over

Unmale: Ha ha, probably. Okay, listen, how about one after the four? Over.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, uh, uh, okay, then uh, I’ll be uh, talking to you later and still missing a lot. Over.

Unmale: Uh, okay, okay, one after the four. Over.

Unfemale: Oh, okay, okay, I’m glad you said that again, I thought you said one after the third. Over.

Unmale: No. (UN) that– Over. Oh, oh, no, no, I’m sorry. One after the third, that’s all right. Over.

Unfemale: Ha ha, okay, okay, I thought maybe I was going deaf. Over.

Unmale: No, no, that’s all right. Okay, if you agree, if you will be there, I want to know. Over.

Unfemale: Yes, uh, I– I will be. I will. Over.

Unmale: (UN)

Unfemale: (UN)

Unmale: (UN)

Unfemale: (UN) I hope you have very good luck with those (UN). Over.

Unmale: Oh, okay, yes, uh, I really want that, ha, okay, thank you. Uh, over and out.

Unfemale: Uh, okay, okay, I’m (UN). Over and out.