Serial 1200 – Tape 7

Reel #1
NK/CM 1528

Unfemale: (UN) tried to called Joe’s friends, they’re not uh, in the office so uh, I’ll uh, keep trying. I probably won’t be able to speak to him until uh, Monday and uh, uh, I said they thought they were taking uh, a little uh, trip for the weekend or something, so– I don’t know, I called– Uh, also I called Jackie’s house, I got no answer. But uh, it’s just a matter of keeping on trying. Over.

Unmale: Oh sure, so sure, yeah (UN) you know (UN), uh, be well I can hold up here with you. Over.

Unfemale: Meanwhile you can hold up what? Over.

Unmale: Here with you, over.

Unfemale: Oh, ha ha, yes uh, I wish I had extra long arms. Over.

Unmale: You have– uh, you always have long say, the long (UN), the long delays (UN). Over.

Unfemale: Long delays? Uh, ha, well, I don’t know of her. Ha ha.

Unmale: Oh, let’s see here, who was (UN)?

Unfemale: Yes, uh, of course uh, I meant to ask you about uh, your little piece of ground, if uh, you were growing those vegetables. Over.

Unmale: Uh, Please repeat, over.

Unfemale: I’ve been meaning to ask you if you were growing vegetables. Over.

Unmale: Oh yes, a little bit but uh, it’s been writing too much, it’s too bad for that. Uh, I’ve been growing some rice, corn, (UN), uh, a few little things, you know. Uh, potatoes, and uh, a few things. I even planted some really nice fruit trees, about 100 fruit trees about (UN) and they’re doing pretty well. Over.

Unfemale: Ha, ha, you’ll have plenty of fruit juices. Over.

Unmale: Oh yes, I do, yes I do. It’s costing me a lot of money really. For what it costs. Over.

Unfemale: Oh I know, it costs a lot to buy them, fertilizer, uh, and if you end up getting all the bugs on them, you have to uh, spray them all the time. Uh, they’re quite a lot of work but uh, once you get them establish any good organization though, it’s worth, you know, it’s worth it. Over.

Unmale: Oh, you know that’s a fact, uh, especially if you have (UN) like me. Uh (UN)

Unfemale: Oh, okay, okay, over.

Unmale: Okay.

Unfemale: (UN). Over.

Unmale: (UN) Okay (UN) for a little while uh, (UN). Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, over.

Unmale: Okay, thank you.