Serial 1200 – Tape 8

Reel #1
NCM 1533

Unmale: And uh, uh, he’s not uh, looking for that. Over.

Unfemale: Can you please wait a minute? Over.

Unmale: Okay.

Unfemale: (UN)

Unmale: Okay.

Unfemale: Okay, I’ll uh, was just trying to say this (UN) is everywhere so uh, you know, I can imagine that uh, David is having a problem with that and uh, (UN) it has to be uh, either Grandpa, he’s sure that this is causing a bit of a problem. David hasn’t mentioned it yet, but uh, uh, everybody has always thought that, a long time ago, and uh, so that’s why he keeps saying uh, well, if, you know, it would probably be better for David even in the long run to uh, uh, give his preference and think along a different line (UN). Oh, and he does, that’s the only other thing that he thought of, he even asked me today about that uh, that little baby project that uh, he mentioned uh, anything at all that would save a lot of problems there, because it’s really starting to find, it’s getting very difficult for Jack and then there’s going to be a really big problem, all this time that’s been wasted when uh, it could have been uh, maybe a little bit more enjoyable for everyone uh, so uh, I don’t know, I– we’ll just hope and wait for that. Uh, this way, you sitting there, David sitting there and waiting for all their lawyers and all those things and uh, there are other people in the company that uh, want to, they would rather take (UN) new energy and start with a different type of thing, uh, you know, where they knew more about what they were actually being able to get into. It doesn’t sound silly (UN) that sample you had (UN) something different from a very different view point. Over.

Unmale: Oh yes, yes, I have to accept that. All this was, you know, planned because all of this (UN) on the (UN), because it’s detailed too, there’s a lot of time that was wasted too. All that time uh, I don’t know, really I understand that. Think about that. We all know there has been, when I get to thinking about it, I really feel bad. I have a feeling that just like taking a vacation and not to think anymore. Uh, uh, I have a different attitude on that. I don’t want to think about uh, the past. I like to think about the future. I’ve always done that. The past is in the past. I don’t like it at all. Even if it’s been good, and it’s been good, it’s already gone. Uh, I swore by that. I’ll always be working for the future. Uh, I have lost and David has lost a lot of time, I’m sure (UN) that I remember talking about that and uh, (UN) people that really have, make me happy (UN). I have to repeat, it’s uh, the reason why I say that, Dave had this experience before, he has– he was put in a situation where he was in the middle of the situation, when talking about losing time, it’s uh– that’s why I would have to go back to the figure on every one of, you know, yourself and that’s why I don’t want to remember that at all. It’s a– it’s a kind of situation everybody has lived. So uh, uh, I have to talk to uh, (UN) and send it to (UN) to see it and after that I imagine will, uh, he will be willing to (UN).

Unfemale: Uh, yes, I know and– and I don’t know everybody (UN) ‘cause they understood that Father Jim, Father Joe, Father McBride, all of those things have fallen on David and that was understood, and understanding the big problem so it is from different viewpoints. This particular case really makes everybody upset with that of the company because uh, it’s very well understood.

Unfemale 2: Your David cannot stay with that kind of thing. It’s just impossible.

Unfemale: And to tell you the truth, sometimes I don’t want to be upset in talking to you and explaining how upset everyone is, because I don’t want you to be upset, but the consideration is a fact of understanding so well, now you and David work and want to give and work together with the company as well. And uh, (UN) all those things are a waste of, no, and it could have been if they didn’t really care, they would try to go to another company. But that’s not at all what happened, because I explained every single time, you remember they said you and David and you are having interference all the time, and they sort of had it and if anything, if it’s a question of doing work because you and David are having to take on many responsibilities. So the first thought was forget the things in the past and go to find something else in the future with a difference of what you’re doing bad and that’s why every time I start to say there’s a little problem, they say, oh, I just wish we could have the chance to go ahead and do something better as a favor to David and take care of all those problems and uh, you know, it also helps everybody out. So uh, no one wants to look back, everybody’s really wanting to look forward. It’s just that all the things that can go to uh, back as far as uh, his ability to work, you know, with his medical problem and condition may be getting a little bad, everybody is wanting to really pick that up a little bit, so uh, it’s going to have to be a whole new fresh idea. A different way of presenting and a different idea of working so that all those kind of (UN) what everybody has learned from it to the point of uh, not being able to give any instructions to that point, where everybody is back to back. It’s going through everyone’s mind so much, but uh, you learn something different where every company (UN) be able to tell also David on you or anybody should be on hand.

Unmale: (UN) Okay, well, uh, so when uh, David will be talking to you later on? Over.

Unfemale: Okay, I have my nephew (UN) and I’ll be talking to you– Did you want uh, uh, the favor later? Over.

Unmale: I’d like you to uh, talk to me around four. Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, okay, that’s fine. If you still awake, he might be here about five, and I’ll explain to him that uh– how I want, you know, that like that. Over.

Unmale: Okay, all right, well anyway, say hello to the family and uh, take care of yourself and I’ll talk to some other time. Thank you and over and out.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, uh, I hope uh, I have is anything wrong, have I? Over.

Unmale: No, why? Over.

Unfemale: Okay, okay, I just wanted to make sure. Hmm, let’s tell David that everyone here is always saying please tell him how much we are concerned about him and uh, so far, tell David I love him uh, anyway, I’ll be talking to you then and uh, miss you a lot but I’m doing the very best uh, really. I have to say this, I have a good feeling that uh, something new is coming over the horizon, as they say, and uh, I hope that’s true. So I’ll be talking to you then, and wish you a very good evening, and uh, please have a lot of faith. Over.

Unmale: Uh, yes, I have it, okay. Talk to you then, and uh, smile and uh, well, you know.

Unfemale: Okay, okay. Over and out.

Originally posted on August 22nd, 2019.

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