Serial 1207 – 1

[Editor’s note: The interviewee in this serial whose name is deleted is Guy Mitchell, a survivor of the deaths in Jonestown. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/11/78

[Name deleted] [Guy Mitchell], who arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFKIA), Queens, New York (NY), on December 6, 1978, was contacted as he departed Pan American League Flight 228. After clearing United States (US), Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and U.S. Customs, [Mitchell] was advised of the identity of the interviewing Agent and [Name deleted], Special Agent, US Secret Service, who was also present during the interview, and of the official nature of the inquiry.

After being made aware of the nature of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) investigation into the assassination of Congressman Ryan and the request for his cooperation in this matter, [Mitchell] asked if he should have an attorney present. [Mitchell] was advised by interviewing agent that he was not under arrest or was he a suspect of the investigation.

He was further advised that if he did not want to talk, unless there was an attorney present, that was his privilege. After being made aware of this, [Mitchell] continue to furnish interviewing agent the following information:

[Mitchell] was then asked to explain the identities of names of individuals contained on pieces of paper belonging to him. [Mitchell] stated that one piece of paper was a list of the survivors from Jonestown, prepared while in Georgetown. [Mitchell] further stated that another piece of paper contained the name Dr. Patric Ng A. Fook, 7 Church Street, Georgetown, Guyana. [Mitchell] advised this individual was a Chinese dentist who came to Jonestown on several occasions to perform dentistry work and was paid by the Peoples Temple (PT) for these services.

[Mitchell] advised that another piece of paper contained a list of relatives whose identities are mentioned below:

BQ 89-495

[Names, addresses, and phone numbers of five individuals deleted]

[Mitchell] stated he first became acquainted with the PT in 1976, while he was residing with his wife in Gary, Indiana. He advised his wife was interested in the PT at that time, along with [one line of information deleted] advised his wife was already a member of the PT when he became affiliated with it after moving to San Francisco in November, 1977.

[Mitchell] stated that on December 6, 1977, he and his family arrived in Guyana. While in Guyana, [Mitchell] stated, that he worked as [information deleted] and also works in the agriculture field. He said where he worked, it was approximately one and one half miles outside of town. [Mitchell] added that his wife, [Beverly Ann Mitchell], worked as a [occupation deleted] for the PT.

BQ 89-495

[Mitchell] at this point, was asked various specific questions and provide the responses which will follow. [Mitchell] was asked where he was on the day Congressman Ryan was assassinated and the mass suicides occurred. [Mitchell] stated he that he was in Georgetown. He advised he flew to Georgetown to three weeks before the suicides and to get a pair of eyeglasses. [Mitchell] said he was accompanied by [one line deleted] while in Georgetown, [Mitchell] saw a Dr. Di Silva and had been to Modern Optical. When [Mitchell] was asked why it took two or three weeks to see a dentist and get a pair of glasses, he advised everything goes very slowly in Georgetown. [Mitchell] advised he stayed at the Lamaha Gardens while in Georgetown. He said this was a house for PT members. [Mitchell] further advised that while he was at the Lamaha Gardens, there were approximately 40 other PT members staying there, including members of the basketball team.

[Mitchell] was asked if he had any specific knowledge of acquisition, licensing, or shipment of any weapons by PT members to Guyana or anywhere else. [Mitchell] advised he had no knowledge.

[Mitchell] was asked if he had any knowledge of firearms training received by PT members, including specific dates, places and trainers. [Mitchell] advised he had no knowledge. [Mitchell] further stated he never saw any PT members with firearms at any time in Jonestown.

[Mitchell] was asked if he was aware of any threats to harm public officials, including the President or Congressman Ryan or current and former members of the PT as a result of leaving the church or attempts to expose the church and subsequently Jim Jones or attempting to infiltrate or cause any current member to leave the church. [Mitchell] advised he had been a member of the PT one year and worked most of the day, indicating he was not aware of activities of other members that may have occurred on a daily basis. He stated he knows absolutely nothing regarding weapons, weapons training and assassination plans.

BQ 89-495

At this point, [Mitchell] requested he have a lawyer present before he answers any further questions. The interview was [Mitchell] was then terminated. SA [Name deleted] made available to [Mitchell] the name and telephone number of Attorney [Name deleted].

The following background information regarding [Mitchell] was obtained through observation and interview:

[3 pages of identifying information deleted]