Serial 1207 – 8


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/5/78

[2 lines deleted] was contacted at his employment by SAS [Special Agents] [names deleted] and which time he was immediately advised of the identities of the interviewing agents and of the official nature of the inquiry.

[Name deleted] stated that he resided at [address and telephone deleted]. [Name deleted]
stated that he has not seen his son, [Name deleted] since the Spring of this year or last year. [Name deleted] stated that when he did see his son, either last year or this year, around Spring, that his son called him at home and stated that he was at the International Arrivals Building flying from San Francisco to New York (NY) and final destination, Georgetown, Guyana. [Name deleted] had told his father, [Name deleted] that he was returning to Georgetown with five to six others. [Name deleted] stated that his son was not accompanied by his wife. [Name deleted] stated that he has received scribbled notes indicating only that he is fine. [Name deleted] stated that his son did not write very much and that when he did write, these were very, very short letters, indicating only that this condition is okay. [Name deleted] stated that his son requested a camera to take pictures approximately six to eight weeks ago. [Name deleted] stated that he sent a Polaroid camera to his son at this time. [Name deleted] stated that his son seemed to be happy and had no indication of any nature, indicating any problems his son had while in Georgetown. Concerning his son’s address when he arrives in the United States (US) after returning from Georgetown, [Name deleted] stated that he does not know if his son will stay at his residence.

[Four lines deleted]


stated that he is presently with his wife in Georgetown. [Name deleted] further stated that he will not furnish a picture of his son, because it would upset his wife if he took a picture from his residence. [Name deleted] stated he never knew exactly what his son did while he was in San Francisco, except for the fact that [Name deleted] told him that he was teaching underprivileged kids after work.

[Name deleted] stated that after his son finished college [line deleted] he proceeded to San Francisco, where he stayed at the Peoples Temple and thereafter proceeded to Guyana. [Name deleted] stated he did not know exactly or could not guess the dates for the above stays at each location. [Name deleted] stated he could offer no additional information concerning his son’s activities in Guyana or San Francisco.