Serial 1212 – 5


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 11/30/78

[Name deleted] of the United States State Department (CACS-BA) was interviewed at the Dover Air Force Base Mortuary in which time he provided the following information:

[Name deleted] advised that he received a handwritten note from William G. Courtney, Chief of Air Force Mortuary Services the previous evening. The note which Courtney gave to [Name deleted] was obtained from the body of the Reverend James Jones which had been examined in the Dover Air Force Base Mortuary on the evening of November 23, 1978. [Name deleted] advised that he had secured a note in a locker at the Dover Air Force Base Information Office after receiving it but that at 11:20 AM he gave the packaged note to a courier at the Dover Air Force Base to be delivered to the Headquarters of his Department in Washington, D. C.

[Name deleted] advised that Major Groom of the Dover Air Force Base could provide the identity of the courier who was transporting the note to the Headquarters of the State Department.

Originally posted on August 26th, 2019.

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