Serial 1212 – 5


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 11/30/78

[Name deleted] of the United States State Department (CACS-BA) was interviewed at the Dover Air Force Base Mortuary in which time he provided the following information:

[Name deleted] advised that he received a handwritten note from William G. Courtney, Chief of Air Force Mortuary Services the previous evening. The note which Courtney gave to [Name deleted] was obtained from the body of the Reverend James Jones which had been examined in the Dover Air Force Base Mortuary on the evening of November 23, 1978. [Name deleted] advised that he had secured a note in a locker at the Dover Air Force Base Information Office after receiving it but that at 11:20 AM he gave the packaged note to a courier at the Dover Air Force Base to be delivered to the Headquarters of his Department in Washington, D. C.

[Name deleted] advised that Major Groom of the Dover Air Force Base could provide the identity of the courier who was transporting the note to the Headquarters of the State Department.