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[Editor’s note: Information which has been deleted from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Reporting Office: San Juan
Office of Origin: San Francisco
Date: 12/14/78
Investigative Period: 11/19/78 – 12/4/78

Title of Case:
Unknown Subjects
US Congressman Leo Ryan
(Deceased) – Victim
Peoples Temple Christian Church Disciples of Christ

Character of Case:
Congressional Assassination Statute – Conspiracy
Foreign Police Cooperation

Enclosures: Enclosed for the San Francisco Office are four still photographs taken off the NBC videotape.

Administrative: It should be pointed out that the interview of Vernon Gosney took place in the Intensive Care Unit, Roosevelt Roads Naval Hospital, Puerto Rico, while he was still in very serious condition. The interview had to be stopped the first day and continued the second day due to his condition.

During the interview, Gosney would remember some information of significance and therefore the information found in the interview at times does not necessarily fall in chronological order.

SJ 89-123

Administrative cont’d

Also, it should be noted that certain wonders San Juan does not know if the below listed leads have been covered or considered by the San Francisco Office. Therefore, the leads are being set forth and being left to the discretion of the Office of Origin.


San Francisco Division
At San Francisco, California.

1. If not already done, consider content of [name deleted], Chico, California, and obtained tapes of his conversation with [name deleted]. (His address found in FD-302.)

2. If not already done, consider obtaining note furnished by Vernon Gosney to NBC. (Information can be found an interview of NBC Producer [name deleted] [Bob Flick].

3. If not already done, consider locating Vernon Gosney through his mother (her address can be located within the FD-302 of her interview) and displaying enclosed still photos to identify those persons indicated in the photos.

4. If not already done, consider a review of the passport of Maria Katsaris to determine what countries she traveled to in an effort to localize bank accounts of the PT.



United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Copy to: 1 – USA, San Francisco
Report of: SA [name deleted]
Office: San Juan
Date: December 14, 1978
Field Office File #: SJ 89-123
Bureau File #: 89-4286

Title of Case:
Unknown Subjects
US Congressman Leo Ryan
(Deceased) – Victim
Peoples Temple Christian Church Disciples of Christ

Character of Case:
Congressional Assassination Statute – Conspiracy
Foreign Police Cooperation


Witnesses and hospitalized victims of the Jonestown, Guyana, interviewed at Roosevelt Roads Naval Hospital, Puerto Rico: [name deleted], date of birth [deleted], interviewed and furnished pertinent background data regarding People’s Temple. Vernon Dean Gosney (defector wounded during incident), date of birth, March 19, 1953, interviewed and identified some assassins. Mrs. Beverly E. Oliver (member of Concerned Relatives and wounded), date of birth November 23, 1930, interviewed. [name deleted], date of birth [deleted], interviewed. Attending physicians and other pertinent hospital officials interviewed and furnished pieces of evidence including bullet fragments. Peoples Temple members interviewed at Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Bridgetown, Barbados. Richard Mario Janaro (PT member) date of birth, February 3, 1927, and wife, Claire Elaine Janaro (PT member), date of birth, February 21, 1939, interviewed. Helen Beatrice Swinney (PT member), date of birth, April 4, 1911, interviewed. George Philip Blakey (PT member), date of birth, November 1, 1953, interviewed. Charles Eugene Touchette, (PT member), date of birth, September 28, 1930, interviewed. [Line of text deleted] interviewed for personal background data. Also, two shortwave radio operators in the United States Virgin Islands interviewed.


Table of Contents

[Name deleted] [Steven Katsaris] (4 interviews) 2, 14, 16,23
Vernon Dean Gosney 24
Beverly E. Oliver (two interviews) 39, 47
[Name deleted] [Anthony Katsaris] 48
[Name deleted] (with signed statement) 64, 75
Doctors and other Naval officers 81, 83, 84, 85, 86
Richard Mario Janaro 87
Claire Elaine Janaro 91
Helen Beatrice Swinney 99
George Philip Blakey 102
Charles Eugene Touchette 106
[Name deleted] 111
Two radio operators 112, 113


Originally posted on August 26th, 2019.

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