Serial 1217 – 4

[Editor’s note: This FD-302 interview with Anthony Katsaris – a member of the Concerned Relatives, who was seriously wounded during the attack at Port Kaituma on November 18, 1978 – also appears as part 14 of Serial 1681, the FBI’s 387-page report of January 12, 1979. While each version of the interview had unique deletions – designated by blue type – in neither interview was the subject identified. The deleted information which is known to the editor is indicated by red type.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/7/78

[name deleted] [Anthony Katsaris], who resides at [address deleted], California, telephone number [deleted], was interviewed at the United States Naval Hospital, Roosevelt Roads, where he was recuperating after having received gunshot wounds [several words deleted] during the shooting incident which took place on November 18, 1978, at Jonestown, Guyana.

[Three lines establishing relationships with father Steven and sister Maria heavily redacted]. [Partially released in Serial 1681-14: and his father is [Steven Katsaris]. He also advised that [His sister] Maria Katsaris] is a member of the People’s Temple and resided in Jonestown, Guyana. He noted that [his father] some months ago, began telling him of possible problems that [Maria] might be faced with as a member of the People’s Temple. [Steven Katsaris] also said that a group of relatives of various members of the People’s Temple had formed a group called the Concerned Relatives and were planning a trip to Guyana with Congressman Ryan.

He stated that [his sister] Maria telephonically contacted him in early 1978. He had not heard from her for about one year and it was during this contact that she suggested for [Anthony] to come to the Jonestown camp in Guyana as she thought he would be interested in seeing the [school] that had been established there. He wasn’t sure he could go to Guyana in early October due to his work and also [his father] pointed out to him that he did not think [Anthony] should go there by himself, but [his father] wanted him to remain on a friendly basis with [Maria]. [Maria] made several other calls to him in October and during these calls she utilized a shortwave patch through the People’s Temple in San Francisco. During these conversations, [Maria] consistently put pressure on [Anthony] to go to Guyana. She made approximately five calls to him and he possibly tape recorded approximately four of them.

At this point, [Anthony] advised, that by mid-October the Concerned Relatives trip was getting organized to go. He went to a meeting of the Concerned Relatives Group on Saturday, November 4, and also on that date, he telephonically contacted [name deleted] who is the People’s Temple [radio operator]

SJ 89-123

in San Francisco. By this time [Anthony] had made up his mind to go and during this conversation with [Maria] he requested [name deleted] [to call Maria] and tell her when he would arrive. [Maria] made the comment “Oh, you have changed your mind.”

On Sunday, November 5, 1978, [Maria] called collect via a commercial telephone line. It was not through the radio patch normally utilized by her via the People’s Temple shortwave radio. [Anthony] also stated that he taped this conversation also.

During the conversation, [Maria] told him that she had just returned from the island of Trinidad and had also been in Brazil and Venezuela. She said to him “You can check my passport.” He thought that this comment was highly unusual but [Maria] said she had gone there to do work for the People’s Temple. Also, during this conversation, she said that she learned that Ryan and a party of relatives were coming to Jonestown. She described Ryan as a right-wing fascist congressman who supported the military junta in Chile. [half line deleted] at this point that she sounded scared and said she “was shaking in her boots.” She commented to him that it was a strange time for him to come to Guyana. [Maria] told [Partially released in Serial 1217-4: her] [brother] that the Temple was afraid that Ryan was coming down there to destroy the Temple. He tried to reason with her and stated that he was coming there and would be very objective and wanted to see what was going on and make his own opinions, and that [Released in Serial 1681-14: his father] would not influence him at all.

[Anthony Katsaris] stated that during this conversation with [Maria] she constantly tried to persuade him not to go to Guyana with the Concerned Relatives Group. She stated that it would not be a good time to come and [words deleted] at this point, wanted to emphasize that [Maria] went on and on and on in her attempt to persuade him not to go to Guyana. After the conversation was over, he never talked to her again until his arrival in Guyana. He also stated at this point that he will make available the tape of this conversation.

[Anthony] advised that the details of the trip by the Concerned Relatives Group were finalized and the Group left San Francisco for Guyana on November 13, 1978. Prior to

SJ 89-123

their departure and while at the San Francisco International Airport, two members of the Concerned Relatives Group, Grace Stoen or Jim Cobb, both former members of the People’s Temple, told him that they had spotted a People’s Temple member at the airport watching the group as it departed. The group left San Francisco at 10 PM on November 13, 1978, by United Airlines. They arrived in New York City between 5 and 6 AM on November 14, 1978, and left New York approximately 3 PM the same date on board a Pan-American flight to Guyana. They arrived in Georgetown, Guyana, on November 14, 1978, at approximately 11:30 p.m.

Upon arrival at Georgetown, Guyana, they went to the Pegasus Hotel, however, upon arrival they were told that no rooms had been reserved for them, but eventually the room reservation problem was resolved and everyone went to sleep. At this point, [Anthony Katsaris] furnished the following list of names of those people that made up the Concerned Relatives Group:

Anthony Katsaris
Steven Katsaris
Carol Boyd
Clair Bouquette [Bouquet]
Jim Cobb
Sherwin Harris
Nadine [Nadyne] Houston
Wayne Petelia [Pietila]
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
Grace and Tim Stoen
Micky [Mickey] Touchette

Most everyone slept most of the morning of November 15, 1978, and around 4 PM that Wednesday afternoon, the group went to the Georgetown location of the People’s Temple at Number 41 Lamaha Gardens in Georgetown. They arrived there at approximately 4 PM and met with a woman who was identified as Mary Ann Casanova. [line of type deleted] that people were not welcome at the Temple, therefore, don’t get out of the car. At this time he noticed that Mrs. Oliver possibly recognized two girls also at the Temple and engaged them in a conversation. No one was allowed into

SJ 89-123

the People’s Temple in Georgetown and prior to leaving, [line deleted] [Partially released in Serial 1681-14: Maria] at Jonestown via radio. After Mrs. Oliver finished talking with the two girls, the group returned to the hotel. At this time, [Anthony] furnished the following description of Mary Ann Casanova:

Race: Caucasian
Sex: Female
Age: About 40
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 140 pounds
Hair: Light brown and graying
Miscellaneous: Wore glasses

After the group returned to the hotel, later on during the evening of November 15, 1978, everyone met with United States Ambassador [John] Burke. They met with him again on the morning of November 16, 1978, and he advised that his hands were tied in regards to permission for the group to travel to the Jonestown camp. Then, after leaving the Embassy, [they] went back to the hotel arriving in the early afternoon. Everyone was sitting around in the hotel lobby and [Released in Serial 1681-14: his father] [several words deleted] requested him to come outside and listen to this old Guyanese man make speeches. His father speculated that the man, at one time, might have been a member of Parliament and like to hear himself speak. They described him as the “orator.”

So [Anthony Katsaris], along with Grace Stoen and [Released in Serial 1217-4: Clair Bouquette [Bouquet]], went outside to listen to the old man. While they were out there, a Guyanese individual drove by in a car and talk to Grace Stoen. [Anthony] saw the individual drive up to a seawall located near the hotel and then the man in the car returned and told Grace that some members of the People’s Temple from Jonestown and their van were located near the seawall. At this, he and [name deleted] along with Sherwin Harris and [Clair Bouquette], went to talk to the group. They walked up to the seawall and engaged in a conversation between themselves and a group of People’s Temple members. The People’s Temple members were comprised of six blacks and two whites. During the conversation they all exchange hellos and everyone claimed to be from California. He noticed that the two white men stood back to back and were looking “wild-eyed” in every direction as if they might fear for their safety. He thought this to be very unusual.

SJ 89-123

The group of six black and two whites admitted that they were from the Jonestown camp and they wanted to know why the Concerned Relatives were in Guyana.

[Anthony] could not remember much of the details of the conversation but did recall their conversation with one of the men whose name was Lee Ingram. [Released in Serial 1681-14: His father] talked mostly to Ingram about the trouble he had had with Maria Katsaris, [Anthony Katsaris’ sister]. Ingram kept silent most the time and just listened. He described Ingram as follows:

Race: Negro
Sex: Male
Age: Late 20s
Height: 6’
Weight: 175 pounds
Hair: Short Afro with cornrows

He stated that they talked to Ingram for a long time.

While they were talking to Ingram, Grace Stoen arrived and indicated that she recognized another member other group to be Steve [Stephan] Jones. She apparently knew Steve Jones very well as she hugged him and they (Stoen and Jones) separated from the group and talked for a long time.

Later while they were still talking with the group of boys, [name deleted] and Mickey Touchette arrived and recognized [her brother] Michael Touchette, whom she had not seen for between five and six years. The meeting between Mickey and Michael was very emotional. [Anthony] pointed out at this point that also [name deleted] from the Concerned Relatives Group arrived and talked with some of the individuals.

[Anthony Katsaris] noted that at no time did he feel there might be trouble and noted that the group of Temple members indicated that they were there to play basketball and had been there for a couple of days and would be there for about a month. He did recall Steve Jones making a comment that there might be some difficulty and having some of the relatives from the Jonestown camp coming to Georgetown to see the visiting relatives. The groups eventually split

SJ 89-123

up and those members of the Concerned Relatives Group went back to the Hotel Pegasus somewhat excited about the meeting.

Later that evening, they had a meeting with Congressman Ryan and told him that they were excited about their meeting with the basketball players but a little confused and people began to wonder if, in fact, the basketball team had been planted there to spy on the group.

After dinner that Thursday evening, November 16, Ryan explained to members of the Concerned Relatives Group his plans for the trip to the Jonestown camp the next day, which was Friday, November 17. He indicated to them that he had chartered a plane and the group would have to decide which members would represent the Concerned Relatives Group as the plane did not have enough seats available to take the entire group.

On Friday morning, November 17, 1978, several members of the Concerned Relatives Group, including [Anthony] and [Steven Katsaris] went to the United States Embassy and talked with Embassy representative Dick Ellis [Doug Ellice]. Also, several members of the group went to the offices of the Guyanese Prime Minister. After those meetings respectively, Congressman Ryan indicated to them that they had the plane and had approximately eight seats available but only four people from the Concerned Relatives Group could go. With this information, [names deleted] attempted to contact as many members of the Concerned Relatives Group as possible and in a fair way, determine who would go.

(At this time, [Anthony Katsaris] indicated that he would like to rest and therefore, the interview would continue on Monday, November 27, 1978.)

The following is a continuation of the interview which commenced on Saturday, November 25, 1978.

At the hotel a list of people was being made up regarding who was to go to Jonestown camp and who was to stay behind at the hotel in Georgetown. Several people volunteered, including [names deleted] [Partially released in Serial 1681-14: Mr. Oliver] to remain at the hotel. As best as [Anthony] could recall

SJ 89-123

the following individuals boarded the plane to go to Jonestown:

Congressman Leo J. Ryan
Jackie Speir [Speier], his assistant;
Jim Cobb;
Mrs. Beverly Oliver;
Carol Boyd;
Don Harris;
Bob Flick;
Tim Reitterman [Reiterman];
Greg Robinson;
Steve (last name unknown) [Sung].

The latter five individuals were newsmen accompanying the group.

They departed in the aircraft from Georgetown, Guyana, at approximately 2 PM Friday, November 17, 1978. They arrived at the airstrip at Port Kaituma, Guyana, approximately one hour later. When they arrived at the airstrip, the pilot told him that they could not land because the airstrip was not in good condition. At this time, the pilot circled the airstrip for a short while taking them once over the Jonestown camp so that the photographers in the group could take some pictures. After circling for a while, the pilot told the passengers he was going to land because he felt the airstrip was in good enough condition, so they landed. At the airstrip the group was met by some Guyanese officials and some members from the People’s Temple at the Jonestown camp. [Anthony Katsaris] stated he remembered seeing Jim McAlvane [McElvane] in the group of People’s Temple members. He also recalled that Mrs. Oliver knew some of the individuals there from the People’s Temple as she engaged in conversation and shook their hands. There were approximately six members of the People’s Temple there to greet them, however, Jim McAlvane is the only name that he could recall.

The members of the Concerned Relatives Group remained at the Port Kaituma airstrip waiting for permission to enter the camp. First, some People’s Temple members took Congressman Ryan, Jackie Speir and the two attorneys, Mark Lane and Charles Garry, in a dump truck to the camp.

SJ 89-123

They told the remainder of the group to wait at the airstrip. They waited for approximately one hour or so for them to return and then a truck was sent from the Jonestown camp back to the airstrip to pick them up and take them to the camp. By this time it was approximately 6 PM, and Lindsay got on the plane and went back to Georgetown, Guyana. The remainder of the group climbed on board the dump truck and went to Jonestown. He described the location of Jonestown camp as being approximately 6 miles from the airstrip. They arrived at the camp at approximately 7 PM that Friday evening, November 17, 1978. He said they stayed for approximately three hours there.

On the way to the camp in the truck, [Anthony] engaged in conversation with Jim McAlvane and a woman by the name of Judy whose last name he does not recall [likely Houston].

When they arrived at the camp, a number of people from the People’s Temple were standing around and Judy pointed out [Anthony’s sister] Maria. Maria saw him did not approach, so [Anthony] went over to her and hugged her. She was very cold toward [her brother], according to [Anthony]. Maria and [Anthony] thereafter walked up to the pavilion for meeting hall and after he put his bags down he immediately started talking with Maria. Maria immediately said to him that she did not like the photographers there. ([Anthony] informed the interviewing Agent that Maria never did like having her picture taken). At that point Marceline Jones (Jim Jones’ wife) went upon the stage at the pavilion and announced that the photographers were taking pictures and if someone did not want their picture taken just speak up and it wouldn’t be.

In the meantime, [Anthony] and Maria were sitting there, however, Maria would not voluntarily engage in conversation with [her brother]. He talked to [his sister] for approximately 10 minutes and then dinner was served. After dinner a show was given by members of the Temple.

At this point during the interview, [Anthony]

SJ 89-123

indicated that he never, up until this time, feared for his safety. He never saw any weapons but did notice Jim Jones had a man standing by him always who appeared to be a bodyguard. [Katsaris] described this individual as a black male in his mid-20s, approximately 5 feet eleven inches tall, 165 to 170 pounds with black hair and brown, “beady” eyes.

[Anthony] stated that up until this time he had not been able to talk to [his sister] alone, therefore, he decided that the only way he could get to be alone with her was to ask her to show him to the bathroom so [his sister] took him outside to an outhouse. Later he started talking with Maria, who kept edging her way back inside the hall. [Anthony] tried to engage her in a conversation but she did not want to talk to him at all. She talked very little and continuously tried to make her way back inside the pavilion.

When the two finally were back inside the meeting hall, Jim Jones was going around introducing himself to all of the Concerned Relatives and had the photographers taking pictures of him and the Concerned Relatives shaking hands. [Anthony] noticed Carol Boyd was shaking hands with him and the photographers were taking pictures. When Jones came over to [Anthony], [Anthony] blocked his face so that no picture could be taken. [Anthony] just shook hands with Jones and said “hello”.

[Katsaris] recalled, at this point, that someone told him that Jones was very ill. [Anthony] stated that Jones did not look in good physical health and look “spaced out” and was not very sharp in answering questions as he usually was remembered to be.

Everyone was watching the entertainment which the People’s Temple was providing. While this was going on, [words deleted] [his sister] [Partially released in Serial 1681-14: Maria] left and came back with Grace Stoen’s child who, according to [Anthony], Jones claimed was his child. Maria made a comment to [her brother] to the effect that the boy looked just like Jim Jones. [Anthony] noticed that the child

SJ 89-123

called Maria “mother” at one point. He described the child as being approximately six years old.

[Anthony] advised that up to this point nothing unusual appear to be happening except that Maria kept making weird comments such as the stew that they were eating was poisoned and that it was made from human flesh. She called it “human stew”. Maria kept saying that [Anthony] believed what [name deleted, likely Debby Blakey] was saying about the Peoples Temple. A short time later, Jim McAlvane [McElvane] came over and engaged them in conversation. [Anthony] tried to reassure Maria that what he was saying was that the members of the People’s Temple do a good job of harassing the reporters who write the bad stories in the newspapers.

[Anthony] stop talking to Maria for a while as he did not want to talk with her while other people from the People’s Temple were with them. The two, thereafter, after the show, walked outside behind the meeting hall and [Anthony] tried to talk to [his sister] about the situation at home. Maria told [Anthony] that things between [six lines heavily redacted] [Partially released in Serial 1681-14: her and her father] were terrible and she described [her home life as horrible for her.] Maria then asked [Anthony] if he knew about the lawsuit [name deleted] had filed against the People’s Temple. Maria told [Anthony] that the church only has about $700,000 and if [name deleted] filed the suit it would take all the money away from the people. Maria made a comment that [her brother] could have come down a better time when things weren’t so bad. [Anthony] would try to explain something to [his sister], and she was talking to him at the same time. She continued to talk without giving [Anthony] a chance to explain and at one point he held her by the arm. She got very tense and yelled for help. He stated that Maria yelled for the guards. At this point [Anthony] became frightened. It was a shock to him that Maria would react in such a manner. He was so startled by the fact that she yelled for the guards that he jumped back and walked away from her. [Anthony] got upset with Maria and began crying and she got upset with him and told him to stop crying. He thought this to be unusual because normally Maria was a very emotional person. He asked Maria to go home to the States with them so they could be together and [1/2 line deleted]. Maria stated she did not want to go home at this time. She stated

SJ 89-123

she really enjoyed what she was doing and did not want to change her lifestyle at this point. She told [Anthony Katsaris] that he could not put any conditions on her whatsoever. She kept insisting that no one put conditions on her.

By this time it was around 10 or 11 PM on November 17 and the group was called together and told it was time for them to depart the camp. [Anthony] asked if he could stay at the camp but was informed he could not as there was no room for him to stay. At this point Marcy Jones, the wife of Jim Jones, said to [Anthony] but he could see Maria the following day at the camp. The group of Concerned Relatives then departed in the dump truck and went back to Port Kaituma. He noted at this point that Congressman Ryan, Jackie Speir and the Guyanese official stayed at the camp that evening. The remainder of the group stayed in Port Kaituma after arriving there at approximately 11 PM. [Anthony] described everything as seemingly to be okay with no problems and no one was suspicious that anything might happen.

The next morning, Saturday, November 18, 1978, the group was to be picked up early in the morning and returned to the camp. The truck was late and they did not get to leave Port Kaituma for Jonestown until approximately 10:30 AM. The Concerned Relatives Group arrived back at the camp sometime between 11 and 11:30 AM that Saturday morning. When they arrived at the entrance to the camp, there was a chain across the road near the guardhouse. The driver of the truck talked to the guard for a while and then he removed the chain and the group was on their way toward the camp. When they arrived at the camp, [Anthony] did not see Maria anywhere. Marcy saw [Anthony] looking for Maria and told him she would get someone to find Maria. They were asked if they wanted breakfast but [Anthony] stated that he would rather go on a tour of the camp rather than have breakfast.

At this point, [Anthony Katsaris] stated that he would like to bring up a point about something that happened that evening before. He stated the congressman stated that Friday evening that history was going to be made because he was going to take a family back to the States with the Concerned Relatives Group. [Katsaris] volunteered to stay at the

SJ 89-123

camp if room was needed on the airplane back to Georgetown. “Now”, he said, “Back to Saturday morning…”

[Anthony] went to the meeting hall where he was instructed to go to wait for Maria to show up. When she did arrive, she told him that she was up late the previous evening and slept late that morning. He noted that this time everything seemed to be all right and he did not suspect any trouble. He noted that Maria seemed to be very cold and hard. The two of them then had breakfast and took a tour of the camp.

He noted that during the conversation that morning there were a couple of times when [Released in Serial 1217-4: Maria] wanted to break away from [Anthony] and not talk with him anymore. At one point she did walk away from him and went and sat down with the two attorneys, Lane and Garry. When Maria left to talk to the two attorneys, a People’s Temple member by the name of Wesley [Breidenbach] walked over and talked to [Anthony] for a while. He did not know Wesley’s last name; also, at this point [Anthony] did not know if he would get to say goodbye to Maria so he told Wesley to tell Maria that he was not out to destroy anything, he just wanted to see how she was doing. Wesley agreed to tell her this.

Later on that morning [Released in Serial 1217-4: Don Harris, the NBC news man] asked [Anthony] [and Maria if they wanted to be interviewed for NBC television.] [Anthony] asked Maria if it was all right and she said she would not mind.

[During the interview, by NBC], at one point, [Anthony] started to cry so when [the interview was over] Maria got extremely angry with him and left. [Anthony] did not know where she went but later she came back and the two of them engaged in conversation again. At the end of the conversation it was time to leave and they started walking towards the truck. They spent about a total of three hours at the camp that Saturday morning before going back to the airstrip. They headed back at approximately 2 PM.

When everyone was at the truck getting ready to go back to the airstrip. [Anthony Katsaris] noted two or three members of the People’s Temple getting on the truck. He

SJ 89-123

recognized two of them. The two were Wesley (last name unknown) and Larry Layton. Layton was the very last one to get on the truck. While they were all the truck, it did not start moving for quite some time and Vernon Gosney, who was also a member of the People’s Temple who was going to return with the group to the United States, kept insisting that everyone should get going and get out of the camp. All the so-called defectors kept saying “Let’s get going, let’s get going.” But as soon as the truck began to leave, it stalled and then it got stuck in a ditch. The defecting People’s Temple members told him this thing about the truck stalling and getting in the ditch was a setup. As they reached the top of the hill near the camp, [Anthony] looked back and saw people running around and heard people yelling. [Anthony] did not know what was happening. The truck stopped and Don Harris, the NBC news reporter, went to see what had happened.

Soon afterwards, a bulldozer came and pulled the truck out of the ditch. At this point, [Anthony] felt as if they were deliberately being delayed.

[Katsaris] backed up for just a minute and stated that when Don Harris came back to the truck, Harris told them that someone had tried to assassinate the congressman but the People’s Temple members saved him. He stated that a person who tried to assassinate the congressman was a young white man but [Anthony] did not know his name. Congressman Ryan walked down the road to the truck and when he arrived at the truck he seemed to be in a state of shock. He then climbed into the cabin of the truck and the truck began moving down the road.

When the truck reached the entrance to the camp, the chain was again across the road and there was a black male individual at the guard station. He instructed everyone to move around in the back of the truck as he wanted to see if his children were on the truck. This black guard then got on the truck and stayed on the truck and drove to the airstrip with them. At this point, [Anthony] stated that he started to worry that something might be going to happen.

Finally they reached the airstrip and were let off the truck and the truck left. The airplanes were not

SJ 89-123

there yet and it now seemed that everything was going wrong. They placed all their personal belongings in the aluminum shed at the airstrip.

A few minutes later, a small airplane came and then they begin loading luggage on it. It was at this time that [Anthony] noticed the truck which they rode to the airstrip on and a tractor pulling a wagon arrive in the area. He only remembered seeing a blonde haired man on the tractor whom he had seen the Jonestown. He also recalled seeing this young man as a member of the People’s Temple group which had met the congressman and the party when it initially arrived at the airstrip on Friday afternoon, November 17, 1978.

The smaller plane was being loaded and some of the so-called defectors said that everyone should be searched, therefore [Anthony] helped search the people and luggage but did not find any weapons. After they were searched, Larry Layton got into the small plane at which time Jim Cobb stated that Layton was not searched. At this point Jackie Speir became very nervous. Layton was never searched as it was very hectic and confusing at that time. [Katsaris] stated at this point that he could probably identify Larry Layton if he saw him again.

By this time, the larger plane had arrived and was loaded. [Katsaris] helped Congressman Ryan take a big chest cover to the larger plane and put it in the nose of the aircraft. Some people were standing by the door and one of the Guyanese officials got on the plane and was just sitting there. Jackie Speir sat down beside him in the aircraft and told him he had to get off and with this the Guyanese official, who was probably from Port Kaituma, exited the aircraft.

[Anthony Katsaris] does not remember seeing the tractor come closer to the aircraft. It probably did but he did not notice it. Then all of a sudden he noticed that the tractor and truck were parked parallel to the larger airplane. He heard a gunshot and then another I didn’t know exactly what was happening. He looked around and thought there was shooting so therefore he ran to the far side of the larger plane and laid down behind it. While lying there alongside of [Jackie Speir], he felt [his arm and chest] sting and saw that Jackie Speir had received gunshot wounds to her legs. He

SJ 89-123

knew the shooting was coming from the direction of the tractor but did not see anyone in particular doing the shooting. He did not know or see who the individual was that shot him. While the shooting was still going on, Don Harris, one of the newsmen, came over and told them to lie still and to keep very quiet, then Harris ran away from them. [Katsaris] noted that it sounded like the gunshots were being made by rifles. After all the shooting stopped [Anthony] laid there for a while and then he heard three or four more shots. He realized that the shooters were going around checking to see who was dead or alive and he figured he was going to be killed next. Eventually the shooting stopped and there was no more noise whatsoever.

He further advised that [name deleted] stood up first and then [Katsaris] got up figuring the people that did the shooting were gone. He looked around and did not see the tractor anywhere in sight. He noticed that Jackie Speir climbed into the cargo compartment of the larger airplane. He realized he could not walk so he laid down and waved for someone to come over and help him. At this time the plane engines shut down. He looked around and saw dead people lying all around him.

Some of those that were not hurt or who were wounded and able to walk open the door of the airplane and brought Jackie Speir off. Also, Carol Boyd got off the airplane. [Katsaris] said that this point he kept waving his arms hoping that someone would help him and later on an employee of the American Embassy came over and asked him if he was all right. The embassy employee stated that everyone would be taken care of. With that, some of the other people came over and carried him into the bushes and away from the airplanes. [Katsaris], along with the others, thought the killers would come back to finish everyone off. While he was lying in the bushes, [Carol Boyd] came over to him and tried comforting him for a while. Then they heard the fire engines and Carol ran off. They heard the engines and [Katsaris] rolled deeper into the bushes. After a while, someone else came over to see him and he realized that it was Dale Parks.

[Anthony Katsaris] lay on the ground for a while in the bushes and as it was becoming dark, a few Guyanese people

SJ 89-123

came over to him. They took him to where a tent had been set up and when he arrived, he saw Vernon Gosney, who had been wounded, Jackie Speir, who had been wounded, Steve Sung, who had been wounded and also Bob Flick and two Guyanese officials. They stayed at the tent the remainder of the evening while the rest of the non-wounded people went into town and stay with someone there.

During the entire evening, there were rumors that planes were coming to pick them up that night but they never arrived. The next morning, a Guyanese Army medic came and gave each of them two aspirins and checked their wounds. He did not do anything else. Later, all the wounded, along with the rest of the survivors were flown to Georgetown, Guyana and he was then placed on the United States military medevac plane and flown to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station.

Also during the interview, [Katsaris] was shown a copy of the NBC videotape of the shooting and their stay in the Jonestown camp. He pointed out that the young blonde haired male that was seen greeting the party upon its arrival at Port Kaituma
on Friday, November 17, he also saw the same individual on the tractor during the shooting incident and assumed this individual was engaged in the shooting. He also pointed out that in the interview of Jim Jones, standing behind Jones was a tall, young looking white male with curly and bushy brown hair and he identified this individual as Wesley (last name unknown) whom he had talked to while at the camp.

The following is a description of [Anthony Katsaris] obtained during the interview and from observation.

[Information related to description of Anthony Katsaris deleted.]