Serial 1225

[Editor’s note: This document was released both as a State Department cable as part of its 1981 FOIA release, and as Serial 1225 of the FBI’s RYMUR release. The text was released at

[Both the State Department and FBI releases withheld the names of government officials in this document, although the deletions are not identical. The are denoted in red type in each document.]

GEORGE 04227 121420Z
INFO OCT-01 ARA-15 ISO-00 SY-05 SYE-00 SSO-00 L-03 CA-01 /025 W
——————106715 121425Z /46

O 121255Z DEC 78
E.O. 12065: NA

1) Based on ongoing review of material held at U.S. Embassy, Georgetown, estimate is that seven cases of documents and four cases of tapes must be transported to FBIHQ for review and evaluation by FBIHQ personnel.

2) Material held at Guyana Police Headquarters consists of seven cases of tapes which should also be transported to FBIHQ for examination.

3) Preliminary review of documents and work for FBI technical team will be completed by December 15, 1978.

4) Legat, Caracas, with concurrence of technical team recommends chartered aircraft be present at Georgetown on December 15, 1978, for return of above documents to FBIHQ. For space and weight information, total of 18 cases measuring roughly two feet by two feet by four feet and estimate of weight at 200 pounds each must be made. In addition, technical team has total of 25 suitcases and trunks of technical equipment and personal items.

PAGE 02 GEORGE 04227 121420Z

Legat, Caracas, highly recommends he be permitted to return to FBIHQ with technical team for orientation and guidance and reluctantly promises to return to Georgetwon [Georgetown] with tapes and documents after examination. In conjunction with this plan, FBIHQ requested consider having Assistant Legat, Dwight Garretson, report Georgetown (assuming Guyanese govt concurrence) two days prior to departure of technical team for introductions and orientation with anticipation he stay here about six days before returning to Caracas. He would also be available at Caracas in event any necessary action needed during last week of December and prior to return of legat to Georgetown. Clerk-Steno Mary Dell Humphrey [names withheld by FBI] has indicated she does not desire to return to Washington, and when she is no longer needed at Georgetown will return to Caracas.

5) Police have indicated their desire to have tapes examined at FBIHQ and returned. Police seeking approval of Government of Guyana (GOG) for release of tapes in their possession.

6) American ambassador also currently in contact with GOG concerning temporary release of material in possession of American embassy and hopes GOG will approve temporary release and return. Embassy will then request authority from State in order to temporarily relieve consular official of his responsibility in manintenance [maintenance] of estates of American deceased as it pertains to the material.

Burke [John Burke, U.S. Ambassador to Guyana]