Serial 1227

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 12/13/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram

Subject: RYMUR

Purpose: To advise the formation of Interagency Working Group on Guyana.

Recommendation: None. For information.

Details: On 12/7/78, Liaison Officer [name deleted] was advised by Lee R. Marks, Deputy Legal Advisor, Department of State (DOS), that Secretary of State [Cyrus] Vance had asked Marks to chair an Interagency Working Group on Guyana (IWGG), to include representatives of DOS, Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Defense (DoD), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Agency for International Development (AID), and FBI. The purpose of the IWGG is “to identify issues and expedite decisions.” Attached is a copy of DOS memorandum setting up the IWGG.

After conferring with J. O. Ingram, SA [name deleted] attended the first IWGG meeting the evening of 12/7/78. It appeared that IWGG would deal with questions and potential questions raised by the Congress and the public regarding U. S. Government handling of events following the assassination of Congressman Ryan in Guyana. Specific issues discussed were DoD/DOS funding for removal of bodies of Peoples Temple (PT) members from Guyana, and eventual disposal of bodies from Dover Air Force Base. A Funding Subcommittee, chaired by OMB, was formed, with their first meeting scheduled for 12/8/78 (subsequently, Section Chief H.E. Woodby, Administrative Services Division, was named to represent FBI of this Subcommittee).



Ingram to Mr. Moore Memorandum

SA [name deleted] attended the second IWGG meeting on the morning of 12/8/78, while SA [name deleted] attended the third that same evening. Neither dealt directly with FBI involvement, although at the morning session there was a brief discussion of autopsies of PT members’ bodies (a matter being coordinated by Criminal Division, DOJ). Matters regarding unclaimed bodies as well as funding also were discussed.

On 12/12/78, SA [name deleted] attended a fourth IWGG meeting, when autopsies were again brought up. Criminal Division, DOJ, was not represented, but an Autopsies Subcommittee was formed, to be chaired by Mike Abell, Criminal Division, DOJ. Also discussed were drafts of two letters prepared by DOS as general replies to congressmen and the public, setting forth steps taken by US Government following the tragedy in Guyana. No specific mention of the FBI was made in either.


Under Secretary of State
For Management


December, 1978

To: Mr. James F. Barie
Office of Management and Budget

Governor John J. Gilligan
Agency for International Development

Ms. Deanne Siemer
Department of Defense

Mr. Philip B. Heymann
Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Department of State:

Ambassador Viron P. Vaky
Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs

Ms. Barbara M. Watson
Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs

Mr. Douglas J. Bennet
Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations

Mr. David E. Mark
Acting Director, Bureau Of Intelligence And Research

Mr. Herbert J. Hansell
The Legal Adviser


Ms. Joan M. Clark
Director, Management Operations

Mr. Hodding Carter III
Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs

Mr. Peter Tarnoff
Office of the Secretary

FROM: Ben H. Read

SUBJECT: Interagency Working Group on Guyana

Secretary Vance has asked Deputy Legal Advisor Lee R. Marks to chair a Working Group on Guyana. The Group will meet daily, beginning today, to identify issues and expedite decisions.

The Group will include representatives of the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, AID, the FBI, and OMB. OMB will chair a Subcommittee dealing with the problems of funding.

The Group will include:

OMB – Mr. Barie
Justice – Mr. Keuch
Mr. Epstein
DoD – Mr. Rushforth
AID – Mr. Ball
State – Mr. Marks
Mr. Bushnell
Mr. Atwood
Mr. Gise
Ms. Clark