Serial 1242

0 150204Z DEC 78

[First four lines deleted] has had several meetings with members of the PT. [next three lines deleted] long reliance on the PT for their living and due to many of them have lost numerous relatives in Guyana. He is [next three lines deleted]. He desires this


unofficial information to be held in strictest confidence since it is singular in nature and if made known could ruin his credibility with the PT.

He advised that following a suit by the Charles Garry law firm (which represents the PT) to dissolve the PT Corporation, the California Secretary of State’s (CSS) Office rejected the suit as the Board of Directors of the PT are deceased. Recently, the PT elected a new Board of Directors and will initiate a new suit to dissolve the corporation. It should be noted that Charles Garry is out of town somewhere in the Monterey, California, area and this information cannot be verified. In fact, is unknown if Garry is aware of these elections or the CSS rejection. Further, to go through Garry to verify it might expose the source [name deleted].

[name deleted] also advised there exists a group of members, size unknown, who will take the legal position that the Board of Directors cannot dissolve the corporation, but that it must be by a vote of the entire membership. The group will also try to stop the dissolution which will have two effects: 1) Continue the PT as a viable entity upon which they can


continue to rely and 2) free up the monies which the previous suit apparently had frozen. The freeing up of these monies could have an adverse impact on the government’s position on seizing the PTs assets to recover the expenses incurred.

[name deleted] also outlined his perception of the current hierarchy physically located within the Temple. He advised it is still in a state of flux due to an ongoing power struggle. He sees Jean Brown as the spokesman but as the number two person. Sandy Bradshaw is currently the leader and due to his psychological analysis, the most dangerous. Guy Young, Tim Clancy [Clancey], and Hugh [Hue] Fortson are apparently closely associated with Bradshaw, and therefore powerful, but their specific placement in the organization is still unclear. Laurie Efrein is in the next level and valued for her ability to get things done; however, not very powerful. Doxse [Doxsee] Swaney is on Efrein’s level and deeply involved in the financial end of the PT. Tom Adams is in the Efrein/Swaney level and consider the problem solver, in that he comes up with the ideas to solve the problem.

Robert Stroud, a Guyanese returnee now at the Temple, is


the (property) procurement man who is very streetwise. Laura Johnston, another returnee on Stroud’s level, is used on special projects. In Guyana she was in charge of a disciplinary cottage.

Jim Randolph is strictly an administrator and uses Andy Silver as an aide.

Don Davis is considered extremely dangerous who [name deleted] characterized as the person most likely to be given a gun and instructed to go do what he was told; which he would do.

Vera Young, whose position is unknown at this time, appears to be a power in that her name was given to [name deleted] as a contact point during Jean Brown’s absence this weekend. Jean Brown will be traveling to the Monterey, California, area (where Garry’s currently staying) for the weekend.

Many of [name deleted] analyses as to where people fit matches that information which San Francisco has. Secret Service attended the debriefing.

In continuing to identify people in the Temple, [name deleted] is desirous of obtaining photographs of those persons in surviving the Guyanan incident as well as those who were in


the San Francisco Temple at the time. San Francisco is using its resources to obtain photos which are available but will early next week requesting Sacramento at DMV and WFO [Washington Field Office] at USDS [US Department of State] Passport Office to obtain those not available to this office.

[name deleted] advised a Denita or Lanita [Donneter] Lane, San Francisco Council of Churches, is attempting to make arrangements for the burial of 600 Guyana victims in a single ceremony into cemeteries in Richmond, California, which is located in the northeast San Francisco Bay Area. [Line of type deleted] advised back that the numbers are 200 for Richmond and 400 overall for California. However, Lane is running into two problems: 1) obtaining a loan or donation for the money and 2) getting the bodies released. [name deleted] advised Yvonne Braithwaite Burke, a California Assemblywoman, and the Governor of Maryland (believed to actually be the Governor of Delaware) are pressuring President Carter to make military transportation available to transport the victims to California.

Leads. Sacramento. At Sacramento, California. Contact CSS and determine status of the PT litigation to dissolve the


corporation and advise San Francisco and FBI HQ.

Request of the Bureau:

Upon receipt of above requested corporation information, advise Civil Division, DOJ.

Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies.