Serial 1249

FBI Airtel

Date 12/18/78

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)

Enclosed for San Francisco are the United States Passports of the below listed individuals who arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport on the dates indicated. These passports were seized upon order of the United States Department of State in return for the sending of promissory notes to repay the cost of airfare.

Name                                                              Passport Number                  Date
Edith Parks                                                    G 1862006                             12/2/78
Julius Evans                                                   H 735734                               12/2/78
Sandra Evans                                                 [number deleted]                  12/2/78
Sharla Evans                                                  [number deleted]                  12/2/78
Sonja Evans                                                    [number deleted]                  12/2/78
Shirelle Evans                                                [number deleted]                  12/2/78
Dawn Gardfrey                                              H 1341274                             12/3/78
Ruby Neal Johnson                                        G 2075581                             12/3/78
Versie Lee Perkins                                        [number deleted]                  12/3/78
Andrea Yvette Walker                                  [number deleted]                  12/3/78
Beatrice Alethia Morton                               [number deleted]                  12/3/78
Leslie Wilson                                                 H 851197                               12/3/78
Jakari Wilson                                                 [number deleted]                  12/3/78
La Flora [Le Flora] Townes                         [number deleted]                  12/3/78
Timothy Glen Jones                                       [number deleted]                  12/6/78
James W. Jones, Jr.                                         [number deleted] expired    12/6/78
                                                                        [number deleted]                  12/6/78
John Raphael Cobb                                        [number deleted]                  12/6/78
Mark Cordell                                                  [number deleted]                  12/6/78

BQ 89-495

Name                                                              Passport Number                  Date
Clifford Geig [Gieg]                                                  [number deleted]                  12/6/78
Cleveland Newell                                          [number deleted]                  12/6/78
Preston Wade                                                [number deleted]                  12/6/78
Walter Williams                                            [number deleted]                  12/6/78
Thomas Beikman                                          [number deleted]                  12/6/78
Aaron Hendricks                                           [number deleted]                  12/6/78
Chuck Robert Kirkendale                             G 2404629                             12/6/78
Guy Edgar Mitchell                                        [number deleted]                  12/6/78
Michael Angelo Simon                                  [number deleted]                  12/6/78
Robert Homer Stroud                                   G 1853987                             12/6/78
Burrell Wilson                                               [number deleted]                  12/6/78

Armed and dangerous; suicidal tendencies.