Serial 1270

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is Jonestown survivor Joyce Parks. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

0 190258Z DEC 78
FM LOS ANGELES (89-436) (3) (P)

Re Bureau teletype to Dallas, et al, dated December 5, 1978, regarding interview of [name deleted] [Joyce Parks].

[Joyce Parks] interview December 15, 1978, at residence of [name deleted], Ventura, California. [Joyce Parks] intends [to] remain [in] Ventura area for time being. [Joyce Parks] identified [3 lines heavily redacted] at Jonestown. Medical staff, including dental and pharmaceutical, numbered 60 persons.

[Joyce Parks] stated she left Jonestown in late


September, 1978, for duty in Georgetown and hence to Caracas, Venezuela, in mid-October, 1978. States had no knowledge of pending visit of Congressman Ryan or heard of any plans of assassination attempt. First heard of assassination and mass suicides when appeared in Venezuelan newspapers. [Joyce Parks] took first available flight to San Francisco, arriving Thanksgiving Day. Went directly to People’s Temple (PT), spent one night, and defected next day when uncle came for visit.

[Joyce Parks] stated to her knowledge cyanide or other poisons other than agricultural insecticides not in Jonestown when she left. States Jones appeared in drugged state in later months but has no knowledge of drug he was using or who was supplying. Nurse Annie Moore in complete and sole charge of drug cabinets at clinic in Jonestown and was Jones’ personal nurse. States, to her knowledge, there was no accumulation, manufacture, or export of narcotics


at Jonestown. Use of drugs by rank and file members completely forbidden, and if there was use by Jones and his adult household members, Carolyn Layton, Annie Moore and Maria Katsaris, it was a secret number known but to them. [Joyce Parks] speculates Jones’ drugs brought in by trusted couriers such as Layton, Katsaris, Teri Buford, and others who could travel to and from the US, but has no direct knowledge.

[Joyce Parks] states no guns in Jonestown until Jones’ arrival in spring, 1977. Has seen as many as 30 to 40 guards armed with ordinary rifles, other guards with crossbows, regular bows and arrows, and cutlasses. Has no knowledge of any automatic weapons. Guns kept at radio room under apparent control of Joe Wilson. Guards would occasionally target practice in jungle. Has no knowledge of how guns shipped to Jonestown.

[Joyce Parks] states Jones was not seriously ill although very demanding of medical assistance. Medical testing done by Nurse Moore and Dr. Larry Schacht.


On one occasion, Russian doctor from Embassy in Jonestown [Georgetown] and Jones’ personal doctor, Dr. Carlton Goodlet [Goodlett], San Francisco, brought in for consultation. Final diagnosis was lung infection due to jungle fungus. [Joyce Parks] states Schacht was an excellent field doctor, however not licensed to practice medicine either in the U.S. or in Guyana as had never completed internship or residency requirements. Schacht did graduate from medical school and passed medical degree examinations. Schooling paid for by PT.

[Joyce Parks] stated rank-and-file members not sedated to keep in line, citing only two instances where ill persons were sedated for necessary medical reasons. States at one public meeting, there was a discussion held as to which means should be used in event of mass suicides. Schacht and pharmacist Dawn [Don] Fields, called upon to speak, suggested mixtures of available drugs such as central nervoU.S. system depressants and/or


shooting or beheading. [Joyce Parks] states she was never consulted as to best means.

[Joyce Parks] stated she attended one mass meeting in which Jones personally administered drink of Kool-Aid to all present and then told them it was poison and they were all going to die. Membership took it quietly, and she believes actual mass suicide mainly voluntary. In later months, Jones became increasingly paranoid and called frequent “White Night” alerts, gathering everyone at pavilion and arming all guards, stating “enemies” had the camp surrounded and would be attacking. Actual gunfire could be heard in the jungle. One alert, the seven-day siege, lasted seven days. Rank-and-file fully believed danger existed and were ready to die.

[Joyce Parks] has no knowledge of “hit list,” although Jones made vague references to such a list throughout the history of PT. Jones frequently stated PT’s enemies would be taken care of and that “the Angels


were trained and assigned for the job.” [Joyce Parks] stated the “apostolic angels” were the security guards at PT establishments in the U.S. and in Jonestown. Guard force headed by Tim Jones in Jonestown and Jim McIlvay [McElvane] in San Francisco. Most members of Jonestown basketball team were on the security force. [Joyce Parks] states Jones’ enemies were anyone opposed to PT, including defectors, government officials, newsmen, FBI, and CIA. Jones was particularly vehement towards defectors such as Tim Stoen, Grace Stoen, and dentist Jim Cobb, all of San Francisco, and vocal groups such as the Concerned Relatives organization of the Freedom Center in Berkeley.

[Joyce Parks] states throughout history of PT, Jones always espoused Russian variety of communism, using a revolutionary rhetoric, however never mentioned specific actions to be taken by PT. Jones constantly criticized U.S. political leaders, particularly conservatives such as Nixon, Reagan, Agnew, et al.


However, she never heard them mentioned in connection with a “hit list” or any direct threats. States rank-and-file members were required to write incriminating statements which sometimes contain threats to harm public officials which Jones collected, stating he would use the letters to discredit them if anyone defected. Throughout history of PT, members were required to study communist theory and in Jonestown all were required to study Russian on daily basis. Jones publicly stated commune would be moving to Russia if Jonestown proved to the Soviets to be successful experiment. Stated Soviets would airlift members[,] and physical improvements of Jonestown would be left for the Guyanese.

[Joyce Parks] stated attorneys Mark Lane and Charles Garry visited Jonestown about one month prior to mass suicide for purpose of consultation regarding million-dollar lawsuit to be filed against the


Concerned Relatives and U.S. Government on basis of harassment. Attorneys, assisted by local staff, interviewed members and obtained affidavits which were filed at U.S. Embassy in Georgetown. [Joyce Parks] furnished one affidavit regarding [words deleted] Tim Stoen [line deleted] this apparently to refute Stoen allegation he was never an attorney for the PT.

[Joyce Parks] states any public repudiations of Jones by Teri Buford or Steve [Stephan] Jones are not to be believed and both are extremely dangerous and the heir apparents to Jones’ leadership. Buford is the stronger personality. Both capable of giving self-serving allegations against other members to win goodwill or credence. [Joyce Parks] named the following as additional, hardline, non-repentant followers of Jones, capable of retaliation if such plans exist: Tom Adams, Sandra Bradshaw (Ingrams) [Ingram], Lee Ingrams, Paula Adams, Mike and Debbie Touchette, Mike Prokes, and Tim Carter.


[Joyce Parks] states Tim Carter, Mike Carter, and Mike Prokes were probably directed to take money from Jonestown to the Russian Embassy in Georgetown or the three would have remained at the camp. She states escape route through jungle to nearest highway would be seven miles of arduous travel but believes adult males would be capable of performing the travel, including attorneys Lane and Garry.

[Joyce Parks] states has no knowledge of financial worth of PT or dispositions of savings account. This would only be known to inner circle, particularly to Teri Buford.

Detailed results of interview follow.