Serial 1271 (2)

[Editor’s note: This statement by Paula Adams, a former member of Peoples Temple, includes denials of a sexual relationship with a person of interest to the U.S. State Department and of taped conversations with that person. The name of the person named in her statement has been withheld. The fact is, Ms. Adams did have a relationship with a person of interest to the U.S. State Department – Laurence Mann, the Guyanese ambassador to the United States – and she did tape their conversations. Whether Mann is the person named in the statement – that is to say, whether Ms. Adams was protecting her lover with whom she continued to have a relationship and denied her involved with him – or whether the person is someone else whose relationship is allegedly identical to that with Amb. Mann, will remain unknown as long as the name remains deleted.]

Department of State
Washington, DC 20520

Personally appeared before me this 10 day of December, 1970, Paula Jean Adams, who first being duly sworn deposes and says:

[handwritten] I am 29 years of age, born January 3, 1949 at Pendleton, Oregon, USA. I am presently living at 41 Dennis Street, Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana. I was a member of the Peoples Temple of Georgetown, Guyana.

I have been interviewed by James W. Lannon who has identified himself as a Special Agent in the Office of Security for the US State Dept. Mr. Lannon has advised me that allegations have been made that I engaged in sexual activity with [name deleted] and made tape recordings which were alleged to be retained by me to be used for the purposes of blackmail.

I categorically deny the following:

A) that I ever had any sexual activity with [name deleted]
B) that I taped in the conversation with [name deleted]
C) that I have any knowledge of tapes ever being made of [name deleted]

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I have been interviewed by the press and asked if I have engaged in sexual activity and blackmail. I denied having participated in any such activity.

To the best of my knowledge, no member of Peoples Temple engaged in any sexual activity with [name deleted]. The Peoples Temple’s relationship with [name deleted] was one of mistrust and strained discussions though not openly hostile.

Mr. Lannon has advised me of the provisions of the Privacy Act [of] 1974, and while I am not requesting confidentiality for the information to be used, I do not wish my name to be disseminated to the press.

[typed] The statement is made of my own free will and accord without promises of immunity having been made to me and without any threats, force or coercion being used against me. I made the statement with the desire of assisting the Department of State in its investigation.

Signed: Paula Adams

Subscribed and sworn to me before this 10th day of December, 1978

Signed: James W. Lannon
Special Agent
Office of Security
Department of State

Witness: M. Mason
American Vice Consul