Serial 1272



To: SACs, San Francisco – (Enclosures 6)
San Antonio – (Enclosure)
Brooklyn Queens Metropolitan Resident Agency – (Enclosure)

From: Director, FBI


Enclosed for BQMRA Is one copy of FBI HQ computerized Alfa Volume #1 pertaining to captioned matter.

Enclosed for San Antonio is a copy of a letter received from the Justice Department from one [name deleted], prisoner, Bexar County Jail, San Antonio, Texas. Enclosure is self-explanatory.

Enclosed for San Francisco are two copies of the above Alfa Volume #1, one copy of the above letter of [name deleted], one copy of the results of a forensic autopsy performed upon the body of Congressman Leo J. Ryan in Guyana, and memorandum from the United States State Department to the Bureau dated 12/14/78 enclosing a copy of a signed sworn statement of Richard G. McCoy and Paula Adams. Also enclosed is a copy of a State Department Office of Security Report regarding McCoy.

San Antonio promptly interview [name deleted] (supra) and furnish results of interview to San Francisco.

San Francisco probably reinterview [name deleted] regarding the areas of interest of State Department as per their enclosures and furnish the results of the reinterview to FBI HQ for dissemination to State Department.

Originally posted on August 29th, 2019.

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