Serial 1272



To: SACs, San Francisco – (Enclosures 6)
San Antonio – (Enclosure)
Brooklyn Queens Metropolitan Resident Agency – (Enclosure)

From: Director, FBI


Enclosed for BQMRA Is one copy of FBI HQ computerized Alfa Volume #1 pertaining to captioned matter.

Enclosed for San Antonio is a copy of a letter received from the Justice Department from one [name deleted], prisoner, Bexar County Jail, San Antonio, Texas. Enclosure is self-explanatory.

Enclosed for San Francisco are two copies of the above Alfa Volume #1, one copy of the above letter of [name deleted], one copy of the results of a forensic autopsy performed upon the body of Congressman Leo J. Ryan in Guyana, and memorandum from the United States State Department to the Bureau dated 12/14/78 enclosing a copy of a signed sworn statement of Richard G. McCoy and Paula Adams. Also enclosed is a copy of a State Department Office of Security Report regarding McCoy.

San Antonio promptly interview [name deleted] (supra) and furnish results of interview to San Francisco.

San Francisco probably reinterview [name deleted] regarding the areas of interest of State Department as per their enclosures and furnish the results of the reinterview to FBI HQ for dissemination to State Department.