Serial 1290

Thursday, November 23, 1978

Mr. William Webster
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC 20500 [20536]

Dear Director Webster:

Those instances of compulsive psychoses as characterized in the Rev. Jim Jones Evangelical group where basic Marxist extortion institutionally failed and degenerated into an enclave of Stalinist Hitlerism, sadism and (drug-induced?) paranoid schizophrenia (as the classic description of that sickness is defined) are indeed a threat to civilization wherever they exist.

According to your job description you should be following up on complaints of such nuclear cults in The Continental U.S. and leaving that Guyana group to Interpol who has international authority to accept a request from Guyana for assistance in the prosecution of Rev. Jim Jones Cult for murder, extortion, kidnapping, etc.

You people should have enough material in your files specifically complaining about groups with similar methods of operation to serve The Public here at home as your intrastate constitutional authority authorizes you to do.

You will win a big gold star for doing your homework if you will just see to it that your electorate and consumers enjoy the Equal Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness without being harassed by illegally subsidized fanatic nuclear groups such as Jim Jones’ cult be they of either extreme (left to right).

Very truly yours,

[Name and address deleted]
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514

Copy to: Congressman L.H. Fountain
Democrat, North Carolina

Ratify the ERA in 1978