Serial 1301

Department of State
Washington, DC 20520

December 13, 1978

Mr. William Webster
United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, DC 20536

Dear Mr. Webster:

This response to your November 27, 1978 letter to the Secretary requesting that the Department make available for review by Special Agents of the Bureau correspondence in the Department’s files relating to the People’s Temple Disciples of Christ.

In response to an inquiry from the House International Relations Committee, the Department has assembled in a single file all documents pertaining to the People’s Temple organization. This file contains 902 documents and is complete through November 18, the date of the attack on Congressman Ryan’s party. These documents have been transmitted to the Committee, and a duplicate file has been retained by the Legal Adviser’s Office.

We will be glad to make the duplicate file available to your agents for examination. Please have them call Mike Kozak, Assistant Legal Adviser for Inter-American Affairs, to make the necessary arrangements. He can be reached on 632-3082.

/s/ Lee R. Marks
Lee R. Marks
Acting Legal Adviser