Serial 1303-1

[Editor’s note: Many of the FBI interviews summarized in the FD-302s of the RYMUR investigation deleted the verb following the deleted name of the interview subject; most oftentimes, that word was “advised”.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/15/78

[Name deleted] was interviewed at John F. Kennedy International Airport after his departure from Pan American flight 228 arriving from Georgetown, Guyana.

[Name deleted] advised of the identities of the interviewing Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and Special Agent [Name deleted] of the United States Secret Service.

[Name deleted] his family was connected with the People’s Temple (PT) [2 lines of text deleted] his family moved to Redwood Valley, California. They stayed there a short time and [2 lines deleted] then moved to the PT in San Francisco, California. He stayed there until leaving for Jonestown, Guyana in [several words deleted] 1977. [Line deleted] to arrive at Jonestown and was followed by [several words deleted] approximately six months later. [2 lines deleted] was a member of the security force, as well as the basketball team. He stated that since he was on the basketball team, he was in Georgetown practicing for an upcoming tournament at the time of Congressman Leo Ryan’s assassination. He recalled the following individuals being in Georgetown that day:

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BQ 89-495

Walter Williams
Preston Wade
Jim Jones, Jr.
Calvin Douglas
Michael Touchette
Tim Jones
John Cobb
Lee Ingram
Chuck Kirkendoff [Kirkendale]
Aaron Hendrix [Hendricks]
Andrea Walker
Sharon Amos

[Name deleted] he met Congressman Ryan when he (Ryan) first arrived at Georgetown and prior to Ryan’s trip to Jonestown.

[Name deleted] on Saturday, November 18, 1978, he received word that something had happened in Jonestown and went to the American Embassy where he was told of the Ryan shooting and the mass suicide.

[Name deleted] he was not aware of any plan to assassinate Congressman Ryan and had not heard of any threats made against him. He was aware that a

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BQ 89-495

suicide drill had been conducted at Jonestown and stated that he had noted a remarkable change in Rev. Jim Jones in the past three or four months. On several occasions, Jones preached that if any of the members’ family attacked Jonestown, everybody would commit suicide. Jones was particularly upset about Grace Stone’s [Stoen’s] return to Jonestown because John Stone was allegedly fathered by Rev. Jones. The following relatives [Name deleted] were at Jonestown and not listed as survivors:

[List of relatives deleted]

[Name deleted] asked very specific questions and provided the responses which will follow:


[Name deleted] first denied the existence of weapons at Jonestown, but later advised that he had observed two shotguns, a .22 caliber handgun, and saw seven

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BQ 89-495

or eight rifles. He originally denied that members carried guns for other than hunting, but then admitted that members of the security force, including himself, were armed.

[Name deleted] no knowledge of caching of large amounts of weapons and was always furnished his weapon by Joe Wilson. He stated “Hut 14” was occupied by Johnny Jones and Jim Jones, Jr. and that guns were sometimes kept there, but were actually stored in the radio room.

Concerning bombs or nuclear devices, [Name deleted] advised that 55 gallon cans of water and carbon dioxide were mixed and detonated by an electric switch. These were experimented with at the direction of Rev. Jones and were to be utilized in the event outside people or former members came to take the children away. This might also be utilized in the event of a mass suicide.


Unaware of any threats to harm public officials. However, Rev. Jones preached that if public officials or former members “attacked” his church, the entire membership would commit suicide.


Unaware of any storage of money while at Jonestown. Believed money was used to feed and support PT members. Has read in newspaper recently that large amounts of cash were recovered after the mass suicide.

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BQ 89-495

Contingency Plan

[Name deleted] Rev. Jones preached mass suicide as a means of retaliation against any persons attempting to interfere with the church. This was thought of as retaliation since those dying would be relatives of the attackers.

Murder Threats

Unaware of any plans to kill anybody.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consisted of members who were responsible for making purchases and bettering the Jonestown compound.

Security Force

[Name deleted] a member of the security force. His duties included guarding [1/2 line deleted] areas of the Jonestown compound. Members were not permitted to leave without a pass and members who left without permission were hunted by the security force and brought back. These people would then be put before the membership and ridiculed.

[Name deleted] while on guard duty, he carried a shotgun or rifle. During “white nights”, he was armed with a handgun and was responsible for controlling the membership.

[Name deleted] the following persons as members of the security force.

Tim Tupper also known as Tim Jones Day (head of security)

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BQ 89-495

Johnny Cobb also known as John Jones (scheduling)
Joe Wilson (scheduling)
Jimmy Jones, Jr. (Radio Manager)
Bob Kice
Lou [Lew] Jones
Mark Cordell
Gary Johnson
Billy Oliver
Bruce Oliver
Danny Moton
Calvin Douglas
Cleveland Newell
Wesley Briedenbeck [Breidenbach]
Yvonne [Hasden] Hayden
Bonnie Simon
Tom Grubbs
Marie Rankin
Robert Rankin

[Name deleted] the term “Angels,” but stated it could have been a code used on CB radio.

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BQ 89-495

Basketball Team

[Name deleted] the following persons as members of the basketball team:

Preston Wade
Walter Williams
Johnny Cobb
Cleveland Newell
Tim Tupper (aka Tim Jones)
Jimmy Jones
Calvin Douglas
Steven [Stephan] Jones
Mark Cordell
Karl [Carl] Barnett
Lee Ingram (Coach)
Mike Touchette (Coach)

Primary or Influence Peddling

[Name deleted] any knowledge of bribery or influence peddling by PT members, but recalled that Governor Brown of California, and Mayor Moscone of San Francisco, attended a testimonial for Reverend Jones. He also remembered Lieutenant Governor Dimally [Mervyn Dymally] visiting the PT at Los Angeles.

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BQ 89-495


Unaware of any discussions regarding the assassination of Congressman Leo Ryan or the existence of an assassination squad. Also denies knowledge of plans to assassinate survivors or defectors.

Suicide Drills

[Name deleted] aware that a practice suicide drill had occurred on one previous occasion at Jonestown.

Criminal Offenses

[Name deleted] Greg Watkins was allegedly wanted for purse snatching in San Francisco, California.


[Name deleted] the radios at Jonestown and Georgetown were controlled by certain individuals and that codes were used in transmissions. [One sentence deleted]

The following persons were identified as radio operators:

Harriet Troop [Tropp]
Karen Layton
Maria Katsaris
Wesley Briedenbeck
Michael Prokes

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BQ 89-495

Oaths Signed

[Name deleted] he was once forced to sign a note in which he admitted stealing candy from a store. All members were forced to admit a wrongdoing and sign the admission. [Name deleted] signed blank pieces of typing paper when he attended the San Francisco PT.

Relocation Plans

Reverend Jones plan to relocate [to] the Soviet Union if outside people did not leave the PT alone. This was the reason for beginning Russian language lessons.

Soviet and Cuban Association

Two Soviet doctors have visited the Jonestown compound approximately seven months ago.


[Name deleted] Joe Wilson, Jim Jones, Jr., Tim Tupper and Johnny Cobb could have been considered bodyguards for Reverend Jones. They carry weapons on occasion, but not at all times.

Contact with California Officials

Governor Brown and Mayor Moscone attended testimonial [dinners] for Reverend Jones. Lieutenant Governor Dimally visited the Los Angeles PT.

Paula Adams

[Name deleted] Paula Adams referred to as “Jones’ sexual secretary” and had no knowledge of any United States Government officials being compromised.

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BQ 89-495

[Name deleted] Adams dated a Guyanese government official named Bunny (LNU) [Last Name Unknown] [Laurence “Bonny” Mann].

Dr. Lawrence [Laurence] Eugene Schacht

[Name deleted] Schacht was a medical doctor for the Jonestown compound. He believed Schacht attended medical school in Mexico, but did not believe Schacht was a certified doctor.

[Name deleted] no information concerning the acquisition of poison or the identity of Schacht’s associates in the US.


[Name deleted] drugs were used at Jonestown to attempt to control people. He specifically recalled that Barbara Walker and Peter Waterspoon [Wotherspoon] had been drugged. Waterspoon had been caught molesting a child and was brought before the membership and assaulted by many members for what he had done. After the meeting, Waterspoon was drugged.

[Name deleted] he participated in the assault of Waterspoon because [one line deleted]

[Name deleted] dolls were produced at Jonestown to raise money for the compound and that he had no knowledge of any drug trafficking by the PT.

White Nights

[Name deleted] Reverend Jones called “White Night” and asked the membership if they wanted to commit suicide. These “white nights” lasted for many days and nights.

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BQ 89-495

Future Plans

[Name deleted] advised that he would first return to San Francisco and then visit [Name deleted].

The following information was obtained through observation and interview:

[All information related to date of birth, physical characteristics, education, and occupation deleted]

Subsequent to the above interview, [Name deleted] agreed to a polygraph examination which was conducted by SA [Name deleted], United States Secret Service.

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BQ 89-495

Deception was noted on the following questions:

1. Have you been truthful and complete to the best of your knowledge?

2. Have you any knowledge of a hit list?