Serial 1303-4

[Editor’s note: Many of the FBI interviews summarized in the FD-302s of the RYMUR investigation deleted the verb following the deleted name of the interview subject; most oftentimes, that word was “advised”.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/15/78

On December 6, 1978, [name deleted] was interviewed at the Port Authority Police Department Headquarters, John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFKIA), Queens, New York (NY), NY by Special Agent (SA) [name deleted]. Prior to beginning of the interview, [name deleted] apprised of the identity of the interviewing agent. She again expressed a concern for her well-being, if information related by her to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) became known. Thereafter, she provided the following information.

[name deleted] after Reverend Jones went to live to [in] Jonestown, Sandy Bradshaw had moved into his apartment, in the San Francisco People’s Temple (PT). Members of the PT don’t seem to know exactly what she was doing there and they have a leery feeling about her.

She advised that the Black Muslims’ headquarters is located two buildings away from the PT. As far as she knows, there is no tunnel underground connecting the two buildings. The Muslims and PT would meet together on a few occasions. Only the Planning Commission (PC) members had the privilege to enter and leave through the front and back door of the PT. The other members could only enter and exit through the front door. Everyone, except the PC, were given a body search and a metal detector was also used. Their purses and packages were checked. All the PT members wore security badges, which included their picture.

Members will turn in all their pay checks to the PT. If a member cashed his pay check, he would have to turn in the cash and a stub from his pay statement.

[name deleted] advised that Reverend Jones would administer sodium penthothal or truth serum and/or lie detector tests to members he believed were not telling him the truth.

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BQ 89-495

[name deleted] stated that Stephen [Stephan] Jones has a strong personality much like his father. He also has a bad temper, would speak out a lot about certain matters and couldn’t take losing. She described him as being obnoxious and arrogant and she believes that if the PT continued on, Stephen would operate it just as his dad had.

She further advised that [several words deleted] Jim and Tim Jones, were very intelligent, easy-going, and could be leaders, if necessary. They both made friends easily. She believes that neither one of them would take over command of the PT, as they both wanted to get out of the PT.

[name deleted] information concerning the following people:

Tom Adams: Member of San Francisco (SF) PT, as of 1976; was a member of the PC, Security Force and worked in the radio room; husband of Paula Adams

Guy Young: Minister in the SF PT, had a very noticeable stutter; White Male (W/M), tall, late 30’s; brown, curly hair, receding hairline

Jean Brown: Member of SF PT, White Female (W/F), early 30’s, but looks like she is 50; 5’3″, short blonde hair

Jim Randolph: Member of SF PT, operated radio; letter writer; maintain files and did Public Relations work; was “behind the scene” a lot.

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BQ 89-495

Henry Cannon: Unknown to [name deleted]

Jim Clancy [Tim Clancey]: Believes he would be an unlikely choice to be put in charge of PT; operating the press and published PT newspaper; did research.

Leona Collier: Family friend; Black Female (B/F); middle 30s; fundraiser and money collector.