Serial 1303-5

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is one of the three children of Julius and Sharon Evans who left with her parents on November 18 on the picnic. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type. In addition, many of the FBI interviews summarized in the FD-302s of the RYMUR investigation deleted the verb following the deleted name of the interview subject; most oftentimes, that word was “advised”.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/11/78

On December 2, 1978, [deleted name] (phonetic) [deleted name] was interviewed at the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFKIA), Pan American Hanger 17, Queens, New York (NY), by Special Agent (SA) [name deleted]. Also present during the interview was [deleted name] of United States Secret Service (USSS). Prior to the beginning of the interview, [deleted name] apprised of the identity of the interviewing Agents and the nature of the interview. Thereafter, she provided the following information:

[2 lines deleted] Her family resided in Jonestown, Guyana, and has since she was [words deleted]. Her mother and father lived together in one house, [name of sister deleted] live in another house, and [name of sister deleted] and she both resided together with other [words deleted].

She stated that about 20 children lived in her cottage and the supervisors were Corliss Butay [Corlis Boutte] (ph) and Linda Satler [Sadler]. The supervisors would dress the children, make sure they ate breakfast and then send them to school. [deleted name] she wanted to live with her mother and father, but was not allowed to do this.

She attended school five and one-half days a week. Her teachers were Becky (last name unknown) (LNU) [likely Beikman], Darlene (LNU) [likely Newman] and Nina (LNU). She was learning writing and numbers.

Everyone had to wait in line to get served food. [deleted name] there was a lot of food, and you could have as much as you wanted. She advised that for breakfast, she would have rice, gravy and sugar to eat; for lunch, rice, soup and bread, and for dinner, steak or some type of meat.

[Half line deleted] people were put in the SEU (ph) when they were ill. It was like a hospital and there were two lady doctors there. [Half line deleted] treated people at the nurse’s office.

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NY 89-495

[deleted name] knew Jim Jones as a black man, who carried a big gun. She stated that Jones did all the talking and he had a lot of money. Her mother had money, but used it all in Jonestown. Jones was planning on moving to Russia, but because he (Jones) killed all the people, they were not going to move. Her father told her that guns were used to kill the white people and that Jones shot all his people. They were in the pavilion when the white people were shot and her father told her that Jones had told them to hide.

[Half line deleted] everyone she saw was black, except for one white woman with blonde hair.

[deleted name] never heard of the “Angels” or the “Basketball Team”. She stated that SAT (ph) were 11 black men who carried guns most of the time. They guarded the village and were the only people to carry guns. When questioned again regarding the “Basketball Team”, she advised that they played basketball and that Bippy Marguerite’s (ph) [Marguetie “Bippy” Yvette Romano] father was on the team.

She stated that Johnny Jones was a black man, but was not a SAT.

Concerning the radio room, she advised that they would put speeches on so everyone could hear, and even if they were walking around, they still had to listen to the speeches.

SAT would come around and knock on the door and tell everyone to get out of the house and go to the meetings.

[Half line deleted] the babies stayed at the baby nursery and the parents could pick them up and hold them, but could not take the babies home. The women, all of whom are dead, who work in the nursery were Evette (LNU), Pat (LNU) and Darlene (LNU). Her father told her that the babies were fed poison.

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NY 89-495

She further advised that the PS (ph) would punish the people when they did something wrong. The people would have to cut grass, pick up paper, etc. People would do work that needed to be finished. [deleted name] she had been sent to the PS once and that her hands were tied in front of her with the rope, but they took the rope off for her to work.

[deleted name] had a baby doll when she went to Jonestown, but it was sent to the Dorms to be fixed because it was broken. The doll was fixed, but was not given back to her.

Concerning what happened the day of the mass suicide, [deleted name] she had gone to school that Saturday morning, and her parents and [several words deleted] [her sisters] came to school and got her. Her parents told her teacher that they were all going to the piggery, which was where the animals were kept. They then walk away from Jonestown and into the jungle. They got on a train and traveled to a house. [deleted name] her dad knew something was going to happen.

She further stated that her parents thought it would be good to live in Jonestown. She and her family are now going to [one line deleted].