Serial 1303-7

[Editor’s note: Many of the FBI interviews summarized in the FD-302s of the RYMUR investigation deleted the verb following the deleted name of the interview subject; most oftentimes, that word was “advised”.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/13/78

[Name deleted], member of the Peoples Temple (PT), Jonestown, Guyana, was interviewed at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Hangar 17, Queens, New York (NY). [Name deleted] advised of the identities of the interviewing agents and the nature of the interview. US Secret Service Agent [Name deleted] was also present during the interview. [Name deleted] the following information regarding the PT and the Jonestown facility:

[Line of text deleted] His mother, [Name deleted], who was already a member, urged him to join. [Name deleted] 16 years old at the time and admitted he was using drugs quite heavily. He stated he had no ambition in life and that Jim Jones through his Temple offered him both security and direction.

Prior to his arrival at Jonestown, [Name deleted] some time working both at the PT in San Francisco and the church’s settlement in Ukiah, California. While in San Francisco, his job at the Temple consisted of [1/2 line deleted] at their regular meetings.

[Name deleted] at Jonestown, he was trained as [line deleted]. He advised that the shop at Jonestown was well-equipped with all American made tools. [Line deleted]. He admitted on occasion [several words deleted] but this was done for pleasure rather than for the purpose of arming the populus [populace].

[Name deleted] a member of the Jonestown “basketball team”, where he held the position of [words deleted].

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BQ 89-495

He stated he was at Lamaha House in Georgetown with the other members of the team when the assassination of Congressman Ryan and the mass suicides took place. He said he was not aware that either event took place until the day after they happened.

[Name deleted] he was also frequently called upon to perform duties as a member of the security force. He advised that he never carried a weapon nor was he ever trained with one. He never saw more than five guns and given time and he had no knowledge as to where they were stored. The five guns were described as long barreled weapons consisting of .22 calibers, shotguns, and hunting rifles. He was told by Reverend Jones that all the guns were licensed by the Guyana Government. He advised that Hut 14 was living quarters for certain individuals and was also used by the security force as their headquarters. He never observed any weapons stored at this location.

[Name deleted] not aware of any training with firearms and recalled that Jones, on occasion, would preach about the importance of conserving ammunition. He advised that the community had a supply of approximately two dozen long and cross bows and that many of the people were instructed in their use. [Name deleted] never saw any weapons at all during his affiliation with the PT until he arrived at Jonestown.

[Name deleted] firearms were carried only by certain trusted heads of security and then only while patrolling the perimeter of the encampment and on the occasions when a “white night” or “alpha” was called. He explained a “white night” or “alpha” was a meeting called by Reverend Jones when a major infraction of the rules had occurred by one of the members or when anything

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BQ 89-495

of importance was troubling Jones. This meeting took place at the camp’s pavilion and everyone was required to attend. [Name deleted] three “white nights” during his stay at Jonestown. He specifically recalled at one that took place several months ago, a suicide ritual was practiced. He stated everyone was requested to drink Kool-Aid that allegedly contained poison, everyone participated and only a few members refused to drink the potion. These individuals were later made to stand before the community and state why they refused to participate and then they were publicly admonished by Jones.

[Name deleted] asked specific questions regarding the following captioned topics. His responses are as follows:

Dr. Lawrence [Laurence] Eugene Schacht

Did not know anything about Schacht’s background except that Jones paid for his education. There was also a rumor at Jonestown that Schacht was a homosexual and had relations with both Jones and Russell Moren.

Schacht was considered a male chauvinist by members of the medical staff, however, he believed that Schacht worked extremely hard and was considered competent.

Schacht also had a history of drug addiction. He felt Schacht was probably responsible for administering the cyanide at the mass suicide and that he may possibly have been assisted by:

Sharon Cobb
Phyllis Chaiken
Annie Moore
Russell Moten
Joyce Parks

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BQ 89-495


[Name deleted] no knowledge of either the use or production of drugs in Jonestown. Being a former drug addict, he was aware of the term Thorazine, but denied it was used at Jonestown.

Regarding the manufacturing of toy dolls, [Name deleted] the senior citizens (approximately 30) made the dolls and they were sold in Georgetown.

Paula Adams

He knew Paula Adams to be one of Jones’ secretaries who spent a great deal of time in Georgetown. He believed that she was in public relations work. He described her as quite attractive and extremely close to Jones. He was not aware of any government officials either in Guyana or the US being compromised sexually or otherwise by any member of the PT.

Relocation Plans

[Name deleted] not aware of any plans for relocation in the event of mass suicide. He often wondered what would happen to people in the States if a suicide did take place. He stated that in all probability, if he had been at Jonestown during the ordeal, he would have committed suicide along with [line deleted].

Soviet or Cuban Association

Jones often spoke about the Soviet Union, Africa, and Cuba as being alternative locations for the PT, however, he was not aware of any specific plans for moving.

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BQ 89-495

A Soviet diplomat and a Soviet doctor visited Jonestown and stayed for approximately two days. The doctor came to examine Jones while the diplomat toward the encampment and address the people congratulating them on their accomplishments at Jonestown.


[Name deleted] he was not aware of any formally designated bodyguards for Reverend Jones nor was he familiar with the term “Angels”. He said the only individuals that could be considered cards for Jones would be: Jimmy Jones, Tim Jones, Johnny Cobb, Danny Moten, and the Oliver brother, his reasoning being that one of these individuals were always with him. He never observed any of the aforementioned carrying weapons while being with Jones.

Contact with California Officials

He was not aware of any visits by State of California officials to Guyana, however, he believed that several important people did contact or visit the PT in San Francisco. He did not recall their names.

Nuclear Device

He was not aware of or had he heard mention of such a device existing within the PT.

Radio Operation

[Name deleted] Jonestown and the Lamaha House in Georgetown maintained radio equipment. He was not

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BQ 89-495

aware of any system of codes used in transmission. The following individuals were principal radio operators for the PT:

Mike Carter
Wesley Briendenbach [Breidenbach]
Danny Casanova
Scott Thomas
Karen Layton
Carolyn Layton
Terry Carter
Sharon Amos

[Name deleted] Sharon Amos was the radio operator in Georgetown just prior to the mass suicide and assassination of Ryan. Amos allegedly committed suicide after killing her children. He was not aware of any message she may have received from Jonestown before taking her life.

Signed Oaths

[Name deleted] recalls signing papers that could be used by Jones for blackmail. He was not requested by Jones to admit to a crime that he did not commit in order that Jones may use this document as a wedge for assuring his allegiance to the PT. [Name deleted] wrote a statement to the effect that he raped a young girl.

On another occasion when asked to write something that he would do to express his loyalty to Jones, [Name deleted] wrote that he would kill Grace and Tim Stoen because he knew that Jones disliked them immensely.

[Name deleted] at one time, if Jones had asked him to kill someone, he probably would have. He admitted that Jones had that much influence over him and that he would never have questioned any decision made by Jones. However, he emphasized he no longer owes any allegiance to Jones, would no longer consider suicide, and wishes to be disassociated from the PT.

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BQ 89-495

He stated he would remain friendly toward the survivors of Jonestown, but would no longer actively participate in any programs of the church.

Assassination Plans

[Name deleted] no knowledge of any assassination squad or plans to kill any defectors of the church or public officials. He knew of no plans to assassinate Congressman Ryan.

When asked if such plans that exist who would be most likely to have knowledge of them and who would execute them, he responded Jean Brown and Leona Collier.

Criminal Offenses

No knowledge of involvement by members of the PT in any criminal activity. He advised that many members of the church did have a criminal background but could not specifically state that anyone was being actively sought by authorities.

[Name deleted] his overall association with the PT was not regrettable. He met many people within the organization who he considered close friends. He had no friends or aim in life before joining the Temple. He is sorry it had to end the way it did. He will contact the Temple when he arrives in San Francisco only to learn of the whereabouts of [Name deleted] who is connected with the church in California. He has no immediate plans for the future.

[Name deleted] information as to brief description, access to weapons (w), member of the Planning Commission (PC), position held, alive or dead, and present location regarding the following individuals:

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BQ 89-495

Joe Wilson – black male, security force and construction worker, dead

Albert Touchette – male white, 25 years old, coordinator of workshops, security on “white nights”, dead

Ron Adams – male black, 21 years, construction worker, a head of security in San Francisco, dead

Tom Kice – white male, 40s, construction supervisor, security on “white nights”

Bob Kice – white male, 29 years, security had (w), dead

Tim Jones – black male, 17 years, security head (w), basketball team

Jimmy Jones, Jr. (adopted son of Reverend Jones) – black male, 18 years, security head, basketball team

Eddy Crenshaw – black male, 24 years, dump truck driver, security (w), dead

Ron Tally – white male, 37 years, food worker (was taken off security), dead

Herbert Newell – black male, 22 years, co-captain Cudgez [Cudjoe], presently in Georgetown, was security in San Francisco

Carl Barnett – black male, tractor driver, basketball team, presently in Georgetown

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BQ 89-495

Johnnie Jones, Jr. – black male, 29 years, administrator number 2 man to Reverend Jones, assistant minister, bodyguard, (PC)

Lou [Lew] Jones (adopted son of Reverend Jones) – Oriental male, 19 years, security head, dead

Mark Cordell – white male, 18 years, worked on trucks, basketball team (w)

Jim McElvane – black male, in Jonestown two days prior to suicide, security had in San Francisco, dead

Gary Johnson also known as Poncho – black male, 18 years, security head, dead

Emmitt Griffith – black male, 23 years, truck worker, security head (w), dead

Billy Oliver – black male, 18 years, security head (w), dead

Bruce Oliver – black male, 21 years, security head (w), dead ever

Steve [Stephan] Jones (son of Reverend Jones) – white male, 19 years, could conceivably take over church, teaches and believes in socialism, basketball team (w)

Tim Tupper – white male, 18 years, basketball team, head of security issued weapons

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BQ 89-495

Chris Newell – black male, 16 years, cut wood, security, dead

Doug Sanders – black male, 28 years, electrician, security, dead

Stanley Gieg – white male, 17 years, tractor driver, extremely arrogant individual, dead

Don Sly – white male, 40s, Cudgez and construction, bus driver in San Francisco

Lee Ingram – black male, 33 years, radio room, (PC), basketball team coach, very close to Jones, counselor in San Francisco

Chris O’Neal [O’Neill] – white male, 27 years, brick worker, presently in Georgetown

Danny Moten – black male, 20 years, security head, dead

Calvin Douglas – black male, 19 years, head of security (w) also security in San Francisco

Cleveland Newell – black male, head of security, basketball team, security in San Francisco

Wesley Briedenbach – white male, 19 years, tractor driver, electrician, security in San Francisco, dead

Yvonne Hayden – black female, 18 years, internal security – security in San Francisco, dead

Bonnie Simon – white female, 30s, security, dead

Paul McCann – white male, 27 years, public relations, security in San Francisco

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BQ 89-495

Pauline Groot – white female, 30 years, hospital worker, dead

Don Fields – white male, 40s, pharmacist, dead

Tom Grubbs – white male, 40s, school principal, (PC), dead

Marie Rankin – black female, 34 years, supervisor in charge of insecticides, security in San Francisco, dead

Robert Rankin – black male, 30s, road construction and security – security in San Francisco, dead

Terry Buford – white female, 24 years, secretary, (PC), security in San Francisco

Jean Brown – white female, 30’s, secretary, (PC), finances, presently in San Francisco

Rennie Kice – black female, 34-35 years, “storehouse” control of medicine, dead

Lora [Laura] Johnston – white female, 34 years, supervisor of public service and public relations, (PC)

Vera Young – black female, 36 years, counselor and security in San Francisco, never in Guyana

June Crym – white female, 40 years, (PC), secretary

Ava Jones – black female, 27 years, secretary, (PC), dead

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BQ 89-495

Sandy Cobb – black female, 19 years, lab worker, security in San Francisco, dead

Mike Prooks [Prokes] – white male, 30s, secretary, (PC), photographer, in Georgetown

Tim Carter – white male, 30s, secretary, (PC) and public relations, in Georgetown

Sandra Ingram also known as Bradshaw – white female, 30s, secretary, (PC), in San Francisco

Judy Flowers – black female, 40s, secretary, (PC), never in Jonestown

Jim Randolph – white female [male], 30s, photographer, counselor in San Francisco, obtained passports along with wife, Harriet Randolph also known as Troop [Tropp], for people going to Guyana

Carolyn Layton – white female, 40 years, secretary, radio room, (PC), dead

Leona Collier – black female, 47 years, secretary, (PC), in San Francisco

Jack and Ravina [Rheaviana] Beam – white, 60s, sold goods made in Jonestown, both dead

Dale Parks – white male, 30s, respiratory technician, in Georgetown

Burrell Wilson – black male, 18 years, basketball team, sawmill, security in San Francisco

Judy James [Ijames] – white female, supervisor nurse, (PC), dead

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BQ 89-495

Norman James [Ijames] – black male, assistant minister, pilot, presently in San Francisco

Mike Carter – white male, 20 years, radio room, presently in Georgetown

Mike Touchette – white male, 26 years, basketball team (assistant coach), driver, security force (w), presently in Georgetown

The following information and description was obtained [name deleted] through observation and interview:

[Information on physical description, occupation, residence, and education deleted from balance of page 13 and all of page 14]