Serial 1304


Date 12/19/78

TO: Director, FBI (89-4286)
FROM: SAC, Indianapolis (89-181) (P)
00: San Francisco

Enclosed for the Bureau is one copy, and for San Francisco the original and two copies, of each of the following described items:


1. [name deleted] (Protect) on 11/21/78.
2. [name deleted] (Protect) on 11/27/78.
3. Indianapolis indices search.


1. [name deleted] on 11/25/78.
2. [name deleted] on 11/27/78.
3. [name deleted] on 11/27/78.
4. [name deleted] on 11/27/78.
5. [name deleted] on 11/27/78.

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IP 89-191

6. [name deleted] on 11/28/78.
7. [name deleted] on 11/29/78.
8. [name deleted] on 11/29/78.
9. [name deleted] on 11/29/78.
10. [name deleted] on 11/29/78.
11. [name deleted] on 11/29/78.
12. [name deleted] on 11/30/78.
13. [name deleted] on 11/30/78.
14. [name deleted] on 11/30/78. (Second interview)
15. [name deleted] on 11/30/78.
16. [name deleted] on 11/30/78.
17. [name deleted] on 12/1/78.

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[Photocopy of envelope]


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IP 89-191

On 11/21/78, [name deleted] (protect identity by request), [address deleted], Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana, advised SA [name deleted] records regarding James W. Jones are on microfilm and barely legible. A review of these transcripts reflect that Jones started college in 1948, at Indiana University in Bloomington, and transferred to Butler University in 1951, as a part-time student, meaning he carried 12 or less hours. He graduated in 1961, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education, which would have qualified him for teaching or coaching at a high school level. Sometime in 1955, Jones withdrew for a period of several years, reasons unknown. No campus activity regarding Jones was noted, and he was not known to be athletic, active in any athletics, clubs or extracurricular activities. There is no alumni involvement noted since 1961, and he has been classified as an inactive alumnus.

On 11/22/78, [name deleted] (protect identity by request), Indiana State Board of Health, State Office Building, Birth and Death Records, telephone number [deleted] advised that Indiana birth certificate #113-31-022018, reflects James Warren Jones was born May 13, 1931, at Randolph County (Rural Route, Lynn), Indiana. His father at birth was James T. Jones and his mother was Lynette [Lynetta] E. Putnam. Jones is listed as the first child of this union.

On 11/22/78, the records of the following investigative agencies in the Indianapolis area were checked for any information regarding James Warren Jones, born 5/13/31, with negative results:

Indianapolis Police Department, Central Records Bureau
Marion County Sheriff’s Office
Indiana State Police, Central Records
Indiana Data and Communication System was negative regarding any driver’s license issued to Jones


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The following investigation was conducted on November 27, 1978, at Bloomington, Indiana by SA [name deleted].

[name deleted] (protect identity by request), [address deleted], Indiana University Police Department, Bloomington, Indiana, advised that James Warren Jones entered Indiana University on February 8, 1949, and attended for three years, received no degree, and had no special area of concentration. Jones entered Indiana University from Richmond High School in Richmond, Indiana, and at the time he was a student there at the home address of Post Office Box 261, Lynn, Indiana.


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IP 89-191

The following are the results of Indianapolis indices search regarding James Warren Jones and James W. Jones:

IP 157-6690 appears not to be identical

IP 87-21561 not identical

IP 157-7543 regarding a car parked in location of a Klan rally in Indianapolis, 4/27-28/74, regarding a [2 lines deleted]. Source contacted reflected Jones not thought to be a member of KKK.

IP 47-3855 not identical

The following listed Indianapolis indices reflect that files have all been destroyed:

100-3474-1A (17)


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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription November 29, 1978

[3 lines giving name and address of interview subject deleted] and a former member of the Peoples Temple and a follower of Jim Jones. [name deleted] stated that his wife is [2 lines deleted]

He met Jimmy Jones in the early 1950s when Jones was the pastor of the Somerset Methodist Church on South Keystone [Indianapolis, Indiana]. Jones was then traveling door-to-door selling monkeys to raise money for his congregation. [3 lines deleted] eventually sold all of the property she had, including properties which had been willed and deeded to [name deleted] to the Peoples Temple and to Jimmy Jones. [2 lines deleted] were both members of the Peoples Temple along with their four children. [name deleted] returned from California approximately three years ago and is currently living at [address deleted] and has telephone number [deleted]. According to the information [line deleted] may have been in the group that died in Guyana.

[name deleted] Jones was of an interracial background and had some Indian blood in him and started an interracial church at 1502 North New Jersey Street [Indianapolis, Indiana] back in 1952. This church was of Pentecostal denomination located at the corner of 15th Street and New Jersey. In 1956, Jones went to visit a Father Divine in Philadelphia and later on Easter, 1977. [name deleted] broke his relationship with Jones inasmuch as he could not tolerate Jones’ advocating throwing away the Bible and portraying himself as God. In 1965, Jones left Indianapolis for California.

[name deleted] a Reverend Archie Imes [Ijames], better known as Brownie, currently at San Francisco at the Peoples Temple,

[Page 8]
IP 89-191

is originally from Indianapolis and left with Jones when Jones traveled to California. Imes was associated with a church at the location of 10th and Delaware Street prior to his traveling to California with Jones and between 1965 and 1970, [name deleted]received numerous telephone calls advising him, [half line deleted]. The basis for these telephone calls was the fact [name deleted] was attempting to get [name deleted] to leave the Peoples Temple and not to give all of her money away. Imes called numerous times [several words deleted] to leave [name deleted] alone.

Another powerful man in the Peoples Temple was a Reverend Jack Beam, an associate pastor with Jones at the 1502 North New Jersey Street Church. [half line deleted] Jones used coercion, telephone taps and any other means at his disposal to control his numbers and congregation. When his [relationship deleted] became a full-fledged member of the Peoples Temple, he was never able to discuss any personal business with her and be left alone. There was always a member of the Peoples Temple present. [Line deleted] who were in South America and are alleged to have been members of the Peoples Temple, some of whom died in Guyana and others of whom survived. These people would be the grandchildren of [2 lines deleted]

[Remaining three paragraphs listing relatives of interview subject heavily redacted]

[Page 9]
IP 89-191

[name deleted] he thinks that [line deleted] died in Guyana.

[name deleted] Jones utilized his power over people of low mentality and low socioeconomic status and described just as the Pied Piper leading people who have no conscience or no convictions of their own. [name deleted] he never heard any mention of murder, suicide pacts, assassinations, or weapons being stashed.

The only incident of violence that he can recall was in 1957 when he went to a nursing home in the 2300 block of North College in Indianapolis and witnessed a beating by Agnes Jones, the adopted daughter of Jimmy Jones. Agnes kicked and hit an elderly woman and later that evening, to brought this to the attention of Jimmy Jones, at which time Jones told [name deleted] to mind his own business.

[name deleted] the following people may have additional information regarding the Peoples Temple:

Reverend Nathaniel Urshan, 902 East Fletcher, Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis;

[Name and address deleted] telephone number [deleted] who did not travel to South America with the group and received a call from his brother [2 lines deleted] who has the entire genealogy regarding [names deleted]

[name deleted] the following persons may have been sources of money for the Peoples Temple:

Eva Jackson, now in California.

(First Name Unknown) Laterno (phonetic) [Marceline La Tourneau], a Sunday school teacher for Peoples Temple and may currently reside in Arizona;

The Sweeney (phonetic) family in real estate and handled large holdings contributed to the Jones’ church.

Ed Mueller of Greenwood, Indiana.


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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription November 29, 1978

[First five lines providing identifying information heavily redacted] He has also recently been employed in Toledo, Ohio at Louisville, Kentucky. [Name deleted] he was never a member of the Peoples Temple and last saw Jim Jones in the early 1960s. He would not categorize Jones as a friend; however, he stated that they were roommates at Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana and met in January, 1949. They had a basic personality conflict which culminated in Jones’ sticking hat pins through a mattress into [Name deleted] and a subsequent confrontation with the dormitory counselor at the time.

[Name deleted] Jones was maladjusted and had great swings in his personality and was not a person of very high integrity. As an example, [Name deleted] an instance when Jones took an economics test and left after 20 minutes, later trying to tell the economics professor that he never took the test. This to [Name deleted] was a clear indication of a lack of integrity on Jones’ part. Jones would frequently cite chapters in the Bible regarding faith healings and his whole approach to religion was to control the minds of minorities and weak individuals and to use the downcast and the downtrodden for his own power and glory. Jones could not deal with people in a straightforward businesslike fashion.

[Name deleted] no information regarding any murders, assassinations or suicides by Peoples Temple members and he did not know of any of Jones’ followers who traveled from Indiana to California.


[Page 11]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription November 29, 1978

[First four lines providing identifying information heavily redacted] [Name deleted] advised that he knew the Reverend Jimmy Jones very well from a period of about mid-1950s through the late 1960s. Jones aspired to know all about church groups and frequently would come to [Name deleted] and ask questions regarding how to motivate people and how to control church groups. [Name deleted] described Jones as an emotional paradox who was legitimately and sincerely interested in the plight of the poor and underprivileged when he first began his ministry. He was also very impressed with the communal socialistic society. [Name deleted] did note a change come over Jones after Jones’ visit with a Father Devine [Divine] in New York City. Jones returned believing that he was a little god and began making demands upon his parishioners for their total family possessions. [Name deleted] this was wrong and that he would ultimately have great difficulty with his church if he should continue to demand the personal belongings of individuals. [Name deleted] disappointed and surprised by the appointment of Mayor Charles Boswell of Jones to the Mayor’s Human Rights Commission in Indianapolis. [Name deleted] did not feel that Jones was qualified for this position and felt that Jones was not worthy of such. [Name deleted] he is convinced that Jones used a cover story stating that Indianapolis was not racially in tune with his preachings and desires in leaving, while the real story was the fact that Jones was receiving considerable pressures from families of those parishioners who had sold their properties and donated their entire life savings to his church. Just before Jones left Indianapolis, [Name deleted] heard of incidents of beatings of parishioners for violations of confidences that they had bestowed or that Jones had bestowed with them. Jones took advantage of his confidences and the confidence of the people that he ministered to.

[Name deleted] the following persons he knew of may have some additional information regarding Peoples Temple members or their followings.

Sheila Corlette, husband Michael, telephone number [deleted]. ([Name deleted] prefaced any contact here with mentioning his name to alleviate any undue concern by the Corlettes);

[Page 12]
IP 89-191

A Mrs. Touchette;

A Mr. John Meredith, who is currently ministering in Arizona and probably spending the winter there with children and/or grandchildren;

A [Name deleted] in Longview, Texas who gave $1,000,000 to Jones and his cause to help the underprivileged and poor.

[Name deleted] unable to explain what happened in Guyana and stated that there was never any mention of guns, weapons, murders, assassination plots, or anything of the sort during his association with Jones and/or Peoples Temple members.


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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription November 28, 1978

[First five lines providing identifying information heavily redacted] [Name deleted] advised that he is a former member and associate of the Peoples Temple of the Rev. James Jones. [Line deleted] it is believed to have been killed in the murders and suicides in Guyana, South America.

[2 lines deleted] He was going with his future wife [Name deleted] at the time, and the only way that he could date [Name deleted] was if he attended Rev. Jimmy Jones’ church then located at 975 North Delaware Street in Indianapolis. In the early 1970s, he and his wife and four children went to California and settled in the Redwood Valley area where he worked for [employer deleted] and they established residence at [3 lines heavily redacted] In Washington, DC, he recalls that they visited with a California Congressman whose name he does not recall, and as a result of the visit, Jimmy Jones gave the entire political support and votes of the Peoples Temple parishioners to this Congressman. Jones told the people how to vote, and inasmuch as he demanded total obedience, they did vote as he wished. [Name deleted] left the Peoples Temple because he was tired of being harassed into giving everything that he had and everything he could get and everything he could scratch up, which was the Jones theory of ministry. [Name deleted] and their four children remained in California and eventually went to Guyana, South America. [Name deleted] furnished the following names of individuals who he knew well as counselors and assistant pastors while he was in California.

Larry Layton, who, according to recent news accounts, is accused of killing Congressman Leo Ryan and who [Name deleted] described as a former drug addict who always had a dazed look in his eye;

[Page 14]
IP 89-191

Charles Touchette, from Indianapolis, Indiana, who was a counselor and a friend;

Joyce Touchette, wife of Charles, who was also a counselor;

Helen Swinney, who was in charge of convalescent homes while in California and was the mother of Joyce Touchette;

Archie Iames (phonetic) [Ijames], who was the second in command to Jones in charge of the bus drivers and probably in Jones’ absence would run the Peoples Temple in California or elsewhere;

Jack Beams [Beam], an assistant pastor also from Indianapolis.

[Name deleted] Eva and Jim Pugh (phonetic) were the secretary and treasurer and handled all of the Peoples Temple money and that they are formerly of [location deleted] in Indianapolis, Indiana.

[Name deleted] the bus trips around the United States as “spreading the word of Jimmy Jones.” The buses were frequently overcrowded and overloaded, and the elderly people in the congregation would frequently complain. Children were placed up in the luggage racks and probably had the best seating arrangement of the entire congregation. They only stopped and rest areas and parks and never stopped at any restaurants. The rest areas and parks were always prearranged by some of the other members who preceded the buses in cars and would make the appropriate arrangements for food and drink at the rest stops.

[Name deleted] security guard in Redwood [Valley], California in view of the large number of threats that were aimed against Jones. The threats came primarily from residents of the Redwood Valley who became infuriated at the large number of blacks that Jones brought into the valley.

[Name deleted] a Tim Carter, believed to be from the California area, was in charge of publications which consisted mainly of pictures and keychains bearing photographs of Jimmy Jones. The Peoples Temple sold these for various prices and they were sold for all types of occasions to protect against travelers, dangers at night, to protect against rain and fog, and other sorts of mishappenings that may befall persons. This was a very lucrative business, and the first year [Name deleted] can recall that the temple took in well over $100,000.

[Page 15]
IP 89-191

[Name deleted] Jones handpicked bodyguards to dress, act, and look just like Jones. They combed their hair in the same manner as Jones and wore sunglasses just like Jones to protect against any would-be assassin who would have a difficult time deciding who actually was the real Jimmy Jones and who were the bodyguards dressed alike.

Jones demanded total obedience, told people that he was God and that he was Jesus and [Name deleted]’s opinion that his followers and survivors of the murders and suicides in Guyana would stop at nothing to obey the command of Jones. [Name deleted] feels that the people in Guyana probably did commit suicide at the insistence and direction of Jones as they were so “brainwashed” by Jones and his teachings. [Name deleted] he would not put anything past in the of the survivors of the murders and suicides in Guyana as they are “capable of anything.”


[Page 16]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription November 29, 1978

[First paragraph providing identifying information heavily redacted]

[Names deleted] all prefaced the interview by stating that none of them had ever met Jimmy Jones.

[Names deleted] Charles Eugene Touchette, better known as Chuck, white male, date of birth [deleted], Indianapolis, Indiana, survived the murders in Guyana by virtue of being in Trinidad playing basketball or purchasing supplies at the time. She has no further details other than the fact that some of Charles’ children and his wife were thought to be in Guyana and killed there. [Line deleted] also People Temple members, are as follows:

Carol Joyce Touchette, nee Swinney, a white female, age 45, thought to have been killed in Guyana;

[Partial line deleted] Mickey Jean Touchette, white female, [half line deleted] a former Peoples Temple member now living in [deleted] and has telephone number [deleted].

Michael John Touchette, a white male, [half line deleted], who was in Guyana at the time, however, believed to have survived the murders there, according to the US State Department;

Albert Ardell Touchette, date of birth September 13, 1954, dead in Guyana;

Michelle Elaine Touchette, white female, age 22, dead in Guyana.

[Page 17]
IP 89-191

[2 lines deleted] Cleve and Helen Swinney, who are from Indianapolis and who may have survived the murders in Guyana by virtue of being in Trinidad shopping for supplies. They have had no further confirmation on this and do not know the fate of Cleve and Helen Swinney. [Name deleted] Charles Eugene Touchette became acquainted with Jimmy Jones approximately 10 years ago and moved to California. As a result of his leaving Indianapolis, he hardly corresponded with the family, only several letters over a ten-year period, as Jimmy Jones would not allow correspondence with families. [Name deleted] became acquainted with the Peoples Temple through [half line deleted] the above-mentioned Cleve and Helen Swinney. At the time that Touchette left, he had an excellent job as a sheet-metal salesman with the Paller Engineering Company which he gave up to go to Stockton, California then to Ukiah and ultimately Redwood Valley. Touchette and his wife along with the Swinneys received large sums of money from the State of California to care for indigent and wayward youngsters and Charles also handled concessions and drove missionary buses to San Francisco and Los Angeles to pick up the destitute people. He became an assistant minister to Jones [half line deleted] visited Touchette in California. They did not approve of Jones and his ways; however, they could not convince Touchette to leave the group. Jones got information from other people and played upon this knowledge to portray himself as a god and a supernatural. As an example, the Touchette family has a history of heart attacks and high cholesterol and Jones told Charles Touchette that if he did not join the Peoples Temple church, he would die of heart attacks. Touchette joined the Peoples [Temple] Church and has had no heart attack problem, thus convincing Touchette that Jones, in fact, does possess supernatural powers and is a god of some sort.

[Name deleted] Mickey Jean Touchette, a former Peoples Temple member, was a secretary to Jimmy Jones and became disgusted with his financial wheelings and dealings and his breaking up the families by demanding that the families sell all of their belongings and donate the monies to the church. Mickey Jean left the temple and stated on numerous occasions that Jones had money stashed in caves all over the State of California. Mickey Jean became very fearful of retaliation from members of the sect and was reluctant to let her whereabouts be known.

[Page 18]
IP 89-191

[Line deleted] Carol Joyce Touchette, nee Swinney, had two brothers who were active in the Peoples Temple, one of whom was killed in Guyana. Timothy Swinney was killed in Guyana and another brother Martin Swinney, former cult member is currently living in [location deleted] and is fearful for his life and does not want to be interviewed. A third brother, [name deleted] lives in [deleted] and can be reached at telephone number [deleted]. He may be able to provide some information of background.

[Name deleted] stated that they were unable to explain the recent happenings in Guyana and stated that there was never any mention of weapons, murder, assassinations or suicides, and they never have any indication that such would take place.

[Page 19]


[This interview it is with one of the two surviving sons of Cleve and Helen Swinney. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/6/78

[First paragraph providing identifying information heavily redacted]

[Name deleted] neither he nor his wife had ever met James Jones and they have never been members of the Peoples Temple. His mother, [Helen Swinney], a white female, age 66, and his father, [Cleave Swinney], white male, age 68, are both members of the Peoples Temple and are believed to have been in Guyana at the time of the recent murders and suicides. [Name deleted] advised that he has heard that his mother had been [information deleted] somewhere in South America, and is presently alive and well in the country of Trinidad; however, his father’s current whereabouts it is unknown. [2 lines deleted]

[Name deleted] his parents went to California, with the original Jim Jones group from Indianapolis, in 1965. Their attitude was that they had met a “wonderful preacher” and apparently had found a great deal of peace and solitude in dealing with Jones.

[Name deleted] in the early beginnings of the Peoples Temple group in Indianapolis, there was a great deal of secrecy connected with any of the meetings of the followers. He never became involved in spite of his parents’ activity, and they ultimately left Indianapolis in the early 1960s because of a Holocaust that Jones forecast for Indianapolis, which was supposed to wipe out the city.

[Name deleted] Jones as a con-man who proclaimed to be a self-healer, and recalls hearing a story once about how Jones was shot in California, and there was blood splattered everywhere, but Jones was not taken to a hospital, but merely taken aside for several hours and came out later, apparently well again, and continued to preach. [Name deleted] this was a put up job, a fraud, and a fake.

[Name deleted] the following members of his immediate family are current, or were past, Peoples Temple members:

[Page 20]
IP 89-191

[First dozen lines deleted]

[Half line deleted] white male, age 39 or 40, who also had a wife selected by Jimmy Jones, and whose first name could have been [deleted] and who also may have been one of the Peoples Temple Inner Circle of Enforcers, and who is also believed to be dead.

[4 lines deleted] originally went with the group to California; however, thought that Jones was crazy, so he left the Peoples Temple before they went to South America. [Name deleted] has been very careful in regard to notifying anyone of his whereabouts, fearing possible Peoples Temple (PT) reprisals.

[Name deleted] Albert Touchette and [words deleted] Michelle Touchette are believed to have been in Guyana, and are probably dead.

[2 lines deleted] went to California, to be a member of the PT and to be with her sister, [line deleted]. She, at one time, attended to leave the PT, but they refused to allow her to leave, until her daughter died [several words deleted] at which time she was allowed to attend her daughter’s funeral, and never returned.

[Page 21]
IP 89-191

[Name deleted] appeared frightened and would never discuss the PT [several words deleted]. If any inquiry was made regarding her address or her whereabouts, she stated to all of her relatives that she did not want her address known to anyone. She appeared to be in fear for her life.

[2 lines deleted] visited his father and mother when they were in California. When they returned, they related incidents of seeing armed guards and of being in certain areas and seeing certain buildings that were not open to outside visitors. Apparently, when [Name deleted] toured the grounds of the PT in California, there were guards stationed at the various areas as checkpoints. [Name deleted] also recalled [Name deleted] mentioning once that his father [Name deleted] stated they had all the gunpowder they needed at Peoples Temple.

[2 lines deleted] however, does not know how much information his uncle [Name deleted] would have regarding the PT and does not think [Name deleted] was ever a member.

[Paragraph deleted]

[3 lines deleted] has a heart condition, and may not be in a position to discuss any of his past visitations to the Peoples Temple in California.

[Name deleted] he never heard any mention of murders, assassinations, mass suicides, suicide pacts, weapons caches, or the use of narcotics or narcotics paraphernalia. Both he and his wife [Name deleted] are astounded and amazed at the recent happenings in Guyana, and have no logical explanation for it.


[Page 22]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 11/30/78

[First line providing identifying information deleted] telephone number [deleted] was advised as to the identity of the interviewing Agents and the nature of the interview. She thereafter furnished the following voluntary information:

[Name deleted] advised she had been associated with the People’s Temple (PT) as a child and that her sister’s family, [names deleted], were members of the PT in Guyana. She advised she believed her sister and her sister’s youngest son [names deleted] were dead. She stated her sister’s husband, [2 lines deleted] age 20, was supposed to return to Indiana from Guyana on November 29, 1978.

[Name deleted] stated her family was deeply involved with the PT in Indianapolis 20 years ago and in fact lived at the church and worked there during the early days. She advised at that time Jim Jones was similar to Oral Roberts in that he preached equality and conducted miracle healings. She said she witnessed him removing tumors from a woman’s eyes and causing another woman to throw up goiters in her throat.

She said that during the early days she had no idea the PT or Jones held any racial or politically motivated feelings. She saw no evidence of the use of drugs or any conspiracy to commit violence or accumulate weapons.

[Name deleted] said that her parents became disenchanted with the church about 17 years ago when Jones and his associate pastor, a Mr. Imes [Archie Ijames], described as a tall thin Negro male, began preaching against portions of the Bible. In addition she stated the family believed Imes had become intimate with [Name deleted] and in fact often displayed his affection for her openly in front of the family and [Name deleted]’s husband [Name deleted]. She said the family with the exception of [Name deleted] gradually quit attending the services.

[Name deleted] stated about 14 years ago [line deleted] followed Jones to California. [Name deleted] believed that her sister [Name deleted] was

[Page 23]
IP 89-191

the motivating force in the move. She said with the exception of two letters received by her mother, they had no further contact with them. She said the letters were both severely censured with lines marked out. The last letter was received about 12 years ago and stated [Name deleted] and her family were well, that they had another son and that they were going to South America with Jones.

[Editor’s note: The following paragraph it is likely about the Beikman family] [Name deleted] said that following the news release concerning Guyana, [6 lines deleted]. He said he had escaped the suicide because he had left Jonestown to have [half line deleted] and his father [Name deleted] have been away having [word deleted] work done. The boy told [Name deleted] he had not heard from [Name deleted] or his younger brother since he left Jonestown. In addition he said he would be returning to Indiana November 29, 1978, and would stay with [Name deleted].

[Name deleted] said she had received no other information other than that a newspaper reporter told her the State Department would be contacting her for identifying information concerning [Name deleted]. She advised she has no such information and has not been contacted, however her mother could probably provide any information needed. [Name deleted] recalled that her sister was Caucasian, approximately 36 years old, had a round birthmark about the size of a quarter [2 lines deleted].

[First seven lines of paragraph heavily redacted]. She advised only [Name deleted] could provide any information concerning the matter as he was the oldest and had handled all attempts to contact [Name deleted] and had talked to [Name deleted].


[Page 24]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 11/30/78

[First line providing identifying information deleted] telephone [deleted] was advised as to the identities of the interviewing Agents and the nature of the interview. She was interviewed in the presence of her husband, [name deleted], at her request. [name deleted] throughout the interview indicated agreement with what [name deleted] furnished the Agents.

[name deleted] advised she and [name deleted] had been affiliated with the People’s Temple (PT) since its inception. She said they first attended the Somerset Methodist Church on South Keystone in Indianapolis in the early 1950s and that Jim Jones was the Pastor. Jones left the church when members accused him of lying and stealing funds and she and her family followed. She said he then established the PT and they helped him buy an old synagogue at 10th and Delaware in Indianapolis.

In the late 1950s Jones went to Brazil, South America for an extended period of time and Russell Windberg [Winberg] acted as the Pastor of the PT. She stated Windberg currently resides at [address deleted]. When Jones returned she saw a change in him in that he seemed to be interested only in important people who had money. She said he began to gather a large black congregation and tried to force it upon other members. She said the congregation ended up about 85% black and she and her family finally quit attending in the early 1960s. She said she believed Jones left Indianapolis in 1965.

[name deleted] said she had been a close associate of Jones and his wife in the early years. She said when her oldest daughter was ill with the combination of diseases in 1953 and was not expected to live, Jones came and stayed with her day and night. She advised her daughter miraculously recovered from the illness. She said in 1954 when her husband was diagnosed as having cancer and given only three days to live, Jones came and stayed with him day and night until he too recovered miraculously. She stated she believed Jones had the power to heal during those early years.

In July, 1971, Jones returned to Indianapolis for a revival and she and her family attended. She said during the

[Page 25]
IP 89-191

service her oldest daughter, [name deleted], became missing and she went to Jones and asked if he had seen her. She said Jones went to his office and came back with [name deleted] who appeared dazed and told her she was returning to California with Jones. She said at that time [name deleted] was about 20 years old and had a 12-week-old baby born out of wedlock. She said [name deleted], the baby and [name deleted] return with Jones to California. [name deleted] said she had no direct knowledge of the use of any drugs by PT at any time or on her daughter. She said she now believes that Jones used hypnosis rather than drugs to induce her daughter to follow him.

[name deleted] with her younger daughter, [name deleted] left for California in the next day or two with plans of looking it over and if she liked it her husband planned to follow after he retired. She said Jones asked her husband the sign over all their possessions to him and later forced her to call her husband back in Indianapolis and tell him to come to California or he would die. She explained that Jones predicted a Holocaust would occur and that all would be killed except for he and his followers. She said he first predicted the Holocaust in 1967 then again in 1974 and the last prediction was that it would occur in July, 1979.

[name deleted] spent about six weeks with the PT in California and Jones forced her to live with [2 lines deleted]. During the time she said Jones took her into his confidence. She said he told her that he was God and also that he and [name deleted] were homosexual. She said Jones was campaigning for Angela Davis and she donated to the cause not knowing what it was for. She said in the sermon he preached that he was a socialist and said, “We must overthrow this Government.” He said that the Government was bad and displayed a strong dislike for then President Nixon. She said he had talked about having a cave full of shotguns and machine guns, handguns, medical supplies and food to last for six months. She said she believed the supplies were a mass [amassed] for his impending Holocaust. She said he never told her where the caves were located. She said during the services there were armed guards at the entrances. She said the services lasted from 7 PM until 4:30 AM, and once when she tried to go to the restroom a guard threatened her with a handgun.

[Page 26]
IP 89-191

[name deleted] returned to Indianapolis in September, 1971 with [name deleted], however her daughters and [name deleted] baby remained. She said she next saw Jones in October of 1971 at another Indianapolis revival and learned that he was not going to let her daughters return. She said at that time he was wearing robes and told her they were to cover up his “holy clothes”.

In May, 1972 she was contacted by a man in California who told her that PT members had tried to rape [name deleted]. She said the man protected [name deleted] until she could go to California and get her. She stated she tried to locate [name deleted] at the same time and bring her back and finally found her in a house belonging to Jones and learned she was married to a black man. She said she determined the marriage was performed by Jones’ lawyer, Tim Stone [Stoen], and she believes [name deleted] was forced into the marriage. She said the black man severely beat [name deleted] and the baby and she was able to persuade both daughters to return with her to Indiana.

[name deleted] stated that during the time she had had contact with Governor [Ronald] Reagan of California about her daughters and tried to print a letter in the National Enquirer about the PT but was unsuccessful. She said she did work with Carolyn Pickering, a reporter for the Indianapolis Star and News after she returned from California and several articles were printed. She said they reached Jones and she and her daughters received several harassing phone calls threatening her if she did not quit talking to the press. She said at one point the telephone company found a device in the receiver of her telephone that the repairman described as a “bug”. She said that occurred in 1972 and to her knowledge was never reported to law enforcement. She said none of her family had any contact with Jones or PT since 1972.

[name deleted] said that her daughters remained terrified of the PT and Jones and seldom ever discussed their experiences. She said [name deleted] told her once of being beaten and having her hair cut and that [name deleted] later told the same story. She said about two years ago she asked [name deleted] about the cave with the weapons and [name deleted] told her she knew where the cave was. She said the girls brought a book with them entitled, “Introduction to Socialism” authored by Leo Huberman and paul M. Sweezy and told her Jones forced them to study it like a Bible. She said on Thanksgiving Day, 1978, [name deleted] admitted to her that she had been one of Jones’ armed bodyguards. In regard to the suicide pact, [name deleted] said she recalled hearing [name deleted] talk of it in 1971 while she was living with him. She said he said there was a pact to commit suicide if the PT was threatened and any

[Page 27]
IP 89-191

members that refused would be shot.

[name deleted] said she knew Reverend Archie Imes or Iames [Ijames] was an important member of the PT and was originally from Indianapolis. [8 lines deleted]

[name deleted] was very reluctant to identify her daughters saying that they were still terrified. She asked that their identities not be revealed, especially to the news media and was advised that they would not be. She identified them as [3 lines deleted]. She stated he recently moved to Ohio and doubted he could provide any information of value.

[name deleted] agreed that she would notify the FBI if any further information came to her attention.


[Page 28]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/6/78

Harold Morris Cordell, age 86, and who is blind, of 3111 Station Street, telephone number 546-9122, was interviewed in the presence of his wife, Mildred. Cordell stated that neither he nor his wife were ever members of the Peoples Temple; however, he did attend several services approximately 20 or 25 years ago. Cordell’s son, Harold Earnest Cordell, a white male, living with his wife, Henrietta, [address and telephone deleted], is not a member of the Peoples Temple, and never was, but has several sons who are current members of the Peoples Temple, and may have been in Guyana. Harold Earnest Cordell’s sons, and the grandsons of Harold Morris Cordell, are Richard Cordell of Spokane, Washington, and Harold Cordell, who was in Guyana, and survived. Harold Cordell it is believed to have since contacted his brother Richard in Spokane, Washington. Harold Morris Cordell said he has had no contact with his grandsons in over 30 years.

Cordell further advised that his sister, Edith Excell Cordell, a white female, age 76, date and place of birth, February 6, 1902, in Indianapolis, Indiana, approximately 5’7″, 145 pounds, was in Guyana, with Jones and the Peoples Temple, at her current fate is unknown. Edith Cordell was a very devout follower of Jones, and one of the original group who traveled from Indianapolis to California. Cordell could not furnish any information regarding a family dentist or doctor who treated Cordell who may be of assistance in identifying her.

Edith had an adopted daughter named Carol Ann McCoy, who along with her three children, were Peoples Temple members, and are currently believed to be in Guyana. Cordell stated that he was never advised of any information regarding guns, weapons, violence, murder, suicides, or anything of that nature, in the recent happenings in Guyana have been very much a surprise and mystery to him. He had no information regarding the killing of public officials, or the use of narcotics.


[Page 29]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/6/78

[name and address of interview subject deleted], telephone number [deleted] advised that she was never a member of the Peoples Temple; however, has met Jimmy Jones through [names deleted], who are very active in Jones’ Temple when it was located at 975 North Delaware Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. [name deleted] family members who are, or were, members of the Peoples Temple are as follows:

[Word deleted], Hyacinth Catherine Thrash, age 76, currently on Social Security, who is arriving on this date, November 29, 1978, according to the US State Department, Flight #279, Allegheny, from New York City, at 9:27, and is alive and well, having survived the massacre in Guyana. She is currently suffering from a kidney infection, and is sick and quite elderly, but has a stable mind, although becoming occasionally depressed.

[Word deleted] ,Cipporah [Zipporah] (no middle name) Edwards, also known as “Zip”, a Negro female, age 71, and the younger sister of her mother, who is originally from Indianapolis, and who died in the Guyana tragedy.

[name deleted] it is also a past member, in his name is Harold Edward McCrimmon, and retired U.S. Army Officer, who may have an [half line deleted] and lives with his wife Ruby [line deleted] and who has telephone number [deleted]. Harold McCrimmon is a former youth supervisor of the Peoples Temple in Los Angeles, California, who wanted to go to Guyana; however, did not go because his wife Ruby refused.

[Several words deleted] Mildred Rucker, a former Peoples Temple member, who died in Indianapolis in 1971.

[Page 30]
IP 89-191

[name deleted] Herman Edwards, is a former Peoples Temple member, and currently lives at [address deleted] with his mother and sister, and can be reached at telephone number [deleted]. Edwards is believed to have been a former security guard with the Peoples Temple and may have some information of value.

[name deleted] Mary Watkins, claims to have been healed at one time by Jones, as she lives at [address deleted] and has telephone number [deleted].

[name deleted] she considered Jones a con artist and has no information regarding any plans for murder, assassination, suicide, stocking of arms, or the utilization of narcotics.


[Page 31]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/6/78

[First three paragraphs establishing identities and relationships of interview subject heavily redacted]

A second daughter is [3 lines deleted] is a member of the Peoples Temple of San Francisco, California, and has been a member since 1970, and [name deleted] has had no contact with her for approximately one year.

[name deleted]’s wife, [name deleted], and his two adopted daughters began going to church of Reverend Jimmy Jones when it was located in the 900 block of North Delaware Street in Indianapolis. [name deleted] had a wonderful voice and could play the piano and was very active in church affairs, and became quite interested in Jones’ church at an early age.

[name deleted] was a graduate of Washington High School in Indianapolis, and has burn scars on the back of her neck, on the back of her left ear, and her right ear is partially missing, also due to severe burns. [name deleted] felt she was probably abused when she was a small child prior to the adoption by him and his wife. She is of medium build and has light complexion; however, [name deleted] had no information regarding a current doctor and dentist who may have attended to her. The doctors and dentists who have attended to her were a Dr. Hadley (who is believed to be dead) and Dr. Quigley of 16th Street in Indianapolis. [name deleted] did not have

[Page 32]
IP 89-191

the names of any friends or associates, and stated to the best of his knowledge, he had never heard of any plans for murder, suicide, caching of weapons, or planned assassinations of public officials. The recent happenings in Guyana cotton completely by surprise, and he had no explanation.

[name deleted] stated he does have a photograph available of his daughter [name deleted] should it be necessary to provide same.


[Page 33]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/6/78

[Name deleted] was interviewed at his place of employment, [deleted], where he is employed as [position deleted], telephone number [deleted].

[Name deleted] advised that he was an active member of the Peoples Temple from 1967 through 1974, and became acquainted with the Temple through an aunt, [Name deleted], of Indianapolis. [Name deleted] did not believe all of the teachings of Jimmy Jones and his church; for instance, the fact that they were not allowed any contact, social or otherwise, with persons outside their Temple. [Name deleted] did follow Jones out to California, where he was employed as a janitor in [location deleted] while he lived at Ukiah, California. [Name deleted] stated he did serve as an unarmed security guard in the Peoples Temple there, and related that some of the guards did carry weapons; namely, pistols . [Name deleted] was not aware of any stockpiles of arms at the Peoples Temple or elsewhere. [Name deleted] was never threatened since leaving the Peoples Temple, but upon leaving, was advised not to say anything to outsiders. He felt that it was his opinion that this secrecy was linked to the fact that the Temple was integrated and interracial, and the Peoples Temple members had many enemies who wanted to overthrow them. Jimmy Jones preached nonviolence and [Name deleted] never heard him talk or mention of threats, murders, murder pacts, suicides, assaults of public officers, or large stockpiles of weapons. [Name deleted] advised he never owned or carried a firearm of any kind, and never participated in any suicidal drills.

[Name deleted] is described as follows:

[physical description, marital status, and employment all deleted]

[Page 34]
IP 89-191

[Name deleted] recalls some of the following people he had contact with in the Peoples Temple while in California, who may still be active in the Temple:

Brother Iames [Archie Ijames], who was the second-in-command to Jones of the Peoples Temple in California, and originally from Indianapolis.

Jack Bean [Beam], who was also a minister, and active, from Indianapolis.

Harold Cordell

Helen and Cleave Swinney

(All of whom were originally from Indianapolis)

[Name deleted] statement that he lost an aunt, [Name deleted], (his father’s sister) in the Guyana tragedy.

[Name deleted] stated he believed most of the teachings of Jimmy Jones, and he, himself, once witnessed Jones being shot in the chest in California, later treated for a short period of time, however, not taken to hospital for treatment, and Jones preached that very same day on which he was shot. [Name deleted] felt the shooting was legitimate and was not a staged or put-up job.


[Page 35]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/1/78

[Name deleted], date of birth [line deleted] was advised as to the identities of the interviewing Agents and the nature of the interview. She provided the following voluntary information:

In 1971 at the age of 15, she went with her mother, [Name deleted] to California where she joined the Peoples Temple (PT). [Name deleted] said her mother returned to Indiana, but she and her older sister, [Name deleted] remained with the PT in California.

[Name deleted] lived with [Name deleted] while in California from the Fall of 1971 through the Summer of 1972. She said Jim Jones talked about free education, developing old folks homes and orphanages and the quality [equality] of races and she believed him so she stayed with the Temple. She stated she left when Jones began preaching socialism and communism and when she witnessed the violent acts of beatings performed on PT members on Jones’ instructions. She said she, herself, was beaten for violations of rules. She described these violations as things such as contacting her family in Indiana. In addition, she said she believes she was once shot at as a warning by PT members when she was observed with a non-member of the church.

She said she was made to study books on socialism, one of which she brought back and gave to her mother.

[Name deleted] stated Jones preached about a military takeover of the government that would result in a Holocaust of self-destruction. Jones never indicated he planned to lead or initiate a takeover, but that he and his followers would be the only survivors. He said the government would try to take everything and likened it to Hitler’s acts against Jews. Jones preached that the blacks would be the primary victims. [Name deleted] said at the time she was in California approximately 85% of the nearly 1000 members were black.

[Page 36]
IP 89-191

[Line deleted] was told of caves of weapons, ammunition, medical supplies and food. She said the cash was to be used to ensure the members survived the Holocaust. She stated [Name deleted] never took her to the cave, but told her where it was. [Sentence deleted] He told her that to get to the cave it was necessary to climb the mountains behind the hospital and descend the other side by rope to reach the cave. He also told her the caves were covered with rocks.

[Name deleted] said Jones often preached sex and at one time tried to abolish sex saying after the Holocaust he himself would plant his seed to repopulate the world. She said he also told them that he was God.

[Name deleted] advised she attended meetings at the church nightly from 9 PM to 3 AM and during the meetings they were preached to and held a variety of activities. She said they held when Jones called “churchy” meetings when strangers were present and what he called catharsis meetings for members only when discipline was weeded [meted] out. She said the discipline was in the form of beatings with belts or borders for violating rules. Jones would direct a big or large person who was a member to carry out the discipline.

She said she never heard of a suicide pact, but was told that if anything happened to the PT, 20 members would survive and kill anyone who had spoke against Jones or his Temple.

[Name deleted] said Jones detested the government and convinced the members not to trust or believe in the government and that the government was out to get them. She said she was instructed to say nothing if contacted by government Agents.

She stated she knew of no conspiracy directed against government officials. She recalled that Jones once

[Page 37]
IP 89-191

predicted something would happen to George Wallace and three days later he was shot. She explained she had no reason to believe the PT was involved in the shooting.

[Name deleted] said when she was there the Temple was located in Redwood Valley, California, and Jones lived behind the church. She said the nearest town was Ukiah [line deleted].

She said she never knew of any use of narcotics by members and in fact Jones punished members caught smoking or drinking.

She advised that Jones led the church and that Jack and Ravena [Rheaviana] Beam were next in line. She advised Beam traveled for Jones; however, no one ever knew his destination or the reason for his trips. She said she could recall Ravena attempting to find out and Jack refusing to tell her. She advised Archie Imes [Ijames] was a powerful member and handled the care of the children of the church and of the old people’s homes run by the Temple. She stated (first name unknown) [Harold] Cordell, a white male, whose entire family were members was also powerful in the church and served as Jones’ armed bodyguard. She said there were always armed guards at the church meetings and members had to display identification cards.

[Name deleted] advised a black male, who was supposedly wanted for murder, was also powerful in the church. She said she could not recall his name [Chris Lewis], but remembered he was killed in San Francisco. She said to her recollection he was shot with a shotgun and a pistol and she believed the murder was never solved. She said the man was very large and served as a bodyguard and enforcer of the rules and discipline.

[Name deleted] could not recall any other names and stated she has had no contact with the PT since 1972. She said she would notify the FBI if contacted or if further information came to mind.


[Page 38]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/6/78

[5 lines establishing identity and address heavily redacted] to contact the FBI regarding her relatives in Guyana. [Name deleted] stated that she has the following relatives who are members of the Peoples Temple in Guyana:

[Relationship deleted] Lucy Crenshaw
[Relationship deleted] Joyce Marie Polk, page 18
[Relationship deleted] Ed Hallmon, possibly utilizing the name Ed Crenshaw (deceased)
[Relationship deleted] Francine Hallmon
[Relationship deleted] Tiquan Hallmon

[Name deleted] stated she, herself, has never been a member of the Peoples Temple, and had no information whatsoever regarding their beliefs, or practices.

[Page 39]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/6/78

[Name deleted] also known as [name and address deleted] (protect identity), advised that she is a former Peoples Temple member and knows Jim Jones and has known him since childhood. She recalls when Jones had a church on Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis, and when she and her parents attended services at Jones’ church. She became much more active in the church in July 1971, when she attended a rally at Jones’ church on North Delaware Street in Indianapolis. The rally was led by Jones, Tim and Grace Stoen, and others. She was invited to go to California, and went. [Name deleted] took her only son at that time, [Name deleted], and traveled on a bus to Redwood Valley, California. While there, she lived with [Name deleted].

During this period of time in California, she recalls that Jones advocated Socialism and Marxism, and required all persons, members of the Temple, to call him Father, and the children were required to call him Uncle J.J. Jones had a very hypnotic, soothing and seductive voice. He would not tolerate make-up or jewelry for the women during this period of time, and expensive jewelry was required to be turned over to Jones, with Jones saying that the proceeds went to buy land for “our beloved elderly and to provide nursing homes.” Jones claimed to be God, and beat on the US Flag with his fists, throwing the Bible on the floor and spitting on it. The only beating she recalls witnessing was when a Linda Amos spanked [Name deleted] one day during church services so hard he had welts on his behind. He was spanked for crying during the service.

Regarding weapons, the use of and carrying, by Peoples Temple members, [Name deleted] related the following incident:

Sometime during the summer of 1971, [Name deleted] recalls a Sunday service during which Jones spoke of a coming disaster. Jones felt there was impending doom and something evil was about to happen, and he did not want to happen to the elderly or the children. Everyone was moved outside the Temple into the open air, and when this was done, two shots rang out, and Jones fell. Jones then, accompanied by his wife, Marcelline [Marceline], Joyce Bean [Beam], Archie Iames [Ijames], Jack Bean [Beam], walked to his home, where he was attended.

[Page 40]
IP 89-191

Jones later returned to the congregation with a bloody shirt and gauze, and stated he had healed himself by the power of God, and that he had the power of God. With this, Jones preached for approximately 14 hours after his gunshot wound. The people believed Jones, and the fact that he had been shot, and believed it was part of a conspiracy to destroy him and the Temple. The alleged assailants fled through the woods and were never caught. Approximately a week or so later, [Name deleted] began observing guards carrying handguns and walkie-talkies, patrolling the Peoples Temple area. There was tight security; however, she never did observe large caches of weapons or armories, and never heard talk of murder and suicide. She never recalls hearing anything of the assassination or murder of public officials.

On another occasion, [Name deleted] recalls observing Jones, again during a sermon, strike three people dead and then bring them back to life. If anyone would question his supernatural powers, they might risk a beating with a paddle or a belt in front of the entire congregation. Absolute secrecy was demanded regarding any meetings, subsequent beatings, or any miracles work by Jones. Jones would continuously remind the people that he abolished witchcraft and said there was no such thing, yet he, himself, sold lockets which he blessed and which had his picture affixed thereto to protect the parishioners from ills and evils.

Regarding suicides, [Name deleted] recalls on one occasion in the San Francisco Temple, when Jones, during one of his sermons, ask how devoted the people were. Jones would always start his sermons in a very soft, soothing and subtle manner, and then work the crowd into a frenzy. When he asked how devoted his people were, they all hollered, “We love you, Father.” Again, he asked if they would drink poison in the form of Kool-Aid or in milk or soup, at which point again they all hollered, “We love you, Father.” Based on this, [Name deleted] was shocked and yet not surprised at the recent tragedy in Guyana.

[Name deleted] stated that she has not received any specific threats regarding her safety, but yet is somewhat concerned for her safety. She explained she left the Peoples Temple with her husband at that time (her current ex-husband), [Name deleted] (phonetic) [Name deleted], with the promise they would return. They left their son, [Name deleted] with [Name deleted] one of the Peoples Temple members. During their time away from the Temple, [Name deleted] consistently beat her up and [Name deleted] then went into hiding, fearing [Name deleted]. [Name deleted] mother then went to California, and got both [Name deleted] and her sister, [Name deleted] and her son, [Name deleted], and they all returned together to Indianapolis.

[Page 41]
IP 89-191

Jimmy Jones often preached that if an individual defected from the Peoples Temple, the government would continuously watch, threaten, and harass defectors. At a council meeting on one occasion, she recalls a mention being made to stop defectors from giving a bad name to the Peoples Temple. No specifics were mentioned, but the inference was very subtle that a stop, something drastic, could be done. When asked who was present at the meeting, [Name deleted] could only recall Archie Iames and Jack Bean.

The following is a description of [Name deleted] as obtained from observation and interview:

[Information on physical description, relationships, employment, and education deleted on balance of page 3 and entirety of page 4.]


[Page 43]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/6/78

[All text on page deleted]

[Page 44]
IP 89-191

[First two paragraphs deleted]

[Name deleted] he has never been a member of the Peoples Temple and stated that he has known James Jones for approximately 25 years through his mother, who was an ardent follower of Jones, and he considers Jones a professional con man.

[Name deleted]’s personal background, he stated that [4 lines deleted]. His last contact with his mother was by letter postmarked Guyana, in October, 1977, and he last saw his mother in 1972, month and date unknown. [Name deleted] mother has been an active member of the Peoples Temple for over 25 years and she was one of the original members who joined Jones in Indianapolis and traveled with him to California, and ultimately to South America.

[Name deleted] he observed Jones in 1952 work so-called miracles, where individuals in wheelchairs and on crutches and suffering from cancer of the throat, appeared on a big stage whereupon Jones supposedly cured them. The people in the wheelchairs got up and danced around, other people on crutches threw away their crutches, and Jones even plucked cancer (probably bloody chicken gizzards) from the throats of the so-called cancer victims. [Name deleted] did not believe what he was seeing, and Jones became perturbed, [word deleted]

[Page 45]
IP 89-191

[words deleted] this so-called miracle worship as a con job. Jones then [words deleted] offered [Name deleted] money to be one of his (Jones’) inside men, to help him stage the miracles. [Name deleted] not want to have anything to do with this con man and told him so, and never did become active in the Temple. In 1956, Jones talked [Name deleted] into leaving her home at [address deleted] and moving in with Jones. This property was ultimately sold and [Name deleted] presumes it was sold by the Peoples Temple, with the proceeds given to the Temple. [Name deleted] tried to talk his mother out of doing this and disposing of the property, but she was adamant in her zeal to follow and obey Jones.

[Name deleted] furnished the following names of [Name deleted] other immediate family members:

[Balance of page deleted]


[Pages 46 and 47]

[The text of these two pages consists of a signed statement, the entirety of which was deleted.]