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Jones: (unintelligible word fragment) for Friday. Chinese have been indicted by the Soviet Union and all of its major periodicals in being an active partner in– of imperialism in Africa on the African continent and in the Asian theater. It warns China that terse attitude that any further moves on her border or any alliance with imperialist Japan will be met with force.

Refugees are fleeing into Zambia from Zaire. Villages are being burned by the occupied forces, the peace-keeping – so-called – forces that [President Jimmy] Carter set up with the puppet fascist of Morocco primarily. Literally tens of thousands of people are killed and have been arrested. Zaire has demanded the expulsion of all foreigners in (unintelligible name) because the population is so opposed to the Zairian dictatorship of Mobutu Sese Seko and his US-backed imperialism, that foreigners cannot be trusted, so they must close up businesses, give up their jobs and leave.

Fifty-six million dollars, food aid sup– suspended from South Korea because the South Korean government refuses to cooperate with the Senate investigating committee of the bribe scandals. However, it said this was just very little effect on the South Koreans, was just face-saving, because if the Senate wanted to come against the fascist state, they would’ve done so by denying them arms. Arms is what they depend upon most to uphold the vicious dictatorship of South Korea.

One of the four West Germans is back into Germany. However, news has it one of the four members of the Baader-Meinhof. News has it reliably that there was no cooperation by the Bulgarian government, that in fact, as dreadful as it is to have to conceive, that the West German secret police of the neofascist state actually kidnapped them at a beach hotel – Bulgaria has lovely beaches on the sea there – and they took them and put them in a cabin, kept them on the floor for hours, and then secreted them out of Bulgaria without any cooperation from the Bulgarian government. This was the statement of Kilmeire [phonetic] himself, who had been the chief architect of the anarchist Baader-Meinhof– Baader– Baader-Meinhof red activist– really anarchist activist who want to tear down the capitalist institutions. They’re not directly Marxist-Leninists.

Transitional government may have to reconsider in Zimbabwe and accept blacks in the assembly, or there’ll be an all-out war throughout Rhodesia.

Ethiopia making new apparent successes to win support to the central government of Ethiopia from the rebel areas, pockets that have been backed and stirred up to create civil war by US imperialism. Amnesty has been offered to all resisters, and hundreds are taking the offer, that they will not be prosecuted for taking up arms against the socialist government of Ethiopia. An elimination of all taxes on lands by Colonel Mengistu [Haile Mariam]– Mengistu in his wisdom is taking the bite out of the rightwing resistance in his Eritrea province.

Guerilla activity continues in the Ogaden, backed by Somalia and US and Chinese imperialists.

Trade delegation from the United States, the EEC, the Common Market, have gone to Japan on emergency measure, (unintelligible word) Japan is increasing some imports but not enough to avoid the collapse of the world capitalist economic system. Tariff cutting must take place. Maybe a downward trend in Ja– Japan surplus, but the trade delegation said the Ja– Japanese are still looking after their own capitalist needs above the needs of the other capitalist countries. That’s the contradiction that brings capitalism down finally. Like [Adolf] Hitler turned on the people that set him up to kill off Communists and Jews, [President Franklin] Roosevelt and [Prime Minister Winston] Churchill.

Kilmeier said that the German police were as vicious as under the days of Hitler, and flagrantly violated the sovereignty of the Bulgarian Communist republic, by coming in and taking them away by force, the private plane, without the cooperation of Bulgarian authorities that has no extradition treaty with the West German neofascist state.

A committee of Parliament has met, strongly criticizing the British defense and the capitalists who have been building malfunctioning war equipment, particularly a malfunctioning tank that does not work, does not hold up. It’s a part of the NATO so-called defenses, we would say offensive, maneuvers in Europe. The Parilament said this is disgraceful, that actually the industry– munitions industry would make faulty equipment and cost the lives of British boys depending upon such equipment. The British government is shaky. According to Guyana Broadcasting Studios, elections will have to be held by October, because it’s holding onto a thread.

The Indian Home Minister and the Prime Minister of India [Morarji] Desai are in serious trouble. They have had a major division. The president of India [Neelam Sanjiva Reddy] has called the crack very, very serious, and in spite of the frame-ups and smears of Indira Gandhi, the brave woman who led India and was pro-Soviet so many years, that she will stand again, because there’s a proxy war between the Home Minister, Minister of Home Affairs who refuses to take actions against Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on the premise– on the basis that the Indian population will not support it, and he’s warring with Prime Minister Desai. Prime Minister Desai set up a controlled seven-member parliamentary commission to censure the Home Minister Shaka [Choudhary Charan Singh], and most authorities say the Janata Party, the ruling party, is splitting, cracking at the seams, and it’s the end in sight of the Desai rule. Desai has attempted to bring India back into a pro-Western US imperialist alliance.

The Dutch will send no delegation – Netherlands, Holland, or the Dutch, they’re all meaning the same – will send no delegation to Argentina, even though their team is in the final match because of what they say are fascist methods of torture employed by Argentina that does not dignify their approval. The French has also raised the issue of human rights in the troubled nation of Argentina. Even though they’re participating, they have to give surface treatment, the imperialists do, they have to at least speak out when ten thousand people in the past several weeks have been arrested and many of them disappeared in the Argentine fascist state. It’s perfunctory treatment, though, of human rights. You can depend upon that. Because they make it such an issue of Soviet human rights over two dissidents that’ve not even been jailed, they have to go through the routine.

Carter’s called a special emergency energy and petroleum commission, and he’s recommending to Congre– Congress rationing for petrol, because the supply of oil and the upcoming increase of oil prices will endanger the US economy. Under President Carter’s plan, every car driver will have three months ration stamps, allowing a car only two gallons of gas per day. Each car in the United States will only have two gallons of gasoline to run per day. That’ll make it impossible for suburban workers to get to their jobs, and then cause a problem, according to many in the Congress of the United States, that people will have to depend upon mass transit, mass transportation, and there’s little of it available. For instance, in Los Angeles, where you have no subway system, no major but– uh, bus network. President Carter in the emergency also planned his visit this weekend for the oil rich state of Texas. Across the nation, he is calling for a renewing of price and wage control to combat the spiraling inflation that will destroy the capitalist economy. He called it the nation, of course.

We have an entomologist, very famous man from the Un– University of Chicago, the Chicago Museum who’s in our area, but unfortunately he won’t be able to get here, he’s coming to settle. He said the spiraling cost of living prohibits him existing in USA. He said there was uh, an increase of inflation, 11 percent last month, and he stated further that he pays 550 dollars a month for an apartment in Chicago. And he’s a white man, he told [Mike] Prokes and Hue [Fortson] that he was coming here to settle, because he couldn’t live in USA, even though he’s a big, fat salary as one of the heads of the Chicago Museum, but it’s not enough to live on.

Kuwait, one of the oil-rich nations, says oil prices will definitely rise next year, without a doubt. They will rise next year. This will throw, according to most capitalist economies– the uh, economists, the world of capitalism into collapse.

Death penalty is about to be abolished in France, one of the few that still hold onto it. While the USA has renewed the death penalty in most states, most even European capitalists have abolished the death penalty, said the Guyana Broadcasting Studios. In 1972, 78 percent of the French population preferred the death penalty, or favored it. Now slightly only above 50 percent still favor it. It’s expected that legislation will go to the effect of repudiating the death penalty.

In spite of the rightward turn of USA, as you can see in some of the press, I will give you some examples now.

What happened to the terrorist who murdered the American ambassador, is the screaming headline of the Times, in the Sudan several years ago. Retired Marine colonel Robert Heinl – H-e-i-n-l – Jr. has reported in the Detroit Free Press and the New York Times, that the eight Palestinian Black September members (unintelligible word) March 1973, murdered U.S. ambassador [Cleo Allen Noel Jr.] there and his deputy [George Curtis Moore] in Khartoum – K-h-a-r-t-o-u-m – were sentenced to life imprisonment, then deported from the Sudan to Egypt, where they are reportedly living comfortably under house arrest in Egypt. The New York Times screams the penalty for terrorism, as we would call liberation, has in general been far, far too lenient. The Rand Corporation has studied – big capitalist CIA-backed US monopoly capitalist corporation – has studied 77 terrorist incidents in which hostages were taken between 1968 and the present time. It found in those cases where the outlaws were caught and tried, the average sentence meted out was for only 18 months in prison. Furthermore, the Rand study found rough estimates as to the payoffs and risks involved in kidnapping indicate that the terrorist tactic of seizing hostages for bargaining or publicity purposes is far from being irrational, mindless, ineffective, or necessarily perilous. There’s almost an 80 percent chance that all members of the kidnapping team will escape death or capture, and the leftists get their demands. This is very right-wingish talk, for what we would used to consider the Detroit Free Press and New York Times, who are supposed to be more liberal. Once these leftist terrorists, said the Times, make explicit ransom demands, there’s a close to even chance that all or some of those demands will be granted, and virtually 100 percent probability of achieving worldwide– or certainly national publicity. Time Magazine goes on to say, we support former Los Angeles Police Chief Ed Davis, who is a candidate for governor of California, who has offered the best solution for terrorists involved in airline hijacking and other crimes. Hang ‘em at the airport. Thus ends the article of the Times.

In a witch hunt scare tactic, the New York Post whips up fear and distrust anti-communism by saying in September of 1977, West Point’s Com– Commandant of Cadats– Cadets, rather, Brigadier General John Bard, delivered a military lecture to several hundred Soviet officers at the Institute of Military History in Moscow. The same instruction on amphibious assault tactics was also given in Leningrad, which helps our communist enemy. You can see the right-wing tone of the press. It’s certainly very evident. Even an attack in closing on President Carter. Headlines again, the Baltimore daily. What is the difference between the neutron bomb and the nuclear weapons that are already in Europe? The enhanced rad– radiation, reduced blast warhead, dubbed the neutron bomb that’s sent– represents a more plausible potential threat to the Soviet Union than do current tactical weapons, should the USSR attack Western Europe. The Communist Kremlin knows there would be hesitance in the West to employ the more deadly conventional nuclear weapons on enemy-occupied allied territory. It should be noted that the 7000 or so nuclear warheads already in place are capable of both killing through blast and radiation and destroying property. The neutron bomb, however, reduces damage outside the blest– blast area, said The Baltimore Sun, and could thus be used closer to civilian areas with less damage to property. They openly, flagrantly parade what they’re concerned about: property. NATO defenses, the public military defense of US imperialism, against the much-larger Warsaw Pact, the Soviet allies forces, rest on the threat of tactical nuclear weapons, and the neutron bomb is especially suited for destroying an invading force on European terri– terrain, and saving the property. That’s what capitalists are interested in. Property. Controlling land, not people. Hence the hue and cry led by Soviet propagandists, said The Baltimore Sun, against the less-damaging neutron bomb. It’s just a measure so that they’ll be free to attack. It goes into long, I’m going to have to make it concise. The Soviets would have us believe, said the news of Baltimore, that using any nuclear weapon at all would automatically lead to the end of the world, and are pushing that line to persuade us to disarm, even as they arm themselves and prepare to destroy USA. See the hate? The witch hunt? The old commie scare tactics? Moscow doesn’t want us to have this new weapon, said The Baltimore Sun – uh, still a liberal paper, supposedly – and President Carter has apparently decided to please our enemies. They accuse him of pleading uh– then, a last article.

Carter goes in– They go into an attack in the New York Post on his recent trip to Africa. Said Carter made no condemnation of the flagrant lack of human rights in black Africa. Now, black Africa. That is all-inclusive bigotry. That’s the man that attacked us. Rupert Murdoch, in New West Magazine, he owns many, many– he’s a racist, fascist who owns many magazines and press, television across the United States, though he’s an Australian. When Pro– President Carter, said the New York Post, visited anti-communist Brazil, he made sure he brought up the human rights issue and went out of his way to consult with the most prominent liberal critics of the pro-US military government there. Here, now you find the New York Post glorifying a fascist, murderous state like that. However– (pause) however. But in Algeria, in uh, Ni– rather Nigeria and Liberia, both of which rank lower than Brazil on the human and political rights index issue, issued by Freedom House – that must be sick, uh, uh, the sickest thing I ever heard to say that Nigeria and Liberia have less human rights than Brazil. They have no forms of torture. But it says Carter then gave not nary a mention on the issue when he visited Nigeria and Liberia in Africa, except for criticism of the pro-Western governments of Rhodesia and South Africa. The New York Post proudly calling South African racist apartheid genocide regime as pro-USA. Carter in fact claimed that the military dictatorship of Nigeria’s General [Olusegun] Obasanjo, which has formally – it’s O-b-a-s-a-n-j-o – which has formally banned opposition political parties, is just like the United States in making every effort to enhance human rights. While it is true that the normal public executions were postponed during the president’s stay, said the New York Post, an American newsman who had been in– excluded in the past were allowed into Nigeria. As for the freedom in Liberia, the constitution there prohibits white people from becoming citizens and therefo– therefore from owning land. But Liberia means corporations. (unintelligible word) of the news, no white corporation dominated stockholders can own land. This is outrageous, monstrous, and Liberia and Nigeria are one of the more conservative governments. So that shows you the mood in USA.

Go back to work with production in mind, to help our people. Socialist classes tonight, after that, continued serials on Roots, which requires explanations. If I’m not able to do it, you’ll have to show propaganda and everything. But it is a– at least an insight into the suffering, although it doesn’t show the suffering by any means of our black people. It shows some of the suffering, as we emerged from slavery in Africa. Remember, if we don’t produce and we don’t save and we continue to waste, we are killing someone. We are murdering someone that we could’ve freed from the fascist racism of USA. Thank you. Much love.


Part II

Jones: As you know, Italy has been trying members of the Red Brigade, fifty in all. They were facing sentences which were minimal by the standards of Italian law, for alleged kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder and treason against the state. Anyway, the Turin court was meeting to decide their conviction, when fourteen of them were sprung out of the prison and left only one, so 14 were sentenced in abstentia [absentia], in absence, to 15 years, and the one lone remaining prisoner, who did not choose to go with them, got 15 years. Thus is the scenario of the Red Brigade.

Now, more serious developments in the news. Rhodesian white forces– uh, Ian Smith becoming more bellicose and aggressive, receiving more backing from US corporations with imperialist designs on Africa, invaded Mozambique. US planes, even some equipped with US fighters– pilots, strafed and killed several in one village, an undisclosed amount of– number of children, an agricultural station was destroyed utterly, no one was expected to be found alive after the bombing, extensive bombing. Napalm was utilized, a horrible anti-civilian weapon, created by the war machine industry of US imperialism. The Mozambique Marxist-Leninist force struck back, and are fighting inside the borders of Rhodesia in two different places at this time. Simultaneously, after the French poured more troops into Chad, Voice of America, and BBC is crying, that after thousands of French were poured in in the past week to defend Chad, there is a full-scale invasion from Libya, Colonel [Moamar] Khadafy’s Marxist Muslim state. The charge of BBC and Voice of America is that it is backed by Cuban forces, Cuban army is also involved, and they have already penetrated deeply into Chad. Dangerous situations that could lead to a nu– nuclear war. In fact, these days, you wonder what couldn’t lead to a nuclear war. Ceasefires broken, French soldiers are moving to meet the Libyans and Cubans in what could be, in a matter of hours, another confrontation, if the world of news reporting is accurate. And I’m unable to pick up a Soviet uh, socialist station at this time, so we cannot confirm other than from imperialist broadcasting stations, the nature of this attack.

Rhodesia will not agree to a peace conference, because they feel it would not be productive, that white domination would end in the present climate. However, a number of white settlers are demanding peace negotiations to take place with the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. Joshua Nkomo in Denmark uh, meeting with the Social Democratic leaders of Denmark, seeking aid for the Patriotic Front, said that he had five (unintelligible word) Chinese as advisers and Cuban advisors in the past in his war for independence. This came as startling news that there had been Chinese involved on the right side of an issue for a change.

You must not take heart, because China is announcing military aid– a Chinese military delegation is going to Kinshasa in Zaire, the fascist regime that represents only three percent of the people under Mobutu. China said no food assistance will be given, but it is apparent that they will give military assistance.

The Soviet Union indicts the USA and China for imperialism like never seen before in history. Again, the Soviet Union warns that we’re on the road irretrievably to nuclear war. All of the news agencies of the USSR, that is that are quoted by BBC, Voice of Holland, Voice of America, Voice of the Armed Forces that I’ve been able to pick up, being up all night and all day, trying to get this news also gleaned in spare time, is difficult, but according to the Soviet Union, people are pushing them too far. Their fears of encirclement are well-founded, even said a BBC commentary.

That’s the major news of the day. Joshua Nkomo of the Patriotic Front with Robert Mugabe, the Marxist-Leninist, he did not say while in Copenhagen, Denmark, when the Chinese advisers had been utilized, but he said he gets help wherever he can get it, and he said, we will be free of white rule by the end of this year in Zimbabwe, or what the white man calls Rhodesia.

Major incident is this invasion of Chad by the Libya and joint Cuban forces. The USA says that if this is– this is the case, we are in a head-on collision in Africa between the Soviet Union, Cuba, and the USA.

Some history of people that might be of interest. Where has Robert Strange McNa– McNamara gone, former Secretary of Defense. As Secretary of Defense under [John F.] Kennedy and [Lyndon Baines] Johnson, Robert McNamara set the antiseptic computerized tone of the Vietnam War, so much so that it was often called McNi– Mc– McNamara’s imperialist war. He introduced systems analysis to the Pentagon – that’s the headquarters of the military ruling class of monopoly finance capitalism in USA – and he introduced the automatic battlefield to the war zone. When it became clear that the Vietnamese would win their war anyway, McNamara lost some of his enthusiasm and eventually retired to his present post at the World Bank, where he makes 115,000 a year sally– salary, doling out money to indigent and properly obsequious nations. McNamara is not one to do things by halves. And like his last job, he sees this one as a boon to civilization. In a recent speech, he called for an end to grinding poverty and described development as not merely an economic goal, but a social one as well. Sounds good, but one of the countries McNamara’s bank recently aided last week is Chile, to the tune of 60 million US dollars. When Representative Henry S. Reuss – R-e-u-s-s – Democrat, Wisconsin – we should write him – and others objected, McNamara explained that the bank makes loans on economic grounds alone. He proved himself a liar, when he said it would be based on social considerations, freedom, human rights. So much for social goals of McNamara and US imperialism through the World Bank. Chile qualified for its loan by pursuing the deflationary policies insisted upon by the bank, which is, doubling and tripling food prices, cutting back jobs with devastating consequences for the poor. That’s why Guyana is only receiving minimal aid from the World Bank, because they refuse to do these deflationary policies that would throw thousands out of work and devalue their dollar. They rejected IMF, International Monetary Fund monies up till now also, as you know.

Today, the Minister of Justice [Mohammed Shahabadeen], he’s very friendly to our delegation, he is comparable to the Attorney General of the United States, he asked us to come out and support the Guyana Council of Churches for the referendum. He was glad to have our support, welcomed it. Further assurances were given that no extradition will ever be considered by Guyana, they’re even becoming very fierce in that regard, that they will extradite no one, because they consider white nations to victimize their people, including us.

Meanwhile, the World Bank has been under attack for spending two million dollars on first class Concorde seats for its jet-setting executives, while more frugal US government agencies now have been forced by public disclosures to send their government officials tourist class.

What’s happened to Nguyen Van Thieu – N-g-u-y-e-n capital V-a-n capital T-h-i-e-u – president of South Vietnam for the final eight years of its existence, or we should say, dictator. But this is capitalist news, and I forgot to put the proper word. He now lives in Wimbledon – W-i-m-b-l-e-d-o-n – a London suburb in London, England, in a 17-room mock Tudor – m-o-c-k dash capital T-u-d-o-r – house, which reportedly cost in the neighborhood of over a quarter of a million US dollars. He has at least three cars, including a mustard brown Jaguar. Thieu reportedly shuns reporters and friends, preferring to live in seclusion, trusting no one, and share his quiet life with his bodyguards, presumably in some sort of sexual relationship with some. He has no job, but is apparently quite comfortable, though living in constant fear that the Vietnamese people will find a way to assassinate him. The Peoples Republic of Vietnam says that Thieu fled the country with three tons of gold, after SwissAir, plane of Switzerland, the world banking empire, refused his request to carry 16 tons of gold out of Saigon. Thieu has apparently become so shy that when he does dabble in business, he has to use an alias, out of fear of disrepute as there’s a growing socialist consciousness in England, in spite of its racist overtones and nationalistic (unintelligible word).

Nguyen Cao Ky – N-y-u-g-e-n capital C-a-o capital K-y – What has happened to him, the dashing Nguyen Cao Ky, another war surplus leader of fascist South Vietnam, was the Errol Flynn, Hollywood-type of the conflict. He sported a white silk scarf, aviator shades, and once told amazed journalists that he admired Adolf Hitler more than any man on earth. Now he lives in tight security in a 105 thousand dollar home in Huntington Beach, California, protected by the US government, and owns a silver Cadillac. Again, his family has to be guarded around the clock. He still feels that it is his destiny to return to Vietnam, but has decided to go into the liquor business and prostitution businesses on the side, reportedly by the capitalist press.

Robert Komer. Who is Robert Komer? Capital K-o-m-e-r. Robert Blowtach– Blowtorch Komer. Chief of the American pacification program in South Vietnam is now alive and well in Jimmy Carter’s own administration, in the Pentagon, as top– top adviser to Defense Secretary Harold Brown, who today called on building up arms to defeat– to be able to stop the dread Soviet menace. We have definitely entered into a new cold war era. Pacification was the name of murder given to the manifold and intensive methods used to terrorize Vietnamese peasants into submission, bombing out whole villages, killing everyone in them, those who wouldn’t play were ejected from the game. That shows where Carter’s true sympathies are, that Robert Blowtorch Komer, as he was jokingly called by the military, is now chief advisor, top advisor to Defense Secretary Hell– Harold Brown. That goes you which way USA fascism is going.

William Colby, head of the CIA, who bragged that Idi Amin was planned to be murdered by the CIA in Uganda, and will be some time, and should be. It was William Colby who decided who could play, and who couldn’t, in that game with Robert Komer that I was just talking about. Those who were disqualified were subject to Colby’s Phoenix program, spelled like Phoenix, Arizona – P-h-o-e-n-i-x – which made sure that thousands of Vietnamese never lived to see Ky and Thieu incorporated. The scurry that they didn’t want them to see– them scurry abroad and aboard American planes with their tons and tons of gold, and then smuggled into USA and to foreign bank accounts. No law applies to the rich renegades. However, the English government is now investigating, due to popular demands, the president of South Vietnam, so war criminals do get theirs finally. Money offers them no security. Even in USA, those that are living so well have no means whatsoever of protecting themselves, (pause) because they’re surrounded. After killing Vietnamese for the CIA, Colby had the misfortune to be promoted to CIA chief, just in time for the Senate investigations into the CIA murderous dirty tricks. He was dismissed by force of pressure by President [Gerald] Ford for letting Senators play with the agency’s shellfish poison. He now writes books for a living. (Pause)

That is the reasonable summation of the news.

Oh, there’s one other interesting character. Nguyen Ngoc Loan. You may remember him, N-g-u-y-e-n capital N-g-o-c capital L-o-a-n. He’s the man before television cameras that shot– put a pistol up, the world captured the picture for time immemorial of him putting an instant death sentence on a young Vietnamese boy and blowing his brains out before the television camera. Where is this great hero, Nguyen Ngoc Loan? He was immortalized when a quick-witted combat photographer caught him in the act of putting a bullet through the head of a prisoner. At that time, he was chief of– chief of South Vietnam’s National Police, but after the war, he found that the rewards of notoriety are short-lived. He now runs a pizza parlor in Burke, Virginia, where the residents have little to do with him because of race prejudice against him. And in fact, the Attorney General of the state of Virginia has cooked up some kind of investigation against him, which is, according to US News & World Report, likely based on racism rather than his loyal support of US monopoly capitalism. So no matter how well he served fascist US imperialist interests abroad, he’s having trouble now. Capitalists do not take care of their own. Contradictions prevail through capitalism, and certainly those of people who are of Asian, Indian and black can never get along with the capitalist system.

The testing or the socialist classes evaluations will be done tonight under the pavilion, so be sure you’re listening to the news very closely. Review all the concepts that we warned you about. Class struggle, the bourgeoisie, the petty bourgeois, and other elements of the news, the CIA book written by [John] Stockwell. You need to know these things. This is one of the most revealing books, exposés of how our tax dollars should shame us all, that’ve been used for murder, and are being used for murder right now, as Rhodesian planes are bombing children in Mozambique. The news just now said an estimated 500 villagers, 200 children, were killed in one area alone by US planes, piloted by US fighters, coning from the fascist regime of Ian Smith.

Much love.

[End of tape]