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Tish Leroy: This is the second go-around on the chart of Jim Jones. Uh– I should qualify by saying that the first reading I felt was most unsatisfactory, and so I re-did the reading itself, with a different approach. I would probably have never taken this chart out to read it, had I not been specifically instructed, although on two prior occasions, I have glanced at planetary patterns, when I was (pause) in a frame of mind that (pause) (tape edit) made me look at the chart for reassurance. (tape edit)

As– As you listen to the reading, I hope you’ll bear in mind that my attitude toward whatever I see in the chart is one– (pause) Oh, how would you say it, uh– (tape edit) Well, let’s say, I’ll fear for my limitations. It’s very hard to conceive for others beyond your own conceptual patterns, (tape edit) and yet I’m very aware of your state of development, and am very aware that you have gone far beyond me in conceptual patterns, and so I feel very insufficient at approaching this chart, not so with most of the charts that I approach. I do not necessarily feel that I am superior to them, but I feel that I can comprehend what I see, or look it up or figure it out in some way, that I at least have a fighting chance with most charts. Uh– I’m very conscious of my own personal limitations as I look at this chart, not comparatively speaking, but as a reader. I mean, comparatively speaking, I– I don’t even compare myself, frankly, but as a reader, I worry that my concepts are not going to be sufficiently developed to give a correct interpretation to what I see. Uh, in the areas where I find some (Pause) possible help that I might be able to be, then understand that, even though I may voice it as such, I don’t necessarily consider that I’m correct in that, and I’m voicing it, not out of confidence but out of reluctance not to say whatever I see in the chart, because I feel that even though I may not correctly interpret it, I may give you enough of the clues that it might be of some benefit to you. Uh– (pause) I certainly don’t consider myself an authority when I look at your chart. At some charts, yes, at your chart, no. As a result, I’ve also done a great more chartwork than I would ordinarily do, because, while most charts, all of the patterns over long periods of time do not hit them beyond just a lim– limited way, with you, every little nuance is– (sighs) seems to become, I should say, of major importance. Every little tiny thing seems to take on such major importance in your life and is magnified out of all proportion, when it materializes into your life patterns, so– (Pause)

I mention what I feel I should mention as I go through the chart. It’s not mentioned in– in judgmental way or in even a role of authority, but rather humbly, because I– (sighs) I certainly don’t feel (Pause) like I am sufficiently qualified to tell you what is going to be in your future. In the first place, as an astrologer, I do not believe in exact destiny, with few exceptions. Some points I do believe are exact destiny. Most points I believe can be altered. I don’t think most people have– most people apply more than about three percent of the willpower that they have allotted them. It’s not true in your case, but that’s with most charts. So it’s much easier to read most charts, where they’re not going to be applying will, where I might be of some benefit to you. In the reading of this chart is to advise you of some of the currents that seem to be coming, some of the image patterns that seem to be materializing, and that you can possibly correct, alter, or modify as you choose. And it is with this thought in mind that I mention things that may come out or my– my– I might phrase not correctly, but that might be of some service to you. As you listen, you might be able to correct the interpretation I– I am re– I repeat, I am really very, very reluctant to read this chart, uh– It’s taken me days of looking through other material, things I’ve written in the past, because I realize I’ve– my books have been down, my mind has been turned from this for so long that uh– While I still remember tremendous amount, there’s a tremendous amount of small things, important things, as I would look at a chart like yours, that wouldn’t be in mind if I hadn’t done this review that I’ve been doing the last few days. So I have done a tremendous amount of review. I’ve gotten out books, I’ve studied the eclipse patterns that have struck your chart in past years, gone back on the regressions and the other cycles to see, because things that are operative– an eclipse pattern lasts until the transitive Saturn crosses the eclipse point, closing it off, so everything that hasn’t been cut off by a transitive Saturn is still operative in your chart. And so, uh, I have to consider those because those eclipses are still hitting you, such as the one I will make reference to that struck at the time in January ’72, uh– (Pause) I think that was about the time that John [Victor Stoen] came along. But uh– (Pause) Anyway, I qualify the reading before I give it.

Now, what I would like to do first on this side of the tape, is to give you a brief introduction of what I am reading, since I do not read as traditional astrologers do. Uh– They read by definition, by rote, by memory, by things they’ve learned have happened. In a way, I read that also, but I read based on a theory of the magnetic fields. You mentioned that you were a stark materialist. Well, I don’t know that that’s too far from where I am. Perhaps I phrase it differently, but in fact, uh, I have always demanded to know and understand whatever I believe in, well, there has to be a reason for it, or I’m not able to fully accept it. Uh, just as I have looked and searched and plodded until I found the text material that satisfied me on the studies of socialism and communism, which I have prepared, and I will give you a copy of some of the things I’ve worked out, not of my own origin, but rather things that I found that support a structure that people can work from.

Uh– With astrology, I feel that we’re dealing with tension patterns applied to energy. Now exactly where the energy comes or if it’s pre-existing, I’m not sure. But during the studies of the scientist over a two-year period, I think they call it the great geophysical year– I mean geo-Earth, uh, that relativity. I don’t know if you were knowledgeable or conscious of it at the time it was going on, ‘cause you were involved in revolutionary activities, and I was involved in uh, r– rather scientific uh, pursuit of astrology at that time, so I was paying attention to what they were digging up that I could apply to what I wanted to study for. Uh– The thing that they came out with, I would say the– the most pronounced thing they came out with was that m– matter is tension applied to energy. In other words, that material form is tension applied to energy, a tension of one sort applied to the energy field brings about the formation of matter, which implies uh, a pre-existing plan or thought-form or something to comprise the tension, which is why– or, an explanation to me why you’re so readily able to materialize of course the shar– your chart shows uh, intense ability to bring into form, and it shows uh, unusual perception and planning, and it shows the revolutionary in the field of (pause) seed formation, that is, the seed formation for the plans for the whole Earth field. This is the basic root of your whole life at this time. But what I’m trying to explain is that everything that I read in the chart is based on this tension pattern. I will give to you (sighs) uh, in case you’d like to purs– peruse it, uh, a manuscript I gave to you earlier on uh, fusion of man into god, which– and here again, God per se as I’m referring to it, I’m not making reference to as a person or an entity but rather as an archetypal form, in other words, achieving that stage of form or structure, achieving that stage of development. Uh– This comes across at points in my writing, but because most people do not relate to that, I don’t particularly stress it. But Carl Jung mentioned the great archetypes that dominate the Earth field, and it’s my personal theory that the archetypes are represented by the planetary combinations. In other words, Neptune-Pluto combination gives an archetypal form relative to the (pause) uh, God plan in its most sensitive development. That Uranus-Pluto relates to the image we call the Christ in the Earth field, that Neptune-Pluto– Pluto representing the cosmic factor, Neptune representing the Holy Spirit or the seed plan, the ultimate seed plan for the Earth field. Uh– This basic archetype combines each with the others, and they come to bring certain image into the consciousness of the people, and a person works toward whatever image is dominating them in the chart pattern based on their motivation and their ability to develop the people that come into their life that modify the– their own motivation, and that enable them to see themselves– to see the illusion of self and to see the plan and the program toward which they might work the goal, toward which they might work. (tape edit)

So, the– the planets, then, in my readings, represent archetypal image content and– or tensions that go to apply or to – excuse me, not apply – that go to manifest this type of archetypal form in one or another manifestation, depending on the kind of aspect that the planetary combination, the sign it’s in, the house it’s in, the whole thing, all goes to modify the ultimate form that’s produced. But you’re dealing with very material forms, and going back behind that, you’re dealing with a very simple formula that matter is tension applied to energy, so that my tension applied to an intense energy field is able to materialize at a very rapid rate, which is what you do. You modify for other people the image content that they have, because you see, through much clearer vision, the top archetypal form, you might say, that they could achieve. You don’t pick for them the form that you could achieve, you pick for them the form that they can achieve, and you present that to them in a way that they can see it, which enables them to work at whatever level they are, which is probably the greatest thing that you are able to give to those who follow you, is– is because you have this thing in your chart which we call the king-maker aspect, and you make up a person, a king or a queen, wherever they are and at whatever level, you give them something that they can achieve. (tape edit)

The other factors in the chart are the cycles, the unfolding cycles. Now, here again, we’re dealing with the magnetic fields in the unfolding of the energy pattern. Uh– According to a research scientist that I studied with, a former research scientist on the ICBMs, the wave as such can be measured, and it forms a structure at certain points, and it’s on this basis that I– I read the aspects in the chart. Uh– In this book, The Fusion of Man Into God, there is at the back appended, uh, three– I think, three or four pages that explain the aspects and the construction points. You can relate it two ways, either to the child, where the uh, conjunction or seed point, the zero degree angle relates to uh, the seed of the plant or the birth of the child. Then the opening square, the ninety degree point in the cycle represents the– the child at about age seven, where the form and the structure are well-started, the bone structure is developed, but it isn’t uh, in mature form. In the plant, this would be the breaking of ground point. The opening square would be the point at which the plant breaks ground and sends it first shoot up. Uh– The opposition or the 180 degree point would be the fulfillment point of the self, it would be the child at age 14, where the material form is pretty well developed. The uh, opposition in the plant would be the point where the bud is formed, where it’s just starting to bud. The closing square, the hun– the 270 degree point in the chart is the uh, fruition point, the point of achievement, the point of testing, where you find out– in other words, the proof of the fruit is in the eating, so you get to eat the fruit at that point, whether it’s good or bad. In the uh, life, this is the child at age 21 when he has developed to the point that we– we see what he’s got to offer, uh– that the form is fully developed and mature, and then there is yet a point– another seven years that goes before, at age 28 or 29, he reaches uh, the point of his first maturity, uh, where there’s a dissolution of the first old pattern and the beginning of another seed pattern, and this is– then the plant, it’s the point at which the plant goes to seed in the closing or final– afterward it comes back to a conjunction again.

So, that’s explaining it briefly. If you’re interested, you can look at the material that I– I will give you with this, which is uh– which does have a more– perhaps a more detailed explanation of the aspects– the harmony aspects and the uh– all of them as you go around the cycle of– of 360 degrees.

So, (sighs) that’s a brief explanation of that, then uh– (tape edit)

I would mention only one other thing, and that is that I had one client come to me that completely dispelled or disproved every theory that I had in connection with the tension field, and that was uh– I looked at her chart and I looked at her and I looked at her chart again and I looked at her and then– then I said you’ve given me the wrong date of this chart. It’s not you. And she said, well, she was sorry, she had given the correct data, and I said, well, tell me, were you as a child an extremely nervous person, and she said, yes, very much so. And I said, well, that gives me a little more hope in the chart. I said, what have you done in your life pattern that has completely altered the intense extreme nervousness shown by this chart. And she told me she had gone to Burma or down to that area to the islands and had studied with some Buddhists, and in the process had been given a series of exercises where she developed intense concentration abilities, and she learned to hold the mind at attention at all times. And uh, this was done through a simple method of feeling and uh– feeling the breath as it extended beyond the form, and feeling– paying attention to what she felt in her hands as she moved the muscles, paying attention to the feeling in the arms and the legs as she moved and as she walked, uh, trying to feel everything that was going on her body at one time, and hold her mind on that intensely, and she wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone for six months. When she had anything wrong, she’d have to focus her mind in the area that– of wherever the pain was, until it would dispel.

So– anyway, she had an experience there, and she left. It was interesting. I later, in uh– a CPA for whom I worked for, was talking to a little Burmese Buddhist girl, and I told her about this woman, and said uh, you know, did she know of anyone that could get me some information on this form of study. So this young lady wrote to a priest in Burma, a Buddhist priest who was a friend of hers, and he did send me a little pamphlet which has this exact method in it. I think they call it the [sounds like] Sunlun Method. Uh, I’m not sure that’s correct. Anyway, I have the pamphlet on it. But it is a study of uh, holding the mind at conscious attention and state of concentration in that res– in that way. So, this present– this develops a mind tension of such a nature that it can completely dispel the static aspects of the chart, and so I know that all aspects of the chart can be overcome in the same way. And I mention that, just to qualify, as I’m reading your chart, while I may be reading one thing, I also realize that you are able to overcome anything that you choose to in the chart (sighs), save the initial archetypes themselves, which uh– all archetypes are– are fine, there’s nothing wrong with any of those in anybody’s chart, it’s just the level that they have developed of themselves, and some people had developed very low levels and some are very high.

But I add this qualifying note now. If you would put your tape on fast forward and run it to the end of the tape, then I’ll turn uh, the tape over to do the actual reading of the chart, so that it starts on a fresh side, and you don’t have to go through this preliminary whenever you want to, if you should happen to want to uh, review the reading at any time. So, stop the uh, machine and then put it on fast forward to the end of the tape and then turn it, if you would please.

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Side 2

All right, this is looking at the chart itself of Jim Jones, the actual reading of the chart is now beginning. (Tape edit) I have selected the degree of 22 Aries as the rising degree on this chart. Uh, I selected it for several reasons. Number one, it connects to your mother’s [Lynetta Jones] chart. Number two, the 11, 22 and 33 are crucifixion degrees, and 13 also, of course. And uh, the chart of the life as you have lived it certainly has been one of total crucifixion of the self throughout the life pattern. Also uh, the degree as defined by Isidore Kozminsky, I’ll read you his definition.

Under the influence of the planet Mars, a pilgrim crossing himself in front of an ancient temple, an over-dressed official and a soldier mocking at him, denotes a devout person who will be subjected to many trials and taunts in life, but who will, by the strength of his faith, overcome them all. He comes from the masses rather that from the classes, and his sympathy will ever be will the struggling people of the nations. From officialdom and materialism, he receives scant courtesy. It is a symbol of faith.

This particular author has uh, proved to be so accurate in other charts that I’ve done and in other degree areas that I will often, when I’m in doubt, look to see what image content he picked up on this particular dree– degree, and see if it ties. So, uh, for that reason, I have selected this degree area. (Tape edit)

On the degree area for your ascendant uh– I mean, for your sun, uh, his definition is as 22 Taurus, hand holding a torch amidst the darkness under the influence of Jupiter denotes a light-bearer whose mission is to guide others and to uplift them. No matter how dark the way, his presence inspires brightness. There is no weakness in this native, who knows just what he is on this world to do, and who does it. It is a symbol of directorship. So you see, his– his parents already sees– are very definitive, and so for this reason, I’ve selected this 22 Aries rising. And your chart also, it fits your appearance. (Tape edit) Uh, as time goes along, I can test this chart and watch it, but where I don’t have uh, exact dates and things that I can check out against it, it’s very hard for me to test the chart in other ways. (Tape edit)

The angles of the chart – that’s the first house, the fourth house, uh, the seventh and the tenth houses of the chart – deal with the form and the formations of the life pattern, that define the basis behind that (Tape edit) (unintelligible word) up to the twelfth house. The cadent house – or the last house before an angle – is actually the point out of the past from which the angular house must grow, so we take a look at your twelfth house. (Tape edit)

I’m going to touch on these briefly, since– Uh, if you want me to do a lengthy delineation on the natal horoscope later, I will, but right now, for the sake of time and– so that you don’t have to sit through a great deal, I’ll just give very briefly on these.

(Tape edit) The twelfth house holds moon, north node Uranus and Venus, spread nonetheless in conjunction. Uranus of course is the revolutionary planet. It’s the disintegrator of the Saturnian form, Saturn probably relating to capitalism, Uranus to socialism, and Neptune to the perfect seed plan of communism, and Pluto of course to the truest factors that bring all of these into their proper perspective. (Tape edit) The Venus Uranus conjunction in the twelfth gives a very, very intense emotional pattern, moon in Aries acts like a moon-Mars conjunction, that intensifies the emotional nature. Also the imaging abilities, the moon is the great reflector, and as such, with the connection in Aries, it gives you a direct uh, connection to the Martian brain to the uh, idea forms that are open and available to you. In Aries, it (pause) makes you an initiator. (Tape edit) Venus-Uranus we connect with the most extreme emotional patterns, (Pause) sexual drives and the like. This pattern in the twelfth house of secret and sorrow explains itself. There are many secrets and many sorrows in connections with the uh, emotional pattern. (Pause) And of course, in your case, a square in Jupiter-Pluto opposing Saturn, so the lives are connected with karma from the past, and also, Pluto brings the light of day into them, and eventually in later life, probably, everything in the life pattern comes out, the– in the latter days of the life at least, all will be known. There’s no ultimate secrecy in this chart.

I shouldn’t say that’s true. Pluto in the fourth is a double factor, that’s the– they call it the face– the two faces of Pluto. There’s always a hidden side to everything. There will be some things that will never be told, I– I should qualify that. There’ll be some aspects of this that will never be made known, will never be told, but certain of them will come out. (Tape edit)

The Taurus of the chart holds the sun-Mercury conjunction. It’s a wide conjunction. The Mercury’s in Taurus, which is Venus sign, and it increases the sensory perception, and it increases the mercurial mind-expressions. Mercury is the– you might say the uh, wiring across which all of the senses must express. (Tape edit) We define Mercury as the nervous system, and it’s the network over which all the ideas, feelings, and actions are programmed by the controlling God or the controlling (Tape edit) image content of the particular system, or gods, as you will, since there are many people at the helm in every life pattern. The person who’s at the helm today, when you make a decision, is not necessarily the person who’s at the helm when you go to carry it out. And Mercury represents the flow of prana or nerve force, and the blockages to Mercury indicate the times when this force is also blocked. It interprets– It’s the force that interprets consciousness for the energy coming inward. (Tape edit)

Planets relate to energy and its distribution. (Tape edit) There seems to a level of energy expressing as we consider the planets coming from the sun outward at a level of consciousness expressing, as we consider the planets from Pluto coming inward, and actually, that is a whole method of interpretation within itself. The interpretations of the planets going from the sun outward and from Pluto coming back inward, and as they relate, you look for different things by looking through different– uh, through different– along different pathways. (Tape edit) The Mercury rising in the chart gives a very early keen, sharp mentality, gives a very good ability to express the planet was stationary going direct at the time of your birth, so there is an increased intensification of the pranic force available to you and able to flow across that network. We look to the aspect of sun and Pluto, and find that it is sextile and harmonious, in that the plutonian energy flows easily through your sun and outward, unless there’s an aspect from Pluto to the natal sun. And usually a harmony aspect is the easiest to handle, when there is difficulty getting a cosmic force into the center, which can then flow out across the nervous system through the vehicle itself. This uh, is shown by your chart to be extremely high, and it is also indicative that your motivation is about as sound as any motivation could be. Probably one of the first things I looked at when I looked at your planets was to see the aspect between sun-Pluto, which defines the motivation of the chart, and I find this to be in strongest harmony and to be in most profound, uh– and sincere aspect. (Tape edit)

Sun in the first is indicator that you do not really pay much attention in this life to anything beyond what you yourself are here to initiate, what you yourself are here to do. You recognize the importance of that, and it’s very difficult for you to be sidetracked, even for a moment, into other areas, uh, unless things directly relate to the plan that you are formulating, the plan you are working with, you will not be inclined to get very much interested. Courtesy might prompt you to listen, but in fact, unless it is part of the pattern – or you can see it as part of the pattern – you will not listen, uh, to any great degree to anything that might sidetrack you from your efforts. And this probably was true life long, because this is a dominant aspect in the chart.

(Tape edit) –as to finances is ruled by Venus conjunct Uranus, which means that things come to you in swoops and fells, and at times, there is limitation and at times there is lack, but when it does come, it comes with surprises and it comes with people. Money in your chart usually comes with people. Uranus brings people, usually strangers or unexpected patterns into the life. The greatest sums of money come through unexpected sources in your pattern. I’m inclined to think that they come as a result of materialization of whatever need is there, because Taurus is ruling that point, and Taurus inclines to materialize what it needs when it needs it. It’s the sign that we connect to the greatest understanding of human need, and by that, I mean food, clothing and lodging. The basic needs of– of human life. (Tape edit)

The ideologies are ruled by the third house. We find Gemini on this house, so we look to the aspects of the natal Mercury, and find it aspecting every planet in the chart. (Tape edit) There’s no limitation to the ideologies. The basic one is a revolutionary ideology of change. Now, when Uranus– Uranus came into Aries, it brought with it the people of that era, were those who will initiate the revolutionary patterns for the world. Those born with Pluto in Cancer will initiate the form of those revolutionary ideas. (Tape edit) Of course, you were one of those Pluto in Cancer, and Uranus in Aries, so you come in with both the demolition know-how to get rid of the old plan, and the form and structure for the new plan. (Tape edit)

(Sighs) Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in the fourth house, give you a wandering home. (Pause) I’ve never seen a chart yet of anyone yet with Pluto in the fourth house where they were in their birth location. The world is their home, they’re world travelers, they’re never satisfied in the birth location. And usually they travel a great deal in life. Saturn opposing your Pluto has made travel at times extremely difficult, but the travel is nonetheless indicated, and will continue. You will lifelong be a world traveler. (Tape edit) You may have brief periods when you do not, but that will just be that: brief periods. (Tape edit)

The fifth house of the chart is the house of the natural children, and it is the house of the loves of your life. And by that, I mean things as well as the people that you love. The places, as well as the things and people. We find Mars and Neptune both in this house, in different signs but both in this house. (Pause) The sun also rules, and Mercury also rules a degree of this house in your chart. (Tape edit) This would indicate three to four natural children. There may be another one, from the looks of this, yet to come. (Pause) (Tape edit) It indicates a constant difficulty for the children, a danger of accidents and a danger of the poisonings, Neptune indicating poisonings and a danger of accidents through the Martial type of (Pause) accident or attack. (Tape edit) I don’t know that there will ever be a totally safe time for your children. Probably your own protective energy is the only thing that has saved them thus far from much more grief than they would’ve otherwise had. (Tape edit) Yet through this, they seem to achieve tremendous abilities, Leo giving them (Pause) understanding of leadership roles, Virgo giving them understanding of the common man. (Pause) (Tape edit) Mars trining the moon and sextiling the Saturn (Pause) gives them ultimate success in life.

Now this is one of the aspects that you do not usually go beyong. As I said, some aspects are almost destiny. Uh– These give a destiny pattern to your children, and it promises them a life success. You have a destiny pattern in your own chart, the Saturn trine the moon almost exact in aspect, the sun being 22 degrees, Saturn being 23 degrees of uh, Earth signs. In trine one another we call a harmony aspect. This gives you an assured success in the ultimate life pattern. A Saturn in the tenth house in the natal location warns you to get the hell out of the birth location, because if you don’t, there is uh, danger of a fall after a rise. But by moving to a locality where Saturn is not in the tenth, then the sun trine Saturn can work to the fullest, and that is operative in Guyana, incidentally. (Tape edit)In the Ukiah location, Saturn was in the eleventh, which is the betrayal of friends. You will not have the betrayal of friends here that you had in the Ukiah area. (Tape edit)

South node in the sixth house of work and labors indicates that you’re inclined to pour yourself out to your detriment in the house of work. You work to your detriment. Uh– It would be better if you could work less than 24 hours a day. I don’t know that I have any business saying that, but that would be my advice to the ordinary person with that position. That you’re inclined to pour yourself out into work, and actually waste many of your energies in this area, but probably in your case, this should be read differently. (Tape edit)

Seventh house is ruled by Libra. (Gusts a breath) That’s very, very sensitive balance. Libra is a difficult sign to deal with. This brings difficulty with the partners to a degree, frozen by the Venus-Mer– uh, the Venus-Uranus conjunction. Uh, they would have to be of a most intense nature, and a most (Pause) unusual disposition. And there is always a need to be held in very, very careful balance, or this gets out of adjustment or out of alignment, and then the balance is way off. Venus-Uranus in the house of partnerships gives the image content the archetype dominating that particular area of life, where the partner or mate, as Uranus revolutionary, Venus love, the love of revolution and the willingness to go to extremes before interests can be (pause) developed on your part. And if s– the people brought into that pattern were not of that nature, your pattern and your chart would make that of them. So I would qualify that. If their nature was not that when they started with you, it would be before they were finished with you, because you would– your own image is so strong in that area that it would super-impose itself upon their own, uh, pattern. However, it would have to be something related in their chart in order to draw them and hold them to that correcting pattern that you would super-impose. (Tape edit)

The eighth house, the house of the hereditary pattern, is ruled by Pluto and Scorpio. We find Pluto with Jupiter in the fourth– the end of life, so that the hereditry– the heredity of the life is realized in the latter part of the life. The inherited pattern, that which you came in to do, that which is yours, you might say by divine right or by destiny, uh, is not realized until the latter part of life. The latter half of the life would– would see the beginning of the fulfillment of that. The first half of the life would not contain, but the latter half of the life would. (Pause) I will have more to say on that when I come to the aspects, because there is a– you have a particular progression that is relating to that. (Tape edit)

The ninth house of philosophy and travel is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, and we find the Jupiter connected with Pluto in the fourth, opposite Saturn and squared by moon, Uranus and Venus, so there is no boundary to the education, there is no boundary to the (pause) travels, but the whole thing is dominated by this revolutionary pattern in the seed pattern of the chart, the twelfth house of the chart. (Tape edit)

Saturn in the tenth is in Capricorn. Capricorn is connected with empire. We connected– we connect the empire period to Saturn, and the remnants of empire in the Earth’s field are found ruled by Saturn, so that– (Pause) (Tape edit) The forms that you are breaking up, Uranus squaring that Saturn, you are breaking up the forms and the connections that relate to empire in the Earth field. That is what the impression is in your mind, that is, would be the dominating archetype, would be to destroy all of that, to demolish it. Uh, Uranus is the decrystallizing planet, it break up all crystallization. Saturn is the highest form of crystallization possible from the lunar or reflective uh, image content. Now, moon out through Saturn deals directly with Earth and its image content. The Plutonianformations, uh, Saturn is– is the planet of intense form, it brings into form, it creates formation. The plutonianformations are cosmic in origin and deal with cosmic energy field. Saturn cannot handle the cosmic energy field, but when it is related by aspect, as it is in your chart, it either brings a person of intense brutality or it brings a person of such intense understanding that he can hardly bear what he feels. And if you see a chart with the Venus – as you have in this chart – square Saturn opposition Pluto, which is not a usual aspect, when you find such a planet, you will find a person either of great brutality and total insensitivity, or one who feels so intensely the pain of the world that he has no choice but to help reach out and try to alleviate the pain that he feels. Which is, of course, the case in this chart. Uh– In some of my lecture material, I– I ran into this pattern. I think it’s in this Pluto uh, material that I’m giving you. You might recognize it when you come to it, (Tape edit) should you choose to read it. (Tape edit)

Eleventh house of friends is ruled by Aquarius–

Oh, excuse me. Back to the tenth house. The career itself is actually the demolition of the old empirical forms. Saturn in the tenth would’ve given you a loss of position in your native locality, but since, as I explained, you have moved out of that locality, that uh, separates you from that (Pause) image content. (Tape edit)

But friends with the revolutionary people, those chosen for life friends would be people of a revolutionary nature, people of the Uranian nature, unusual, different, very extreme. You would never choose for friends people of (Pause) mild nature, because this would not appeal to you at all. You might be kind to them, but they would not be your choice of friends. (Tape edit)

When we think of Neptune, we think of the– (Pause) Oh, I– I– I would describe it as the image of the higher consciousness sitting up there someplace in your mind, one of the levels of the mind, with the whole plan and the whole program for the ultimate development all figured out, sitting up there watching you develop as you come along the way. In other words, it would be the idea form watching the materialization. Uh– That’s kind of far-fetched, and I don’t know how else to explain the tension pattern. (Tape edit) But the twelfth house is the ultimate development. It’s the beginning development from the past five but it’s also, the (Pause) seed that you lay for the next life, should there be one, and it’s also (Pause) the means of the ultimate death, and in your chart, it’s a (Pause) (subdued tone) strange pattern, with this pattern. (Pause) You will probably be one of those who will will yourself to go out when you want to go out, just as you have willed yourself to stay here at times when you’ve had (Pause) death approach. (Pause) I’m over my head on this particular pattern in the chart, and I will tell you out front, I should not be interpreting it, because I really don’t understand all the implications of your chart. Some things I see there, and I don’t quite know how to read them. (Tape edit) Uh, I know how to read them in an ordinary chart, but they don’t apply in your case, so I don’t know how to read them in your chart necessarily, some things. (Tape edit)

(more upbeat) The end of the life, I rather like in this chart. Jupiter is with Pluto. Now that’s the king-maker aspect. Pluto is intense formation as a crystallizer at a cosmic level. Saturn is a crystallizer at an Earth level. So we have Saturn opposing Pluto, separating and binding. So we have an intensification of the Plutonian ability to materialize form and to crystallize formations. (Tape edit) This falls in sextile to the natal sun, which is a beautiful aspect pouring huge, tremendous amounts of concentrated energy into the life expression through the self, through the person, through the physical body actually, ‘cause it falls in your first hou– first house. (Tape edit) So a life goal is definitely realized in this chart.

Now, looking at the polarities in the chart. (Tape edit) (unintelligible phrase) the declinations first, we find moon, Venus, and Mercury in parallel aspect, in south declination. (Tape edit) This increases the reflective abilities, the psychic abilities– Your psychic perceptions, however, are not the norm– are not psychic as most people are psychic. Yours comes through the Venus field, which is actual sensory feeling, perceptions through the feeling. Actually, the sensory antennae which uh, are supposed to extend uh, three-quarters of an inch beyond the physical form itself, are very, very highly developed uh, in this body. And if we had some device that could see it and measure it, it would be seen to be of extreme color and extreme development uh, in your pattern. (Tape edit) Sun and Mars are parallel at 17 and 18 degrees north declination in the natal chart, and Jupiter and Pluto are parallel at 22 degrees north declination. So these are just increasing power and drive aspects in the chart.

The natal latitudes present a very, very interesting thing. They’re all very near the ecliptic. This is not usually the case. Whenever planets are very near the ecliptic, or the pattern along which the Earth or the sun travels in the whole Earth field, in other words, the uh– it’s the– the pattern through the galaxy that all of our planets are taking, as I recall. Now, I could be wrong on that, but that’s as I recall. But I do know that the – and this is in the scientific standpoint – the energy field is tremendously increased on the ecliptic. And so here we find the natal latitudes of your planets at 3 degrees north for the sun, 1 south for the moon, Mercury 2 south, Venus 1 south, Mars 1 north, Jupiter 0 north, Saturn 0 north, Uranus 0 south, Neptune 0 north, Pluto 0 north, being uh, the ecliptic itself starting at zero and moving out, either north or south. The extreme is about 23 to 26 degrees, and the usual is around eight to ten. So all of these planets right on the ecliptic increases the power of everything in your chart by about 700 percent. Every one of those being on the ecliptic would increase the power of that particular planet, so you’ve got– you’ve got one two three four five– five of them at zero degrees, three of them at one degree, and two of them at two and three degrees, uh, accordingly, so they’re all very close to the ecliptic. That increases the power on which you have to draw so far beyond the ordinary that it isn’t even funny.

The polarities are evenly balanced. You have five planets in male signs, five in female signs, which gives you, as you know, a tremendous balance in your person. Interestingly, the sun is in a feminine sign, and the moon, which is a feminine planet, is in a masculine sign, so this gives you a greater strength. (Tape edit)

I worked with a fe– brilliant, brilliant scientist named Ralph. I can’t think of his last name right now. He uh, was a student of yours, probably. He was of the– he belonged to the Bahai religion, which I understand was founded by the Baab Bahaullah, but he wasn’t a religionist as sort– as such. He did believe in uh, the social order that the Baab was trying to bring about, but he was very disappointed with the people operating in religion, and so he wasn’t practicing it, but he had a fantastic science that he developed, and in fact, when we have time, it might be interesting for some of our people to go through it, because he developed uh, forms which houses could be placed that would give greater harmony to the people living within them. He did this with rabbits. He also found that he was able through magnetic application to change uh, producing– uh, to change male bucks into females and have them produce and vice versa. I– I do have a lot of his scientific writing. (Tape edit) He was a man of the extremely high moral character. (Tape edit) (unintelligible word) moral in the sense of honor as against morality. I– I don’t mean it in the usual sense there. (Tape edit) Integrity would be a better word, not morality, integrity. (Tape edit) He said when he was going to die, and he put himself out within an hour after he said that he was going out.

I’m about at the end of this tape, so uh, you go to tape–

[Editor’s note: The second half of this reading is on Q 604.]