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[Editor’s note: This is a continuation of the first half of this reading on Q 603.]

Tish Leroy: Tape number two on the chart of Jim Jones, starting into the progressions, regressions and uh, current cycles as they’re now hitting the chart.

I should’ve mentioned the sunspot number– the sunspot number is 20 decreasing. Uh, sunspots go from zero to, oh, a hundred and– through 140 in a given month. Very, very high and very, very low sunspot numbers are indicative of usually pretty high mentality or ability to express, excepting those with very, very high sunspots cannot usually communicate as well as those with the lower number of sunspots, so the 20 that– the 20 point six uh, decreasing sunspot number for your month at about the time you were born is uh, very favorable for your ability to communicate, and indicates that that you can munic– communicate very uh, high advanced theory into the Earth pattern. (Tape edit)

This is Friday, November the eighteenth, 1977. (Tape edit) Your chart was struck by an eclipse uh, on the sixteenth of January, 1972. Conjuncture natal Saturn in the tenth, which in the natal chart would bring about uh, a– an eclipse to the natal Saturn would– would preempt a career fall, as such. Uh, it’s very great– It certainly is a shaking of the foundation of the career pattern at that time, and if you didn’t have the chart that you had, with the trine in the sun, which gives you ultimate success in every venture, uh, career-wise, (pause) eventually, you do succeed. Uh, you may have ups and downs and falls, but you will always come back up to the top, because that is a destiny factor in the chart that you do not have to worry about life overriding, because it’s about a strong destiny factor as you can have. It’s one of the few things that I– I look to for absolutes in the chart, so in that uh, I’d say is– is extremely pronounced. (Tape edit) However, this gets touched off every time Saturn uh, affects it. (Tape edit) [I don’t] Know if that’s the time John [Victor Stoen] was born or not. I think– I think he was born in January of 72, I– I don’t recall, and Maria [Katsaris]– or Margaret hasn’t yet gotten me that date. His birthdate. (Tape edit)

The planetary patterns of August 1975 came to the halfway point in that chart. Saturn reached the opposition to that point, and to a degree, the events of that time ultimately weakened the eclipse pattern, but it would’ve given you a blow of some sort in August of ’75. I don’t remember what happened in that time. (Tape edit) I think it was shortly after this that you decided to go to San Francisco, because I came to San Francisco in March of ‘76, I think, (Tape edit) though I think that it would’ve been about August or September of ’75 that you made the decision to move down there yourself. (Tape edit)

The results of that chart extend a long way into the future. In November and December of– No, wait a minute. Yes, that’s correct. In November of 1982– November of 1982, Saturn reaches a closing square of that. It could climax and finish and complete the pattern, although the uh, total pattern uh, continues in some way (Tape edit) for another seven years, ending in 1989. (Pause) Whatever– whatever is involved with that pattern will not extend beyond 1989. But in all probability, in 1982, it will– it will terminate, for all practical purposes. (Tape edit)

In May of 1975, a solar eclipse in 20 degrees of Taurus– Incidentally, the eclipse in January of ’72 is ultimately very beneficial to you. It’s a north nodal eclipse. In May of ’75, a solar eclipse in 20 Taurus, a south nodal eclipse which is detrimental somewhat to your health, was conjunct your sun that uh, brings some difficulty to the (Pause) eyesight, some danger to the eyesight at that time. That would’ve been in May of ‘75, there would’ve been uh, health factors, probably (Pause) precipitating trouble to the eyes at that time, and also to the throat. And had you been an ordinary person, you probably would’ve have had uh, (Pause) cancer of the throat and a severe condition resulting that you wouldn’t have been able to get out of. (Tape edit) Here again in your chart you have powerful trines to your sun that always give you a way out, and the trine of Pluto gives you that constant energy, cosmic energy coming in that uh, erases almost everything that would do you in. Not almost everything, but it does erase everything that would do you in, I should phrase it that way, because you do have ultimate success in life pattern, you do have ultimate control in the life pattern. I don’t think you have total control right now, but I do see from the chart that you do have ultimate control, and ultimately, you will have total control. That’s my opinion, that’s– you know, from what I can see there. I– I again am not– I don’t feel qualified, but I’m telling you how it looks to me. (Tape edit)

June of ’76– No, that’s not correct. (Tape edit) August of ’77, transcending Saturn reached uh, (Sighs) an opening square of the May 11 solar eclipse, which conjoined your sun. Uh– That would be an initiator of great difficulty and great trouble to your person, which probably is going to continue in one form or another for another seven years, to the opposition point, at which time the eclipse will be watered down greatly, but you’re going to have to watch your health. You’re past this pattern now, and you don’t have another similar pattern for seven years. Uh– In 1984, when this pattern comes back at that time, you’ll have to be careful of your throat and your eyes, but knowing your chart, uh, I’m not– it’s not one that uh, presents that much difficulty. (Tape edit)

The thing I want to pick up on the eyes seems to relate to the health. It’s not any external thing happening to you, but it seems to– in the chart, it looks like a– a toxic condition more than anything else, so if you’re able to control what you put into your body at that time, then you should not have difficulty from it. It would’ve been a high toxic condition in all probability in August of ‘77, uh, affecting your body, affecting your throat, your eyes, and uh, certain bodily functions at that time also. (Tape edit) That cycle ends in May of two– of 2000, in May of the year 2000, when that cycle ends. That eclipse finishes completely. (Tape edit)

The Mercury was hit on October 23, 1976, a solar eclipse in oh Scorpio opposite the Mercury, and again, a south nodal s– that was a north nodal solar eclipse. A south nodal so– solar eclipse 28 Aries falling on April 18 conjunct your Mercury. (Tape edit) – 1977. (Tape edit) December of 1981 and the summer into fall. Now from April through September of 1982 is a problem period connected with that. Uh– There’s probably very heavy press attack that will be coming at that time from some source, (Pause) things that initiated in October of ’76 will come into very heavy attack in the summer into the fall of 1982, (Pause) and you may have to defend yourself in court at that time. (Tape edit) You may have to fight for something with the written word at that time. (Pause) It’s not so much an attack on you directly as on an ideology. (Tape edit) October 12, 1977, the solar eclipse in 19 Libra and September 28, 1977, the solar eclipse in 5 Libra, both of them north nodal eclipses, one approached your moon, the other your Uranus. Uh– They brought, or would’ve brought some climaxes and some difficulties, but ultimately, they’re beneficial to you. (Pause) I know I came in on the eclipse opposition your natal moon on September 28, which uh, would’ve endangered all females in your life pattern. I just happened to be one of them. Your mother [Lynetta Jones] would’ve come under danger, your wife [Marceline Jones] would’ve come under danger, other females in the– probably in the– in the government uh, would’ve come under danger at that time. I don’t know what they all were. But anyone with that pattern hitting your natal chart would’ve felt it. (Pause) I know I felt it, ‘cause it struck my chart too, but uh– (Pause) (Tape edit)

This eclipse does not have a long duration. It will end between November of 1980 (Tape edit) and the summer of 1981, it will be completed. Certain things that came up through that period– uh, critical things that uh, came up in September and October of 1977, will be finalized and out of the way. Now that was the time– about the time of the– uh, that eclipse would’ve initiated the crisis that you were in, so the things that you feared, or the things that were connected, and that could’ve happened during that crisis, will be finalized and behind you, and no longer able to happen, and they will not happen after– from the 1980-1981 period. Whatever it is, it’s going to happen to the government of Guyana, I would say. (Tape edit) There’s a similar pattern coming in ’78 with the l– uh, lunar north nodal eclipse of March 24, 1978, and the solar eclipse of April 7, 1978. The latter one, a south nodal, brings a surprise. Be very leery of anyone who approaches during that cycle. A new person entering the life during that cycle is apt to be uh, a Trojan horse. That’s the cycle of April 7, 1978. Be very leery of someone approaching at that time. (Tape edit)

That covers the eclipse patterns operative in the chart. Now I’ll go to the progressed aspects. (Tape edit)

The progressed descendant itself is now in the sign of Gemini, 22 Gemini, (Tape edit) giving you much more nervous temperament, drawing a lot of Gemini persons into prominence in your life pattern, giving you definite connection with Gemini people, giving you a lot to do with the written and spoken word. The progressed sun is in six degrees of Cancer. That gives you a lot of the personality traits of the Cancerian. As we develop, we– and the sun progresses, we do change personalities a great deal, and your sun, while it would still have the basic Taurian loyalties and all of the factors that we connect to Taurus, would actually be demonstrating Cancerian traits at this time. (Tape edit) The mid-heaven is 28 Aquarius, which draws Aquarians into your life pattern as far as career patterns are concerned. (Tape edit) Progressions right now are generally favorable to you. They’re favorable to increasing uh, financial and economic basis – very favorable – it’s not a fast type of progression, the sextile to Uranus brings a few people in that will give you sudden benefits. Uh, the semi-sextile to Jupiter brings some favor from distance, but it’s a mild aspect. Mars approaching– uh, progress Mars approaching a trine of the mid-heaven in the next two years gives you a graduating increase in prestige and public status across the next two years in this location. It will reach a– a peak in two years, and there will be some honor probably bestowed upon you at that time from this country. (Pause) As well as an expansion at that point, you will initiate something new for this country at that point. (Tape edit) Something around the twenty-third to the end of November, transcending Jupiter conjoining your sun brings you great benefit. It’s conjoining your progress sun in the uh, third house. There will be some publication in connection with this, but it’s very beneficial to you financially and economically as well. Transiting Uranus in this period, sextiling your mid-heaven brings you some surprise in connection with uh, status, career, and public standing. Transiting Neptune trine your Mars at this time improves greatly your personal health drives and should help you as far as energy is concerned. It uh, is a refining aspect as far as the uh, brain and the planning, and so forth. Transiting Pluto sextile to Mars in the sixth is– enables you to increase the work outlay in November and early December tremendously in spite of uh, many obstacles by innovation. (Tape edit)

January, you have a transiting Mars return to its natal place, which is usually an energizing point. (Tape edit) Your natal Mars is– is pretty solidly aspected and pretty strongly aspected, uh, excepting for a danger of, you know, inflammations at that time and colds. You’re gonna have a lot more– you’re gonna feel more like doing too much, and the danger is you may over-extend at that time, not that the energy and the health isn’t there for you, but just that you use more because you need it at that time. Uh, there’ll be a lot of it available to you, but you’ll incline to over-extend under that aspect. You need to pace yourself, I would say, at that time, if that’s possible. (Tape edit)

Again, the end of December brings you favor and increase as far as the finances are concerned, a tremendous help in finances uh, from December 23 to uh, (Pause) end of January, then again in June of ’78 and November of ’78. A similar aspect– this– we would say, this aspect, make hay while the sun shines. Transiting Jupiter– transiting Neptune trine Jupiter deals with properties and is a time when you can realize– uh, by initiating action, you can realize benefit through property sales and the like. There’s a good chance of that. And that would be December 23 to the end of the year, or in that cycle for a month, you’ve got a cycle there of a month, beginning with around December 23, and uh, again in June and again in November of ’78. (Tape edit)

Uh, the end of January and into February of 1978, hold onto your hat. Transiting Pluto opposition Uranus brings a surprise of some sort. Something unexpected at the time when– (Tape edit) Let me read the aspect literally for you. Uranus is a decomposition, it’s a disintegrating aspect, it’s– it’s the Christ consciousness that which disintegrates the old form. Pluto is the cosmic form, it brings things into form, it’s a crystallizer. Uh, Pluto opposite the Uranus, and that uh, is first in January, then it’s again in March – the end of March, the end of January and into February, the end of March and into April – and it extends through the rest of the year, through September, October of 1978. Very, very powerful time of cystallizing your– your revolutionary pattern. Uh– (Pause) The aspect brought me back then to astrology, to my total surprise– it took me out of astrology when it crossed, the first time it brought me back into it when it crossed the second time, uh– but Uranus hasn’t indicated astrology in your chart as it has in mine, so a– it’s indicated revolutionary activity, so I would say it’s a crystallizing of tremendous patterns in your revolutionary field, and I think you make fantastic strides during this period, uh, maybe even beyond your wildest dreams. I don’t know. But it’s– it’s really fantastic. There’s a total change of pattern. What you expect to be doing, if– you know, what– what the ordinary person would expect to be doing, uh, they do not end up doing under this, because there’s a total change in the life pattern. Uh, there’s apt to be a change of location at that time, the end of January, and again, March through the end of the year, or else– You may be seesawing, but there seems to be a change of pattern.

Transiting Pluto in the middle of this is sextiling your natal Mars, so it increases your energy and does give you the strength to go ahead and do everything that’s indicated by this. (Tape edit) In April, transiting Jupiter opens square your moon brings difficulty to the females in your life. (Pause) (Tape edit) Would include your mother and your legal wife, and the other women that are in that (Pause) uh, standing or around you. The women– It’s generally the women around you that– that uh, have some importance in– in your work, in your life pattern. But specifically, it would be the wife or the mother, in most charts. Where you have a public figure, it takes a little different connotation. (Tape edit)

Again, in May of uh– the end of May, transiting Mars conjunct the natal Mars in June, and conjunct Neptune. Uh, the end of May, look out for toxicity and over-doing. You have a lot of energy coming in, you are required to do a lot, there’s a lot of action the end of May and into June, but transiting Mars conjunct Neptune is danger of poisoning, and somebody’s apt to try something on you at that time. Or you could pick up some bad food or something. It isn’t a– a de– a death-type aspect, it’s just a lot of– it’s a health factor, and it’s uh, uncomfortable as a rule. Could also bring in help to you, as far as the Neptune field is concerned, which is the archetype of the Holy Spirit, so the higher socialism theory might come in at that time too, and be able to be worked out. (Tape edit)

June seems to hold some very pleasant times. The end of June, June 23 through July 23 holds some very pleasant times. Uh­– Some very tender times. (Pause) And there’s something of a monetary and economic thing here, there’s a– a decision that’s made concerning uh–Well, it’s a sudden decision, it’s a surprise decision, and it is beneficial to you, beneficial to your work. But I think it’ll be a spur-of-the-moment decision and will prove ultimately very fortunate, something made from June 23 to July 23. (Tape edit) Transiting Jupiter opening square Uranus, it’s going to be a hard decision to make, there’ll be difficulty connection with– with it. The opening square is a breaking of ground, and uh– That’s as close as I can come to reading that in your chart. (Tape edit)

The end of July and August, there’s travel indicated in the chart, possibly travel a long distance. (Pause) (Tape edit) Trine– transiting Saturn is conjunct the natal Neptune in the chart, so that uh, there’s an intensification of socialism in the chart. Also, be a little leery of people who enter your pattern at this time for the first time. You meet a stranger that you cannot trust. You meet another that probably will be a lifetime friend. Uh– You’re going to have to maybe use your sensory perception to distinguish the difference, because gone be very hard to do. You’ve got two patterns hitting the chart, one very favorable, and one– uh, one very sinister. And that’s uh, the end of July (Pause) into August. And that’s also an aspect that warns you to look out for poisoning again, or toxicity in the foods. (Tape edit)

You tend to over-extend yourself the end of October in ’78. Uh, July and August of ’79, you’re warned of a very, very high cash outlay, uh, an expense, something you might bargain for, and it will turn out cost you a lot more, so look out. That’s July and August of ’79. Uh, July, August and September of ’78, transiting Neptune trine to Mars is very beneficial. (Tape edit) Your brain children get a lot of help at that time, and uh, it’s possible that you’re going to be able – July, August and September – to get something into print that you wanted to do in print for a long time. It’s inclined to be of a socialist type of writing. (Tape edit)

November of ’78 brings you a surprise benefit, and transiting Neptune trines, harvest trine, the natal Uranus, something that you planted many years ago, is going to bloom, and that is in connection with your revolutionary and your socialist activities, because that’s Neptune socialism and Uranus, your uh– your revolutionary activities, so, it’s a harvest trine, that’s a fruit point, you’re going to reap the fruit, you’re going be able to eat the fruit that you have wanted to eat. (Pause) It’s a beautiful aspect. November, December of ’78, somewhere in there. (Tape edit)

October and November of ’78 hold some powerful, powerful aspects for your chart. At the same time that Neptune is trining your Mars, transiting Pluto is sextiling it, and then uh, open square Jupiter opposition Uranus, all at the same time, it’s a– (gusts a breath) it’s– that’s got so much energy, I couldn’t begin to read it, I don’t know what to tell you about that. Just that it’ll be a very, very intense period, there’ll be a lot going on, and you will achieve a lot. You’ll be able to materialize a tremendous amount that you have envisioned over a long period of time. It’s a– it’s a harvest point for you. It’s a beautiful aspect. October, November of ’78. It won’t be without struggle. The opening square is a breaking of ground, and that’s always some pain connected with it. But it’s– ultimately, it’s uh– it’s a very beneficial time. (Tape edit)

Now a brief look at the long term cycles. Transiting Saturn is rising in the chart. (Tape edit) The end of 1981 and into early 1982, and through 1982, by October of 1982, it’s finished crossing the seventh cusp, so there is a seesaw period there, where there’re a lot of delays, times when you want to get things done, but the delays are for your benefit, so uh– (Pause) don’t worry about it or be impatient with it at that time, because by the time you reach October– uh, September, October of 19– uh, 72– eighty– excuse me, 1982, you will’ve brought forward into the public in a most grand way. Uh– When you have a seven-year cycle of building, wherein you are able to do phenomenally well, you have a two-year cycle, that– that’s a 1982 to 1989, you have then a two-year cycle where uh– (Pause) it’s a harvest time, harvest cycle. And that’s around 1989, 1990, right in there. Uh– And there’s a harvest time, as far as your public status is concerned. You rise to great heights at that time. And your location through that period will be extremely important in Guyana, it’ll be very favorable for you in the United States, uh– That’s not favorable for you, so you’d be better here or some other– We’d have to do a locational charts of those places. (Tape edit)

If I have calculated correctly on your ascendant (Pause) December-Janu– December of 1979, January and February of 1980, uh, are cataclysmic, as far as the change patterns they bring. (Tape edit) (Sighs) It’s a whole change in the lifestyle, a whole change in the life pattern, a whole change in the way of life, and you will make probably a change in your plans. While you are inclined to deal only with the present at that time, you will deal with the far future. (Pause) Well, if I can say that, uh– (Tape edit) I feel it’s presumptuous of me to make a statement like that, but that’s exactly what I see. (Pause) So I– I say it, you know, (Pause} not meaning to project, but that– that’s what it looks like to me. (Tape edit)

The March, uh, April aspect and through the end of the year, when Pluto goes opposition to natal Uranus is a time of crystallization of the Uranian or Christ forces, looking at it from another, from your paranormal factors. There’ll be paranormal faculties that should come into crystallization at that time. (Tape edit) The crystallization initiated there results in formations that come about in 1991 and 1992, when transiting Pluto reaches an opposition of your natal sun. Uh, it’s always a– a fantastic impact and a total change of the life pattern, it brings you into ultimateachievements at those– through those years. (Tape edit)

That’s about as far uh, as I can go on the uh, transits and progressions of the chart. If uh, you will run this to the end of the tape, uh, I’ll turn the tape over and give you some of the comparative analyses of yourself with uh, the countries that you are involved with. If you’ll run this tape to the end, uh, and then turn it.

End of Side 1

Side 2

I just note that I failed to give you the regressions in the chart. The regressed Venus is coming to a conjunction of the natal Fortuna, a Part of Fortune, in 1977. The regressed sun coming to conjunction of the natal moon, which is like a progressed new moon, uh, so there’s a new start, a new beginning in 1977, which is of a very lovely nature. Has to do with the emotional pattern, before the end of ’77. Transiting Neptune– Uh– The emotional pattern with you is different than most people, I realize that, I should say, the lunar pattern, which is the emotions, it is the reflective, it is the uh– (Tape edit) I should modify the term reflective. The moon is a reflector, but it is able to reflect whatever is projected into it. So the progressed new moon in the chart enables you to project through your personality, through females around you, through emotional contacts, uh, the intense patterns that the sun or the self or the high spirit form would choose to initiate, so it’s quite a nice pattern. Transiting Neptune– Excuse me, regressed Neptune conjunct Jupiter, which is uh, a fantastic aspect, as far as land, property, and so forth. It gives you a foundation of wealth for this family that they’re not going to realize, but it’s going to be very, very tremendous in its operative ’77 and ’78. That’s a very powerful aspect coming as a regression, and it has, uh– last for about a year to a year-and-a-half, two years. So over that period of time, you have a tremendous building period. It’s also a beginning point, because it’s a conjunction. (Pause) (Tape edit)

Right, now looking at the Guyana independence chart from May 26, 1966, this is a solar chart. Uh, those who gave the independence did not intend it to take. I would say that, at the time they gave it, a– (Pause) an overthrow was planned at the inception, but it wasn’t, uh– it was sidetracked by whatever they did in uh, February of ’70. It was deterred, and how they did it, I don’t know, but uh, this initial chart would not have held, the May 26 chart would not’ve held without the uh, changing to the cooperative republic in– in February of 1970, at which time they came into (Pause) a much more fixed pattern, a much stronger– a much stronger chart. They were working on a dream in May of ’66, but they began to deal with reality in February of 1970. (Pause) (Tape edit)

In looking at comparative charts, we generally only go by uh, conjunctions for very strong patterns. (Tape edit)

Your progressed– uh, your natal uh, Uranus, Venus and the (unintelligible word) are all conjunct– Venus in the Guyana independence chart, which gives you a basic harmony with the country. Your sun conjunct their Mars (Pause) agitates, then you bring a light to them, and it spurs them into more activity than they would’ve otherwise taken. You’re able to utilize and correct the deceptions in their Mars opposition Neptune.

Now, that is a very critical aspect in the Guyana independence chart. Mars opposition Neptune in the individualchart would give you a person uh, who about every year would boycott their own plan, would vacate or abdicate their position. Uh­– It’s read in the occult sense as the individual opposing the uh, Holy Spirit, or personal desire as opposing divine will, or uh, (Pause) one refusing to uh, be bossed in any way, one who– who doesn’t accept authority in any way. In other words, whoever is in authority becomes the enemy, regardless of– uh, they may be your best friend, but if tomorrow if they become the person in authority, they become your enemy. We’ve had this in the chart of a few people in that, uh, they seem to bolt, they get into hysterical patterns about every six months, and ev– every two years, they usually completely vacate their pattern. And (unintelligible name) was one of those people that has that aspect in his chart. They become actually hysterical when this– when Mars reaches the opposition point or the square every uh, six months to a year on these patterns. So this was a great weakness in the natal chart of the Guyana independence. Your sun coming into conjunction of that Mars, you’re able to utilize the Neptune, and they’re not, so– because of your own development, you’re able to utilize Neptune, because when it’s brought into high socialist, then it becomes a positive aspect, but if it’s uh, used in a capitalist way in any sense or in a selfish way in any sense, then it’s a very demolishing aspect, and we say, it’s a whirlpool aspect, you are pulled to the bottom of the whirlpool. They would’ve been sucked to the bottom of a whirlpool and just – poof! – out. That would’ve been the end. Uh, you counter that. Your sun coming into that aspect counters their problem in that area. Also, your Mars with their moon, you’re able to change the images that they would project for the country. You’re able to modify the plans, and they– they will reflect, actually, your plans ultimately. So that’s very favorable in the Guyana independence chart for you, uh, a cooperative republic chart February 23, 1970. (Tape edit) Within eight years of the time of that chart, Venus regresses to a conjunction of the sun, so that in 1978, uh, there’s a very beautiful modification in the government of Guyana, and something very favorable or very beneficial to this government in 1978. You might say, a new child is born in the country, and it isn’t necessarily a person. It may be a way of life or something, I don’t know. (Tape edit)

In the cooperative republic chart, you become a friend of the people. Your Saturn falls in the eleventh house of that chart. Your Mars activates their fixed square. They would’ve had done a lot of talking, but it would’ve taken them a long time to do things with uh, your chart coming into activation here. It just spurred them on, probably increased this speed tremendously, with your Neptune opposition and natal sun conjunct the Earth of Guyana, you literally program this country from here on out. And that’s where that’s at. Your Neptune conjunct the Earth of the cooperative republic. You do set the pattern, and that will continue as long as you choose. (Tape edit)

– provided the birth data, the February 20, 1923 date listed in the uh– (Tape edit) Who’s Who in the World, from which I got Forbes Burnham’s data, if that date is correct, then (unintelligible) there would be this type of connection between you. Very, very heavy karmic pattern, your Saturn conjunct his Venus, your Uranus, Venus and the (unintelligible word) conjunct his Mars moon. There’s a strong emotional pattern on his part. (Pause) He would be intensely attracted to you. (Pause) (Tape edit) Your Jupiter Pluto conjunct his Pluto, enables you to (Pause) help him to maintain his kingdom, which he wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. (Pause) Your Mars conjunct his Neptune is extremely powerful, and your Neptune opposition, his sun is a Svengali-Trilby aspect, with you being Svengali and him being Trilby. That’s the– I’m sure you recall, the story of the famous singer and her director who psychically was able to totally control her, and this is an aspect of psychic control, should you choose to exercise it, it’s there in the chart, he’s very much aware of it, whether he consciously knows it or not, it’s– he’s very, very subject to it. (Tape edit) He would love you as a friend, but he might not like to admit it, but that would be his feeling toward you. (Tape edit)

Looking at the chart of the Grenada independence, February 7, 1974– (Tape edit)

Uh, there was one thing I failed to mention on the Guyana cooperative republic chart. Uh– (Tape edit) Beg your pardon, it’s on the Guyana independence chart, there was one very tremendous aspect in that chart. Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in 15 and 16 degrees of Virgo. That was uh– (Tape edit) On page 21 of my text material in the white uh, booklet, I make mention, so Uranus (unintelligible word) a meeting with Pluto in aspect liberates the needs and desires of the masses. In adverse aspects, this is a breaking-up of fixed conditions. Witness the razing of old building before the construction of the new, except that with Uranus and Pluto, the old degree would be fused right into the new temple. The old is demolished and is put into the new. At the time of the formation of the Guyana independence, May 26, 1966, was at the time of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction. I see– I continue in the text material on page 21. As we have previously stated, that we accept the final square as the closing or dissolution point, we call your attention to the final square of Uranus and Aries in Pluto– (Pause) In Aries, and Pluto in Cancer, which occurred in 1930-31 charts. Theoretically, this should’ve begun the breaking and demolition of the old desire and need patterns of the masses, in order that a new desire and need pattern could be established at the time of the next conjunction, which has recently occurred. It seems this has just happened. Dear old Terra has known a decrystallization period of fantastic perca– proportions since the 30s. Even the natives of primitive peoples through the work of the Plutonian Albert Schweitzers have felt this cataclysmic activity. It has operated at every level of Earth life.

It’s interesting to note that the Guyana independence actually set the pattern uh, for the future plan of the uh– (Pause) with– with their uh, socialistic pattern. (Tape edit)

Eric Gairy is still prime minister of Grenada, (clears throat) then you have a powerful uh, aspect pattern with that chart, (pause) moreso than with the independent country of Grenada. Their independence chart of February 7, uh, 1974 gives you karmic ties, but not of the strength and not of the quantitive aspects that you show in connection with Guyana and its leaders. (Tape edit) You have powerful connections with the chart of Fidel Castro, giving you a powerful ally with that person. (Tape edit) I don’t know if you’ve met with him directly or not, but uh, (pause) he becomes a powerful ally to you, if you choose to make the connection. Uh– (Tape edit) There is incidentally danger to him in foreign travel this coming year. (Pause) He should stay out of the United States, and he might decide to go there. But he should stay the hell away from there. (Tape edit)

The U.S. chart holds a couple of aspects for you, but does not have– I would say, that in dealing with U– United States, you’re dealing with personages rather than with the country. Your progressed aspects may at some time come into total contact with it, I do think in the uh– in the future, you will either be in the position of being ruler of that country, or will appoint someone to that position. But uh– (Pause) there will be factors that will have changed U.S. chart greatly by that time. I would have to do an awful lot of work to find out just when that would be. (Tape edit)

The United Nations chart that was signed June 26, 1945. You have some contacts with it, but uh, I don’t know. The chart’s undergoing a lot of stress. (Pause) Uh– If it survives 1980, then it’ll probably have a reformation. (Tape edit) I don’t think it’s going to survive ultimately as it’s presently structured. (Tape edit)

You have a couple of very strong connection with the Chinese Peoples Republic chart, (Pause) so there could be some friendship there for you. But uh, you do more– If you got involved with them, you would do more to change their– their pattern than anything else. (Tape edit)

Harmonious aspects with the USSR chart, but I do not think that uh, from the looks of the contact, that there’s enough there to pull you to that point, so my personal feeling is that you are going stay in Guyana, and that you will work from this uh, focal point, and that you will affect– or effect changes in the destiny of the world from the country of Guyana, that you will not be in fact going to other countries.

Uh– pro– A preliminary perusal of these charts is about all I’ve taken time to do. If you wanted any– for me to check out anything else, I would take time to do it. I– I don’t know what else you’d be interested in knowing. But this concludes the (Pause) uh, reading as assigned at this point. Thank you.

[End of tape]