Authorization for Release of Information from Jonestown

This is a list of the people who signed a short statement in Jonestown which read:

I, (blank), hereby authorize release of information concerning my residence and activities in Guyana to relatives and members of Congress.

There was a line below for a signature. All had the date of January 11, 1978 added to it, even if there was no designated space for it.

The forms all appear in RYMUR 89-4286-B-1-a-, with the page number indicated below. The names of the signers are in alphabetical order.

Darrell Devers – 4
James Edwards – 10
Marshall Farris – 9
Mary Griffith – 1
Jann Gurvich – 2
Rosa S. Keaton – 6
Tommie Keaton – 3
Eura Moses – 5
Bernice Thomas – 7
Vennie Thompson – 8