Liability Release

This is a list of the people who signed a release from liability of Peoples Temple from any claims arising from travel to, and living in Guyana.

The form is two pages, the first for the person him- or herself, the second for any minor “under my custody and control.” A number of second pages are either missing or left not completed.

Liability Release Text

The liability forms all appear in RYMUR 89-4286-B-1-a-, with the page number(s) indicated below. The names of the signers are in alphabetical order. The date of signature also appears next to the name.

Name Date of Signature Temple Notary Page number(s)
Grover Davis May 12, 1977 James R. Randolph 11-12
Thelma Jackson April  18, 1977 Martha E. Klingman 14a-14b