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Jones: Attention, attention. Monday news.

Pope Paul [VI], who holds the See of Rome in Catholic vernacular, the seat or chair of Peter, passed away during the night with a heart attack. Regrets has [hve] been sent from the leadership of nations both in the communist, socialist and capitalist world. He was hailed for bringing some peace between Jews and Catholics, who had historically been pitted against each other. He was the head of one of the richest institutions on a level of monopoly capitalism in the world. He had 700 million followers, as the pope of the Church of Rome, the Roman Catholic Church. The College of Cardinals will be meeting to elect after nine days of mourning, a new pope. A name that is heard frequently is Giovanni Benelli. Little is known about his orientation, whether it is more humanistic than Pope Paul or more inclined to be involved in theology. It seems I remember him being somewhat conser– conservative.

Spacecraft from the USA to Venus delayed one day, because of lack ward– because of lack of liquid helium. The contractors did not come through on time. Another tanker will be coming tomorrow, so that the spacecraft can be on its way to Venus to help, I suppose, pollute that planet with US capitalism.

Inflation between January and March wiped out the personal income gains of just the whole year, just between January and March. The cost of living wiped out the personal income gains for the entire last year. The dollar buys now less, 19 percen– 19 cents less than it did at the beginning of the year, for instance.

Dozen of investigators checking General Services [Administration] fleet of cars for fraud on gas, car wash, et cetera. The General Services Administration government vehicles, government bureaucrats and private business involved in some kind of conspiracy to defraud the American taxpayers.

Secretary [Cyrus] Vance continues his emergency talks with [Anwar] Sadat, who has virtual dictatorial power over Egypt since his referendum. They’re meeting in Alexandria. Talks with [Menachem] Begin and Secretary Vance have been completed. Israeli officials said there was a good atmosphere, which tells you very little about what came out of it.

A second night of heavy Syrian gunner shelling of the fascist Christian militia. BBC says the Christians started it. CBS seems to agree to that analysis also.

[Jimmy] Carter said of Pope Paul VI, he was a clear moral beacon in these trouble times.

Tokyo. Money market. The dollar is being balanced only, for the first time in five days, by the Japanese trading company buying dollars in massive millions, to balance accounts. Thus does not represent, said Voice of America, a real increase in the value of the beleaguered, plummeting, falling US dollar.

TV programming on trial. It seems that the NBC network has hired the most powerful lawyers in the United States to fight the case against [Valeria Niemi] the Fran– San Francisco mother that claims the NBC television program Born Innocent, showing a woman raped by seven teenagers, and then her own daughter having exactly the same kind of rape and molestation just hours thereafter, was caused by TV. Undoubtedly the networks will win, because the private individual cannot pay for the legal cost that the monopolies can. And the news media and the press, you must constantly be reminded, is the arm of the reactionary multinationals that rule the United States and even rule the president, by intimidation and out of fear that a president has, because of the selective assassinations in the past of the Kennedys, Malcolm [X], Martin [Luther King], so forth. I cannot help but remember when Mrs. [Rosalynn] Carter wrote me a personal note that we have still in our possession, thanking me for trying to get medical assistance into Cuba. But times have changed.

Hickory, North Carolina. All the residents of that fair-sized city have been evacuated in a chemical fire. They do not know what kind of dangerous chemicals have been emitted in the air. They are moving people out for miles downwind. Thousands have been evacuated, due to the accident, or subversion. It is not said. But the emphasis was, that it’s just an accident. That’s the danger of nuclear war and chemical-biological warfare, there’s always bound to be an accident somewhere, and this is a major one.

Beirut, Lebanon. Heavy arms fire. From the heavy arms fire between the Syrians, pro-Soviet, and the Christian phalangist, fascist upheld by the Zionist expansionist state of Israel, caused several deaths, into the hundreds and also hundreds have been in– been injured. Beirut, once the most beautiful city in the world, where the American University, foreign university called the American University Abroad, is practically leveled now from the struggles and conflicts between the right wing fascist extremist and the Muslim left and the Syrians that have been trying to be a part of the peace-keeping force of the United Nations.

Edward Durell Stone, architect of Kennedy Center and Radio City, died at nearly the age of 70.

Cape Canaveral launch delayed again. Not enough liquid helium. US economy is not as efficient as it used to be. The contractor has now failed a second day to provide the helium for what USA called an important space launching of a rocket and a satellite to the planet Venus.

FBI Washington. Public affairs division of the FBI support wiretapping. They say that there are limits on the duration. They can only be maintained until the objective for which they’re authorized is completed. Now that is a strange kind of logi– logic. Who decides the objectives? Tape recordings are made of all conversations. The recordings go to a judge and must be kept. All of your conversations must be kept for at least ten years before they can be destroyed. Supposedly, you will receive 90 days’ notice after your telephone has been taped, or tapped. However, if the word of the FBI on this regard is no more value than the US government, that says under the Freedom on Information [Act], you’re guaranteed your FBI files, then it isn’t worth a damn. Because I know that I have been the subject of FBI harassment. From the time I went to see Paul Robeson, they tapped my phone, they interrogated your mother [Lynetta Jones] who should always be revered on the ninth day of every month, ‘cause she was a great, great soul that gave her all, for all. And it will be this Wednesday that there should be some solemn giving of ourselves for a moment of remembrance for her fineness, and not understanding– withstanding– standing up the FBI’s interrogation under heat lamps, right in the midst of her employees, where she was shop stewardess and subsequently lost her job, because she believed in me. She didn’t understand Marxist-Leninism, socialism, but she withstood. Then later, there were many other incidents, like when Charlie Touchette did not know the cause and turned me in to the FBI, as many people considered everything, you know, socialistic to be evil. Immediately after the telephone call, members were interrogated, like Esther Mueller, and there was references made to past things. Esther was asked, who provided her clothes, and she didn’t even have any income at all, not Social Security, nothing. They asked her if I bought her a hose in a sarcastic fashion, being rude and crude to a woman at that time in her sixties. As if this were any of their business. They asked her of my views, what they were and so forth and so on. Interrogating her in a most despicable fashion. Another time, or even earlier than that, the FBI called me up, merely because I planned to travel to Europe and might go to the Soviet Union. Though the planned tour was a US tour, by a US travel agency, way after the McCarthy Era, it was some 90 days after I had given up the planned travel, and they called and interrogated me over and over as to why I wanted to go to the Soviet Union. And there’ve been so incidents, I cannot remember. The FBI, we know through Carolyn Pickerton– Pickering, in the s– Indianapolis Star, revealed to a person she thought friendly to her and unfriendly to us, that the FBI, San Francisco police had conspired together to bring about the [Lester] Kinsolving articles, and the negative attack in The Indianapolis Star, because of my giving aid to Angela Davis and other black people.

Chief Salisbury of Ukiah informed me, I think because he liked us because we were good citizens, saw what I had done with youth, we were not in any way ever involved in crime, and he was beginning to learn a little bit at least about integration, even though he was a reactionary. He was so stupid that he once made a statement, there’s nothing wrong with Marxism, it’s just communism that’s wrong. Well, they’re both sim– sim– they’re of course both synonymous. Maybe at one time he’d had some exposure to the truth. Anyway, he was also opposed to the FBI taking over local police files, which they now have centralized. So he informed me that there was a long file on me in the FBI. Nonetheless, we have never got an admission from the FBI of that file, neither have they sent it to me. The CIA also insists that I’m not in their files, but obviously if other members of this church, including Joyce Touchette and Sharon Amos and Jim Randolph and a host of others were admitted to be in the files, I would be in the files. But they said they had no file on me. So there are no more ethics in the FBI than there were in the dirty tricks era of [Richard] Nixon before Watergate. Anyway, the cost of wiretapping annually in the United States is close to two million dollars the FBI pays out. There’ve been 493 arrests this year thus far, from people’s privacy being invaded on the telephone, with a combined sentences from the 493 arrests, of 1200 years total in the prisons.

It is essential that everyone see Uptight tonight that did not. It carries an immense message about the black struggle, armed struggle, and the plight of the black. A lot of drama, it’s a Hollywood movie, but there’s essential messages in it, and all must see it. Those who are taking extra classes, we will excuse you t– to see the movie, and you will have three more, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after your regular socialist classes, you will finish up, those 76 that did not pass last week’s test.

Remember yesterday’s news that was given must be introduced. I’m asking my daughter Ava [Brown], one of the CAOs [Chief Administrative Officers] administrators in which counseling is in her department, to see that all those that’ve ever mentioned going back to the United States, having nostalgia for it, even though they may have overcome it, I want them to be in a controlled setting, getting the news and helping hand from a teacher so they can understand what’s happening in USA, and then maybe those that still lust after the filth of the terror of USA, its racism that murdered several innocent black citizens yesterday, police shootings that’ve occurred into the thousands in the major cities of innocents, and no policeman yet sentenced. Perhaps some of the news will get through to the hearts of people and make them feel guilty and ashamed for looking back, as Lot’s wife did to Sodom and Gomorrah, because USA is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, it’s Babylon, filled with race hate, filled with the money– monetary class, the rich elite monopoly capitalist who are raining bombs right now on Africa, killing babies and destroyed– There’s one correction on the blackboard, that Teresa [King] does so well, on one occasion alone, our government tax dollars that we all help pay and cause us to have blood on our hands, killed two million innocent people in Indonesia that dissented against the dictatorship that was put in power by the CIA.

San Luis Obispo, California. Two hundred and fifty gathered to protest the thirty-third anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, in which it has now been estimated, that between Hiroshima and Nagasaki, one million, three hundred thousand have been killed. That’s a lot of deaths. The subsequent deaths thereafter by radiation and all the deaths involved, it’s always been suppressed. They never give you the full news till about 30 years later. Well, all 250 were arrested in the fascist police state atmosphere where they were conducting their peaceful protest in San Luis Obispo, California.

A women– A woman, when the church was open for anyone to make testimony in First Baptist Church, where President Carter teaches a Sunday school class, stood up and gave Bible verses to support and morality– ethical morality to support her position against the neutron bomb, commonly called jokingly, even by US government, the nigger bomb, that has been provided to Union of South Africa to destroy concentration camps there, filled with blacks, and our own black and Indian people of color population in USA. She was drug out of the church bodily, assaulted by the elders of the First Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and arrested.

Three appropriation bills deregulating natural gas have been passed, in spite of protest from many like Senator Edward Kennedy. President has shown that he’s indeed on the side, or being intimidated to be on the side, of the big utility corporations that are privately owned.

The Worldwide Church of God, that was founded by Herbert Armstrong – you’ve heard it, World Tomorrow, it sends its filth even into this part of the world – the follower, successor is Ted Garner Armstrong– Garner Ted Armstrong, who was the leader successor potential and was actively assuming the leadership of the 65 plus million dollar annual income that pours into that racist religion, where Archie [Ijames] and I were thrown out because people of color are not allowed in their meetings. Anyway, today, Herbert Armstrong denounced his son as a moral reprobate. There had been brief press coverage of a– adultery, homosexuality and other crimes such as raking off church monies. Of course, he was not political, so there was very little mass coverage, like they give to we who are socialist, but today it got coverage at least in the Voice of America. They think, however – Voice of America does – that the son will take the substantial following. Naturally, people are very animalistic, they follow youth, not honesty and integrity. The old man, Herbert Armstrong, at least was trying to practice the tenets of his faith in terms of morality, but his son, Garner Ted Armstrong, who had been once defrocked and then brought back after he repented over committing several immoral acts and criminal acts by his father and the church elders. But now, Herbert Armstrong, speaking sharply wherever he could, demanded that people, if they had conscience at all, would stop listening to the voice of The World Tomorrow, his son, Garner Ted Armstrong, and cease following him, because he said, he is a devil of immorality.

President Carter has been taken on sharply by Senator Kennedy. Kennedy has shown schizophrenia in the past by supporting Senator Bill– Senate Bill 1437, hopeful that he would become the chairman of the Senate Judicial [Judiciary] Committee. Perhaps not getting it, his conscience is bothering him somewhat, or maybe he thinks he knows the wave of the future, but all other pollsters show that his position is not as accurate as Carter.

Kennedy rejects Carter’s health policy restrictions. He calls for full comprehensive health program, universal health plan for everyone. He feels hearth– health care should be a guarantee of the Constitution. We don’t condition the right of health care, said Dr.– or said Senator Edward Kennedy, if we are moral, if we are human beings. He also opposes the deregulation of natural gas, Kennedy opposes the program of Carter, bowing to the rich monopoly capitalist utilities. He said Carter had been affected by the heavy lobbying and pressure of the natural gas monopoly capitalist industries. He said that in actual cost, the American people were being misled, because the US today, due to the fact that the AMA has consistently lobbied to stop any kind of cost regulations on their charges and cutbacks [kickbacks] from pharmacies and other doctors, where a doctor sends a surgeon a case, there’s cutbacks– (Turns head to cough off mike) said as a consequence, Canada, that has guaranteed health care for all of its citizens for only one dollar per month, all prescriptions, dental care, surgeries, and any hospitalization, is covered for all the Canadian people. In fact, now all industrial countries of the capitalist world, except USA, which is the filthy ogre of monopoly capitalism, has guaranteed health care. Kennedy says, ours, due to the fact that the AMA is making themselves rich as profiteers, the doctors are making themselves rich, the MDs, the cost of our medical care, government-provided medical care now, which barely meets even minimum needs, is eight and half percent of the Gross National Product, whereas in Canada, where there is guaranteed health care, comprehensive health care, it’s only seven point two percent. The doctors are fighting Kennedy’s plan hotly, and so is the news media.

This is the basic coverage of the news. I don’t think that there is anything else of vital significance in the news, except commentary. At this time, we will begin some commentary.

Guyana – This will fall under required testing that may be tonight, unless I see far more interest in news than I did yesterday. You can listen while you eat, you can listen while you relax, there’s nothing better to do with your mind than to teach yourself to listen. (Turns head to cough off mike)

Guyanese return to the land of hope, said the Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham of our beloved Guyana. He is the prime minister of the government that is ruled by the Peoples National Congress. Our party. Many persons who have deserted Guyana for more so-called developed countries, believing that there lay fame and fortune, have returned home disillusioned and with a new concept, after seeing the terrible racism and other social problems, a high crime rate, pollution, and high cost of living in USA, Britain and Canada. They now see Guyana as a land of hope, a country rapidly moving ahead to reach its goal of socialism, said Guyana Broadcasting Network, the socialist-owned radio network for Guyana. They see this as a land of hope which offers equality to all, irrespective of race, color or creed.

Some of the persons back from USA, England and Canada have returned on their own, while others have not. These latter were forced to return because they got into hot water with the immigration authorities of the countries where they had hoped to seek their fortunes, because they were unable to keep out of debt, which is one of the requirements of being an immigrant, that you must not become a burden, get on welfare or accept any governmental aid. Others were just restricted and rejected because of race. Many of them found themselves in trouble because they sought and secured employment, possessing only students and visitors visas, which preclude working in these respective countries of England, France and Canada. Three persons from the quarantine who arrived yesterday were deported by the Canadian immigration police for overstaying in that country. They told the Guyana Broadcasting Studios and The Guyana Chronicle that things are very rough and tough in Canada, and are getting worse. I never dreamed there was such race hatred, said the three. One of them said that once you are not a landed immigrant in Canada, you always have to be on the move to ensure that you are not caught by the authorities, and they’re not giving landed immigrant status to people of color, Asian, black or Indian these days. He declared that because of living costs, many couples have to work 16 hours a day before they can even meet their expenses, and then they have to go into debt. The three deported Guyanese said they are advising anyone who wants to go to USA or Canada to make a living, to do so legally, and then they advise against it strongly, because of the racism and the terrible social problems, the crime of the big cities. One of them said that many people believe that Canada, England and the United States of America are beds of roses, but added that it is not so. They said that rent is very high, as is the cost of foodstuff and clothing going out of sight, and above all, you always have to be on the lookout for the racist and the immigration men, who behave differently to people of color. (Turns head to cough off mike) The trio that came in yesterday back to Guyana as their home have no plans whatsoever to go back, but would like to acquire a piece of land in beautiful Guyana and do agricultural work. One of them said that since the government is adopting a socialist policy, he feels that a massive compulsory purchasing campaign to protect tenants should be made the aim of removing the scourge of the private landlord from the society, and backs the prime minister’s plan, and the Peoples National Congress, our ruling party’s promise to do so. In Berbice, there are thousands of families who are in no position to own their own homes, and who are eager for the state to buy the land and construct houses, which they in turn will buy from the state. Said the Guyana Broadcasting Studios, quoting the prime minister in probably the sharpest terms for armed struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat, said people should also know that developed countries like China and the Soviet Union did not attain socialism by talking but by armed struggle, by revolution, and if the Guyanese upper class do not intend to make radical changes, then it is up to the government to take drastic measures as seen fit, said Prime Minister Burnham. A strong position of policy. (Pause)

Critic of the Guyanese government, one chap named Hopkinson, who is being used as an example by the PPP, the opposition paper, The Mirror, they accuse him– I mean, they charge that he’s being harassed because he admitted that he had taken a loan of 9,400 dollars from the Guyanese government between 1970 and 1974, he was here for a visit and had interfered in the referendum, though he was no longer a citizen, he admitted that he intends to repay the loan after finishing his studies, but Guyana law dictates that you cannot leave the country owing a government debt without special permission. He said he admitted that he would not be able to repay it until the 1980s. In the meantime, his guarantor, who is the head of the Upper Mazaroni hydroelectric scheme, was advised accordingly, said he. Hopkinson explained, that over the past six years, the actual cost of his studies ran into some 64,000 dollars USA, of which the Guyana government contributed the 9400 dollars, uh– and he makes a kind of light of that. Guyana provided less than ten percent of my studies, (Turns head to cough off mike) but for strange reasons, they want to control me, he remarked. But it was the headlines of the PPP’s organ, the Peoples Progressive Por– Party, the opposition paper– Remember, the PPP is not our party in the government, it is the opposition party under Dr. Cheddi Jagan. It said immigration officer discriminates against those who oppose the referendum, but in reading the entirety of it, you can see that it is nothing but propaganda. I read all sides of every question. He said he was going back to United States to help smash the racist, fascist elements in the PNC, and to help get support in USA for a national united government. I am sure that that’s a lie. This graduate of Central High School (Turns head to cough off mike), Hopkinson, alias Lumumba, will never certainly in the United States, with his family, studying in a university, seeking the good life at Denver University, possibly conceivably ever be working for socialism. So this is just another opportunism of the opposition in this regard. He said that the amendment bill was a big fraud, after the Guyana government was kind enough to let him go, in spite of him not paying, which was quite merciful on their part, it would seem to me, and took him word that he will pay them back in 1980, which of course he will not. He said he has been living in USA for the past ten years, and he’s not paid them. He is linked with an organization which is committed to total exposure of the minority character of the PNC regime, to which he was at one time associated. After the July 10 referendum, Hopkinson told a press conference of local and foreign journalists that the referendum was naked fraud, and carried out with no regard for socialist principles of democracy. Well, there must be some democracy and trust in Guyana government, or they would’ve never let him out, so he could’ve talk to the press in the first place. Nonetheless, so has it.

Another hypocritical headline, two headlines, says Guyana violates human rights. And it gives a quote from the PDM. Now the trouble is, the People’s Democratic Movement that The Mirror, the opposition paper of the PPP, Dr. Chedi Jagan, carries it, has issued a statement condemning the referendum of July 10, 1978. Now, The Mirror claims to be pro-Soviet and Communist. But, the PDM is anti-communist, anti-socialist, and is the most pro-capitalist element in Guyana. The statement– I won’t even begin to give you all this propaganda, where we find The Mirrorcarrying the PDM as some sort of champions of justice, the PDM, the rightwing capitalist which represents very few people in Guyana, said the people of Guyana will never accept the results of a referendum that was carried out the way it was. Then, morefore– moreover, the England Man– Manchester Guardian carried the head of the PDM abroad, who left Guyana several years ago, it carried a very broad-sided attack on Guyana, and there’re several press attacks now in England and USA against Guyana, but of the main thrust of the PDM attack, The Mirror did not bother to say – I happened to get that over the radio BBC – is that the PDM chairperson there, a lady, East Indian, called for NATO interference, because Guyana is going communist under Prime Minister Burnham, and the Peoples National Congress, which rules the country. Very strange, that The Mirror is so nitpicky as to utilize right wing extremists to make the argument against the government. This mischievous report in the foreign press, the manner in which events and developments in Guyana are mischievously spattered in the foreign press, has been amply demonstrated this past few days. In this report that I mentioned to you, in London, and Manchester Guardian, the report captioned Guyanese Roundup Attacked, and written by the paper’s diplomatic correspondent Patrick Keetly [phonetic]. The Manchester Guardian is the instrument of the Liberal Party, which is a very conservative, arch-right wing party, whose head [Jeremy Thorpe], a lord, a parliamentarian, member of Parliament, distinguished man who would’ve been the next Home Affairs minister, was just indicted for murder and conspiracy to murder others. Anyway, the Manchester Guardian is a large, capitalist press, and its attack on Guyana would only be a badge of approval for we who love socialism. Patrick Keetly in the Manchester Guardian reported that there has been a wave of arrests of leading members of the opposition on the eve of the polling in the national referendum. According to the report, Mrs. Kay Rahaman, representative of the People’s Democratic Movement, the chairperson I was mentioning, said she had received word that her husband, the PDM leader here, was taken into custody by the police at the weekend and released early on Monday. In addition, the report quoted Mrs. Rahaman – R-a-h-a-m-a-n – as saying, they are still holding my son and two other PDM – that’s the right wing capitalist small party here – officials.

From I’ve learned in messages from Georgetown, the police have also arrested leading members of Dr. Jagan’s party, the PPP, which is the opposition party, the Progressive Peoples Party– the Peoples Progressive Party, as well as members of the Working Peoples Alliance, more or less a black nationalist party, and other opposition groups. However, checks with the police have revealed that there is absolutely no truth to the story of arrests that she made mention of in the Manchester Guardian. We of course have seen how many times we’ve been lied on. In fact, there’s not a bit of truth that any parliamentarian, and certainly no PPP member of Parliament, was arrested or held by the police for any alleged election offense. Momentarily, one PPP member was asked questions, detained, asking questions for interfering with the electoral process by Police Commissioner Lloyd Barker, even before he had ascertained the full facts. The government required however, the police commissioner Lloyd Barker to apologize to the parliamentarian. He was never put in jail. And the GAWU – G-A-W-U – members were held at Cane Grove, but they were in a car allegedly with an iron bar, pickets, and 27 clubs in their possession. The police felt the clubs were offensive weapons and took the six men to Eve Leary [Georgetown Gaol]. They too were promptly released on instructions from the commissioner. Not even booked. The story was obviously yet another transparent attempt to besmirch, smear the leadership and the name of our beloved Guyana in newspapers of capitalism abroad, and what is even more disconcerting and shocking is that Guyanese should be stooping to such low and devious means. Mrs. Rahaman, whoever she is, there’s no history of her husband, much less his being arrested in Guyana, said The Guyana Chronicle, was also reported as saying that she and other members of the Guyanese community in London were bitterly opposed to what she saw as a ruling party’s attempt to remove Article 73 from the Constitution. The British government granted to us (Pause) these uh– the right of being a colonial dependence, it’s the part of about them being independence. God Almighty, that’s how right wing she is. But here in [is] Mrs. Rahaman’s bombshell. We say that Britain, as our mother country, should not stand by and simply allow Guyana to become communist under the prime minister, Burnham, and the Peoples National Congress. We appeal to the British government and the USA and NATO to act to see that human rights are protected from communism in Guyana today. And imagine, The Mirror, the opposition, which is spo– supposedly pro-Moscow communist paper, the opposition PPP, using her and the PDM charges when they are as reactionary and fascist as hell. Guyana is now an independent, sovereign and non-aligned socialist state, having 12 years ago ceased being a colonial appendage to the British monarchy. But certainly while Mrs. Rahaman, whoever she is, has been taken out of the colony, the colony has not been taken out of her, said Guyana Broadcasting Studios this morning.

Continuing with other news and commentary. It’s important that we study all the things that are on the boards, look at them well, study them well. Go back and get the last minute capsulization of the agricultural meeting of Friday, know all of that, and the last part, capsulation of the Tuesday agricultural meeting. You’ll be required to know that on the test tonight, and no later than tomorrow when you get a written test, depending upon the interest shown. Otherwise as a required showing tonight, a required showing of Uptight, a very good movie with the best black actors in Hollywood, which I can give you a total lesson. To get that, you’d have all your news put together. It’s very short. Later, I do require that all make requests to see the Scottsboro brothers [likely Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys], a film of how nine black young men were framed, and they were nines of thousands. They just represent some. How they were framed in court after court, even as high as the Supreme Court, (Turns head to cough off mike) even with witnesses, medical doctors, proving that there was no semen in the women they raped. Witnesses admitting that they had lied. You need to see it. It carries an immense message that all should be aware of.

Also know Mozambique, its history. It’s very important to know its history now. And North and South Korea, and the position papers that I gave yesterday of Guyana on its stands about socialism and imperialism and the multinational corporations, some of it’s on the blackboard, not all the details, and its position on full support for the demands of the Democratic Peoples Republic – communist – North Korea’s demand for reunification with South Korea that’s presently under a dictatorship imposed by USA.

We shall go on with some of the news. We, as I said, need to know as much of the news as we can. We can never know enough.

Talking about Mozambique, the South African press is never known for its flattering coverage of its Marxist neighbor, Mozambique, but last month, in the relatively moderate Johannesburg Star, something slipped in. There was a surprising three-part series which spoke favorably of the new Marxist-Leninist socialist society, being built in the former Portuguese colony that was upheld by US monopoly capitalism and its lackeys. One of the first South African correspondents admitted to Mozambique since independence in 1975, the Star’s Alan Pizey, who was later arrested, reported– ah, yes, arrested for writing the truth. P-i-z-e– z-e-y. Detained without trial. They have no trial when you speak the truth there. He reported that after traveling freely wherever he wanted to go in the country, for three weeks, my overriding impression of Mozambique and FRELIMO’s socialism, the governing party, their ambitions and their practices is very favorable. It may not be a system that we in South Africa would choose, but then, it is not my country to decide. In contrast to the standard South African portrayal of Mozambique as suffering from a ruined socialist economy and a repressive political Marxist system, The Johannesburg Star (Pause) managed to speak the truth for once. They described the FRELIMO socialist government of Mozambique as pragmatic, popular and relaxed, meeting the needs of its people with food and medical care. The government does not seem to feel any threat from its people, Pizey wrote for the Johannesburg South African Star. President Samora Machel – M-a-c-h-e-l – who lives in a modest house, the police often go unarmed, overall the police of Mozambique seem well pleased with the efforts of their government. He notes that shops still carry goods from other countries and that they’re trying to maintain trade and good neighborly relations with all. As you know, Mozambique is being backed and supported economically by both USSR, Cuba and China, and Mozambique is now under heavy aerial attack from both Rhodesia and South Africa with US military aid – since the USA openly showed her racism by lifting the ban against arms last week in both the Senate and the House of Representatives – and that FRELIMO is welcoming an influx of foreign technicians, mostly however from socialist countries, but even those who are friendly are welcome from any country, including white South Africa. Pizey says the country’s development plans are severely hampered by chronic shortage of skilled manpower, due to the drain that is done by capitalists to buy them out of the country, then often get them in foreign ports without enough money to get back and never getting the jobs they’re promised. There was ill– an illiteracy rate of almost 98 percent when the government took power three years ago, and it’s been reduced in half already. The legacies of the Portuguese colonialists, supported by US imperialists, left their mark, but he added that government officials admit their problems with disarming candor, and seeming confident they can overcome them eventually, as says one of the FRELIMO socialist government of Mozambique’s uh, representatives, it’s the greatest– the greatest accomplishments has been the dynamization of the population to work to build the country. He said, even as a capitalist, I have to admit, it is perfectly fantastic how Mozambique has brought people from nothing but bush life into a modern developed society in less than three years after their socialist revolution. That is news about Mozambique.

Another US move to strengthen ties. The White House announced that the highest-level US scientific delegation to visit the Peoples Republic of China will be going. The mission was proposed by National Security right wing adviser [Zbigniew] Brzezinski during his trip to Peking a few weeks ago, and marks the first time China has agreed to government-to-government talks on science and technology. The 14-member delegation is headed by Dr. Frank Press, Carter’s science adviser, and will include the heads of NASA, the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, and the US Geological Survey. The visit contrasts sharply with the recent cancellation of US scientific missions to Moscow in protest over the summary trial of the criminals [Natan] Sharansky and Yuri Orlov. US uh, maintains such devout interest in their welfare, but refused to exchange them for two of the Wilmington 10 or one– each one of them for some other political prisoner held in USA. USA just likes headlines. They are not really concerned.

A setback for the Saudis in their new alliance that Iraq is trying to move them away from US dependence by making their own oil refinery equipment and weaponry. A setback for both of them.

South Yemen, one of the Soviet Union’s closest allies in the Middle East, appears to be even tighter with Moscow after the overthrow and firing squad execution of President Salim Rubai Ali. The 43-year-old leftist leader was toppled by his own Marxist National Liberation Front, led by Abdul Fattah Ismail, considered more pro-Soviet and pro-Marxist than Ali. Ismail is also a close political ally of radical Palestinian leader, Dr. George Habash. Ismael and the Ruling Front opposed efforts by President Ali to improve ties with South Yemen’s powerful reactionary neighbor, Saudi Arabia, and with the USA, who was seeking to court them out of the Soviet camp, with CIA money, our tax dollars again. The New York Times reported that Ali had sent signals through diplomatic channels that he was eager to improve relations with the United States. Washington was trying to woo the small Marxist nation of two million people that is a very rich port and oil-rich away from Moscow. US diplomat Joseph Twinman’s [phonetic] scheduled trip to South Yemen was cancelled because of the military coup by the pro-Soviet elements of the army, but the State Department continued to express hope that developments in South Yemen will evolve in a way to permit a dialogue such as was envisioned with the Twinman mission. However, little has been evidenced that that will take place. Little indeed, as South Yemen, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Yemen has gone totallypro-Soviet in its ruling Politboro. The new regime reportedly favors continued military support for the Soviet- and Cuban-backed Ethiopian regime. Ethiopia and South Yemen straddle the entrance to the Red Sea. The new government is also said to favor increased support for leftist guerillas in neighboring Oman. O-m-a-n. Those guerillas, liberation forces, are fighting the regime of Sultan Qaboos, a real fascist, whose army is led by British officers and reinforced by Iranian secret police, who are tortured– trained in torture by the US CIA. The overthrow of Ali was triggered by the assassination of North Yemen President– of capitalist North Yemen Ahmed Al Gashme [phonetic], who was scheduled to hold merger talks with South Yemen. The conservative north blamed the leftist south for the killing. The South Yemeni government called an emergency meeting to discuss the assassination and expelled President Ali. They re– held him responsible. The deposed leader sought to rally loyal army units, but they were crushed in only five hours of heavy fighting in Aden, South Yemen’s capital, now the Peoples Democratic Republic and pro-Soviet.

This is certainly a very interesting aside to machinations of US capitalism, and it seems to go on and on and on. There never is an end to US capitalist machinations. They never tire of using our tax dollars, which, as I said, causes me – should cause you – (sighs) a hell of a lot of guilt.

The Arab League of course has now sanctioned South Yemen. Tensions between the strategically-located Red Sea states of North and South Yemen escalated last week, as progressive South Yemen said US-backed North Yemen had invaded its territory and seized two of its border towns, but they were driven back by the pro-Soviet and pro-Cuban government. The accusation comes in the wake of the assassinations of the presidents of both Yemens within two days late last month. Ever since a Marxist government took power in South Yemen in 1969, North Yemen, supported by neighboring Saudi Arabia and other reactionary fascist Arab regimes, has adopted a hostile policy toward the Aden government, now known as the Democratic Peoples Republic Marxist-Leninist state of South Yemen. And last July 2, reactionary Arab League countries voted to suspend diplomatic and political relations with South Yemen. The Arab League meeting, held in Cairo, was boycotted however by Syria, Libya, Algeria, and the Palestine Liberation Organization. By the way, those that attempted the killings of the Iraqis were not members of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. It is left of center. They were right wing Palestinians, but not members of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, as the blackboard mentioned. The 15 Arab League nations supporting the anti-Yemen resolution said they held South Yemen responsible for the June 24 assassination of the North Yemeni capitalist president. South Yemen’s leaders have denied the accusation and asserted that it is merely a pretext, an excuse for aggression against progressive Marxist-Leninist state of South Yemen. North Yemen president was killed by a booby-trap bomb, as you’ll remember, placed in an attaché case of an emissary from South Yemen. The emissary died in the blast as well, and precisely who was responsible for the assassination remains a mystery. An improvement in the long-strained relations was apparently the goal of the South Yemeni’s visit. Some think Saudi Arabia was responsible, and (pause) south– Saudi Arabia was opposed uh, to uh, an improvement of their strained relations between North and South Yemeni.

And why would a reactionary? Capitalists don’t mind killing off another capitalist leader, as they did with the capitalist North Yemen, in order to get their will. That’s why there’s no security in capitalism. No one should feel secure. Only socialism teaches responsibility and loyalty to one another, like I– before I would urge you would have my tongue cut out or my eyes plucked out. But capitalists cut down each other. Members of their own family. It’s nothing at all to see that. Father arresting son, in government. It’s happened in many, many reactionary governments all over, (unintelligible word) vice versa. The events in North Yemen were followed by a coup in South Yemen during which the country’s president, Salim Rubai Ali, was executed by the people’s court. Last week, the country’s new president, [Ali] Nasir Muhammad, said the coup had been carried out because Rubai had wished to set himself up in place of the collective leadership of the revolution party in government and form ties with CIA aid to US imperialism. (Pause) In other words, he was being paid off. Rubai had also opposed the formation of a single vanguard party out of the three parties that currently exist. The new government has dismissed three of nine members of the government’s top leadership, charging they backed Ali’s policy of developing close contacts with Western imperialism. And they have been replaced by pro-Soviet members in the cabinet, thus giving the cabinet a majority of pro-Soviet leaders.

Going on with the news. We’ll see if there’s any other news that is of any importance to you. (Pause) I would think that uh, we have just about covered (Pause) enough at least of the– (Pause) the news, unless we would perhaps give some documentary [commentary]. (Pause) And now we will give you a documentary that shows how style hides imperialist politics in music.

Evita. Music by Andrew Lloyd Weber, lyrics by Tim Rice, on the MCA two-dash-11003 record. From those wonderful people who brought us Jesus Christ Superstar – that mess – Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tom– Tim Rice, we now have Evita. E-v-i-t-a. That’s right, a rock opera based on the life of Eva Peron from 1919 to 1952, the wife of [Juan Peron] the fascist dictator of Argentina, and she too served as dictator, while he was uh– (Pause) not capacitated, he was ill. It has been a fully-produced stage spectacular in London and USA for months. Iberia Airlines has already programmed it into the Muzak tape. In the USA, it has received more than the usual radio play, and probably it’ll get more as the market becomes more conscious of the strategy, when they know the politics of the opera, in the right wing mood in USA.

The opera, not surprisingly, presents world politics in the style of people’s– the People Magazine, where the most important variables are personality, one-to-one relationships, and above all, style. The dynamics of class struggle are there, as can be seen in the conflicts between the aristocracy and the more progressive aspects of the Peronist regime, and in Eva’s identification with the fascist national– uh, nationalistic desire of the Argentines. But they are clearly secondary to the personalities of the great men, and in this case, the great fascist woman. Eva is portrayed as a street-wise, ambitious and sometimes ruthless woman with practical sense. Juan Person, the fascist dictator of Argentina, is displayed as timid, more conservative than Eva. They were both pro-[Adolf] Hitler in World War II. He is predicted and projected as more conservative than Eva, more cynical and power-hungry.

Analysis and criticism of their exploits are provided by a narrator named Che. Everything is done, you see, to destroy symbols by having a narrator by the name of Che, thus dirtying the name of socialism, using music to propagate and hypnotize people to be hi– imperialist dupes. The narrator named Che, who bears a little resemblance to his more revolutionary namesake Che Guevara, and whose only claim to fame on the record seems to be that he has invented a insecticide.

The complexity and contradictions with which the personalities are developed serves primarily to heighten the appeal of Eva Peron. The tendency is to have nothing but respect and admiration for the woman, who amid intrigue and overwhelming contradictions, has the guts to act boldly. Even with all the plots, corruptions and murders, we end up loving Eva for her style, in spite of the fact that the– the opera points out that she’s a murderer and a torturer. But not for her politics. We love her for her style. Those that are hypnotized by the music.

Peronism represented a very complex and inherently contradictory political phenomena. Its extreme nationalism – fascism – took on certain on certain anti-imperialist characteristics at times, yet was coupled with fascistic tendencies all the time. It appealed in varying degrees to sectors of the working class, the petit bourgeoisie particularly, but mostly to the bourgeoisie. These forces competed for power in an unstable political situation, which was managed to a large extent through Juan’s demagogic dictatorial capabilities and Eva’s personal flair and alleged identification with the masses. The resulting tension produced enormous political repression, fascist repression in Argentina, as well as some gains for the workers who were not used, or people of color. The left, needless to say, plays no role whatsoever in the rock opera, which narrows its view solely to the politics of style.

In focusing on personal style instead of complex political questions, the album accurately depicts Eva’s use of image as a way of temporarily smoothing over contradictions and holding onto power. When Che queries in song, why try to govern a country when you can become a saint, it is not a simple some abstract reference to the woman as goddess after she died of cancer, Juan Peron actually tried to have Eva canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. Throughout her political life, Eva commanded nothing less than adoration from the masses, even though she was a fascist. The strength of her image is what makes her such a suitable figure for a rock opera and paradoxically enough, it is also what allows the opera that– to ignore the material forces of historical change.

The politics of style extends to the production on the record as well. While the album is for the most part well done technically and the music tasteful, you come away with the nagging feeling that you’ve heard parts of it before, that you’ve been had. To be sure, there are stylistic similarities between Evita and Superstar, but you can also hear a little bit of Tommy and even some Judy Collins. “On this night of a thousand stars” is reminiscent of [Elvis] Presley’s “It’s Now or Never,” and the innocent lift– the lilt of Getz Gilberto runs all through. I’d be surprisingly good for you. That’s there too. They use all the popular tunes. [tape edit] (unintelligible word) to hypnotize people to adulate and worship a fascist, and that’s the mood of USA and Britain today. It is also (unintelligible phrase) successful pop dictate the writers to be familiar and trendy enough to have immediate appeal, but also to be original and innovative enough to set their music apart and to avoid lawsuits. Rice and Weber are successful pop writers. (Turns head to cough away from mike) Performances are generally first-rate, particularly those of Julie Covington as Eva and C.T. Wilkinson, who plays Che. The album’s– the album’s European hit single, “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina,” will undoubtedly hit the top of the k– charts in this country too. Though released first in Europe, the opera is clearly oriented for USA audiences, or if you will, a North Americanized European audience also. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, for example is referred to throughout the album as B.A., Big Apple. The marketing strategy seems to be centered around building a track record for the opera, first in Europe, where unlike the USA, Eva is a well-remembered figure in the popular mind. Presumably the opera would then be ready to expand to other areas. In USA, the growth of rock-sploitation movies such as American Hot Wax, will provide a natural film-going audience for the opera. A natural, indeed. Robert Stidg– Stigwood, producer of Saturday Night Fever and a forthcoming movie of Sergeant Pepper, was also the original producer of Jesus Christ Superstar. He is a master of crossover media, and he is meeting regularly with Weber and Rice.

It is more than possible that in the next two years, we could be treated to a rock movie about fascism. This dismaying fact has one bright side. It could have been Jackie Kennedy, who’s turned more fascist by the days, particularly since all of her fortunes has been lost by Caroline [Christina] Onassis marrying a humble Soviet citizen [Sergei Kauzov], and him taking on her name, and them liming– living humbly in a Moscow apartment, while he [Aristotle Onassis] controls the most wealthy multinational corporation in the world, the Onassis shipping fortune. It’s important to see that fascism– and Argentina’s one of the cruelest places in the world, people are disappearing daily, last night’s news mentioned several newsmen that’ve just disappeared off the face of the earth, torture is just the– the style of the day. The CIA brought that overthrow of the elected government there. It’s a terrible situation that music, the theater, the arts, all are beating the same drumbeat of fascism, to hypnotize the masses, to prepare them for fascism, USA style.

Thus ends commentary. Know the commentary, the– the news, for special bonus.

This ends the news and commentary for the day. Let’s have good production, please, for the sake of our people that need to be free. We need to give them that hope, because the pressures are on. I’ve been up all night again, dealing – in spite of my temperature – with the problems, which are many, many, against our people back there. So much of my time is taken up with fending off our enemies, and they are many on our people back there. Please take that burden at heart. When I go around a little bit later for the inspection of homes, I want everything to be neat and in order, carrying out the goals that I set yesterday. The importance of getting new shelter for our food supplies, with the cost of food going up in the world and the shortage of food in the world, and other things that’ve had been doing at rapid rate. Keep it up beautifully, the road and the landscaping all around the back of the pavilion, and uh, between the school pavilion and the one pavilion that doesn’t have its canvas on, which I hope we’ll get very, very soon, indeed, or remove it and plant it with something, because it looks very ugly monstrosity. And landscape, please, the walkways with vines like you’ve done so beautifully on the archways, and the seniors have on other walkways. And put banana plants and others around the vegetable area, so everything is booming with life. That’s what the prime minister loves, and he has promised that he’ll be coming. If he can’t make his plans – it’s a heavy time for him – but he’ll just drop in by helicopter whenever he can find the time.

Thank you very much, and I love you. Well, words don’t express it, but I try. I love you, and if it doesn’t show, nobody’ll ever be able to show love, because I love you so deeply. Bye for now.


Part 2:

Everybody, but everybody, absolutely everybody, is to be utilizing a flyswatter everywhere you go. Please have that understanding now. Most do not listen to the tape. Fortunately, Teresa takes the material from my voice and puts it into some form, so will please, every teacher and the radio room– the radio room announce this periodically again, for me, about – in case I’m out and about, because I’m going to be looking this place over thoroughly. We are not doing our part to carry joint responsibility. Many in the cottages are letting too few do the work, and not keeping your own sections clean. Same with dormitories. So, I’m asking now, requesting and demanding, that we do this.

All are to be in the pavilion theater area at 7:30. News will be played first at 5:30, and again at 6:30. People better listen closely. It will determine whether there’ll be a test tonight or not. Those that’ve been exempted for other meetings, if I have it, will be given another test of another type. Otherwise, if there’s enough interest shown in the news, we will see a theater presentation which carries a message, and I’ll interpret it, as I did last night, but I want everyone to see it. It’s called Uptight, with a good cast of actors, black actors. Whether we just see it, which is just an hour and forty minutes, or have it and testing depends upon the interest that I can see around here in reading these blackboards and listening closely. And I do mean for people who are responsible, the teachers, the libraries, to listen or give an announcement, so we don’t have things erased without my permission. We’ve got to get people aware. There were certain things I wrote on the blackboard– I wrote on the blackboard that I wanted people to get, and they were removed. Don’t go willy-nilly, erasing blackboards without checking with the librarian. It’s absolutely essential. We must not have the blackboards brushed against and erased.

Now please, everyone, get your flyswatters now. And put them to good use. And announce this from time to time.

Berbice Chamber of Commerce is meeting, according to Guyana Broadcasting Studios this afternoon, on the may– means and ways of bringing their land of absentee landlords into utilization of all the citizenry. Expropriation. This is truly a socialist concept, putting the land to use in the hands of the people. Prime Minister Burnham said the private sector is going to abide by code and guidelines in the small businesses. They will, or be put out of business, if they do not deal fairly with the public at a modest pria– profit. He is tired of profiteering, and of course has already dismissed one of his cabinet, and is in preparation for doing so with another, as we have been told off the record.

A fire in Berbice, police are investigating. It could be arson on the part of certain militant elements against socialism. Three thousand dollars damage. Fortunately, no life was lost.

Twenty-six participant leaders in a three-way co– there-week course on teaching tea– uh, teachers how to teach in cooperatives, socialist cooperatives, as the government is making a thrust for all to be living in the agricultural sector in socialist cooperatives just like ours. They’ll be taught in skills and management training in reference to agricultural procedures of how to make a basic living as well as the usual academics that they present.

The commonwealth has a metrification workshop going in Georgetown. All the Caribbean nations are participants for the entire region. Geared to assist all countries in the conversion to the metric system that is taking place very shortly. The USA, Canada, Australia, also are sending representatives. The date when all Caribbean company– uh, countries will be fully metric will be announced soon. The USA is going on the metric system also. In fact, the whole world is going on the metric system. That means we better get busy. The metric system will be the only mathematics used.

Guyana-Jamaica Socialist Friendship Society held meeting. Comrade [Lloyd George] Barnett, Jamaican High Commissioner, addressed the group as to the aims of a socialist society, to promote cultural exchange activities between Guyana and Jamaica, fostering closer relations of people of both Jamaica, Guyana, and Cuba. Jamaican High Commissioner stated that Cuba– uh, that Jamaica and Guyana have always had excellent relations. In spite of the pressure on their economy, Jamaica will maintain its high socialist goals, said he. We know that Jamaica is in great difficulty because of not owning the means of production and the means of distribution. They have not nationalized hardly any of their industrial and their properties in general. It’s still in the hands of multinationals, which makes them in the grip– more in the grip of the IMF loan than they would be otherwise, ‘cause many socialist nations have taken the International Monetary Fund loans, like Tanzania, and have still spoken up boldly to the capitalist. There could’ve been no braver speech than President [Julius] Nyerere of Tanzania and [Kenneth] Kaunda of– of Zambia, as they denounced US imperialist intrusion into African affairs. But Jamaica has a very great difficulty in that there are too many multinationals. Even Tanzania has more multinationals in their own country than we do in Guyana. The prime minister had a stroke of genius by nationalizing 90 percent of the means of production. The property, the land holdings, all the corporations, the industries, are in the hands of the government, the people. Prime Minister Burnham sends a message to Prime Minister [Michael] Manley on the anniversary – this is his anniversary – as a socialist president of Guyana wishing him the warmest wishes and continued s– pledge of support from Guyana to defend socialism in the Caribbean and in Jamaica.

The Vatican. All the world is mourning the death of the Holy See, the seat of Peter, Pope Pius [Paul] VI. I cannot recall offhand anything that he’s ever really done earth-shaking-wise, in calling for world peace. He has said that he fears nuclear holocaust is on the way. He usually speaks out against Red Brigade activities in Italy, asking them to release this one or that one that they’re holding hostage for ransom, but I’ve heard him never, not once, speak against the massive wealth of the Catholic Church. The 700 million Catholics possess more riches than most nations, in the Vatican in gold and silver that could be sold to aid the people. The Catholic Church here has been a strong, strong opponent to the government, and in many ways have interfered with the internal safety of socialism. This has been the statement of the Peoples National Congress, the ruling party. President Carter sent messenger– that said that Pius was a messenger of peace and love in the world.

Chile and Panama are going into three days of mourning. (Hmphs) Chile, a fascist state. They ought to go into mourning over the political prisoners that they have, and the ones they’ve tortured. Panama has become more and more subdued by US domination and pressure. It’s interesting how they don’t mourn their political prisoners, they don’t mourn their people that have been displaced from the earth, totally taken away by the secret police. None are mourning over that, but we mourn over an 80-year-old pope that’s old enough to die.

Yugoslavia – communist Yugoslavia – praised Pope Paul for trying to bring about peace in the world. No, I may be not fully aware, but I don’t remember that many statements that were so terribly effective. We grieve anyone’s death, we don’t like people to have to die, it’s sad, it leaves other people lonely, always someone needs a person that’s died, or the institutions, particularly in socialism, need you. If you can’t face the fact that other people need you, you ought to know that when your work is gone, the burden is on others. And that’s why it is immoral to think about dying all the time, and suicide is immoral. And no wonder it requires rebirth of 500 generations.

West Germany, Holland, Spain, Sweden – a pretty good socialist democracy that’s been giving a lot of aid to African liberation – and France were the only other nations that’ve sent– (Tape distortions for two minutes)

–bail, because usually a capital crime, the crime of murder, is not a bailable offense. They have asked him not to run for the next election. He may remain in his office, the Parliament said. Well, my God. Well, of course, a person should be innocent until proven guilty, but uh, I’m sure such treatment would not be afforded the poor. If convicted, he can face up to ten years of jail minimum under the present indictment. They didn’t indict him for the most severe charges, of course, he’s in the ruling class. But any time in jail will be difficult for a man of his stature. He‘ll be worried all the time, it’ll be worse than the gas chamber, wondering what people of the poor or the working class will be after him.

[Leon] Jaworski, in a statement to US News & World Report that was carried over Guyana Broadcasting Studios, said he is now the brunt of many investigations and harassments from the US government. He said anytime you investigate, you open yourself to investigation, when you particularly begin to step on toes of people in high places and prove government corruption. Jaworski, the famous lawyer, had resigned his government commission. He would comm– been commissioned by the president to investigate the payola scandals and the KCIA and South Korean dictatorship, to several congressmen and senators. And he said the US government was hypocritical and tended to do nothing about it.

I know about investigations. It was when I did the investigation of Senator [John] Stennis and came up with proof that he had sent two Air Force officers [Thomas Dawsey and Leon Joly] from the Biloxi Air Force Base– Kessler Air Force Base to do harm, apparently, or something, to Unita Blackwell Wright, who was praising Communist China in our San Francisco pulpit, it was only days thereafter that the public relations firm was given a million dollars in San Francisco to start plans for smearing, harassing, and trying to destroy Peoples Temple. So Jaworski’s quite right. Once you step on anyone’s toes, stand up for principle, you are in difficulty. That’s why you should be grateful that you’re in the United States, and that I as a ha– deserter, you have found a new place where you can build a new life, because you were in Peoples Temple, and they would never forget that. Even though some of you would sell out – a few – at a drop of a hat. Remember, they will not trust you. You’ve been with Peoples Temple. You’ve been with the great beauty and truth of Jim Jones and socialism too long.

Thus ends the commentary of the news from Guyana Broadcasting Studios. I’ll later give you Radio Moscow. Remember again, we all should gather under the theater pavilion at 7:30 promptly. Whether we have a test or whether we just watch a movie, a beautiful Hollywood movie with black people in it, that highly dramatize armed struggle and gives you some insights that I will elaborate on again as I did last night. I want everyone to see it, unless cleared in Steering or the administrators’ meeting. You must see this and will be responsible for it on test. Also, you must ask later for the movie Scottsboro Brothers, how nine black people were framed for rape, when all the witnesses– all the witnesses admitted they were liars, and even the doctors that tested the woman, found no live spermatozoa, and there would’ve been, based on the fact that she said she was raped while they were all being bums on a boxcar, they would’ve had to show. The whole case was filled with racism, and it still goes on. It’s being revived in USA, and you must see it. Very good Hollywood drama, has its propaganda, which I will point out. There’s always a little bit of that. But I will point out the interesting points, the irrelevant points in both the films. 7:30 for the movie for all of us under the theater pavilion.

I love you very much. Get the flyswatters going now. Thank you.


Part 3

Attention, attention. I am testing for your ability to pick up the important elements of the news. That’s why you’re listening in one place at one time. (Tape edit) –in a terrible responsibility of listening being neglected. Everyone was asked to turn in an interview for this book and movie that’s being done on us, and it’s got to be done by tomorrow evening on where you were, and how significantly this church changed your life, what criminal things you were doing, what wrong things you were about to get into, and in many, many, many instances, what crimes you have done and were doing. Then show what I have done, the church, the movement has done for you, without going into a lot of political labels. Speaking of this, uh– you can speak of cooperative living, socialism, but– this nonviolent socialism, that sort of thing. I have to have those interviews in. I don’t ask for things unless they’re needed. I’ve been neglected here from going on with the test and the movie because of some important vital matters that’ve arriven– arisen. You must cooperate to get this done. This is the chance to take off the pressure from our people and could mean the difference in them going to jail, if we can get these evaluations done, get them written up clearly, everyone is to do it. ‘Cause we can get them in to the district attorney who’s trying to frame– you know who they’re trying to frame. Very much. I’m sure you haven’t forgot. [Jim] McElvane, Vee [Hollins], Florida [Johnson], Jean Brown, a host of others. Due to our bitter enemies.

Now I will give you a Moscow slant on the news. Listen to that, and then we shall proceed with the test. If we have no more listening than have been listening, because we’re observing those that are listening. (unintelligible word) see that people are not in their homes. Some are still in their homes. Has been reported they are in their homes and dormitories, they feel that they are elitist and above us. Well, we have people who do not know and still don’t – I’m sorry to say – the difference between socialism, communism, and capitalism, we’ve got problems. So we have to have sometimes– I resent for the better of you, having to do this, but if you show you’re not elitist, it sets a good model. It won’t be done often, but we have to have some general settings like this, where people sit down at one time and listen together. Now you can share when I finish this, because you’ll have just a few minutes to talk about the news before I come over and uh, we proceed with either the test or the movie.

Soviet-Romanian delegations met today with the essential, in view of the big– the built-up between China and European nations. According to China’s Doctrine of Three Worlds, you know it, is her purpose that Third World, underdeveloped nations headed by her should draw close to the Second World, the capitalist nations, industrial nations of Europe, and try to woo them away from both the superpowers, although her inclination now seems to be posturing, probably to trick USA. That’s the danger. They can come from totally different philosophies, so it’s impossible for China and USA to be together. You can’t have a nation practicing domestic communism and have anything really of affinity with USA that practice racism, classism, elitism, ageism, sexism. They’re contradictory. But she’s using this to try to make USA think that uh, she’s in a better position in the world balance of power. She’s probably trying to get her own inroads so that possibly, if there is any hope of saving the world, she can save them through wooing some of the capitalists away, areas of the Caribbean, like she’s moved in Jamaica and Guyana to move them away from capitalist hold, US imperialist hold. But nevertheless, the Soviet Union are terribly troubled about their situation. Of course, who can know what’s in another’s minds, and no nation reveals its foreign policy, except to its very close inner circle.

Rallies around the world for the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where, now we reveal, a true Japa– Japanese statistics have come out that a million, three hundred thousand died at the time and after the war from injuries and uh, from radiation sickness, some 90,000 in Hiroshima alone died in postwar years – still dying – of radiation disease which cause cancer. And dreadful, dreadful deaths they are. Usually cancer of the blood.

Nuclear weapons are being placed frighteningly. Neutron weapons have been revealed by a British source, apparently double agent that the Soviet Union has, that there is now being brought into Rhodesia, neutron weapons. So it seems that USA is prepared to risk the whole world, or the Northern Hemisphere, being destroyed over her holdings. As you know, she has some 400 corporations there, the British have 300 multinational corporations which are also interlocked with USA, and West Germany also has 300 corporations, all interlocked by the ruling Trilateral Commission. This is a dreadful bit of news. As 97 percent of the land area, admittedly by Voice of America, BBC, as well as Radio Moscow, is in the total possession of the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, it is obvious that the people want them as their leaders. But it matters not to capitalism. They’re interested in the chrome and the cobalt, [without] which they cannot keep their economy going. There would be total shutdown of industry, total economic collapse, it is said by Radio Moscow, and as much has been said by Voice of America, if USA uses– loses those vital minerals and strategic resources in Africa.

Seven more people who went to the Reverend Carter’s First Baptist Church in Washington, where he hypocritically teaches a Sunday School, just wearing buttons opposing the neutron bomb, which has been jokingly called in military circles, according to a colonel who stepped forward to U– United Press [International], the nigger bomb, for South Africa and for US cities’ ghettoes. In an interview with The New York Times, the colonel, one of the more prominent colonels in the Air Force, said it’s a well-known fact that the neutron bomb is for the control of minorities, both uh– U– uh, at home, USA, and abroad. Anyway, the seven people wearing the cu– the signs were immediately arrested and charged with disturbing the peace, inciting to riot, and they face a long sentence. USA cannot even stand the truth to look it. They cannot even stand to read it, or see it on a lapel. This is how bad things are getting.

Cyrus Vance, Egyptian talks with Sadat, not going too well. Secretary of State is trying to bring some agreement between the intransigent and what many in the world call lunatic Menachem Begin, the right wing prime minister of Zionist Israel, and Answar [Anwar] Sadat, who has become the virtual dictator under referendum in Egypt, who used to be pro-Soviet under Nasser– uh, [Gamal] Nasser until he was killed mysteriously by the CIA. Now it is a more or less pro-USA, but it will not go along with USA accommodating Israel.

Angola. Defenses of the revolutionary accomplishments are being broadened. Students are coming from the East German Democratic Peoples Republic and various socialist uh, nations of the world to help the Angolans safeguard their revolution. It has been brought out by BBC sources – British sources – that Angola has been targeted for destruction. And Ethiopia, Rhodesia and South Africa. The USA is determined not to allow these nations to be free. But many people are rallying in, students who have no training in arms coming from the USSR, various parts of the world, to back Angola. Presently, the– the South African invasion of yesterday has been pushed back again to the borders.

Ethiopian troops have fully cleared the area in Eritrea, where the Eritrea secessionists, backed by USA and China, for some reason, trying to provoke nuclear World War– World War III, obviously, it’s obvious if one looks at it, we must always try to put ourselves in the shoes of other people, it’s obvious that China sees it’s hopeless, and they’re trying to get it over with, before the whole world will be destroyed. As long as there’s hope, though, the Soviet Union, having suffered 22 million dead in World War II, are trying for peace, and they believe that in time, the economic systems of socialism being superior, will compete satisfactorily, and as [Nikita] Krushchev said, bury the capitalist system. Not bury the people but destroy the capitalist system, just in competition, because capitalists cannot compete with socialism. That’s where it says the Soviet Air For– the uh, civilian commercial air flights are one-half the price to the people that US flights are.

Daring raid near Salisbury. Second operation of the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front managed to kill off 615 mercenaries. The Rhodesians have so few people really backing their government that mercenaries from USA, Britain and other white nations are being hired. But the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, under Joshua Nkomo, nationalist, and Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist, was able to destroy the entire troop maneuver of Rhodesian white regime Ian Smith. 615 dead. The guerillas also destroyed 30 armored carriers, and it is possible that they got a hold of two boxcars in a train that contain some of the neutron bombs. Let us hope so. This, says Radio Moscow, is an absolute fact. Their sources are inviolable and accurate, that the neutron bomb is being placed in Rhodesia. This would be tremendous, if the Rhodesian front was able to have achieved this. They shot down nine helicopters and two Mirage jets. Ninety-seven percent, as I said, of Rhodesian territory is under the control of the Zimbabwe– the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. The true name, the black African name for Rhodesia is Zimbabwe.

Namibia has outbreaks everywhere. SWAPO is again fighting, because, it said, they’ve been tricked by the United Nations, just as the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia by their dissenting votes declared. They are fighting the South Africans at some 25 different points. SWAPO is the truly people’s army of Namibia fighting for its freedom. United Nations charter is guaranteed independence to Namibia December 6, and even including Walvis Bay. But Union of South Africa has refused to go along with it, and it’ll be under the supervision of the UN, which, USSR feels, there’ll be too much domination of capitalism when– in the final turnout.

Michael Melany [phonetic], important leader– All black leaders have now been arrested. This is a white leader. All black leaders, all black press, all black organs of news, have been completely shut down, and all black leaders have been arrested. This was a white chap. He was arrested in Johannesburg airport as he was trying to get out (Pause) under a– a– an assumed identity. He was a white person who had championed something like The Johannesburg Star, that spoke about (stumbles over words) about Mozambique being a beautiful country, he had been speaking too freely, the truth. And in the South Africa, you can be arrested just now, as the US Supreme Court has said, you can be arrested, detained without trial, as long as the state feels that you are continuing to be a threat to the security of the nation.

US monitoring demands for releasing political prisoners. The US is being extremely embarrassed and troubled as mounting pressure in the Chicano and black communities, and Asian communities, are trying to point out to the world and the United Nations in protest, they arrested six different protest groups in front of the United Nations for pointing out political prisoners in USA. The more and more demands are coming for Andrew Young, the lone black person in the administration, and he’s a light-skinned black at that, the ambassador to the United Nations, he admitted there were thousands of political prisoners. Now the NAACP is championing two men, for instance, in New York who have been imprisoned 12 years, when they were convicted, where witnesses later lied– they admitted they had lied on the stand. But they have actually pointed out in different groups now that there are some 35,000 political prisoners in the United States that easily– easily qualify, who are race– uh, who were arrested for no particular reason, who did not get due process, and who had irregular trials.

Pope Paul VI death message of condolence was sent from the Soviet Union. There was not much praise of his work for peace, but it just mentioned that he had been 15 years head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Sos– Soviet cosmonauts, 53 days in orbital station. They have built a total platform and cargo ships. USA has suggested that they are using laser platforms from these space platforms, as well as other devices that can utilize the sun in an offensive against any enemy, (Tape edit) something like mirror reflection would be. It could be quite significant, that level in space. You could, through magnifying devices, scorch out whole areas. Whole cities could be scorched, just like you’d put a magnifying glass over a little area, if you’ve ever done as a child, and you can see the whole grass burn up right before your eyes.

Four subjects have been decided in the Cuban festival, where there will be the next meeting of the non-aligned nations of the world. They will be ahu– unity of the 145 nations against imperialist moves in Africa. There’s an indictment of the neutron bomb. There’s a demand for disarmament and stopping of spreading of nuclear weapons. There’s also indictment of US policy and Chinese policy of inciting difficulties in Southeast Asia. It was an anti-imperialist tone, the strongest that it has ever been in youth festivals that was held for the first time in the Cuban nation, the beautiful Cuban nation just 90 miles below (stumbles over words) Miami.

A total new political climate. The vast majority of the 145 nations represented that socialism was the only answer to the world’s problems. World Day of Action to ban nuclear weapons had– was– was decided, protest is to be held in front of US embassies in all of the 145 nations of the world. Well, people are beginning to see that something has got to be done immediately, as Dr. Daniel Ellsberg says, the neutron bomb is the match that will trigger the conflagration of nuclear war. It’s the last stand. He said nuclear war is going to happen, you know, in tears, and apparently the world is getting a hold of it and trying to make massive protest actions, at least other than in apathetic USA, where you can’t hardly get people moving. A number of leaders are taking some strong stands now, but the demonstrations are too small indeed.

Imperialist blocs in Africa. US wants to set up military bases in East Africa, said the BBC, informant to Radio Moscow, forming a joint military command with SEATO. They will be utilizing their SEATO allies, which include Turkey and Egypt and other nations of that sort. They are demanding and putting pressure on them to get involved in stopping further liberation in Africa. Imper– Imperialist circles in Rhodesia and Namibia will block their right of self-determination, trying to apply the same tactics as in Vietnam. It is beginning on the same scale, with the same amount of US aids [aid] already being shipped in, plus the added horrifying thing of neutron bombs. And all of you know what a neutron bomb is. They can plant it to drop on a ho– 50-square block area, kill everybody in those blocks. If that happened to be a black neighborhood, it wouldn’t even kill across the street, where the whites’ neighborhood begin. They can control it that much. And everything in the entire area would be safe. There’s no radiation leakage into the other neighborhoods. It is uh, self-contained, it destroys all human life, animal life, and leaves even the papers and pencils on a desk intact, not doing any damage in terms of property, which is the god of capitalism. It shows the superiority of socialism by the kind of weapons USA makes. Napalm to bomb children, anti-personnel shrapnel, as they brought out in the movie Hearts and Minds, that slice up bodies. No socialist nation has ever made those kind of bombs. Neutron bombs that will destroy people, and not property. All is a violation of the principles of the United Nations, said the 145 nations meeting at the Youth Festival, the de– their delegations.

Implant a new– neocolonialist policy in– in Africa is the Cold War policy of Carter. Whatever his own intentions, it is now clear that the military is ruling, the military monopoly industrial capitalist class in USA is calling the shots, said Radio Moscow. USSR has built some 70 new universities, and some 103 new industrial training centers and have completed now some 200 more secondary education schools in the beginning of this year. They have built health service centers – medicus– medical service is free, of course, as you know. Even Senator Kennedy can’t get guaranteed health, where people pay insurance.in USA, it’s being fought on every hand by the news and the AMA, the American medical doctors. In fact, US still– their government pays more in Medicaid and Medi–Cal due to rip-offs by doctors who refuse to have prices regulated, and their charges regulated, they pay eight point some percent for medical services in USA of their Gross National Product, whereas Canada only pays seven percent, and Canada provides free medical care, free dental care to all of its citizens for one dollar a month. That buys all the dental, all the uh, medical care, all the pharmacy prescriptions, everything, for one dollar a month. But US, due to the rip-offs of the petit bourgeoisie, who are trying to become bourgeoisie, the doctors who own hospitals and kill off patients, like the one doctor [Mario Jascalevich], killing off five patients, injecting them with the deadly curare, to get rid of welfare patients who included both white and black so he could have them for rich paying guests. So USA is the only nation left on earth that does not have guaranteed health plans for its people. The rest of the capitalist nations have had to bend to that demand, because it is inconceivable– In USA, you realize. In USA, according to US News & World Report, two and one-half months, it takes two and one-half months of a US worker’s entire paychecks for the year. He– In other words, better than one-sixth, nearly one-fifth, one hour out of every five hours of his time he earns goes to medical care for himself, his wife or his children. That’s how bad it is. And that does not include dental care. That’s how much the average American worker is paying for medical care. Even other capitalist nations have been forced by their populace to wake up, but US population, we will see. Kennedy– Senator Edward Kennedy is going against Carter’s plan now to go against his promise to the American electorate that he would have a guaranteed health plan, which would’ve been much more costly, if it had to pay about thirty or something dollars a month for such a plan. But, nonetheless, it would’ve been a plan. Now Carter’s gone back on that. But Senator Kennedy said the American people will not have it. We shall see. They’ve gone along with everything else. They seem to be the most apathetic people on earth, and we will see whether Senator Edward Kennedy stands alone. He’s certainly being attacked by the rest of the Congress and many elements of the press, and certainly President Carter’s against him, and Carter seems to be a politician, so he ought to know what the people want.

Anyway, this is the end of the summation of the news from Radio Moscow. Now you can turn– you can turn to your neighbor and talk for just a little bit about the news, and see what you got out of it. Share it with each other.