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Jones: News of the day. Perhaps the most startling thing brought to news is revelations by [Victor Marchetti] a CIA agent that the CIA has conducted since World War II, 6300 assassinations, at low level, high level, and medium level of government. Over 100 heads of state have been – or assistant heads of state – have been murdered by the CIA.

General Motors have been forced by the courts to pay two hundred dollars to each of the owners of several thousands of cars that thought they were buying Oldsmobiles which had Chevy motors. That’s called fraud, but not when the corporate elite, the multinational capitalists do it.


Part II

Jones: Attention. Now is the time to be using the flyswatters. Be using yours, as I try to use mine while I’m even talking on the radio. It’s important that we get rid of the flies.

Again, remember, no one is to use the back bathroom, the toilet facility, except geriatric people in the geriatric hospital unit, unable to ambulate. If you ambulate, you’ll be in better health and your bowels will move much better anyway. As I said, you should try strenuous work. I only wish I could do more. After four days and nights without able to go to bed, ability to sleep, I still carried several loads of wood from the pile back to the vegetable stands. And as heavy loads as I could carry. And I found that it made me feel better, even though I have a temperature and suffer from what appears to be viral pneumonia and other things. So I would suggest that you do not shun work, ‘cause work is a tremendous im– absolute medicinal value to your health. It is nothing to be shunned but everything to be desired. Those who work strenuously, say Soviet medical author– authorities, British and American medical authorities, all agree, those that work strenuously, and even then after work enter strenuous sports, will avoid cancer, kidney disease, blindness, heart trouble, paralytic conditions of the joints, arthritis and so forth.

News. Perhaps the most frightening news of the day. The revelation that comes from TASS Radio Moscow, revelations have been brought to attention through Moscow – I’ve heard no utterance of it in US news, it has been suppressed – that officers of the law, three by name, one by the names of Matthews, another by the name of Hill, and another by the name of Gerald, stepped forward to bring the evidence that, in 37 different jails, county as well as state prisons in USA, there has been systematic disappearance, murder of minorities, they’ve disappeared from the face of the earth, ‘cause many are removed from their families anyway, and often have been buried right in the prison walls, within the prison walls. Some have been cremated. So genocide has been going on, on a mass scale. Radio Moscow documented instances in which one jail, not alone in the South, but where else but Illinois, had eliminated all its blacks on one occasion, ‘cause this law enforcement officer had been involved in it, in trying to get the attention of the news in USA and various Congressmen to hear what was happening, but to no– to no avail. Radio Moscow brought out the frightening fact that blacks, Indians, minorities had been systematically destroyed, disappeared, just like Chile. Reason they’re not known to be gone is the American minority family, black and Indian, is often broken up. So it’s easy for them to be displaced and to become a missing person, the thousands and thousands of missing persons who are black listed that way, and Indian, have in fact been killed, tortured and killed, there were gruesome tortures done also, including castrations and sexual aberration, acts of the most devious nature committed against them before they were destroyed. Horrifying. And to think we supported the jails, the state prisons, again with our tax dollars. We can never bear enough guilt for what the cancer of capitalism, monopoly capitalism, USA, has done.

B– BBC says the resumption of negotiations between Egypt and Israel has begun. Israel says that Egypt is intransigent, but [Menachem] Begin continues to be very adamant about giving up the territory he has conquered by force. However, the Israeli parliament is willing to negotiate the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. [Tape edit]

Rhodesia. Foreign Minister [Lord David] Owen is flying to Africa in a last-ditch effort to bring peace and to end the horrible armed conflict that he sees forthcoming. He has the good faith of many in the Patriotic Front, and members of the Patriotic Front, Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe, who represent 97 percent of the land of the people of Zimbabwe or Rhodesia, are willing to negotiate for an internal settlement, if he is involved. They will be open, if he gives endorsement to the Anglo-American idea of all parties talking in a dispute. This is a change for them, because they have not been willing to even talk with any representative of the Ian Smith regime. Racist, bestial regime that it is, you could certainly see their justification. Of course, as you know, Rhodesia has been making several air sortie invasions into Mozambique, as well as the Union of South Africa. Be su– Be certain you know your history of Mozambique. The Johannesburg Star article that I gave about Mozambique, last night’s rendition of Uptight movie, which will give you a great understanding of socialism and armed struggle and how propaganda is used in America to defeat the human spirit. (Pause)

The Patriotic Front said the Anglo-Americans stepped up the guerilla war, and they should find a solution to bring peace. There has been much murder done by the CIA-backed Rhodesian government, said Joshua Nkomo, such as the murder of the missionaries to whip up a white backlash of race hate, and it’s time that this be brought to light. Foreign Secretary Owen, who has called the African effort of the imperialist powers to be lunatic in view of the Organization of African Unity, saying that they would not stand by and allow a US and British or French imperialist decision about the future of Africa. So, let us hope that the Foreign Secretary has some results. Executive Council meeting is now being drafted. We shall see if BBC, the British Broadcasting Company, will tell us whether Britain, England and USA will give backing to Foreign Secretary Owen of England’s efforts to bring calm to that troubled part of the world.

China. China has put up an absolute barrier, after making much to-do about the so-called treatment of Chinese in Vietnam, that Vietnamese were prejudiced against the ethnic Chinese, and we know nationalism does exist in all countries, and there’s a prohibition against teaching of any language except Vietnamese, but of course that’s na– necessary for the integration of a culture, particularly where the two have been divided by the French imperialists, then their successors, the US imperialists. They’re now re-unified and do demand teaching of Vietnamese. Nonetheless, China has stopped 6000 refugees. They’re caught between the two countries’ border, with no place to go. They don’t want to go back to Vietnam, and Vietnam says that China made arrangements for them to come, and has made much propaganda about their not being welcome in Vietnam and wanting them home, and they’re now holding this up before the world to show the hypocrisy of the Chinese. The 6000 Chinese– ethnic Chinese who have been Vietnamese are being used as a propaganda ploy, said BBC. Even BBC admitted, this was the case.

Anti-hegemony resolution has brought an irate reaction from the Soviet Union. Japan and China has entered into a friendship treaty of peace, with a resolution that is anti-hegemony. The Soviets have interpreted this to be aimed at them, but Japan’s spokespersons and Chinese spokesperson said that they wanted no superpower to have any kind of economic or military control in the Western Pacific. Well, we shall see. They are making strong demands, and there’s a possibility that Japan– the Soviet Union’s making strong depan– demands, and linking certain commerce with it, and it is being considered by Japan whether or not they will drop the anti-hegemony resolution.

Political crisis in Portugal. As you know, Dr. [Mário] Soares, prime minister, was removed because his coalition government failed. The socialist president [Oscar Fragosa Cramona], however, has been given the opportunity to choose a prime minister. He has still not decided. The Constitution calls for a socialist one. It can make or break any new government, the decision’s president– the president’s decision and the Assembly’s backing. Thus far, Portugal is still ostensibly on the surface socialistic.

Pioneer II to Venus. Landing on Venus for 20 minutes in an orbit close to the surface, a mystery about the same size as our earth, but it’s a mystery planet. They hope to find much information from this US launch. The USA, even admits BBC, always tries to compete with the Soviet Union, that has had a first-time feat of putting people in spacewalk and having men in space longer than any other nation, plus building an orbital community, a space platform, which even Moscow admits and USA charges, is equipped with devices that could be used for highly-developed military weapons. High degree of magnification of the sun. That range could burn entire states, just to powder. You’ve watched, as I say, a microscope­. If you’ve ever used a magnifying glass and let the sun shine through it, how hot it is on the grass, it’ll burn a whole area. So it could be laser, it could be something else. The Soviets do not deny it.

Financial news. The German mark is depreciating badly. The worst since World War II– World War II.

OPEC nations, in defiance of USA, have raised their rates five percent, which will cause spiraling inflation in USA, where already the USA, every person– salaried person has lost 18 percent of their buying power because of labor salary decrease of three percent, and 15 percent general increase in basic foods. It’s even worse than that, counting luxury items and unnecessary food items. But all US salaries have been reduced in their potential– buying potential by 18 percent. Now it’ll be ever worse, as the OPEC nations have raised their rates by five percent across the board.

The pound and the mark, German mark– (Pause) Though depreciating, the German mark gained a little this morning, and the pound also. The French franc strangely dropped again. The yen, the Japanese yen still remains stronger. OPEC’s stock, the New York Stock Exchange, is the highest it’s ever been in history.

London. The British economy had to fix silver, it was going so high, they had to fix it, at two dollar– (Pause) No, it must be more than that. Obviously, more so. Whatever. Something per ounce. I’m not clear on what they said, but it’s been fixed, because the price of silver is going way out of limit. I believe–  believe I’m not incorrect, it’s 280 dollars an ounce. As you know, the price of gold here an ounce is nearly a thousand dollars. That’s how valuable– that’s why we need to turn in our watches and our rings, as Comrade [Herman] Gee and Comrade Orde Dennis, a ring that she found, a very valuable one. All of you should be turning them in to the radio room, to be sold downriver, so we can get food. By the way, make that priority. We’ve got to have storage for our food so we can bring it in, because the rice market on the world has gone staggering up, sugar’s even gone much, much higher, and even though the government is subsidizing at the same rate, they cannot afford to stop the cost of sugar. They are still subsidizing. Whereas you’ll be able to buy sugar for thirteen and one-half cents a pound here, it’s going to be back up to sixty, maybe eighty, and even a dollar a pound in the rest of the world. And 13 cents here is about six cents USA a pound. We have at hand. That’s why we’re going to have to get our food storage secured.

London stock market has dropped. Federation of Japanese trade showed the less real growth also today. International sugar agreement though has allowed the prices to continue to grow, because there is a shortage at this particular time of sugar, and Guyana will have to allow its price, even domestic price to increase, while the other– while it im– exports as much as it can to take advantage. Coffee price has dropped in New York, but it’s gone much higher in Europe as an international coffee meeting in London, because there has been some improper marketing and price cheating, and thus is causing coffee now to be of less value than a person can afford to make it in certain parts of the world. However, it’s still something like five dollars– between five and six dollars a pound in USA, and we can get it, I don’t know what it is a pound, but it’s US dollars (sighs) much less than a dollar a pound, and we get the pure seed and make it, and brew it. But we have to go to some difficulty in getting it, and [tape edit]

–to ask the CAOs make that priority [tape edit]

–Air Force. A House conference vote– votes pay increases, the House of Representatives, to the Air Force officers on sea duty, effective October 1. And it will be retroactive. Grandfather clause puts it three years back. They’re trying to make servicemen feel secure, because of a war mood, says Senator Ke– Edward Kennedy. Said USA is getting ready for a new war. Servicemen’s life insurance rates are down, due to less hazardous work. The government puts pressure on the insurance companies. The insurance companies are being brought into investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission, because the same life policies and health policies will vary from company to company. Some pa– companies charging three times the amount of another insurance company for the same pri– uh, for offering the same plan, or even a better plan.

Kirkland Air Force Base, New Mexico. Nineteenth Bombardment Group that was together in October 1941, it was a member– a hundred member guerilla group, held on to their position, now making airfields for mercenary action. They’ve got a very militaristic mind, 1956, they’ve re– campaigned and regrouped and are involving themselves in certain vigilante exercises in USA, said Radio Moscow, and they have been responsible with Air Force– Kirkland Air Force Base cooperation for mercenaries being sent to various parts of Africa to aid in the suppression of our beloved people in our homeland.

Continuing with the news. Japan said that the test tube baby, Radio Tokyo, was perhaps the most major achievement of the century. Whether for good or evil, time alone will tell. It tells how it’s externally fertilized, it went into some great detail, the fallopian tubes are blocked in the female, and the transplanting, but says Radio Japan, there is even now close– very close proximity to the time when a baby will grow, nurtured by artificial processes entirely free of the human body. This, they said, represents a Frankenstein monster.

[Jimmy] Carter is losing more ground constantly in popularity. He remains the first choice for most of the Democrats. However, it is said that Senator Edward Kennedy, by taking issue with many of the Administration’s stands, is reconsidering his past disavowals of ever being president, and may be putting his hat in the ring early. Those who have put their hat in the Republican ring are all neo-fascist, right wing reactionaries. I named one of them yesterday.

Carter went to New York City today to sign a (sighs) several million dollar loan in order to save New York from bran– bankruptcy again.

House of Representatives, Carter’s so unpopular, he opposed a nuclear aircraft carrier of being unsafe and not militarily strategic enough, but the House approved it due to the lobbying of big corporations that want to build it, over Carter’s opposition.

In five hours from now, the College of Cardinals will set the voting date for the new pope. A strong feeling that he will be more conservative and will not be as interested in worldly matters, even as Pope [Paul] VI was. Pope Paul. And he certainly didn’t have that much interest. Pope John [XXIII] was a great man of peace. His encyclical of peace was revered by all. Pope– uh, the College of Cardinals now must meet every day, ‘til an election takes place many days hence, at which time a little puff of smoke will come out of the special room, indicating that they have chosen who will be the Holy See, who sets in the direct throne of God, the chair of Peter, representing God and the church in divinity form. Catholics still believe the pope is infallible, incapable of error, incapable of sin. Then they’re always making light of new religions, and 700 million people follow that idiotic religion blindly in the most repressive states in the world, such as Chile, where they’re in mourning the pope for three days, or the worst fascist states, where more torture, cruelty and political repression takes place.

Cyrus Vance is continuing his discussions with [Anwar] Sadat. There’s now little likelihood of progress on talks, says just the news that I’m hearing. Israelis must agree that old lands given over for– uh, that they– they conquered must be given over, before further talks can take place. (Pause)

North Carolina. Senator Robert Morgan says all males over 17 must register for military service. We cannot put our hands or our destinies, our lives in the hands of an all-black army. He said, all-nigra army. Though– Thus he is demanding that all US boys will have to register, and serve now, whether there’s war or not, for a minimum of six months, to mobilize troops to be ready for war. Senator [Mark] Hatfield, a Republican of Oregon, says this suggestion reflects the old Cold War mentality renewed all over again, and he says it think it pre– will prevail. The suggestion was voted down this time, but it shows great likelihood of being passed in the next session.

In Honduras, a coup has taken place of three military leaders, who took over in a bloodless coup. The orientation of the government now – it was a right wing government – the orientation now is not known. There is no news in at this time on whether it’s a coup to the left or the right. Normally, coups, military takeovers, end up going right wing, but they’ve been a few pleasant exceptions, such as Portugal, Mauritania, Ethiopia, and some like that.

First meeting today with the College of Cardinals, 115 cardinals will vote, takes two-thirds vote to elect the next pope. Pope Paul lies in state. The st– the great funeral will be attended Saturday, which expects a half million, to mourn this 80-year-old man.

A 119 billion dollar defense bill voted, the highest in nation’s history. While less money at– than in decades is being spent for house– housing, and for health, education and welfare. House voted two billion dollars for the nuclear aircraft [carrier] that Carter opposed. It carried by 218 to 156 over Carter’s strong objections.

Blood tests are being required of all residents in the West Canal of the Niagara River from Buffalo down. They must be evacuated. All pregnant women must leave. They are now being checked for blood disease. Leukemia, cancer of the blood, is showing up in many people in that area because of multinationals dumping chemicals in the Niagara River, in the Niagara Fall [Falls] area and the Niagara canals. Same as in the Hudson River and in parts of Mississippi River.

The North Carolina fire of yesterday continues to burn. The chemicals are lethal, and the people have been evacuated– several thousands have been evacuated from the city.

Four years ago, August 8, 1974, [Richard] Nixon announced resignation. [Gerald] Ford announced– the announcement that he would be sworn in. 1974 hearings on impeachment hearings based on blocking congressional investigation. Twenty-eight members voted for impeachment. Nixon denied guilt. August 9, Nixon made tearful farewell.

Let’s remember the ninth, also, to give honor to Lynetta [Jones], my mother and yours, who risked her life, her job, her future, by resisting the FBI when they were using illegal means of phone tapping to try to get her to say, I was with Paul Robeson, the great black civil rights lidier– leader and the world’s greatest opera singer. I was, but she re– but she did not understand socialism, kept taking the Fifth Amendment, which in those days, though it’s a guarantee of the Constitution of the USA, was considered communist talk. She loved me and knew my character, and stood behind me, even though it cost her her job, her stewardess position of the union, and she suffered greatly because she was harassed for seven hours by the FBI under heavy lights, right in front of her fellow employees, and all she would say, over and again, I refuse to testify on the grounds that it might tend to incriminate me. What she meant was, it might hurt her son. She was a great woman, she gave her all to you, more donation than any person, sizable wealth that she had. It all went into this cause.

Anyway, Gerald Ford. In what now, even BBC calls, quick skirting, to cover for a lot of other crimes that was going on at high levels, Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon, under Article Two Section Two of the Constitution, gave him a full pardon for all offenses against the United States and any other crimes during the entire period of his service in government and from July ’69 through August of 1974. Nixon lives on an estate. He was penniless, practically, when he went into the White House, he’s now worth several millions. Though he’s a man in ill health, much great anxiety, because he loved power.

I take great satisfaction in the thought that one day I won’t have that responsibility. If you think people can meet your need, you’re a fool. Even if you abuse them, they would kill you. And I love people. And to meet the need of people is awesome. The more I see born, the more that come to me, terrify me, because I consciously– uh, conscientiously give all to everyone that comes my way.

The only guilt that Nixon would admit to when being interviewed by NBC was that he didn’t act quickly enough to find out who was behind the Watergate break-ins, even though he admitted clearly he had done it before.

Strangely enough, in most parts of the world, said CBS, there was no large public outpouring of sadness over the death of Pope Paul.

Nuclear issue building strongly in USA, much concern over nuclear reactors built on dangerous fault lines, many that are already leaky and have caused danger to inhabitants and can destroy whole sates– states. So resistance is growing, though I would consider it small, but 250 were arrested in San Luis Obispo, California, but the Bar Association came out for nuclear reactors, and of course, the corporation has been– the big lobbies have been fighting powerfully in the House of Representatives, and finally there’s money that decides things in Senate and in Congress.

Fourth largest union Philadelphia– in Philadelphia rejects. It is retrogressive mechanization. No safeguards for job security for older engineers. The engineers union has threatened to bring a shutdown of all the major facilities of facility– of Philadelphia. Well, just like all the other industries, including the mines, they’ll be threatened finally by the government, by the army, either go back to work or go to jail.

Food and Drug Administration. No ban on antibiotics of livestock. Some that was used might indeed kill humans, but they’re not safe, even though for animals, if the antibiotics is not boiled out of the meat sufficiently, but Food and Drug Administration bows to the powerful big multinationals that’ve bought up the farms. They will postpone the ban on biotics– outmoded biotics that are dangerous to humans in the feed, until they have more proof of it being harmful to more humans. Already many have reported reactions that’ve caused forms of paralysis. There’re some 76 cases of this. They’d be giving outmoded tetracycline and penicillin, which is also very lethal, and it’s unknown what it will do to humans, but it does great damage to other types of experimental animals. But human beings don’t count in capitalism, Food and Drug Administration, department of the US government’s highest level, it’s supposed to protect people, but that’s not what it does. When property, capital speaks, it protects the big businessman, the rich.

Pioneer of (unintelligible word) Venus II spacecraft was finally launched today after being delayed. It will reach Venus in December. It’s looking into the atmosphere of Venus and study the weather. There are still some indications that there has been life of uh, an advanced nature on Venus at some point in time. They were greatly infuriated because they wanted to s– simultaneously launch Venus II with the Soviets coming back from their feat in space, in launching a spacecraft platform, but a contractor did not get the helium there in time, two days late.

Cyrus Vance is trying very hard, says the news (unintelligible word) to convince Sadat to reopen talks with Israel, but he is drawing more cold to the subject.

I do not see or hear anything else that is of uh, great importance.

Carter’s in much trouble with the American Bar Association. That’s perhaps why they put out some of the reactionary things. He said lawyers should help pay Legal Aid for the poor, instead of the government, and the Bar Association unanimously indicted him for this. Of course, this is a voluntary type of cans– uh, capitalist solution. Poor should be taken of by their government, by the people, not just one segment. Sure, lawyers are vultures, just like doctors, but he– Carter does not have to say– seem to have a very good sense of what is politic. There’s great thought that he will not be a candidate for the second term.

[Leon] Jaworski. He said agencies should not investigate themselves, as US government allows them to do. He said he was being used, and he was glad to get out of the whole tricky business. He’d been asked to investigate the payolas and bribes that Senators and Congressmen had been receiving from dictatorships like Korean KCIA, South Korea’s puppet regime of US imperialism. He has refused to go along with the farce any longer.

Firestone Tire. Investigators say that there have been hundreds– in that hundreds that have been killed by defective tires, but they will settle and will not recall. They’ll replace the cars, but judges have been throwing out any charges against Firestone. Of course. Why do you trust courts? So you believe if they have charges against you, like Louis– oh, what? – Jean Lucas, why do you trust the courts? Here the courts not representing the people. Hundreds have been killed by defective tires of Firestone, and the judge– the court just fall– throws it out. All that Firestone agrees to do is to replace the tires on the vehicles when people were killed. Nothing about the murder they’ve committed. And they will not recall the defective tires, and no one’s making them do so. Even the Voice of America pointed that out.

The Bank of Japan is buying up dollars furiously to try to keep the dollar from falling completely and being without trust, particularly since OPEC has increased its oil prices by five percent.

More money in– than the Defense Department asked for was received by the House and Congress. The House appropriation bill granted 119 billion dollars. It certainly would seem that the major threat of the First World is USA. China may feel so. Maybe she just posturing to get the nuclear war that she says is inevitable, and looks pretty much to any logical person, maybe– maybe she just wants to get it over with and knows that USA cannot survive, as over 200 million people will die in the first seven minutes now of a nuclear war. Better than three out of four will die immediately. Be no waiting around. The rest will be lingering with nuclear death. There were only a few hundred thousand that died in (stumbles over words) Nagasaki and Hiroshima a year– 33 years ago at this time, but after that, nearly a million more died by diseases of– related radiation diseases such as cancer of the blood.

The Federal Reserve is pushing interest rates up further on people’s money in the banks.

This is the primary essence of the news of today. I do not at this point have any particular summary in mind to give you. It is important you do study and prepare for the news. This is bonus news, except there be some kind of commentary. I think you should be aware for the news, the horrible fact that Moscow’s brought to light that we are actually seeing genocide and has, going back for years, in all those prisons and jails that I mentioned, where the torture has been conducted against black and Indian, and extermination, and they’ve even been cremated and buried, their– their ashes right in the prison yards. That’s a horrible, horrible thought, but (short laugh) you know, what does it mean to the USA? USA. It makes me sick, it makes me guilty. Does it make you guilty? It should. Let us work hard to make up for the crimes that’ve been committed against the people.

The FBI, says New York Times foreign edition, are excellent Klan and members. The Ku Klux Klan is growing in every state in the Union. They have quadrupled, that’s in– they’ve increased their growth five times in every state – average – in the United States this last year. The police power of US monopoly capitalism has been and continues to be devoted to upholding and enforcing white supremacy. Nowhere is this more evident than in the recent revelations of the FBI agent Gary Rowe – R-o-w-e – not only monitored the activities of the Ku Klux Klan, but he also fully participated in uh– and instigated acts of terrorism and murder against many civil rights activists and black community leaders and whole communities as a– as a whole during the 1960s, and it is still going on to this day, says Gary Rowe. The judge is still considering whether he will indict him for murder and conspiracy to murder. It looks like one judge is going to do so, in spite of government’s Attorney General Griffith [Griffin] Bell, who was a Ku Klux Klan member himself, highest law enforcement uh, leader of the land, refusal to do so. He also refuses to turn over files that’ve been taken illegally by the FBI against socialists, and they’re suing the government. He’s in contempt of court now. But no judge is enforcing his arrest.

Rowe’s actions were not simply those of a single irrational individual acting out the inevitable consequences of white supremacy, white rule that’s obvious to anyone, USA, if you really want to see the truth, although they were indeed that as well.

Remember, by the way, I’ve made several new rules about those who are negative, insensitive, talk of returning to the terrible Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon of USA, to get special classes to help them in reorientation. Council’ll be looking into this, as well as profiles on those work as– when you’re grading their test and the profile on people’s dedication, not only just routine work but extra dedication and their sensitivity in answering the questions than I said should be answered about me. Comrade Teresa King, librarian, I’m asking her to put that on the bly– the blackboard before the end of the day, so that you can be sure to read it again, or ask that portion of the tape that I gave last week. You must all I said about my own feelings, my own caring, my own situation. You must know it. And that will weigh heavily. If you know that part, that will weigh heavily for whether you pass or fail. Don’t worry about tests in the old capitalist sense, just be concerned as a socialist to get knowledge. Not uh, that you’re going to compete with your neighbor. The only reason we ever put testing out was because people were not wanting to find out about socialism as I did voluntarily. Everyone should be self-contained. Not want to look good in the image of somebody else or your peers or your Dad’s eyes, you should want to be a good socialist because it’s right, whether anyone sees it or not, whether you have any victories. It’s the only thing that lifts you above the animals, and we have conscience as humanoids. Otherwise, we’re worse than most animals. Why don’t you just develop socialist concern and character, and forget about how you look in other people’s eyes? That’s what’s happened with some that went out. They were always concerned about looking good, or wonder what people thought about them. Especially Dad. You should get your own conscience sensitized and follow it, as I followed mine. Most people could not take the harassment that I’ve taken, having your name smeared, they would then like, as been reported Huey Newton has, gotten on cocaine, (unintelligible word) sexual affair, because his public image is not glamorous now. Makes no difference what people say about me, or if all of you hated me. If I know conscientiously I’m doing the right thing, that’s all that matters to me, not what history says about me, but that I uh, do not fail you and that I love you purely. And that I can absolutely I do this very hour, and will continue to do so, for time immemorial.

But this FBI agent’s actions, Rowe’s, were not simply those of a single irrational individual, acting out the inevitable consequences of white supremacy, although they were indeed that as well. Rowe’s employer, the FBI, ap– had knowledge of his illegal operations, condoned them and participated in a cover-up maneuver to hide its own complicity, the same kind of cover-up and illegal activities that’re now going on under the new director, William Webster of the FBI, appointed by Carter whom Congress did not demand for him to drop his membership that he openly flaunted in four racist and sexist clubs– private clubs in St. Louis, Missouri. Rowe, the FBI agent’s involvement in the Ku Klux Klan death squad and other FBI agents were prominently– prominently involved in the death squad of the KKK – perhaps that’s where they got the name “death squad” that they falsely attributed to Huey Newton. From the Ku Klux Klan. Anyway, the FBI’s involvement in the death squad that assassinated white civil rights activists such as Viola G. Luizzo [Liuzzo], uh– L-u-i-z-z-o – the 31-year-old mother of five, white woman. I was there, struggling at that time. He has admitted murder of an unknown black, this one FBI agent alone, and there were many more. And he’s getting prepared to give evidence, and his profitable uh, life thereafter, though minimal need in terms of payments, but he called it profitable. He never made more than 500 dollars a month. His participation in the church bombing that took the lives of the four black children in Birmingham, Alabama, that caused Angela Davis – because they were all her friends – to become a member of the Communist Party, that took place in 1963, that was done by a black– uh, by a white pastor and his elders to a black Baptist church. That’s why I could never understand how Baptists could be black, when they knew all the racism and hate that’d been done by a white Baptist, and it’s white Baptist cowardice that rule the Union of South Africa and have our people in concentration camps. I’d be ashamed that– if I had ever been a Baptist, I’d be ashamed of it.

All these affairs appoint to a despicable policy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation USA fascist style. This policy was nourished by a most odious form of racism and a commitment to uphold the structures and institutions of white domination and supremacy, no matter what the cost. By this time, it is hardly a secret that the FBI’s relationship to the civil rights movement was not that of a protector – although this was the claim of the Justice Department made recently – the FBI had a deliberate policy of assigning to this area, agents– the civil rights area, who were Southern born and bred and redneck by nature. They carried with them into their jobs all the vicious attitudes and total disregards for the value of black life and Indian life that centuries of racist propaganda and socialist pra– social practices of capitalism could input into them, or inculcate in them. But it would be a gross error to think that this was a phenomenon restricted just to the South. Over the past many years up to date, revelizations– revelations of COINTELPRO – C-O-I-N-T-E-L-P-R-O – operations– those are illegal operations of all sorts, including murder, kidnapping, wiretapping, arson, you name it, they’ve done it, by the FBI against the black movement, the Indian movement, and civil rights leaders, and all black leaders as a whole, the FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover persistent attempts to discredit Martin Luther King, and most people believe ordered his assassination, because he certainly ordered him to be moved into the motel where it was could be– for him to be killed– (Pause) The FBI’s open statements– (Tape edit, silence for several seconds)

Some people are afraid, as Jesse Jackson said now, they will see no– hear no– evil, hear no evil, and certainly reportno evil, for fear that they’ll get arrested. The government has already been forced to admit that the FBI engaged in the illegal wiretapping, murder, spying, conspiracy to murder, arson, trying to provoke disunity amongst civil rights workers and black leaders. The latest revelations prove that the FBI also incited bombings, several murders, and other acts of terrorism. This is supposed to be the highest law enforcement body in the land. But that’s what they’ve been doing in the name of law and order. Fascist Gestapo practices. And it still goes on under a racist William Webster and the present director.

Given what we know about the FBI’s role in the maintenance of the status quo and its determined efforts to eliminate all vestiges of dissent, anyone that wanted to disagree, they wanted a total fascist state, that’s what’s what J. Edgar Hoover was openly trying to bring about, the head– the head of the FBI, these revelations should come as no surprise. But lack of amazement makes these new admissions of conspiracy against people of color, black, Indian and all people working for social change, white or black, irate and horrified. White supremacy is a cancerous poison that must be embattled on all fronts wherever it raises its ugly monstrous head, from Bakke decisions in the Supreme Court, a renewal of racism, to Klan marches that are going on in Chicago, Kansas City and in Maine, not to mention Tupelo, Mississippi, to the liberal defenses of Nazi Party rights by the ACLU that has become almost taken up with defending Nazis to march through black and Jewish neighborhoods, preaching their race and ethnic hatred, and openly preaching on megaphones that all Jews, blacks, Indians, and foreigners should be exterminated, like [Adolf] Hitler did in the gas ovens.

Now this is going on, and the courts have been upholding it. The sordid case of Gary Rowe, the FBI agent, and the FBI that backed him and other officers and agents of the FBI that were involved in murder all through those years, should remind us that in the struggle against white supremacy, the police powers of monopoly capitalism are lined up, and the courts also on the other side of the anti-racist barricades. They’re on the side of those who call the neutron bomb the nigger bomb, nigger control, because it’s planned to be dropped in our neighborhoods and can be done and still save the property for the white rich monopoly ruling class.

That’s the commentary on the FBI. Be responsible for that and the other things that I’ve pointed out. Thank you, and much love, and if you care, and don’t want the blood of our people on your hands, you’ll work hard. Thank you so much.


Part III

Jones: (Voice sounds congested) Attention. Late afternoon Moscow Radio. We always love to hear the voice of the Soviet Union, the mother of the revolution of October 1917, where the only thing worth living for, began. Believe me, with some of the present knowledge that I contain about myself, I know that it is the only thing worth living for. It gives meaning to human existence. Socialism. Socialism forever. Without it, humans have nothing but empty aimless lives, without purpose, without meaning. (Turns head from mike to cough)

There is an appeal, protest of the neutron bomb. As the midnight hour of nuclear war approaches, it is feared by the Warsaw Pact of the Soviet alliance that the problem of the nuclear war will begin in Africa or the Near East.

Rhodesia is trying to create an appearance of Africanization. There’s making– They’re making various moves now to integrate at the various levels of their departments on a tokenism basis, but it is not in any way tricking the Organization for African Unity. There is solidarity still about the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. News conference in Pretoria reveals these sham maneuvers on the part of Ian Smith’s white racist supremacist and minority regime, in that he only represents three percent of the country in the land area. It is criminal, perfectly criminal, that the Zimbabwean Patric– Patriotic Front under Joshua Nkomo, a nationalist, and Robert Mugabe, are not allowed to be the representatives when the people have chosen them. (Sniffs)

The French chairman of the Supreme Military Council is in Ghana. It is feared that there are new designs, said the Soviet Union, of active maneuvers for military conquest on the part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the puppet of US monopoly capitalism.

Senegal cooperates– cooperates with West Africa. (Sniffs)

Common Market. Three times they gained over assistance they made in Africa. They buy farm material (Pause) for much less than what it cost, then sell it at a three-time profit to their Afric– African surrogates or even their so-called allies. There is nothing that capitalism, British-style, a lackey of US imperialism, or any of the other seven industrial capitalist nations, do that isn’t profiteering. They profiteer off of each other, said Radio Moscow, as has been proven in the conflict of USA capitalism versus the Europeans, the EEC Common Market, and the Japanese capitalists. (Sniff)

Strong condemnation of the Japanese-Chinese Friendship Treaty, but said they’re certainly for making the Pacific a zone free of any kind of superpower conflict, a zone of peace. But they are determined to see the clause, the anti-hegemony clause, removed from the agreement.

USA demonstrations against nuclear weapons, particularly the neutron bomb, have appeared in various spots across the nation, says Radio Moscow, more demonstrations than have been heard of in many a year, and also more arrests, open flagrant violation of human rights, as all protesters are jailed. You name the state, the time or the place. Makes no difference. They just round them all up and arrest them.

John Sparkman, who is a uh, Southern Senator, strangely enough, says that there must be a review of US policy of shipping arms abroad. He is firmly against it, and this is shocking and surprising. Perhaps he is– he’s a very older man, and may be dying. He had been known for certain liberality on the matters of imperialism, though he is– has always gone along with states rights, which is a nice word for racism separatism, racist domination, racist supremacy of the white man. But anyway, Radio Moscow hails him for this review. John– Senator John Sparkman, I believe of Alabama, states the present policies of the USA are leading to the end of America as a country. Only the few that would survive would be worse off than those in the caves that dug out for their animal existence tens of thousands of years ago.

Violations of human rights protest against the British actions in Northern Ireland. Continued violations, says Radio Moscow, by Britain against the Ireland people. Radio Moscow gives the strongest port– support for the IRA, the Irish Republican Army, and says they will continue to support them any way they can. They have a right to be united with the rest of Ireland, which has been maintained as a separate part under British dom– dominion and domination for many, many centuries. North Ireland, of course, is just a small sector, but it’s the more industrial wealthy, and the general population by nine-to-one want to be annexed and unified with their Irish brothers and sisters of the south. They are vitriolic also. They are one of the few people that have never– their IRA– their Irish communist party has never indicted the Soviet Union, and has spoken out against all criticisms of the Soviet Union in their so-called trumped up charges of human rights, where [Natan] Sharansky has been made a great issue, and [Alexander] Ginzburg.

However, USA has shown that Sharansky, as human beings are– and– and Ginzburg of no value whatsoever, they have no concern or feeling for them, they’re just using them for political advantage, because twice the Soviet Union have offered exchanges. They offered exchange for them and portions of the Wilmington 10, blacks who have a combined sentences of, well, it’s up into the thousands of years. Uh– It– It– One man alone faced a sentence of some 400 years. He– No human being can live that long. The witnesses, of course, of– against the Wilmington 10, who were charged just because they stood up for civil rights, and the terrible discrimination and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in Carolina, they were accused of burning down a empty garage. The witnesses have later admitted that they’d lied under oath, due to the pressure of the courts and the prosecution and law enforcement officials. But President Carter refused to intervene on their behalf. Clear case of be– them being political prisoners, as are those Puerto Rican nationals who made a brave demonstration in the house of Congress, one as early as 1950, and the rest as ea– late as 1953-54, so they have been political prisoners for over 35, and some of them 38 [28] years. No– There no crime that would carry that kind of sentence where death was not involved. But that’s the way it is. USA can hypocritically condemn the world for so-called violations of human rights, but they never speak of their own violations. And Andrew Young has been in nothing but hell ever since that he mentioned– ever since that he mentioned the problems of USA’s treatments of political prisoners. Andrew Young, the lone black ambassador, who the head of the Senate, Senator [Robert] Byrd, a racist, former Ku Klux Klan member, and many others, the right wing neo-fascist governor of New Hampshire [Meldrim Thompson], and he has a million supporters, have been pressuring for the dismissal of Andrew Young as the United Nations ambassador. He has no power in the first place. He’s just a figurehead, an Uncle Tom tokenism again, but in a slip of the lip at a cocktail party, Andrew Young said there are thousands of political prisoners in USA, as you remember. USA– (Pause)

Don’t, I– I– I– that news, I just given, uh, scratch that.

The Ethiopians– All Ethiopians of college age are being given freedom of transportation at no cost to Soviet institutions. The black Ethiopians have all expenses borne by the people, the government of the USSR, Soviet Union. Free medical services, free libraries, free entertainment, so forth, to guarantee that the Ethiopian upcoming youth will be qualified in all areages– areas of science, medicine and technology. This is the pattern of the Soviet Union, they did the same with Angola, and also the same was done by Cuba, which is struggling, and so is the Soviet Union. They were struggling, rebuilding from World War II, the ravages that destroyed half their country, all of their industrial lands, and all of their farmlands, and 22 million of their people were murdered by the fascist [Hitler], the Nazi set up by [Winston] Churchill of Britain and Washington imperialist like Rockefeller, to try to take care of the communist revolution, but then it turned against them, the contradictions of capitalism, Hitler wanted more power and influence than they counted on, so they had to go to war jointly against him. Nonetheless, in spite of their struggling, Cuba struggling against an economic boycott that has kept them from getting parts from all of the allies of USA, and things that they needed badly, patched up their old cars, some of them of 1930 vintage, a beautiful modern city, and yet they are training and have taken in thousands of (tape failure for several seconds)

Progress III. Of course, the USA is very greatly disturbed. They have Venus II that they were going to launch that has been done over and again, but they wanted to have political advantage of launching just ahead of Progress III, but unfortunately, a capitalist contractor didn’t get there on time, maybe drunk or so sure of his profiteering, he didn’t have to move with any fast pace, he was two date late– two days late with the helium. So the Soviets beat them with Progress III, a space launch docked with an entire space laboratory, which the USA has no match for whatsoever. Two– Two hundred tons of cargo – can you imagine that? – into outer space. Scientific studies are being broadened, biological and medical experiments. The Soviets refused to comment on the Western imperialist questions about whether they’re making defensive postures, defensive ability on their space platforms. Well, indeed, they should, knowing the utter depravity and ingenuous potential for evil, criminal evil, of capitalism.

The USSR elections. The ages have been lowered to 18. All expenses of elections are paid by the state. There’s a right of recall of elected officials, automatically, by just a third of the population demanding recall, if they’re failing to carry out the mandate for socialism that the people have given them. Thus far in the last five years, three officials have been recalled for that, so that shows that there is indeed democracy in the Soviet Union.

One half of all the world right now – one half – uh, are receiving, in spite of the USSR having to maintain a military defense system, which is a disadvantage to the socialist world, because socialists do not make profit. The only advantage to socialists are to build things that help people and improve their de– quality of domestic life, but they are being forced by the capitalist warmongers to de– defend themselves by building a great defense military system. Yet, in spite of all of that, they were able to give one half of the world free medicines, free of charge, vaccinations like smallpox, cholera, against malaria, uh, and uh, even flu. They’ve developed flu vaccinations more varied than USA. All medical aides sent abroad – and they are in practically every nation of the Third World on earth – and those doctors, surgeons are working there free of charge and giving free medicines.

In-depth subjects. Gen– S– General Secretary Brezhne– [Leonid] Brezhnev in Crimea with the Prime Minister of Romania [Manea Manescu, more likely General Secretary Nicolae Ceausescu], forced to discuss stronger military tactics to be taken against the US and her European lackeys, who have been broadening the Cold War, and increasing a McCarthy Era mentality throughout USA.

Exchange of views on development projects. One thing the increased harassment of USA has broug– brought is a close tie between Romania and the Soviet Union. Romania used to be – and right on the border of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union allowed them – to be very neutral. For instance, Romania recognizes the state of Israel. All the other socialist countries do not, in the Warsaw Pact. Romania was quite close to China, and the Soviet Union has never made any effort to change that, giving each of the independent nations of the Warsaw Alliance their independent freedom of judgment. There’s an exchange of views on all subjects of science and culture, and joint efforts of promotion of defense against the common capitalist u– enemy, led by US monopoly capitalism, finance capitalism, and imperialism. Promotion of disarmament will be made the effort of the Warsaw Pact to try in these latter hours, these very difficult hours in which many say nuclear war is inevitable, and indeed, the Peoples Republic of China, Communist China, may be right, with the Doctrine of Three Worlds in this regard, that you might as well make your plans on the basis of the fact that will be a nuclear holocaust.

Salisbury is a police state, says Izvestia, one of the large newspaper networks of the Soviet Union. They stifle all liberation efforts throughout Africa and in their own land. USSR, the Soviet Union, charges NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with trying to spread its influences throughout Africa, spreading its tentacles like an octopus that is a monster in aggression. The recent landing in Zaire, before Zaire managed to break away from the whole and renegotiate friendship with Angola when they found that US capitalism was using the strong arm dictator Mobutu [Sese Seko], he was at least a man of pride, that he built, uh, intercontinental– uh, international railway between he and Angola, and ships his minerals to this port to try to put them on the world market for free trade, where he can get the honest value, because USA and their lackeys underpay them for all the value of their resources and labor. Shows the true goals of NATO in Africa by the open support they have given to the Ian Smith dread interim regime that broke away– and even Britain called them a pirate regime when they broke away from the commonwealth, they were never elected officially, they never went through official proceedings to become the government of (Pause) Rho– Rhodesia, and as I know– uh, though I’ve told you many times, but I repeat for those that are slow of hearing or maybe not able to get things quite as rapidly, beautiful workers and fine people but have difficulties in education, the Zimbabwean Patriot Front, the true name of Rhodesia is Zimbabwe, and the leaders are Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe. They should be the rightful leaders in Africa, and every effort is being done by the USA and her NATO lackeys to stifle the right of– of self-determination of the people of the Zimbabwean Patriot Front, who represent 97 percent of the people, to have the right to govern the people, when the people have chosen them. The NATO also attempts to establish undivided rule of racists everywhere they go. They establish ruling class racists or Uncle Toms, but normally they’ll even put a number of white racists in the governments of the p– puppet regimes that they still control in Africa. Soviet Union pledges its support to the freedom struggle of Third World nations throughout the world, not only Africa.

Peking inciting to start a new global war. The Soviet Union appeals to them to abandon their Doctrine of Three Worlds in that regard, said that it is menacing. Where there is life, there is hope. Admittedly the Soviet Union said that it is a bleak time, but China is being too dogmatic to continue to operate on a foregone conclusion that nuclear war, says the Soviet Union, has to be. Also, they charge Peking with arming so many countries, encouraging the– the Western leaders frequent visits to Peking. China said– Uh, the Soviet Union said China does not have anything in common with capitalism, that they have their people practice communism in their own country, domestically, and they appeal to China to stop this terrible arms race that they’re doing and using modern equipment for arms industry, before it’s too late. They quote US News & World Report that Peking’s objective is to provoke nuclear war between US and the USSR, said even the New– US News & World Report, a rightwing capitalist magazine, can see what Peking is up to. They appeal to the USA not to be taken into it, because our people have gone through suffering, and we do not want to see all of our people have to go through a nuclear hell again, even though we are better able to defend our people than you in the USA. Can you not realize, said Radio Moscow to the USA in a real voice of painful appeal, that nearly all of your population will die, if you follow China’s guidelines. Certain world poli– political leaders are playing the China card, which is very, very dangerous, and will bring the world in the nuclear wor– war that China desires. Again I say, I see so many imponderables, and I don’t know, I hate to admit to nuclear war, because it’s horrifying that people will die in such a gross and painful manner, it’s horrifying for us to think of USA being nothing but a desert wasteland of deep caverns and radiation sickness for years so that people will not be able to even walk on the soil of US anywhere, but if you look at all of the equation, the number of people equipped with nuclear arms, you wonder if it will not be the matter of fact.

New constitution in the USSR, the Soviet Union. It is becoming more democratic in essence. Further perfection of socialist democracy has taken place this year by the Presidium of the various ruling assemblies of the various republics of the Soviet Union. Federation elections increase numbers of participants on the– these commissions have been extended, law extends period of campaigns to two months– two months more so that the people will get to know their candidates. You do have a choice of candidates in the Soviet Union, but they must of course have a socialist philosophy, just as capitalism does not allow a socialist to get any real strength.

I wasn’t an elected official, I was an appointed official. When my commissioners named me the Commissioner of Housing, you saw how quickly they wanted to blot us out, and we represented no threat to the entirety of the United States at all, we were nonviolent, trying to work in the system, save youth from jails, lives from drugs and muggings, get them rehabilitated, we were strong to enforce a discipline of right living. But USA is always talking about Soviet uh, dictatorial policies, whereas the USA actually has more dictatorial policies, and the politicians are pressured by mone– monetary influence of the military-industrial class, the mon– monopoly capitalist, the USA– the USSR, the candidates are free to follow their conscience. Nine hundred deputies elected to the Russian federation. As I said, minimum age for elections throughout the Soviet Union have been lowered to 18.

We will now hear the broadcast, our own radio broadcast, from– live from GBS [Guyana Broadcasting System] network, we have two a week on GBS network and Radio Demerara Network on Saturday.

Remember Peoples Rally promptly, we must be there at 7:30, there are important matters to discuss.

I love you so very much.