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Jones: Attention, attention, attention. Good morning, everyone. Much love. We have guests coming today. The Soviets will not be coming today, likely. The Parrs will be arriving, and also will be arriving, John Harris’ wife, and also the Duncans. You are not to engage in conversation unless you have been assigned to do so. You can speak to them, but that’s exactly what I mean. We will not have anyone complaining, we’ll be smiling and talking about the beauties of this place, and we will all be listening attentively for anyone that tries to disrupt the peace. The man has to go back for a while, and we would not want him cut off from life, because of some self-centered, gossipy mind. We will reserve the worst fate ever for anyone who violates this rule. You must be positive, you must be complimentary about the food, you must praise the weather, you must praise everything here. Tell how much better in health you’ve been. If you don’t, you’ll lose the protection you have. Only as you claim gratitude by making the affirmation, do you keep the health and protection you want. So be sure again that you do not go into conversation, just say hello very peacefully and lovingly, and move on your way. Uh, don’t get engaged in long conversations unless you are assigned to these two families. Thank you very much.

Now the news.

Many claim Paul Robeson was a victim, even from the rather moderate Pittsburgh Courier. They admit this. Was Paul Robeson a political prisoner? The Courier says that question among many others have recently surfaced on the heels on comments made by United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young, in which he said there are hundreds of thousands of political prisoners in USA. Robeson, who died in 1978 [1976], spent more– (Pause) He spent more than 20 years of his life in a forced exile from the United States, because he – I’m trying to get it as it comes here – because of his political posture regarding the failure of America to embrace blacks, Indians and Asians, and even poor working whites. And though– And though this was a– the premise of the belief, America branded him a socialist, communist, and refused him the right of free citizenship. His passport was taken from him. To the end of his days, Robeson could no longer pursue his fabulous career. He was rated as the greatest singer of all time and one of the world’s greatest actors. (Tape edit) And he was informed by the FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover that he could not believe [leave] the country or travel outside of his own community, even to such nearby places as villages near his hometown. Later it was expanded that he could go out of state, but not to Mexico or Canada, nor to the West Indies, where a passport was not even needed.

A longtime Robeson friend, Lloyd L. Brown, put this shameful injustice against Rome– Robeson in perspective during the first years of his political imprisonment, when he wrote in one of his black papers, though he was banished as a performing artist, and denied his rights as a citizen, Paul Robeson was never charged with any illegal action, he was never put on trial, but his persecutors made no bones about why he was being punished. Robeson, they said, was a dangerous Red. Robeson, they said, was a dangerous black. And that made him twice as bad as anyone else in the fed– fearful 50s, when communism at home and abroad was said to be a clear and present danger to the American way of life. Brainwashing.

As an internationalist with an all-embracing humanism, a humanism that took all men and women in, Robeson truly believed in– believed that socialism was the way. In a 1950 speech, in the Soviet Union a few years before America confiscated his passport, Robeson said, it is my deep conviction that for all mankind, a socialist society represents an advance to a higher stage of life, that is a form of society which is economically, socially, culturally, and ethically superior to a system based upon production for private profit and greed.

What Robeson thought of the American way of life has been widely quoted, and that– what he said in the cultural philosophy speech caused the establishment of a government to commit– consider him a nemesis. He stated the modern white America [American] is a member of the lowest form of civilization in the world today. My problem is not to counteract his prejudice against the Negro. That does not matter. What I have set myself to do is to educate my brother. The Negro is to believe in himself. We are a great race, greater in tradition and culture than the American race. Why should we copy something that is inferior.

But even though white America attempted to make a non-person, an invisible man out of Paul Robeson, a giant of a scholar who spoke and sang in more than 20 languages, there were others of his time who glorified him because of his greatness as an international figure and a world citizen. The late Dr. W. E. B. DuBois, who founded the NAACP and chose to spend his remaining life on Ghana– he died in Ghana at the age of 95 years of age, because he said he felt guilty paying tax dollars to such a vicious fascist system as USA is. Dr. W. E. B. DuBois, also a victim of the anti-communist witch-hunt, while speaking to a Harlem auditorium in the 19– audience in 1950s, mentioned Robeson’s worldwide popularity, he is without doubt the best known American on earth today. His voice is known in Europe, Asia and Africa, in the West Indies and South America, and in the islands of the seas. Children of the streets of Peking, Moscow, Calcutta, Jakarta greet him and send him their love. Only in his native land is he without honor and rights.

When Robeson’s book Here I Stand was published in 1958, one of the editorials praising it was written by TheChicago Crusader, a black paper’s late Baum Leavall, a staunch fighter for human rights. Leavall said – rather, it was not Leavall but Leavall [pronounces name two different ways] – said we have thought all along that the other– that the great singer, actor, athlete, lawyer, he was a great football star also, and freedom fighter was prosecuted because he wouldn’t bow down to white folks. Robeson has been one of my– one of the mightiest of all black voices raised against world oppression of people because of race, color, nationality, and religion. He is a great champion of the rights of man, Leavall– Leavall said.

It’s quite a uh, commentary coming from the Pittsburgh Courier, a black paper, uh, but always rather conservative. Indeed, as you know, Dr. Robeson had to spend most of his life in the Soviet Union because there was no freedom for him, how– his house was burned down, he was nearly killed many times, they rocked him, pelt– pelted him with uh– with oranges and rotten fruit when he attempted to sing, a group of Canadians wanted him to sing, so he got on one side of the border and sang across with a megaphone. And they turned over cars, the racist mobs killed several, and almost killed him. So he took his children to– (pause) uh, to the Soviet Union, they had a wonderful, peaceful life, and the son [Paul Robeson Jr.] became a doctor there. A wonderful education.

Continuing with the news. There is a great deal of conflict today between China and the Soviet Union. China is accusing the So– the Chi– uh, China is– rather, Russia is a– the Soviet Union is accusing China of interfering with Indian-Soviet relations. This charge is based on one of the cabinet members of the Janta– Janto Party who’s anti-[Morarji] Desai, who is the prime minister. He says that there are secret agreements going on between India and China. The Soviet Union said they will not stand by and allow China to have a foothold in the Indian subcontinent. So more tensions come.

Two million dollars– Two million people, rather, died in Kampuchea, in Cambodia, since the takeover of Khmer Rouge, the nationalists, like the– uh, [Adolf] Hitler called himself National Socialist to trick the people. He used the socialist, but what they really believe is in nationalism. They’ve done it by putting them out to farms, and driving them out in ci– of cities, saying, learn how to farm when they didn’t know how, and many have been shot in open streets. They now say it is well over a third of the population that has been murdered.

The British economy is slightly hu– up. Uh, there’s been some decrease in inflation and increase in wages. However, the Conservative Party still has the massive lead, and there is accusation that the USA is trying to influence the British elections. That press from the United States, willing arm of the US monopoly capitalist, are trying to help Margaret Thatcher– Thatcher, right wing conservative head, to be the next prime minister, because she recommends all blacks be removed from– all Asians and all Indians be removed from England. She’s a terrible, terrible woman. And the United States is violating the law by intruding in another nation’s internal affairs.

The first student exchange between China and the USA will take place in a few days. Five Chinese men and one Chinese women [woman] will pay– China will pay their cost. They will be particularly here to learn languages, cultural patterns of USA, and they’re interested of course in all kinds of electrical and elec– and nuclear engineering. USA is a great, big fool. China is taking advantage of them with the Three– Doctrine of the Three Worlds, and they haven’t got enough sense to uh, pour piss out of a boot.

We shall go on with the news. We have other items that may be of interest to you. Again, remember, as I said, nothing but friendly smiles today, greet– Everyone can greet, embrace, but no one is to take a note, inform them why, when they come, because we were warned by the Foreign Ministry, this is to be the case. No one should take a private note. And you will be observed if you do. Don’t hold anyone’s hand very long. Just pat them and love them, and do not pass any personal notes, because we know that we have been informed that we have a CIA agent. It’s a dead agent, I can assure you of that. It’s a dead agent. You’re only– your time’s running out. But nonetheless, if you’d like to live a few more days, just behave yourself and do what I tell you. All right. [Pause] [Tape edit] [Light, off-mike conversation]

Male: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Jones: The Federal Bureau of Investigation aided the Ku Klux Klan on numerous instances to murder black people. Documents recently obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, revealed that it goes back into the ‘30s, and up into the ‘70s, that this FBI knowingly informed Ku Klux Klan agents who also, a Birmingham, Alabama policeman uh, of the expected arrival time of two freedom rider buses. Though the work of Gary Thomas Rowe– (Pause) (Tape edit)

Male: Okay.

Jones: As I stated, through the work of Gary Thomas Rowe, the most celebrated of the FBI-linked murders, the chief FBI informant in the Klan in Alabama from 1960 through 1966, the Bureau knew that Sergeant Thomas Cook of the Birmingham police department was passing information directly to the Alabama Kul– uh, Klan leadership. As a result, police deliberately arrived at the bus terminals late, so that Klan– the Klan members could attack the civil rights m– workers and kill them without interference. The same kinds of charges have been raised about Klan and police connections in Kansas City, as well as Chicago and various other parts of the Midwest and South.

Scientologist who spoke out against the rising fascism, that all of our black leaders are saying today, certainly evidenced by [Rep. Charles] Diggs, as he is facing 175 years, framed, just because he’s the leader of the Black Caucus on African Affairs and spoke out for the right of Africa to be free, they too have been speaking out for freedom, and speaking out that the government doesn’t have a right to tap phones and spy on people and break in to people’s houses. All of their ranking members, all their leaders of the Church of Scientology, a religious group which believes that man is basically good, last week were indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy, theft of government property, and obstruction of justice. The trumped-up charges stem from a 1977 FBI raid on the Scientology uh, Church in Los Angeles, and– not Washington, D.C. in which 134 FBI agents confiscated the records of– the records that belonged to the Church of Scientology, not the FBI. A hundred thousand pages of church documents.

Synanon, attacked again. They’re after all people who try to cooperate, like the Panthers, like Huey– the horrible, horrible ar– article of Huey [Newton], you must read that in the library and see the terror in which the– Ask for the play, the play of the tape, to see how each of the attacks against groups like ourselves, who stand up for black people’s rights, the same scenario, same attack, just different names. Synanon is attacked again. In the latest attack on the Synanon Foundation, the California Board of Equalization last week re– ruled that Synanon’s land holdings are not exempt from state property taxes. The foundation has been granted tax-exempt status for the past ten years, due to its successful ro– work with drug addicts, alcoholics, delinquents, and the mentally disturbed.

Those who have just been with us, Dr. Carlton Goodlett, said that he wanted to retire here because it’s certain that there’s going to be genocide, murder of all people of color in USA. So did Dr. Mark Lane, eminent author of Rush to Judgment and all the other books that he wrote. I don’t know how many he did write, he wrote Z– [Code Name] Zorro, and then the other doctor that’s been with us, Dr. Freed this week. Don Freed. He wrote Inquest and Who Killed Robert F. Kennedy? They all agree, there’s going to be genocide. That means murder for all minorities because of the increasing unemployment, no jobs for them, and black people are going to refuse to go to fight the wars, and so that will be the way they’re– they’ll be killed. Someone was questioning them around the table while we were dining one night, said, well, you would think that the US would be grateful for us taking so many kids out of crime that would’ve cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Said, no, no, they’re not grateful. They want uh, the muggers, they want the drug pushers, they want drugs to be circulated so they’ll have reason to jail and incarcerate and destroy black people. They know that drugs rot away the brains of our youth, Indian and black. And I thought all three of them, Dr. Goodlett and Dr. Lang– Dr. Lane, rather and Dr. Freed made a very good point.

In spite of charges from– countercharges that a tailor said about Huey P. Newton not beating him up, the court refuses to accept it, and [Tom Orloff] the district attorney is going ahead with charges against him. Even though he appeared in a press conference, [Preston Callis] the black tailor appeared with warm handshake with Huey P. Newton, he said he did not beat me up. Police used pressure and force and torture in Oakland to extract the conviction, they– the confession from him. That’s a good way America works, where her schemes are very, very known, as we saw yesterday, firing into 4000 peoples in Los– in Philadelphia, arresting 39 people because they innocently lo– passing black people, just as– because they looked up, seeing police beating and– beating on women and children in a religious center, and when they just looked at it and didn’t move fast enough down the street, they were arrested themselves.

That’s USA. USA, and that’s why we should be grateful that we have this place. Every scientist in the world said that a nuclear war is coming very soon. USSR has said they will not tolerate the US base that’s being planned, air base, nuclear base, in the Sinai. The Arabs have said they’re going to withdraw their support, Europe is now even today, Belgium is calling for a European dollar, because they say the dollar– US dollar is worthless. We’re headed for a great re– depression, we headed for nuclear hell, every scientist, 98 percent of them, say so, at least. With all the near accidents that’ve happened? You remember all that I’ve given. Ask your neighbor. We’ve documented accidents that’ve almost caused nuclear war already. But tensions and US’ demand to hold on to Africa and deprive her of her liberty, Africa, our brothers and sisters are still in slavery, working for sixteen cents a day, the husband and wife cannot see each other, only once a year, because the wife has to work in the city and the husband cannot work in the city and live in a white neighborhood, so the black woman has to be the nanny for the whites, and she doesn’t see her children or her husband for one year at a time while they live in the concentration camps.

Oh yes, there’s not much future, and particularly with China building underground shelters, China says there’ll be nuclear war within a year. The Soviet Union has similar feelings. Do does Sweden, that’s not communist. They have built underground shelters for their people. Only USA does not build underground shelters for their people, because all they’re concerned about property. As the Air Force has built what they call the neutron bomb, and they jokingly refer to it as the nigger bomb, because it could be dropped in a place in the Fillmore and judge within just a few square inches of where they wanted it to s– have its devastating effect, and kill every living thing in that area and not a piece of paper would be scorched, so the capitalist could come and pick up all the property. And that’s why they now have placed it, as the United Nations have charged, the US have placed the neutron bomb in Rhodesia, which is Zimbabwe, where Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist, and Joshua Nkomo, republican nationalist, are the true leaders, and have 97 percent of the people behind them, but they’re being bombed every day by our tax dollars. Weshould feel such guilt that we buy food or paid taxes, everything we buy or– or sell in USA, we have to pay taxes, and those taxes go to bombs. No socialist makes bombs that destroy people. There’s not a socialist nation that n– thought up a neutron bomb to destroy all living things or a napalm bomb to cause the skin of little children just to slide off, just to come falling off of their body like jelly. No, it takes a capitalist barbarous nation to think of such evil.

We must continue in our struggle. There are so many who want to come here. We’ve got a lot of work to do, and with the conspiracy in US trying so much. Now fortunately some people are coming forward, some powerful figures, and fighting back. But the Congress– I mean, not the Congress, but the Customs, the one department that they use for their fascist intrigue anymore, because you can get no Freedom of Information from the uh, [Pause] Customs agencies. You can get it from the FBI – when they feel like sending it to you – and the CIA, but nothing from Customs, and we had– on one occasion had 94 crates of important medical things and televisions and things, vital equipments broken up, but still we are here, and we’ve succeeded, and we’re living in a beautiful place of fresh air, clean– clean, wholesome air, no foods with any chemicals added to them, all kinds of delicious fruits and meats, and if we had to, wildlife out there in galore, wild pig, wild beef cattle, and a huge amounts of– of fish, so, while USA is wondering in the news we read you yesterday, how they’re going to feed themselves, because their su– their supplies are running out, we have not had to suffer in that way. We have the only place too, according to the anthropologists, like [Pause] like a uh, like uh, what’s her name, Margaret Mead, this is the only safe place, where there’s no radiation at all, that nuclear war will not affect.

Nuclear war is bound to come. Some of you need to talk to your neighbors, and you’ll see some of those statistics that prove that it’s bound to come. You remember once, the young man in the submarine. They– Each month, they go through a test of where they’re going to send their 16 Polaris submarine uh, atomic missiles to Soviet cities, and they thought this was just another test, and they all went through their routine. The last thing that means the bombs go is that the commander turn the key. For some reason, the assistant commander looked at his commander. He saw that he was turning the key. He hit him with a wrench just in time. He resigned his commission two years short of retirement and came to South America, because he saw that somebody crazy is going to do this sooner or later. Or like the accident of the nuclear reactor in Kansas just a few days ago, and in Arkansas that killed 53, just a couple of years ago. All over the world, they’re happening. You cannot have this kind of heavy technology in the hands of human beings who have not evolved enough to overcome prejudice against people of different color or race or religion.

Shootings, arrests in Missi– uh, hit blacks throughout the South and the Midwest. In northern Mississippi, even up to Indiana, August is a time of summer harvesting. This year, there was a bumper crop of homegrown white racism, and open confrontation grows between whites and blacks. The following incidents took place within a two-week period in five different counties s– from Indiana to Mississippi. Klansmen fired upon six blacks, shooting 16 bullets into their car. A two-day curfew followed. Fifteen civil rights activists are arrested for standing on the street corners in groups of three and four. The laws are now making it possible, they call you a mob if you stand together. Black activists announce they are expanding a six-month boycott of– oh– of local businesses and making plans for a national rally in September. Three cops attended a Ku Klux Klan rally and publicly identified themselves as members of the white supremacist organization. Some 25 black people are missing, thought to be killed by these rogue murderers, the Ku Klux Klan, which now has a chapter in every US city, as well as the Nazis have also a chapter in every city. You should look at that film again and again that we got from our commissioner friend, the socialist who’s in charge at the Canadian embassy, and see how they did it in Germany, and then you’ll know, they would do it to us, when there’s no way to give employment, and the US dollar’s in a terrible position, against the yen, it fell against the Swiss franc yesterday, you would realize without an absolute doubt that there will be concentration camps and gas chambers, if not nuclear war.

The new tax rebellion across the nation led by J– Garvis Jann (clears throat) Garvis Gann [likely Howard Jarvis, could be Paul Gann] has gained momentum. Thousands and thousands gather to him speak, from north, south, east and west. He said we’re tired of supporting the niggers. We’re sire– We’re tired of supporting the poor folk, the poor hillbillies that won’t work. He– We’re tired of all these foreigners, and he said, let’s get the niggers out. We won’t let any nigger take our co– our rights, our taxes, and so the– he’s gaining momentum, and it is the feeling of most pollsters that the United States Congress will be passing a terrible tax cut, but it will not go to the poor. You will have to make at least 20,000 dollars a year to get one dime of results. Wake up, my friend. Wake up, my friend.

Picket murdered at Safeway walkout in California. One picket [Randy Hill] has been killed and another [Robert Lovingier] seriously wounded, but some 350– 3,500 Teamster strikers at supermarket chains in northern California are saying they will not go back until their terms are met. The strike mainly protest against a computer-controlled speed-up system at Safeway stores in– incorporated begin– began– which began July 19. The walkout began at Safeway’s Richmond, California distribution center, and then spread to other Safeway facilities, because these computers and automated things cause people to lose jobs. That’s why you have to eliminate people. Automation, the age of automation, uh, machines that can do 600 or a thousand people’s work. What’re you going to do with them? Put them in a war like Vietnam? The US got tired of it, even white boys deserted. There nobody going to fight wars. You have to eliminate them.

Now we brought you the news yesterday, that was broadcast by BBC, of special foods, canned foods, delicious foods, that uh, they fixed the genetic code, they’ve tuned in on exactly what the biochemistry is of the Indian and the Asian and the black, and even many of the poor whites, so that they can kill them on the spot, if they don’t want to use the neutron bomb, in case a little radiation might slip off over into the white neighborhoods. No use to try to turn your head the other way. That won’t cause change. Will not cause change.

SSI, as I said, has been cut off from people in California.

Black lawyers challenge Carter. The National Conference of Black Lawyers has sharply challenged Jimmy Carter’sstatement that the US has no political prisoners. At the organization’s tenth anniversary conference in New Orleans, int– international and national activists and jurists, judges testified on the violation of human rights of minorities and the poor in the United States. They said they were in the millions. Peoples in our jails in the millions, who are there because of violations of their human rights. Anyone who’s not rich is really having his rights violated. Only the rich can afford a good judge, a good co– uh, uh, attorney. Without a good attorney, nothing can be done. Without the semblance of respect and uh, proper clothing, no jury will give you a chance. And now, they’ve been reversing themselves, that we don’t have to have busing to schools to bring about integration, we’re back 30 years nearly, and now they’re reversing themselves that we don’t have to have a black on a jury if a black man’s being tried, and that’s going back another 30 years, we’re going downhill very rapidly. We should thank our lucky stars and look at this beautiful land, and kiss this wonderful earth, for our chance to be free, and a government that’s black, where no racist cop ever comes, no one ever bothers us, where we don’t have to lock our doors, where not one of our children are ever spanked, because we have a rule against any fighting, and the community made a decision that they were not going to use physical or corporal punishment. And that means spanking. So we deny privileges, and we’ve found it worked out well. As Dr. Lane said, I was shocked. I suddenly woke up after several days and realized I’d heard no one lift their voice to another. And we want to continue that way. I’d not seen one child scuffle or fight with another. He said it was like uh, being in heaven, and when he left sadly, he wanted to stay on several days, but he had to go back to the Congress, because he’s in the investigation of the President of the United States [John] Kennedy’s death.

Another racist attack occurs in New York City, has been greeted by apathy from city officials. White gangs continue attacks. The latest incident occurred August 14, when four young people, working – no, September 14 – when four young people, working for a summer youth employment program and a black postal carrier who happened to be passing by, were beaten and seriously injured, and some crippled by– fo– for life by a gang of 20 white youths, who proud– uh, proudly boasted of being Nazis. That means being for Hitler. Four of the victims were black, and four others were Hispanic, those who are Puerto Rican or come from Spanish background. Two were women, and they were savagely beaten. There have also been report of savage beatni– beatings by whites in Chicago, St. Louis, throughout the Deep South, Tupelo, Houston, down in Oklahoma City, up in Nevada, in Washington State, in California. There’s no place you can hide to, no place you can run to. We need to keep this place and produce it, and work hard to make it what it ought to be, because we– This is a place of sharing. And bring in any criticism you have, put it in the suggestion box. We welcome any criticism. A person who criticizes you to your face is a friend. But no gossip. No gossip whatsoever. Put it in the suggestion box, to me and criticize yourself also. That’s the theory of being a good humanist, good Christian socialist. Also put criticisms of others in the suggestion box, or give them to them, so that they can see themselves a little better. Nobody sees themselves as well through their own eyes as someone sees us through theirs. Always remember that. (Pause) Always remember that.

I don’t see anything else pressing in the news for the time being. I believe that I will call that a day, for I’ve been up for two days, and so, I believe I’ll call that the news for the day.

The Shah of Iran is still having terrible troubles, in spite of the earthquake. The people are rallying against the government, and he has a shaky hold on that government. He’s one of the richest oil billionaires in the world. He was put in power by our tax dollars, which causes me deep pain in my heart, because the CIA killed a popular democrat leader [Mohammad Mosaddegh] in J– in Iran, to put him there in power. But, it doesn’t look good for him, because every city is resisting the Shah of Iran at this time.

I love you very, very much. We’re so glad to have with us our guests the Parrs and the Duncans. May they have an enjoyable time, and may they be with us forever, because this is the only place to be free. Our Geiger counters have picked up no radiation at all. The only place in the world you could say that. There’s a natural protection from it by the forestation, and they don’t have to worry about food shortages that all US is talking about, and the empty shelves that are already beginning to show in many US supermarkets. You sure can’t grow any eddoes, yams, and peanuts, some of our delicious pineapples and all the delicious fruits, the oranges and the grapefruits, and (unintelligible word) the other– eddoes, which are a form of potatoes, and the cassava, another form of the potatoes, you can’t grow that in the Fillmore, and you sure as hell can’t grow it in Watts. Nothing will grow there, except our children grow up to end up to be criminals. It has been reported now that 60-some percent of the black youth end up in jail by the time they’re 19. And it’s over 60 percent of Indian youth, and a high percentage of white youth, and the highest incidents of suicide in America today, white, black and all, the highest cause of death amongst youth from 16 to 34, is suicide. That’s how empty and alienated the life is there.

Much love to you. Work well. Produce well, we’ll have a party tonight. But let us work while we can so we can liberate others. There’s such a long list waiting to come. Thank you, and I do love you so much.

Male: Okay.

[Long pause]

Man: And no one – that is without exception, and no one better risk speaking about any other opportunities that have been offered to– offered to us to live. There had better be not one goddamn complaint from anyone about anything, anf anyone who gossips or complains or goes near these guests, unless you are assigned to do so, you will be enjoying Public Service for a minimum of two weeks. I emphasize, anyone going near these guests, unless you’ve been assigned to do so, you will be enjoying a two-week holiday on Public Services. And I– I mean that, seriously. The government has given us special permission to deal with agents, and we expect– and we’ve been told that there is a CIA agent in our ranks. So anyone seen embracing or holding a hand too long will be suspect, and will be dealt with very severely. We will not tolerate any waste– That means a–

[Tape cuts off, 15 seconds of silence]

Jones: Attention, attention. All residents of Jonestown bear record of this message. Different people will be coming at different times that we’ll be giving special attention to. It inconveniences you, it inconveniences me. I’m going to give up my portion of my living space when the Russians arrive, and live in one of the bunk dwellings with others, ‘cause I don’t mind at all. In fact, I find it a joy. Some people are very considerate and won’t talk when I do get a chance, just to lay and relax. But we have some people coming that we want to try to win with loads of love. Mary Black, and uh, they’ll assign her a certain place, because she’s a type of person that could do a great deal in massa– massage, she could do a great deal with blood laboratory work, if– if the woman is content and is treated right. And I think uh, that uh, Ava [Jones] understands that. Ava’s making adjustment in her place for Mr. Parr to be, and uh, she’s willingly staying up in the attic, which is very, very thoughtful. And so, no one complain about special attention or meals that are given.

Within this group, with insurance policies, houses, and money they have, that represents a quarter of a million US dollars. So, it will be worth our while to put our foot out a little bit. Mrs. Stansfield [Donna Stanfield] will be in the East House. She’s a woman I healed of cancer. And they are not that decided, because they’ve heard all the rumors, so you must tell them the miracles, over and over and over. And I will know if you tell them a complaint, because we have devices now that we can put on our lapel and pick up from different places, as long as the device is placed in another area. So take my word, gossip will be caught. If you don’t believe in divine mind, you will believe in microphones placed around that can be heard. We are tired of gossip, sick of it, we want everyone [to] be complimentary and happy, talk of no one that has died, talk of nothing but life. Say the only people– the only couple that did die didn’t follow the teachings – and that’s true, they did not – they were people who would not follow dietary procedures and so forth, but that we don’t look down upon that, but say, look at this vast number of 1300 people, and no one has died, uh, the great miracle of it, and talk about the miracles of your health. Every one of them, every one of you tell them of some miracle. I’m requiring every member of the community. Also of course, M– Mrs. Garcia is coming, uh, John and Mrs. Harris, she’ll– she will be, talk the same positive way to all. I don’t know whether there’s anybody else on the plane or not, but I think that was the limit of it, as I recall. So– well, now, I want you to be very, very positive, clean up everything, trim every weed, get that area, uh, posted and planted by the playground that I said was an eyesore, clean out in that area where you have the trucks a little more, try to level off there where the tractors come through. I’d like them to initially have a very good impression. Tell them what it’s proven that heat does to the body. Tell them medically what I’ve given you, facts about a strenuous life, which you don’t have to work here if you don’t, but a strenuous life leads to a long life, said the AMA and the British Medical Association. Tell them also, that it’s been proven that those that live in warm climates, that the body must have an average of 65 degrees temperature, which it often does not have in US society, to really live and be healthy, and that the sun pulls out the toxics, and tell them all about the wonderful things, the herbs, the foods, and the marvelous things that happen that– that uh, he– are healing. Tell how you’ve been healed of arthritis, and then a hundred or so of you, your blood pressure’s gone down. And how some of you don’t have to eat any insulin. My God, eat what you want now. You talk– talk very favorably, positively and radiantly. Otherwise, we’ll put you on Public Services, as sure as I’m talking to you at this time. There’s no excuse, because you are cutting away a possibility of a quarter of million dollars that would help us build up this great community. Plus you are also endangering those people’s lives, because they need to be near this body. Thank you. Because this is the source of all life, and the only place of protection on the planet. Just follow this body. Wherever so ever it goes, and it will lead you to protection. Thank you, and I love you.

Tape edit

Jones: [voice slowed by fatigue or drugs] –spic and span (tape break-up) guests are on their way, it just be a few minutes in. There’ll be a reception to meet the guests, then others are (tape break-up). No exchanges of any notes, or no exchanges of any words. We have ways now of (stumbles over words) electronically detecting when you are trying to pass information. We have to be careful, and Dr. Lang [likely Mark Lane] is providing us with even much more sophisticated equipment through the Guyanese government. So we urge upon you to not be critical. You better not be gossipy, you better not speak a word against this place, not ask about the United States and how it’s doing. Just tell about the news you heard, and how tragic that is in the United States, because a lot of those people don’t even read the no– newspaper. They never did. Just like you, they don’t read what’s going on in USA. And you’ve got to tell them, and you’ve got to have the memory to do it. You can greet them in– in your languages, and so forth, to show different children speaking, have a group of children there to greet them and speak different languages. Then we’ll have a service. (unintelligible word) As I said, some of the gospel services that helped lift us above our terrible journeys on occasion, and helped to lift the heavy burden, also helped to uh, bring healing to many. Ollie [Wideman Smith] sings a beautiful song herself. I wonder if Ollie could not sing some uh– some religious song that would be good for those people, that would be– that would be good for Guyana if you would teach Ollie, if Ollie could put– even sing tonight, I don’t remember what she sang, but she’s got a radiant voice, a radiant voice. So it could sing out and boom out. ‘Cause people (sighs) need that, people started there, you started there. And the C– Communists think it’s fantastic that we– Russians think that’s fantastic that we started there and brought people to where we are– have them now. So we’ll have all kinds of fun, Moms Mabley, but then a little period, perhaps uh, you know, it’s the first or they’ll ask, maybe they’ll ask, where there’ll be some solemnity. Be sure that you cleaned up everything. Don’t have any children wandering around looking unkept [unkempt]. I’m holding each supervisor responsible. I want everything cleaned up quickly as possible. No less. Quickly as possible. Put plants around in visible sight where they can be seen, on porches, make the porches look attractive, so forth and so on. Get rid of water puddles that’ve stood in certain places in the library. Just push them out of the way with a bo– broom. You can do that.

All right. I would like to speak to Leona Collier right away in the radio room. Right away in the radio room, please. Leona Collier.

[Tape edit]

Woman: Hello?

[Tape silence for several second]

Jones: –smirks or any kind of faces made, because it is important. We know that socialism is our god. You’ve got your fist in the matter of which it proves it is, and I expect everyone to comply with that, and all security will see that that is done. Please pick up more things around the school area. People drop things and leave it up to the teachers to pick up little scraps of paper – it’s very thoughtless – in the library region and the second school pavilion. I must keep the dining area especially clean today. All week, we’ve got to keep it especially clean. If you have to be cleaning several times, because it does not often look as clean as it should.

Thank you. This is to be repeated, uh, again and again until just before our guests arrive. Much love.