Overpopulation, The Cause: Unrestrained Cohabitation — Sex

(Editor’s note: This article was originally on the Libertynet website.)

MOTHER DIVINE~Virtue Lights the Way.

An excerpt from and interview with Atty. Wilson.

FATHER DIVINE said, “First seek ye the Kingdom of GOD and HIS Righteousness, and all these things shall be added,” but firstly the average person seeks the multiplication or propagation of self-indulgence, of lust and passion, of races, creeds and colors and division and strife, instead of purging those things out of them firstly, so that they might be qualified to be father and mothers.”. . .

There are many contributing factors and forces in effect opposing self-denial and self-control. Each has its own apparent self-justification. The most common being stated in a question put to FATHER by Assistant District Attorney Wilson of Queens, New York.

Wilson: “. . .If you oppose cohabitation there could be no future generation to enjoy the Work that You are doing. . .Is there anything You could tell me on that particular point? Do I make myself clear, FATHER,?”

FATHER: “Yes, I see you, and I even see the minds of humanity universally along those lines concerning the propagation situation.

“First of all, I said more than fifty years ago, as an Evangelist doing evangelistic work and still stressing the same, but more in the actuated words of expression, no doubt, than that of merely an illustration in speaking –now as I have often said, ‘Train a child in the way he should go; when he is old he will not depart from it.

“First of all if this child is not trained hereditively, he is made subject to vanity and debauchery and degradation unwilling and even unwittingly. You see the mystery? A child should be trained hereditively or prenatally.”


An Outline of the Problem of Overpopulation

  1. Contributing Factors and Forces
    1. Lack of self-denial
    2. Lack of a universally high standard of moral ethics . .
    3. Lack of vision
    4. Lack of independence
    5. Prompted by business
      1. Legal
      2. Illegal
    6. Prenatal Carnal Desires
      1. Animal Instinct
      2. Outlet for Frustration
        1. Poverty
        2. Inequality
          1. Social
          2. Economics
        3. Injustice
    7. Pastime — Hobby
    8. Lack of Security
      1. Economic
      2. Physical
      3. For Virtue
    9. Power Struggle
      1. By Nations
      2. Organization
        1. Religious
        2. Political

The Effect

  1. Ultimate Destruction of Civilization
    1. Starvation
    2. Vice and Crime.
    3. Disease.
    4. Warfare
    5. Cosmic Forces
    6. Dependency
    7. Degeneracy
    8. Subjugation, Conquest and Slavery

The Solution

  1. Voluntary Retreat Produced By:
    1. Virtue
    2. Honesty
    3. Competence
    4. Truth
    5. Righteousness (Right-use-ness)
    6. Justice

    This is not an easy solution, but one that will take patience, vision, understanding and a dedication to Principle. It will take months and may take years but it will be productive of an advanced civilization, of an honest, democracy minded citizenry that will bear fruit unto Righteousness, a citizenry that will produce and maintain “Peace on Earth to Men of Good Will.”However, if in ten years, more or less, working against the most severe oppositions, criticism and ridicule, FATHER DIVINE was able to lift this Standard of Economic Independence and Morality as HE has done, it should be far easier to accomplish on a national scale with the acceptance and approval of authority.
    FATHER DIVINE has already set up the example. It can be done, because it has been done. It is revolutionary, but it takes a radical Revolution to change the tide of a stagnating, even morally deteriorating society

  2. Virtue
    1. Lifting moral standards of the people to measure up to FATHER DIVINE’S International Modest Code.
      1. Life of CHRIST
      2. Virtue of Mary . .
      3. Virtue considered as a Force and Principle, as that which went out from Jesus to heal the multitudes and the woman, which can be reproduced and reincarnated as the Principle of Mathematics by concentration and education and faith.
      4. Visualization . . .
    2. Providing education for children and adults in the synonymous principle of Democracy, Americanism, Brotherhood, Christianity and true religion. When the books and literature and magazine and newspapers feature prejudicial articles and unfair or unjust accounts, FATHER DIVINE called strike on them. The same applies to literature, entertainment, and other community media that stress nudity, vulgarity and obscenity
    3. Exemplifying the Life of Christ as the Fundamental on which to build a Utopian Society, the FATHERHOOD of GOD and the Brotherhood of man, the Greater Universal Family.
    4. CHRIST alone lifted as the ideal for every man to pattern after. This is an ideal that remains constant and does not fluctuate with every fad and fancy of the entertainment world, commercial influence or Political insurgent.
    5. The immediate and ever Presence of One, FATHER-MOTHER-GOD recognized and realized with or without a Body, capable of understanding and able to solve every problem of mankind.
    6. The Government should pay the Virtuous Ones to remain virtuous by cooperation, harmonization and protecting them to the fullest measure. Children should not be compelled to remain in homes that are not conducive toward virtue. Churches and Institutions should provide moral housing at rates that are conducive and not prohibitive
  3. Honesty
    1. Elimination of Welfare.
      1. All Able-bodied persons should immediately come off the relief rolls and work to repay all bills, even relief accepted when in need . . .
    2. Immediate repayment of all debts
      1. No pleasure trips or money spent for pleasure as long as an individual owes a just debt.
      2. Of course, liquor, tobacco and any form of gambling are not tolerated and no money is ever spent for luxuries if a person is on relief or in debt
  4. Competence
    1. Pay as you go. No credit buying or buying on the installment plan
    2. Understanding that the way to serve GOD is to serve humanity unselfishly
  5. Truth
    1. Education toward a common Light of Understanding.
    2. Education toward a United Universal Family .
    3. Necessity of Perfecting Holiness
      1. Fasting by self-denial not from food
    4. Visualization toward the materialization of the Law of the Spirit of Life.
      1. Concentration on the Perfect Idea produces the Perfect results
      2. Understanding that no human failure diminishes the Principle. If one doesn’t succeed another will. Applicable as the Principle of Mathematics
    5. Individuals and nations need a New Birth of freedom under GOD
  6. Righteousness (Right – use- ness)
    1. . Honest application of all facilities to benefit the people .
    2. Picking up the fragments and using them for cooperative improvements.
      1. Using the money saved from refusing to drink, smoke, gamble, etc. to purchase cooperatively all necessary comforts and conveniences and luxuries.
    3. All energy and facilities directed toward assisting and encouraging those who desire to live virtuously in becoming independent in every way . .
  7. Justice
    1. Reverence for the Constitution as the Foundation of this legal establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. AMERICA considered as the birthplace of the Kingdom of GOD
    2. Laws prohibiting the public advertising of tobacco, liquor, drugs, gambling or anything that promotes lust and encourages adult and juvenile degeneracy and economic dependency.
      1. In many instances FATHER called strike on those who offended justice and opposed truth. We refused to cooperate with them.
    3. Children should be given supervised constructive work and taught to perform practical service. They should be trained in the way they should go and not left to chance and then chastise them when thy fail to do what is just and right
    4. A parent, seeking refuge, should be allowed to enter with the children into low-cost homes or institutions when the home life with the other parent is not conducive toward the virtue of the children.