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This is an archive of articles and webpages that either never appeared in digital form or have gone offline over the years.

News clippings from the House Committee report on the Assassination of Representative Leo J. Ryan and the Jonestown, Guyana Tragedy: This report, released in May 1979, included 200 pages of newspaper and magazine articles which had been published up to that time. This link includes the cover of the House report, the table of contents listing the news articles, and the articles themselves. The full report may be found on the page of Congressional Hearings and Reports.

Articles from House Committee Report

News clipppings collected by the FBI: During its investigation into the assassination of Leo Ryan, the deaths in Jonestown, and the aftermath of the tragedy, the FBI organized ten volumes of newspaper clippings. It made them available as part of its release of materials under the Freedom of Information Act. A general table of contents for the clippings appears here.

Section 165
Section 166
Section 167
Section 168
Section 169
Section 170
Section 171
Section 172
Section 173
Section 174

Articles from the website, a now-defunct Philadelphia community network that included news from Father Divine’s Peace Mission:

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