Retribution That Followed Wake of Persecution in Sayville

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“Jesus Cast the Seven D-v-ls out of the Woman,
And These Are Some of the D-v-ls That He Cast out of Her.”

The Word of God Revealed
‘Howbeit When He, the Spirit of Truth Is Come He Will Guide You into All Truth…’ St. John 16:13
Father Divine’s Words From The Notebook of John Lamb
Installment 11

Retribution That Followed Wake of Persecution in Sayville 

The following articles attest the law of retributive justice that is psychologically meted out according to the scientific functioning of the exorable laws of GOD.

76 Macon Avenue, Sayville, L. I., N.Y.

What newspapers failed to mention was that the death of Judge Lewis J. Smith came within four days after sentencing FATHER DIVINE and giving HIM the maximum penalty under the law of the court. His official statement revealed that he did not have time to go into the case, but took the counsel of critics and ill- advisers into consideration and quickly closed the case.

The injudicious censure denied him the fulfillment of his dreams to enjoy without interruption his upcoming silver wedding anniversary and the graduation of his eldest son from college.

If Judge Smith had known at the time that he was actually passing sentence upon himself through racial prejudice, he might have defended his honor by giving justice in its fullest measure, completely exonerating FATHER DIVINE and remained in the land of the living. But it was not so, nor was it to be.

Mrs. Annie Hallick, a close neighbor or FATHER DIVINE on 72 Macon Street, Sayville, L. I., was the loudest protestant to activities at 72 Macon Street. It is said it was Mrs. Hallick who incited other residents, leading to the historic events that followed.

Four days less than a year after FATHER DIVINE’S famous Sermon Before the Verdict at Mineola, Mrs. Hallick was dead. She merely fell from her bed, breaking her leg, but retribution took its toll.

During the trial at the Sayville court Mother Divine fell to the floor under the power of the Holy Ghost. In an instant the Assistant District Attorney, Joseph S. Arata, lit a match and held it close to her eyes. FATHER DIVINE spoke in a very calm voice and said: ‘Don’t do that!’ But when the D. A. did not stop, FATHER said again: ‘Don’t do that!’ Witnesses say that just then FATHER clutched HIS Heart and in the power of HIS Spirit flashes of lightning went out from HIS Body, and as it did so, the D. A. staggered from the middle of the courtroom to the stairway outside, falling down the stairs paralyzed.

In this retribution we

‘Rejoice not in Iniquity, but in the Truth.


The Nassau Daily Review
Thursday, June 9, 1932

Justice Lewis J. Smith Dies Suddenly;
Stricken by Attack at Midnight;
County Mourns Loss of Great Jurist

End Comes After Short Auto Ride; Shocks Officials 

Complains of Being Ill After He Retires
and Dies Before Medical Aid Can Be Given;
Funeral Saturday 

By Harry L. Trietley 

Stricken a few minutes after midnight, after he had retired to bed, he succumbed at 12:09 o’clock before Mrs. Smith, who was at his side, could summon medical aid.

Having been presiding over his court regularly the past few weeks, there had been no intimation that his death would come at this time. News of his passing was a distinct shock and caused profound sorrow among his associates in public life when they learned of his death today.

Early in the spring Justice Smith had suffered a serious illness, and at that time grave fears were felt for him. However, he recovered and returned to the bench May 3.

Feeling quite himself and in good spirits, Justice Smith and Mrs. Smith went motoring last evening. They returned home from a short ride and retired for the night. About midnight he complained to Mrs. Smith that he had become ill. His wife telephoned the family physician, Dr. Roy D. Grimmer, but before the physician arrived Justice Smith was dead.

Flags on all municipal buildings and in the public parks in Hempstead were flown at half mast today, on order of Mayor W. Taylor Chamberlin, to mark the community’s mourning for the loss of one of its most outstanding residents. 

His Funeral Saturday 

The funeral for the distinguished jurist will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock from Christ’s First Presbyterian Church of Hempstead. Rev. Dr. Frank M. Kerr will preach the funeral sermon and burial will be in Greenfield cemetery.

It was announced today there would be no other services than the one at the church. Fraternal orders of which Justice Smith was a member will not conduct special services.

Nassau county, the town of Hempstead and Justice Smith’s home village will be represented officially at the service by the presence of their officials. The bench, the bar association and various organizations in which he was interested will be represented. 

Was Born In Granville 

Born in Granville, Washington county, on March 22, 1876, Justice Smith came to Nassau county in 1903…

Justice Smith’s entry into public life and the career that subsequently carried him to the supreme court bench was in 1913… 

Death Cancels Plan of Justice Smith to Mark Silver Wedding Anniversary 

The sudden death of Justice Lewis J. Smith at his home in Hempstead last night robbed him of two great events in his life, which he had long looked forward to with extreme pleasure, his friends revealed this morning.

Justice Smith was looking forward to a family observance of his silver wedding anniversary Saturday.

He also was carefully planning to have nothing interfere with his and Mrs. Smith’s attendance at the graduation of their eldest son, Kingsley Smith, at Colgate University tomorrow. 

Cleared Calendar 

Supreme court officials found that Justice Smith had placed his calendar in usually fine order, clearing it up yesterday. He had done this so that he would leave nothing undone while he enjoyed a few days vacation so he could attend the graduation and enjoy his anniversary day.

Kingsley Smith, who is 20, just completed his four year course at Colgate and was at his father’s home last night. The family intended to motor to Colgate tonight or tomorrow for the commencement. Justice Smith’s youngest son, Kendrick, 16, is in his second year at the Hempstead High School.  

Mrs. Smith Stricken 

Mrs. Smith was sadly stricken with the catastrophe which shadowed their infinitely happy home. Friends said she was bearing up remarkably well under the circumstances despite the grief which overcame her. Their home at 8 Dikeman Street, Hempstead, is the same one they have lived in ever since Justice Smith came to Nassau County. Both the sons were born there.

At the request of the family there will be no honorary bearers at the funeral. Justice Smith had lived a simple life and it was the wishes of the family to give him the simple funeral that he desired…

His first real illness was about two years ago and about three weeks ago an attack of influenza lowered his vitality. Many of his friends believe that his call to duty returned him to the bench sooner than he should have responded.

Those in public life felt that Justice Smith was satisfied that he had reached his goal, that of a Supreme court justice.


The Suffolk Citizen Friday, April 21, 1933

News of Sayville 

Mrs. Annie Hallick, who lives alone in her home on Macon Street, fell on Saturday and broke her right leg above the knee. She was found by neighbors on Sunday and Dr. G. A. Silliman was called. She was removed that afternoon to the Southside Hospital in Isaacson’s Ambulance and she is now resting comfortably.


The Suffolk Citizen
Friday, May 26, 1933

Mrs. Frank Hallick

Mrs. Annie Hallick, widow of Frank Hallick, of 60 Macon Street, Sayville, passed away Saturday at the Southside Hospital. Mrs. Hallick fell at her home several weeks ago, breaking her leg. As she was alone at the time she was not discovered until the following day. She has been confined to the hospital since that time. Her husband was killed by an automobile several years ago.

Mrs. Hallick was born in New York City on April 9, 1868, the daughter of Anton and Mary Swanda, but made her home in Sayville most of her life.

Funeral services were held on Tuesday morning from the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Boss, 260 Lincoln avenue, with a solemn requiem mass at St. Lawrence R. C. Church at 9 o’clock, the Rev. James A Smith officiating. Interment followed in the family plot in the Catholic Cemetery.

Mrs. Hallick is survived by a sister, Mrs. Boss; and two brothers, Frank Swanda of Bohemia and William Swanda of Islip.


Excerpts from Father Divine’s Message  

FATHER DIVINE at Rockland Palace, N.Y.C. 

Given Thursday, March 23, 1933 A.D.F.D.

Think not that any person or persons can do you any harm. They cannot prohibit nor stop this Truth. When they try to quench this Fire they only set it aflame and scatter it from shore to shore and from land to land. And they are only opposing themselves, for every knock is a boost, every criticism is a praise, every stumbling block is s stepping stone, and who can hinder ME. It is Wonderful!

Now I do not wish any person or persons any harm. But when you try to curse ME you are only cursing yourself. I was reading in the paper the other day, although it was an old paper—it happened some time ago but I just happened to read the paper—I think it happened along last fall some time, but I just happened to take special note of it in the paper.

Out in Sayville, the man that was on the committee, the leader of the committee, the chairman of the committee that wanted to put ME out of Sayville, wanted ME to leave MY property there that I had been offered thirty thousand dollars for offhandedly—he wanted ME to leave it immediately within three days, without any consideration and claimed that I was harming their renting season out there. I saw in the paper where his hotel got burned. (Demonstration from the audience.)

PEACE! Rejoice not in iniquity, but rejoice in the Truth.

I just want to convey the thought, that which you sow you shall also reap. Now I had been offered thirty thousand dollars for MY property there, and when they decided to get ME away, they made up their minds to chase ME away at once and said they would not give ME a penny for it. They were not going to give ME anything at all, but if they could, they were just going to chase ME away from Sayville.

Now I read in the paper where his hotel was burned to the ground. It was an old paper, about two or three months ago. I don’t remember; but anyway, it was burned to the ground, and his insurance was forty thousand dollars. He lost exactly what I had been offered for MY property. Now that was what the paper said. I don’t know anything more about it than that. It is Wonderful! But according to that, the insurance was forty thousand and the loss was seventy thousand. He lost exactly thirty thousand, what he tried to drive ME away from. ‘Be sure your sins will find you out!’ Every knock is a boost, every criticism is a praise and when you curse someone, remember, curses are as chickens, they come home to roost, if they ever leave home. So often they will not leave home. It is Wonderful!

They said we were all crazy in Sayville and they accused ME of taking the mentally feeble there in My Home. After I left there you can find at least three or four of them in Central Islip (Central Islip is a town near Sayville where there is a mental institution to which some of FATHER’S critics were committed.) right out of Sayville there. A small village like Sayville! They have sown the seeds of destruction and they have reaped the fruit of the same. Therefore I say unto you:

‘Sow good seed everybody, for you shall reap just what you sow!’

It is Wonderful! I AM not wishing any man harm, but I have come to do all men good, and I will universalize this Love!’


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FATHER Divine’s Words from the Notebook of John Lamb 

For Every Need, the Supply Is Already There 

One of the Angels testified today that she had a small sum of money tied in the corner of her handkerchief which she had planned to use in a certain way, but it was necessary for her to use it for another purpose unexpectedly. When she came to untie the handkerchief she found enough to take care of both needs, which meant that the original sum had been multiplied about three times. This was followed by some remarks about an incident that happened about two weeks ago when one of the Angels found a five dollar bill in one of his coat pockets at a time when he had not one cent in his possession. Others testified to having similar experiences, one case involving the materialization of thirty dollars.

FATHER said that when you have money in a vault you just draw upon it. You don’t have to wonder whether it is there or whether you will have it as a need arises, you know it is there or whether you will have it as a need arises, you know it is there and you use it as you find a need. It is the same with all of these needs. For every need the supply is already there and as said so many times, ‘The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply and it will satisfy every good desire.’

FATHER continued as follows: ‘The CHRIST Consciousness that said `Let dry land appear’ is just the same today. It is not another mind. Why cannot it say today `Let dry land appear’? When you have stilled your conscious mentality, the Omnipotent Mind of GOD, which is the only Mind in existence in your world, then that Mind is just as operative as it was before it had any body. Before it was in a body it was known as Spirit and the Spirit of GOD moved out upon the face of the deep and said,

`Let there be light: and there was light.’

The same Love, the same Spirit, if you but know it, not being in human bodies, said,

`Let dry land appear; and so it was.’

So then, Dear Ones, when you realize the significance of letting go of all of your mortal versions, and your body, all of the old man with all of his deeds, and putting on the new Man which is CHRIST, why there is nothing there but CHRIST, the One that did live and does live and Who is just as operative now as He was 4004 years B. J., better known as B. C. Jesus was the man or the child that was born, but CHRIST always has been. CHRIST was the one that formed that body, hence, we can say B. J. justifiably, but not B. C. So I say 4004 years before Jesus was born, GOD said, `Let dry land appear:’and it appeared. The true Spirit of Truth teaches that true psychology has no end. The true Mind being eternal, being GOD, when you still your conscious mentality the true Mind of CHRIST takes place and when the true Mine of CHRIST functions through you, it is no more you but CHRIST that dwells within and the CHRIST and His Mind is just as operative today as He was nineteen hundred years ago in the body called Jesus. 

You Are One With GOD When You Cast Out These D-v-ls 

Then why marvel at these material blessings.

`Freely ye have received, freely give.’

A person cannot lose anything by giving. We must reap what we sow. If we sow to the flesh, we must reap corruption. If we sow only tendencies of the spirit of life and love and the glory of GOD in our consciousness, we must always reap the same. Cast out of your system all of those preconceived tendencies, the pre-inherited tendencies of mortal versions. Cast out of your system all bigotry and all prejudice, two of the worst d-v-ls that ever lived in man. Bigotry, hatred, prejudice, jealously, envy, malice, strife, they are all the same mind only in a little different expression. Division and prejudice, bigotry, hatred, malice, jealously, envy, strife, if you can get these out of your system or get them out of your consciousness, you are doing a great work. Casting these out of your mind you cast them out of your system and you will have quite a few d-v-ls out of you.

Jesus cast the seven d-v-ls out of the woman, and these are some of the d-v-ls that HE cast out of her. So again I say, when you have cast all of these d-v-ls out of your system you are become to be one with HIM. You are not another. You do not have to think one time that you have to go up into the sky or go here or go there to find the CHRIST, you carry HIM with you if you only know it, but you must get these tendencies out of your system so that the CHRIST can rise in their stead and instead of the mortal preconceived versions of your human mind. Then as I say in reference to the supply, when you

`do unto others as you would have them do unto you,’


`be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good.’

`give to him that asketh of thee, and from him that would borrow of thee, turn not thou away,’

is that not the answer to this question of MY supply?

Who is he that can say I have not loaned unto the LORD? I AM compelled to gain in return more than I can give out. That is the Law of the Spirit of Life in CHRIST JESUS, and it cannot be refuted. These are facts and figures that are too stout to be denied, and if you live in conformity to this Truth, what is going to hinder you from being lively, loving, successful and happy in every sinew, every vein, every bone and in every atom, fibre and cell of your bodily form? It is the negative condition that so often destroys your peace and prosperity by allowing such things as doubts, fears, envy, malice, hatred, jealousy to exist in your system. Why marvel then. It is the same CHRIST in you and in every man. It is the same CHRIST that is in the gangster, but he has allowed greed and the spirit of murder and all of those d-v-ls that tend to debauch the individual, and therefore he cannot bring forth the CHRIST to fruition, but the CHRIST is lying dormant in him.’


In speaking again of the example of the vault with unlimited supply that we could draw upon, FATHER spoke as follows: ‘It is Wonderful! The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof. Isn’t it wonderful to have this manifestation of the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good? Such a wonderful blessing! It must produce something like food, you know, it must produce and reproduce, and produce and reproduce, for every day it is multiplied by as many more. So it is just Wonderful. If you all don’t think it is wonderful don’t say so, don’t act like it’s wonderful. Like the lady said yesterday that came in here, there were so many happy faces. She had never been in a place like this where every face reflected happiness, joy, peace and love through that which might seemingly be oppression.  

FATHER Divine’s Words from the Notebook of John Lamb 

You see it is wonderful because the depressions of the world and conditions of the present day cannot touch you and then there cometh forth something as a trial of your faith to see if you would let yourself be oppressed in any way. But we know that there is no such a thing as oppression in the Great Cosmic Mind that controls all things and is the Master of all time. So it is a wonderful blessing to actually realize the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good. If this were just giving lessons in practical psychology it would be better than anything you have ever seen, because you see the abundance of the fullness thereof here manifested.’ 

GOD Is the FATHER and MOTHER of Your Body 

Because you recognize the CHRIST without, the CHRIST within is materialized. When you make your rightful contact, the CHRIST within you will manifest because of your contact without. Hence, it is for your highest good to visualize the perfect state of consciousness, for as you visualize you begin to materialize. Your bodies are the temples of GOD and GOD has said

`I will walk in them and talk in them.’

I know, though you in mortal consciousness do not know, that you are GOD’s unadulterated child. I AM not speaking about the FATHER of your spirit, I AM speaking about the FATHER of your body. GOD has always been the FATHER of your body and of everybody else, but you in mortal consciousness did not know it. All have robbed GOD. Man has said I am your father, woman has said I am your mother, and so you are accepted that serpent’s delusion. Therefore you strayed away from your heritage and thought it was only a little speck in you that belonged to GOD and therefore you strayed away from your at-one-ment as being GOD’S child and you lost your power.

Now this is a fact and it is a figure that is too stout to be denied. GOD is your FATHER and you never had another. GOD condescends to put on a body or material likeness to produce through that body the likeness of this material preconceived or pre-expressed form and that pre-expressed form lays claim to you as being your father and mother. I know that GOD was your FATHER from the beginning and you never had another. It is Wonderful! GOD put on the likeness of a body to appease the mortal concept until that body should have put off the mortal version of things and put on the immortal version of the Truth, and then you will see yourself as you are—that you are the child of GOD and you never have been any other. Then when you realize that, you will be as I AM manifestedly. Whether I AM that or not, you will be HIS in manifestation, the Master of Omnipotency and the Controller of all things. It is Wonderful!

It is CHRIST in you and CHRIST in ME that will make the whole world what it ought to be. When you realize that, why then you will visualize your Sonship or real perfect heritage, and visualizing it, you will also magnify your human heritage until you have worked it out to the lowest terms—nothing from nothing leaving nothing. That is what this is all about, just to know yourself and to know your GOD and detach yourselves from every mortal human version, and also denounce every mortal tendency that may exist in your system and renounce every pre-inherited thing, and follow after ME. When you shall have accomplished that in your consciousness, then you shall have accomplished your at-one-ment and HE shall begin to manifest HIMSELF in your stead and all mortality will wane and fall away of its own abnormal weight, and you will be the identical manifestation your conscious realization and you will know there is no other to look to but the One that dwelleth within that you have brought out of your conscious realization.

You are GOD’s child, every one. Every one is GOD’s unadulterated child, but as long as you attach yourselves to mortality and materialism you will be subject to mortals’ infirmities, and all mortals are subject to death. So we can rejoice to know that you are not what you think you are. I know whence you came. I know that you did not come from the dust, you came from GOD. I know you came from GOD. I know you came from the Angelic Host and were breathed out of the mouth of the Almighty, the living Word made flesh just as it was in the beginning.

Jesus Bore No Record of HIMSELF According to the Flesh

Jesus could have been bewitched and mesmerized and hypnotized if HE would have allowed the human mind to overshadow HIM and thought HE was some man’s son and some woman’s son, because the Jews said that, and they still say it. If HE had come through the mortal interpretation of things HE still would not have recognized it. Even if HE did come that way, it makes no difference to ME. I know JESUS is the CHRIST, always has been, and always will be, wheresoever HE materializes HIMSELF. I don’t care if HE comes through the loins of mortality, I know HE is the CHRIST anyway. Some say, `Well, HE was an illegitimate child.’ I don’t care if HE was.

`It is eternal life to know thee, the only true GOD and JESUS CHRIST whom thou hast sent.’

It is Wonderful! JESUS, the Great Love Master, knew that HE was the CHRIST and HE refused to know any mortal version of HIMSELF or to bear any record of HIMSELF according to the flesh. We have no record that HE bore any record of HIMSELF according to the flesh, but HE bore record of HIMSELF as the CHRIST barring one occasion when HE was speaking to the woman of Samaria, and that was just to draw her out so HE could speak.   

There Is But the One Life Expressing Through All 

Now we know this is the Truth and that it has set many free and that it is going to set many more free from all limitations concerning themselves. This is what delivers you from all sorrows, all worry, all troubles, and unifies you with the Infinite Whole. So I say GOD is your FATHER and you never had another, and if your sister, your brother, your mother or your father, or any of your apparently close kin should die, you would be absolutely unmoved even in your simplest mind, because you would know that GOD could never die. Whatsoever they may claim to be, or you have claimed them to be in mortal consciousness, you will be completely out of the mortal consciousness in you and in them, and you will know that it is GOD expressing HIMSELF as sister, as brother, as father, as mother, and GOD only condescended to appear in that likeness from the mortal version of things until you should have risen to recognize your GOD. Then you can look back and realize that you are one with all life, expressed or unexpressed and you will be undisturbed and unmoved. Then you would mourn at the departure of one as much as any other and no more, and you would know that chaos lies only in the world of the spirit of the consciousness of separateness.

Where there is division, there is strife, and that is why people living in mortal consciousness have so much confusion and they are let by the spirit of separation. They say, `I am of this race and I am of that. I am of this society and I am of that. I am of this political party and I am of that’; and they will have wars and rumors of wars as long as they live in the mortal interpretation of things. They are made up out of it. Do you not see how the whole mortal version of things is in a chaotic condition, but you that have viewed the light of life expressed in the person of Jesus, in that name and here in this last time imputed unto you, do you not find peace and rest? As long as there is division there is strife and you can expect worries and wars and rumors of wars. You can expect race riots and every other thing. But this is the only key to rest, perfect rest, and the solution of the chaotic condition of the world.

You will not find it until you have touched the source of infinite supply and unified yourselves with the whole and see things just as GOD sees them, for GOD knows that the ONE Life of HIMSELF expresses HIMSELF from the animal, all through the animal kingdom, and from the vegetable, all through the vegetable kingdom, and from the mineral, all through the mineral kingdom, and from the man, all through the man kingdom, and from GOD, all through the GOD Kingdom; but it is the One Life expressing itself in the various degrees of life and that in each, there is conscious life concealed. Yet GOD knows that there is but the One Life expressing through all, the animal, the reptile, the poultry kingdom, they all breathe the same breath, the same air, and as with the life, so with the spirit, and as with the spirit, so with the cosmic forces, and as with the cosmic forces, so with the Infinite Mind that has control over all.’  

No One Is Satisfied Until They Have Seen the FATHERSHIP Degree 

And I wish to say another word in reference to this rest and this peace. I would like to say that so many do not find rest until they come here, as many of the students have studied, as they say, some for thirty, some thirty-five, some twenty, some twenty-five, and different numbers of years have searched for the Truth and have studied the Truth and have studied the Truth and have sought the deeper spiritual awakening, and yet have found it not until they came in contact with this seemingly insignificant shrine. It is because, as one spoke, he spoke not for one alone, but spoke for the whole world, the Word says,

`As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive,’

So to all mankind and through the obedience of CHRIST, His life was imputed to all mankind and by the obedience of One, many will have entry also into the light. And as Peter said when he desired to follow JESUS, and JESUS gave him to know that he must leave all to follow HIM, and as we find that Philip said,

`Shew us the FATHER, and it sufficeth us’,

So you will find no person perfectly satisfied until they have seen the manifestation of the FATHERSHIP Degree of spiritual understanding. Philip spoke for the whole world. No man would be satisfied until he saw the FATHERHOOD of GOD expressed. You were not satisfied and that is why some of you are being so satisfied now, because you have seen the FATHERHOOD Degree expressed in Truth, and it has brought a spirit of rest and peace and security and you feel that you relax with perfect ease. It is Wonderful! But you cannot find it until you have made your mental and spiritual contact, until you have seen the FATHER.’


October, 1931  

Your Consciousness is the Door to Your Spiritual and Physical Worlds 

This afternoon after a visitor had testified that one week ago he had been laid up in a bed but through thinking on FATHER he had been healed so that he had been able to come here today, FATHER quoted:

In perfect peace I’ll keep thee, whose mind is stayed on ME.’

HE said if you kept your mind stayed on HIM, the PRINCE OF PEACE, you were bound to have peace. HE compared it to a public water system. There is the reservoir. the mains running from it, and the private pipes connecting with the mains, giving the house a continual and unlimited supply of water. We were the private pipes connecting with the main line of supply sent out by FATHER from the Infinite Reservoir of Peace.

HE continued: ‘If you keep your mind stayed on the CHRIST in ME, in perfect peace HE will keep you. I will keep the current of peace flowing to your mind, through your mind, and through your whole system by your having it in your consciousness and rightfully contacting ME. Now what I AM saying to one I AM saying to all, that everyone may make this mental and spiritual contact, that they may be blessed abundantly and freed from all of their undesirable conditions and made free indeed—and you can be abundantly free if you rightfully contact ME. Detach yourselves from ME as a Person, or from the personal standpoint of view, but attach yourselves to ME as the Impersonal Life of you and the Impersonal Life of all mankind, that has condescended to personalize itself in ME, to advocate to you the highest ideal of Truth. Attach yourselves continually, (if there seems to be a detachment in any way) to the highest ideal of Truth in your world, and through that attachment you will get the penetration of the current of peace from the fount of all supply. It is Wonderful! And sickness, and diseases, and sorrow, and troubles you do not have to think about any more. You get them out of your consciousness because you have contacted GOD. Detach yourself from ME as a Person and attach yourself to the CHRIST in this Body or out of this Body and you will find it to be, and it is, the source of all supply, and it will satisfy every good desire. It is Wonderful!’

At this point FATHER continued after a few moment’s pause, referring to the custom of priests, rabbis, and clergymen, accompanying murderers to the electric chair and forgiving their sins before the final moments. HE said no murderer ever confessed his sins to GOD and was forgiven and then went to the electric chair, for if he made himself fit to meet GOD he would be freed from any dungeon, any prison walls, and any electric chair that ever existed. HE said: ‘Get at the cause, and the effect is ruled out.’ This applied also to the case of the man who had spoken previously about being healed to come here today. His complaint had been high blood pressure and FATHER said that through thinking on HIM the effect of his earlier thought had been wiped out. HE continued as follows: ‘Your consciousness is the door to your system, and it is also the door to your spiritual world as well as to your physical world. So now you are closed to all such visitors. It is Wonderful! You are closed to such visitors, and you will be on the watch and not allow prejudice, bigotry, two of the worse d-v-ls that ever got into man, and all the other phases of hatred, such as jealousy, envy, malice, strife, etc., or any of them to enter into your system any more by even so much as entering your consciousness. You will be willing to suffer being persecuted and prosecuted rather than allow them to get into your system, for they are the d-v-ls I cast out of the woman, and I cast them out of your consciousness and out of your world today. You will be watchful.

That is why the Lord in the name called JESUS said,

`Watch that ye enter not into temptation,’

and you will be watchful from this day out, every day and every hour when tests come to see if you will in any wise be disturbed by allowing these d-v-ls to enter into your system again by entering into your consciousness. Do not allow them to exist in your nature. It is Wonderful! You will not get out of the atmosphere of MY Word and therefore they cannot get into the atmosphere of MY Word. The vibrations are too high for them to enter. They cannot rise within the vibrations of the Truth, the Truth with its Godly, angelic love has such an ascending power that it ascends far above these conditions and therefore they cannot fly so high as to reach the state of consciousness wherein you now dwell.’


In speaking about taking collections and accepting donations, FATHER said ‘They that have been grafting after the dollar, they shall not get it. Those called millionaires shall get down and lick the dust and they shall not get it. Mortal mind wants ME to preach that those who know GOD should go around like paupers, and they shan’t do it. They shall inherit the earth. They that stand with ME shall never lack for anything.’ 

Conquer Your Will and You Will Shout When the World Is On Fire!

It is reputedly a blessing to be here, but it is your disposition that will bless you and your disposition that will curse you. It is the trend of your mind that causes you to be blessed in spirit, body and in mind. That is why I say, for your own sake, cast out envy, jealousy, malice, strife, bigotry, prejudice, division and all hatred. Cast out all of these tendencies that would rise, for they tend to change the temperature of your spirit. There is a certain condition you can get into with envy, malice, jealousy, strife, etc., that will change your vision in regard to anything you may come in contact with. Anger will make you do things against your own personal body and you know it and when you come to your normal spirit of life it will bring all happiness anyway. Humanity has been born with divisions, bigotry, prejudice, hatred, malice, envy, jealousy etc., and all of those debaucheries that are darkening the whole race. Then refuse to allow those things to exist in you. The spirit of war and all kinds of destruction, self-destructive tendencies are bringing self-destruction on your own heads. The same mind you have that wants to kill somebody, that mind wants to kill your body. It is the same one, it is not another; so be not wise in your own consideration, but be ignorant enough to know that the mind of hatred is the mind of death. The worst enemy you have is that of your own household, or your own thoughts; so overcome it with good in you and in others and be the express overcomer of that condition in yourself and others. He that conquers his own will is greater than he that taketh a city, and that means that it is your greatest enemy and it is right in your own household. So overcome that and you will be able to shout when the world is on fire, without mortal fear or mortal affection.’