Police report made by Tim Stoen

I arrived in Georgetown on January 3, 1977 [1978] to assist in a child custody proceeding in the Supreme Court before Judge [Aubrey] Bishop. My wife, Grace Stone, arrived with me.

The opposing party in the custody hearing is Reverend Jim Jones of Peoples Temple agricultural mission. I was formerly a member of the organization. Jim Jones refuses to release our son to us.

Today, June 18, 1977 [1978], at 12:30 PM at Timehri Airport I was suddenly surrounded by 3 persons known to me to be members of Peoples Temple. One is a white male American Timothy Swinney; second is a black female American Deborah Touchette; and the third’s name is unknown to me– he is a white male American with wire rim glasses. This conversation took place in the immigration area of the airport Deborah Touchette stated [started] by saying, “We are here to see you off.” I said “I wasn’t leaving even though [illegible words].” They suggested I leave and said that if I were responsible for the downfall of the organization I would have to [illegible]. I said, “I wish Peoples Temple and Jim Jones no harm and that all I want is my son” (his name is John Victor Stone, age 5). Both Timothy [illegible word] Swinney and Deborah Touchette made further statements to the effect that they had information of an [illegible word, could be “indelicate”] nature on me they would use if I didn’t stop the proceedings. [illegible word] I said I wouldn’t stop. [several illegible words] me straight in the eye and said, “You have everything to lose.” I responded, “What do I have to lose?” Swinney responded, “Your life.” [two illegible words] responded again that I have everything to lose in fighting [illegible word] proceedings. I took out my camera and took pictures of them when they had sat down waiting apparently for me to leave. The physical presence of the aforesaid 3 persons was witnessed by my taxi driver, Harry Murray, who works out of the Hotel Tower.

[I didn’t get the last sentences which were about Harry Murray


witnessing Timothy Swinney driving by the Hotel Tower the previous day looking intently into the hotel entrance.]

[Attached was a two-page resume on Tim Stoen with work experience, education, and character references.