Police report made by Tim Stoen

I arrived in Georgetown on January 3, 1977 [1978] to assist in a child custody proceeding in the Supreme Court before Judge Bishop. My wife, Grace Stone, arrived with me.

The opposing party in the custody hearing is Reverend Jim Jones of Peoples Temple agricultural mission. I was formerly a member of the organization. Jim Jones refuses to release our son to us.

Today, June 18, 1977 [1978], at 12:30 PM at Timehri Airport I was suddenly surrounded by 3 persons known to me to be members of Peoples Temple. One is a white male American Timothy Swinney; second is a black female American Deborah Touchette; and the third’s name is unknown to me– he is a white male American with wire rim glasses. This conversation took place in the immigration area of the airport Deborah Touchette stated [started] by saying, “We are here to see you off.” I said “I wasn’t leaving even though [illegible words].” They suggested I leave and said that if I were responsible for the downfall of the organization I would have to [illegible]. I said, “I wish Peoples Temple and Jim Jones no harm and that all I want is my son” (his name is John Victor Stone, age 5). Both Timothy [illegible word] Swinney and Deborah Touchette made further statements to the effect that they had information of an [illegible word, could be “indelicate”] nature on me they would use if I didn’t stop the proceedings. [illegible word] I said I wouldn’t stop. [several illegible words] me straight in the eye and said, “You have everything to lose.” I responded, “What do I have to lose?” Swinney responded, “Your life.” [two illegible words] responded again that I have everything to lose in fighting [illegible word] proceedings. I took out my camera and took pictures of them when they had sat down waiting apparently for me to leave. The physical presence of the aforesaid 3 persons was witnessed by my taxi driver, Harry Murray, who works out of the Hotel Tower.

[I didn’t get the last sentences which were about Harry Murray


witnessing Timothy Swinney driving by the Hotel Tower the previous day looking intently into the hotel entrance.]

[Attached was a two-page resume on Tim Stoen with work experience, education, and character references.

Originally posted on June 18th, 2020.

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