Handwritten unsigned note of May 7, 1978

Mr. Timothy Stoen telephoned me at my home May 7, 1978 – explained to me that he wants to reach as many people as possible to talk about Jim Jones. He went on to say that he was with Jim Jones a few years and claims he discovered that he is going insane and is a power maniac, and that Jim Jones wants to get control of thousands of adults and children, not only brainwashing them but removing all their personal belongings and finances also their passports so that it would be impossible for anyone to get away or come home if they want to. Also he threatens them with armed guards all around their village in order that no one could get out – also to shoot anyone if necessary. No outside relatives or parents are permitted to come see anyone under any circumstances.


Mr. Stoen claims he is getting as many people as possible to sign a petition. Also if the petition is large enough that claims can be brought against Jim Jones, that the Prime Minister of Guyana will step in with the law, and help to free all the adults and children.

Mr. Stoen claims that in the brainwashing his colony  Jim Jones is telling them that America is full of fascist and Political powers to destroy them and they must forget about coming back to America.