Sequence of Events in Birth of John Stoen, Lives of Grace and Tim Stoen

– Tim and Grace were dating when they visited the church.

– Tim was the one who was primarily interested in the Temple and Rev. Jones’ teachings. Grace came mainly to be with Tim.

– Grace was a spoiled young woman who had fits of emotional depression and expected everyone to cater to her. She had a manic-depressive personality.

– After they were married, Tim worked in the Mendocino County DA’s Office and Grace attended classes at Santa Rosa Jr. College; Grace also got a job in the Mendocino County Welfare Department during the day. They set up housekeeping in a comfortable home in Redwood Valley.

– Grace’s insecurities continued despite her marriage. She threatened to leave Tim and leave the church. Tim was torn and wanted help so [he] asked Rev. Jones to do whatever he could. He mentioned that sexual attention would be in order since Grace had placed such emphasis on her desire for Jim to relate to her.

– Grace conceived a child by Jim Jones. She and Tim were not relating at the time; Grace has told many people that Jim is indeed the father.

– Grace continued to demand time and attention of Jim. She would call him at his home, even intrude on the family by coming over and demanding that he talked her. Jim talked to her many hours at a time, many times even when his own health was poor or he had had no rest. She was extremely hostile if the slightest of her needs did not get met.

– During the early term of her pregnancy, Grace was encouraged by Jim and others to seek an abortion. She refused.

– When John was just two weeks old, Grace allowed him to spend one day a week with Carolyn Layton. Carolyn had to have John treated for severe diaper rashes, resulting from neglect.

– John was only a toddler when Barbara Cordell started keeping him day and night. Grace would see him once a week, and would frequently choose to spend time at the church socializing with adults than spending the time with John.

– John always made frequent visits to the Jones house. Grace had no success in toilet training the child, and gave him, after several others have failed, to Marceline Jones to train. She succeeded with ease in three days. John was noticeably relaxed and “at home” in the Jones’ home.

– John would spend time with the Jones family on vacations, when the whole church would go on summer vacations, and on week-ends when the church members went on the buses to Los Angeles. John rode on the bus with Jim and played and talked to Jim and the boys. John insisted on calling Jim “Daddy” and even when contradicted, he insisted that the Jones boys were his brothers.

– Jim took his adopted and “natural” family along to Hawaii on a business trip, and John accompanied them.

– If Jim would take his sons to the movies, John would go along.


– When John was approximately 3 years old, Grace and John moved to San Francisco to stay in the church. Grace decided she did not like staying in San Francisco and left John in the church to stay with Jim and returned to Redwood Valley. Maria Katsaris would babysit John when Jim was busy – which was most of the time.

– John would also make daily visits to Jim’s mother Lynetta Jones, whom John called “Grandma.”

– Tim Stoen was in Redwood Valley/Ukiah when he joined Freitas’ office in San Francisco. He lived separately from John when he moved to the City. He lived in the home of Leona Collier in his own quarters there and often with sleep at his office.

– When Grace was in Redwood Valley, she occasionally saw John, often not even once a week. She would sometimes spend part of the day with him and become so agitated that she bring John back to the church early. John acted terribly around Grace, and she had no ability to reason with the child.

– When Grace began her relationship with Walter Jones, she spent even less time with John. Her free time was spent with Walter usually at the Lake Mendocino or driving around. She did not make the effort to go to see John or to bring him to the Valley.

– July 4, 1976, Grace left with Walter Jones, abandoning John. She did not even say goodbye when she left. From July through October, she visited John only one time in Los Angeles, for a few hours. John was so upset by her visit that he had terrible temper tantrums and regressions and it took him several days to calm down.

– Grace talked to John a couple of times on the phone after she left. She told him to be a good socialist and that the church was good and that “Jim loved him most of all.”

– In October, 1976, John went to Guyana with Grace’s permission. She signed the papers for him to go. A round-trip ticket was also provided for her to go to Guyana in case she wanted to visit him. John has been in Guyana since that time.