Guyana Supreme Court docket in the John Victor Stoen custody case

This document comprises the Guyana Supreme Court’s docket in the John Victor Stoen custody case. All the entries in this docket are known by the case number – 1977 No. 2584 Demerara – and title “In the matter of John Victor Stoen.” It begins with the September 5, 1977 filing of the ex parte application by Grace Stoen’s attorney Jeffrey Haas and extends through the August 12, 1978 decision by the trial judge to refer the case to the Chief Justice for re-assignment. Almost every entry is hand-written.

Much of the six-page docket involves proceedings from September and October of 1977. In fact, there was no action on the case between January 10, 1978 and the August 12 decision for re-assignment.

Because of the handwritten entries, the numerous abbreviations, and the poor quality of the reproduction of the docket, it was not transcribed.

Guyana Supreme Court docket