Clarence Hughes letter to Joyce Touchette, October 14, 1977

[Letterhead of Clarence Hughes, barrister-at-law, Georgetown, Guyana]

14 October 1977.

Our ref:

Mrs. Joyce Touchette
Port Kaituma
Northwest District

Dear Madam,


We write on behalf of Mrs. Grace Lucy Stoen, the mother of the above-named infant.

We are instructed that you allege that you now have the said infant in your possession, and you further claim that this infant is in your possession with the consent of our client.

We are instructed to reiterate our client’s revocation of any permission or authority, which you may have had for retaining the said child in your custody. Enclosed please find a photocopy of a Revocation of previous powers of attorney and authorisations re guardianship of the minor child, John Victor Stoen, which was duly executed before a Notary Public on the 30th day of August 1977 at San Francisco, USA.

We are instructed to inform you that we have been authorised by our client to take custody of the said child forthwith, and this is to demand that you deliver up possession of the said child immediately you receive this letter.

We trust that you will comply with this demand without hesitation.

Yours faithfully,
Hughes, Fields & Stoby

Sgd. C.A.F. Hughes
Clarence A. F. Hughes.