Jeffrey Haas Letter to Charles Garry,
August 25, 1977

August 25, 1977

Mr. Charles Garry
Attorney at Law
1256 Market Street
San Francisco, California

Re: Grace Stoen vs. Timothy Stoen (Dissolution)

Dear Mr. Garry:

In accordance with Judge King’s directive, please find enclosed a copy of the order arising out of the hearing on August 19, 1977. As you will recall, one of the notice requirements was for service of the papers on your office. The enclosed order incorporates a notice of Order to Show Cause hearing now set for October 6, 1977 before Judge King.

Demand is hereby made on you in your capacity as a legal representative of both the People’s Temple and Mr. Jim Jones for return of the minor child, John Victor, to his mother in accordance with the court order. I trust that we can expect your cooperation and compliance.

Very truly yours,
/s/ Jeffrey A. Haas

[Editor’s note: Attached pages of letter comprise the Superior Court Order of August 26, 1977. The date of the letter itself is likely in error, since the date of the Order is August 26, 1977.]