FF-7 Affidavits of sexual encounters with Jim Jones

FF-7-I, 1-2


1. Larry requested anal sex with Jim Jones.
2. He was having trouble with impotency and insecurity at the time and subsequent to Jim’s experience felt new acceptance and self worth.
3. The relationship gave him the resolution of conflict for Larry and he has successfully since had a fulfilling heterosexual relationship.
4. Larry attributes his successful completion of medical school to Jim’s deep concern.


Affidavit of
Larry Schacht

Georgetown, Guyana

I, Larry Schacht, being duly sworn, declare:

I wish to say that my friendship with Jim Jones has benefited me in every possible way. Jim Jones has always shown great love and concern for me. He permitted me to accept my bisexual nature by having sexual relations with me at my request before I went to medical school. He penetrated me in the anus. At this time he showed me clearly that this did not change my personal worth and he told me not to worry about my sexual orientation. Others who had talked to me of their experiences with men said they usually lorded such an experience over them, thereby increasing their feelings of inadequacy. I had been having problems with impotency at the time and the sheer enjoyment for me of being in a totally passive role permitted me to subsequently have a fulfilling heterosexual relationship. If it were not for the acceptance he showed me I would definitely not have had the confidence to begin my medical training. This encouraged me to fulfill my goal to be of service to suffering humanity in the medical profession.

I am grateful for the help he gave me and I recognize the sacrifice he made in doing this in that it was obvious to me that his inclination was not directed toward another male, yet he was capable of making me feel totally accepted.

August 13, 1977
Signed: /s/ Laurence Schacht
Witness: [illegible]


Affidavit of
Carolyn M. Layton

Georgetown, Guyana

I, Carolyn M. Layton, being duly sworn, declare:

Several years ago while I was married to Larry Layton (who is still an active member of Peoples Temple) I was severely depressed. My husband at that time berated me constantly, undoubtedly based on his own insecurities. Nonetheless, he had a tremendously negative effect on my own self image. I lost my self-confidence in my profession and was becoming nearly non-functional in all areas of my life. I expressed an interest in relating to Jim Jones sexually. Jim Jones did relate to me sexually. His total acceptance of me in an intimate way restored my faith in my own self worth. My mental health was restored through this therapy and I was able to sustain a divorce without emotional scars. Without this, I would not have been able to endure the trauma of my marital situation. My former husband too was greatly appreciative of the help given me by Jim Jones.

Later, Jim Jones directed me on to the central principles which became the singularly most important values in my life. I can certainly attest to the effectiveness of this therapy at a critical time in my life. He is the only man who ever made me feel like I thought a woman should feel. This is not to say that I wouldn’t enjoy sex with him to this day, but the pain and pressure I have seen people bring him in this dimension has taken care of the momentary desire. God, I don’t know how he has stood the suffering and I clearly tested him and found no trace of masochism in him. He has been willing to endure this pain (and no one has suffered as he has in this area) purely for humanitarian goals which he has dedicated his life to.

August 13, 1977
Signed: /s/ Carolyn M. Layton
Witness: [illegible]

FF-7-k, 1-2


1. Maria states she sought a sexual relationship with Jim Jones out of extreme insecurity and lack of self-confidence.
2. Jim’s motivation was exclusively one of compassion for her, and Maria deny’s [denies] there could have been any selfish interest for him in it.
3. Based in unselfish love as the act was, it became a turning point for her in self-acceptance and commitment to the same goals of humanitarian life that he exemplifies.


Affidavit of
Maria Katsaris

Jonestown, Port Kaituma
North West District

I, Maria Katsaris, being duly sworn, declare:

I would like to state with the utmost conviction and sincerity that I know Jim Jones related to me sexually out of only the deepest compassion for me. At the time I had never had any type of relationship with a man, mainly out of extreme insecurity and distrust of men. I have absolutely no confidence in myself and no feeling of self-worth. (I would also like to state that prior to becoming a member of Peoples Temple, I had been in psychotherapy for over a year and seen three different therapists. I was primarily being seen by Murray Bilmes, PhD of Burlingame, California. I never felt any of this was beneficial.)

Jim Jones has been the first person to ever make me feel that I was of any worth. He has spent long hours building my confidence, to get me involved in interacting with other people and to come out of my “shell”. At the time he related to me sexually, I knew he was doing this as a therapy to help me, and never did I think he had any selfish motivation or interest in it for himself. He helped me immeasurably by doing so and I sincerely believe it was a turning point for me. Also, I knew that it was not going to be an ongoing sexual affair. He related to me in a very compassionate, tender manner, and my feelings were his utmost and only consideration. I am convinced that this type of therapy and form of physical contact – not only the touch, but the sexual act itself – is very effective when performed by an unselfish and loving person as Jim Jones is.

I also want to make it completely clear that I firmly believe Jim Jones is the most compassionate, moral, ethical person I have met. He has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is interested in the complete equality and fair treatment of all people, and has dedicated his life to eradicating the injustices in out [our] society. The character he showed, helped me to overcome my preoccupation with self and moved me to work for the same humanitarian goals he has exemplified.

/s/ Maria Katsaris
August 13, 1977
Witness: [illegible]

FF-7-l, 1-2


1. Christine was deeply depressed, had overdosed on Quaalude and hospitalized.
2. Jim Jones shared several sexual experiences with Christine over 2 or 3 weeks.
3. Christine feels no romantic illusions were encouraged, but that she experienced real and loving acceptance from another human.
4. She feels these experiences helped her overcome the cycle of depression and guilt and helped her become a self-reliant peaceful person.
5. Christine requested this sexual experience of Jim.


Affidavit of

Jonestown, Port Kaituma,
North West District, Guyana

I, Christine R. Lucientes, being duly sworn, declare:

There was a period in my life when I was unusually depressed and had overdosed on quaalude. I was hospitalized for 3 days. After I was released I was even more depressed because of the guilt I felt for all the confusion I had caused. Jim Jones spoke to me very kindly of his concern about my self image. He very lovingly church several sexual experiences with me over a two or three week period of time. He never fostered in me in a romantic illusions, I knew that his expression was out of concern that I experience loving acceptance from another human. I never had expectations of any prolonged sexual relationship and his acceptance of me was so genuine that I never experienced a feeling of rejection. I am sure that the cycle of guilt, depression and guilt would have continued if it had not been for his sensitivity in the situation and I would have been unable to become a self-reliant, functioning and peaceful person without the feeling of acceptance I had received. Jim never made me feel guilt for requesting this sexual experience.

/s/ Christine R. Lucientes
August 13, 1977
Witness: [illegible]