Serial 1480

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is Jonestown victim Annie MacGowan. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

BR 291355Z DEC 78
FM BERN (89-6) (P)
MEXICO CITY (89-25) ROUTINE 004-29

Re Mexico City cable, December 21, 1978.

Following information is a summary of information received in State Department channels regarding accounts in Panama which may not have been forwarded to San Francisco:

Cable number 4326, marked “Limited Official Use,” from American Embassy, Georgetown, dated December 18, 1978, reported letters introduced as evidence on December 17, 1978, at coroner’s inquest.

Three letters dated November 18, 1978, were signed by [name deleted] [Annie MacGowan] and represented an attempt to bequeath assets to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. According to the letters, there is an account number [deleted] at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), PO Box 6792, Panama 5, Panama, which contains total of [amount deleted] in time deposits; there is also account number [deleted] at the Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC), PO Box 3370, Panama 4, Panama, which contains assets totaling [amount deleted].


A fourth letter, also dated November 18, 1978, signed by Maria Katsaris, leaves all her money in the Banco Union de Venezuela, Caracas, to the Communist Party Soviet Union.

Cable number 9219, marked “Limited Official Use,” dated December 18, 1978, from American Embassy, Panama, reported embassy officers had seen officers of Panama subsidiaries of UBS and SBC. Both banks’ officers stated that they had blocked the accounts when they learned of developments in Guyana. SBC officer also volunteered that his bank (a) had blocked all Guyanese accounts and (b) had received several requests to make payments on the accounts, including requests from California sources. SBC noted that evidence of death would reinforce their blocking of the account. (Documentation is being provided Embassy, Panama, by U.S. Department of State.)

Cable number 9285, marked “Limited Official Use,” dated December 20, 1978, from American Embassy, Panama, reported that Panamanian Banking Commission lamented absence of treaty arrangement, where under Government of Panama could provide assistance to U.S. Government; they requested a copy of U.S. -Swiss treaty on mutual assistance in criminal matters.


Cable number 9286, marked “Limited Official Use,” dated December 20, 1978, from American Embassy, Panama, reported SBC officer stated bank “cannot officially confirm anything” and cannot accept instructions from any party not named in the account.

[Next 12 lines deleted]

It is requested that the Bureau and San Francisco advise Bern of opinion of U.S. Attorney in San Francisco regarding extension of investigation and whether U.S. Department of Justice (USDJ) intense, in fact, to submit a formal request as was promised in writing by Mr. Charig, a representative of Civil Division, USDJ, assigned to U.S. Consulate, Munich.

Administrative: Bureau requested to retransmit to San Francisco.